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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st July 2009

A Look Back In Time - 1st July 2009

The NFD and DS and S (Sawley) Club Ltd, Long Eaton, Nottinghamshire was the setting for the first ever darts knockout and what a success it turned out to be with in excess of 150 entrants. A big vote of thanks has to go to the main sponsors Dale Cooper of Martindale Home Improvements and Mike Jenner of Elite Darts.

In the semi finals of the men’s competition Warwickshire county player Nigel “The Butcher” Heydon confirmed his final placing with a comfortable win over Daz Gilbert, but the second semi turned out to be a seven legs thriller between Andy “Hammer” Hamilton and fellow Professional Darts Corporation player Colin “The Wizard” Osborne.

Both players had been hitting maximums for fun throughout the competition and their semi final encounter was no different. The highlight of not only the semi final tie or even of the round but of the whole competition was the fifth leg. Any kicked off with a maximum, Colin matched his opponents score. Andy then rattled off a score of 97, Colin chalked up another maximum. Andy’s third visit to the oche produced a throw of 96 leaving him on a 128 outshot. Colin Osborne stepped up to the oche requiring 141, with his first dart he notched his seventh treble twenty, then he hit treble fifteen to leave the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats as he now required double eighteen for a perfect nine dart finish. Calmly Colin threw his ninth dart and it sailed sweetly into double eighteen. The crowd erupted as they had witnessed a faultless leg of darts thrown with impeccable skill by COLIN OSBORNE.

The remainder of the last four game was obviously a bit of an anti climax, but undeterred by his achievement Osborne went on to win the match 4-3 and book his final spot against Nigel Heydon

Both Heydon and Osborne were now not only chasing the prestigious title but also the lucrative first prize of £1,000. Derbyshire’s Osborne continued in the vein he had been in all day and with a 5-2 margin became the first ever winner of the knockout. Heydon, for his efforts picked up £400 and the losing semi finalists, Daz Gilbert and Andy Hamilton received £100 each. The losing semi finalists A.Smith, S.Healey, J.Foreman and M.Jodrill each collected £50.

The ladies event saw Warwickshire county player Louise Graham take on local county rival Zoe Jones from Worcestershire in the final. Both ladies got off to a nervy start with Zoe winning the opener. Louise drew level in the second although Zoe had begun the leg with three consecutive tons. Zoe then moved up a gear winning all of the following four legs in which she recorded two ton plus finishes, the first 154, hitting two treble twenties and double seventeen and then 108 with treble eighteen, single eighteen and double eighteen to clinch a superb 5-1 victory.

Zoe received £100 as champion and Louise £50.

The whole day was a huge success and already the next competition is being sorted and will be known as “The 2nd Christmas Open” and will be staged at Sutton Town Social Club, Davis Avenue, Sutton-in-Ashfield Nottinghamshire on Saturday 12th December. Once again there will be separate events for men and ladies.

More details will be printed as they are received.

Results, Men’s Preliminary Round: Rod Wood 3 Ian Richards 0, Sam Thomson 2 John Speed 3, D Jacques 1 D Blades 3, Jamie Gemmall 3 Dale Spedding 0, Pete Allsopp 3 J Hollingworth 0, Drew Smith 3 Malc Marks 0, S Reddish 3 S Hood 0, Andy Smith 3 Nigel Berridge 0, M Dewsbury 0 R Nathan 3, G Williams 0 D Bennett 3, M Padgett 3 Jamie Caven 0, Round 1: Dave Emery 3 M Nish 0, Jamie Venning 0 T Alles 3, G Cresso 2 Rod Hood 3, J Speed 0 G Blades 3, J Gemmell 3 P Allsop 1, Drew Smith 1 S Reddish 3, Andy Smith 3 R Nathan 0, D Bennett 1 Matt Padget 3, Karl Smith 0 M Hylton 3, Tony Randall 3 Dennis Smith 2, Alan Thomson 3 Clayton Smith 0, N Heydon 3 D Fritchly 1, P Wright 2 Doug Walker 3, Chris Ray 1 T Broadhurst 3, Rich Platt 3 Roger Williams 2, Alan Pipe 2 Heith Aleen 3, John Stanley 3 John Knowles 1, Chris White 3 Paul Oakley 2, Wes Dean 3 P Wallace 1, Darren Breedon 2 Gary Barker 3, Craig Dicken 1 Steve Alker 3, Daz Gilbert 3 Daniel Galpin 0, Andy Roberts 3 Alan Landon 0, Adam Summer 3 Jim Atkin 0, Rayan Morley 0 Simon Healey 3, Jason Nichols 0 Keith Osman 3, Dale Cooper 0 Andy Barker 3, P Borret 0 N Stainland 3, Trