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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st July 2010

A Look Back In Time - 1st July 2010

TD Events staged their May Bank Holiday Bonanza at St John’s The Baptist Community Club, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, and in addition to local pub players it also attracted a variety of PDC and BDO players.

A strong field of 43 players were split into eight groups who then participated in a “Round Robin” competition, the format being the best of four legs of 501, with the top two players from each group then going through to the knockout stage.

In the first round of the knockout it was strange that all of the group winners progressed through to the quarter finals apart from one, Nick Fulwell who lost 3-1 to Peter Hudson runner up in group four. The last eight play off results produced mostly clear cut victories as Scott Rand beat Trevor Frost 3-1 and Pat Pace with the same scoreline accounted for Mick Todd., Tony Randell had a straight 3-0 success against Steve Hine, and the closest game of the last eight was a narrow 3-2 victory for Nigel Heydon against Peter Hudson.

Everyone was now into the prize money and a guaranteed £75. The first semi brought together Tony Randell and Scott Rand, with the former winning 4-1 in the best of seven legs. Nigel Heydon also had a comfortable win as he beat Pat Pace 4-2.

The format was again extended in the final, now playing the best of eleven legs. As it turned out only seven had to be played. Tony Randell raced to a 4-0 lead before Heydon made any impression, his first win coming in the fifth leg. However, his fight back was short lived as Randell won the seventh leg to claim a 6-1 victory and the top prize of £400. As runner up Nigel Heydon received £150.

TD Events were very impressed with both the turn out and quality of play throughout the day and as a result announced they would run the competition again in May 2011.

Full Results:Group One:- Tony Comerford 0 Matt Padgett 3, Scott Rand 3 Lee Martin 0, Adam Smith-Neale 3 Matt Gallett 0, Matt Gallett 1 Lee Martin 3, Tony Comerford 0 Scott Rand 3, Matt Padgett 3 Adam Smith-Neale 1, Matt Padgett 0 Scott Rand 3, Matt Gallett 3 Tony Comerford 1, Adam Smith-Neale 3 Lee Martin 1, Lee Martin 3 Tony Comerford 1, Matt Padgett 3 Matt Gallett 0, Scott Rand 3 Adam Smith-Neale 0, Scott Rand 3 Matt Gallett 1, Lee Martin 1 Matt Padgett 3, Adam Smith-Neale 3 Tony Comerford 0, Group Two:- Martin Shaw 3 Graham Jenkins 1, Bob Nixon 3 Dale Pickett 0, Anthony Coolman 1 Trevor Frost 3, Trevor Frost 3 Dale Pickett 0, Martin Shaw 1 Bob Nixon 3, Graham Jenkins 0 Anthony Coolman 3, Graham Jenkins 0 Bob Nixon 3, Trevor Frost 3 Martin Shaw 0, Anthony Coolman 3 Dale Pickett 0, Dale Pickett 2 Martin Shaw 2, Graham Jenkins 0 Trevor Frost 3, Bob Nixon 1 Anthony Coolman 3, Bob Nixon 2 Trevor Frost 2, Dale Pickett 3 Graham Jenkins 0, Anthony Coolman 2 Martin Shaw 2, Group Three:- Mark Jones 3 Ashley Pickett 0, Steve Hine 3 Brian Hearn 0, Tom Martin 2 Mark Carter 2, Mark Carter 3 Brian Hearn 0, Mark Jones 0 Steve Hine 3, Ashley Pickett 2 Tom Martin 2, Ashley Pickett 0 Steve Hine 3, Mark Carter 0 Mark Jones 3, Tom Martin 2 Brian Hearn 2, Brian Hearn 0 Mark Jones 3, Ashley Pickett 1 Mark Carter 3, Steve Hine 3 Tom Martin 1, Steve Hine 2 Mark Carter 2, Brian Hearn 3 Ashley Pickett 0, Tom Martin 0 Mark Jones 3, Group Four:- Richard Hosey 0 Tony Randell 3, Kevin Woodward 2 Mark O’Donnell 2, Peter Hudson 3 Mark O’Donnell 0, Richard Hosey 2 Kevin Woodward 2, Tony Randell 3 Kevin Woodward 0, Peter Hudson 3 Richard Hosey 0, Mark O’Donnell 0 Richard Hosey 3, Tony Randell 2 Peter Hudson 2, Kevin Woodward 0 Peter Hudson 3, Mark O’Donnell 0 Tony Randell 3, Group Five:- Neil Parsonage 2 Nick Fulwell 2, Mark James 3 Wayne Venables 1, Mark Catley 2 Wayne Venables 2, Neil Parsonage 3 Mark James 1, Nick Fulwell 3 Mark James 0, Mark Catley 3 Neil Parsonage 1, Wayne Venables 1 Neil Parsonage 3, Nick Fulwell 3 Mark Catley 0, Mark James 2 Mark Catley 2, Wayne Venables 0 Nick Fulwell 3, Group Six:- Andy Brown 2 Simon Jones 2, Adam Gallett 0 Nigel Heydon 3, Kirk Shepherd 2 Nigel Heydon 2, Andy Brown 3 Adam Gallett 1, Simon Jones 3 Adam Gallett 1,

Kirk Shepherd 0 Andy Brown 3, Nigel Heydon 2 Andy Brown 2, Simon Jones 1 Kirk Shepherd 3, Adam Gallett 0 Kirk Shepherd 3, Nigel Heydon 3 Simon Jones 1, Group Seven:- Lee Beech 0 James Young 3, Mick Todd 2 Kevin Bambrick 2, Luis Barberan 0 Kevin Bambrick 3, Lee Beech 0 Mick Todd 3, James Young 0 Mick Todd 3, Luis Barberan 3 Lee Beech 0, Kevin Bambrick 3 Lee Beech 1, James Young 3 Luis Barberan 1, Mick Todd 3 Luis Barberan 0, Kevin Bambrick 2 James Young 2, Group Eight:- Deta Hedman 2 Nicky Bache 2, Pat Pace 2 Kevin Dowling 2, Scott Jones 0

Kevin Dowling 3, Deta Hedman 0 Pat Pace 3, Nicky Bache 1 Pat Pace 3, Scott Jones 0 Deta Hedman 3, Kevin Dowling 2 Deta Hedman 2, Nicky Bache 3 Scott Jones 0, Pat Pace 3 Scott Jones 0, Kevin Dowling 2 Nicky Bache 2, Last Sixteen:- Scott Rand 3 Kevin Dowling 1, Trevor Frost 3 Kevin Bambrick 0, Steve Hine 3 Andy Brown 1, Tony Randell 3 Neil Parsonage 0, Pat Pace 3 Matt Padgett 1, Mick Todd 3 Anthony Coolman 2, Nigel Heydon 3 Mark Jones 0, Peter Hudson 3 Nick Fulwell 1, Quarter Finals:- Scott Rand 3 Trevor Frost 1, Tony Randell 3 Steve Hine 0, Pat Pace 3 Mick Todd 1, Nigel Heydon 3 Peter Hudson 2, Semi Finals:- Tony Randell 4 Scott Rand 1, Nigel Heydon 4 Pat Pace 2, Final:- Tony Randell 6 Nigel Heydon 1.

On the local league front the Sheldon and District Winter League have been winding down their season with cup matches. First the divisional league cup’s, where in the premier division both of the semi final s resulted in clear cut 8-1victories for Olton RBL and Mackadown Social, who in turn accounted for Crown ‘A’ and Iron Horse.

The final turned out to be even more convincing as Olton raced to a winning 5-0 lead to clinch victory.

In division one the semi finals were much closer as Bagot Arms won by the odd game of nine against Redhill Tavern and Kingshurst Labour Club turned in a winning 6-3 result against Shard End Social.

Similar to the premier division final the division one also finished with a one sided 5-0 verdict, Kingshurst Labour Club running out as winners.

Division two last four play off saw Custard House beat Forget-Me-Not 5-4 and George V finish on the right side of a 6-3 result over Glebe Community Association. The title went to George V as they won the final 5-2.

In the semi finals of the Punch Bowl there were emphatic wins for both Saltley Amateur Gardeners and Olton RBL. Saltley handed out a 9-0 whitewash to Scanlons and not far behind with an 8-1 success Olton accounted for Yardley and District Darts Team.

As to be expected with the two top premier teams playing against each other the final was a very close affair with Saltley just getting the 5-4 edge on Olton to clinch the title.

In the last four play off of the Sheldon Shield Redhill Tavern were clear 7-2 winners against Ridgemere Social but Shannons had a narrow 5-4 verdict against Small Heath Gardeners Flights. In the final Redhill opened up a 5-2 winning lead to lift the silverware.

The Vice Presidents Trophy was a round robin competition between the league average winners. Each of the three players, Terry Webster (Saltley Amateur Gardeners), David Sutton (George V) and Terry Constable (Redhill Tavern) won one game the title went to Terry Constable, who won the most legs.

The Jubilee Trophy was won by Shard End Social representative Mark Kirwan who defeated league chairman Alan Mayell in the final. Losing semi finalists were George V duo David Sutton and Clarke Horsley

The Small Heath League played off their 501 Knockout Competition and taking the honours on the night was Devils representative Terry Constable. Constable took the title with a final win over Custard House man Paul Brown. Losing out in the last four were, Dave Brown (Custard House) and Neil Parsonage (Emerald Club).

At the halfway stage of the season in the Individual League Ian McFarlane has opened up an eleven points lead over second in the table Adam Gallett. For the first half of the season players were engaged in games of the best of three legs of 3-0 double start and finish, the format will now revert to the best of three legs of 5-0 straight start, very unusual where a league have two separate formats for each half. Anyone else ever played in a league where the format changes throughout the season? Any one with any other unique league formats e-mail them to me at

The Carlsberg Olton RBL Double Top League have got their new season underway and the early pacesetter is joint reigning champion Bob Nixon. Last season Nixon and Tony Randell finished dead level on the same points and average and after four fixtures Nixon has 12 points and is level with Wayne Matthews, but Matthews has played one game more than Nixon. Meanwhile Randell is in fourth place on 11 points dropping one leg in his 2-1 win over Tony Steele. Also on 11 points are Lee Harris and Pat Sinnett.

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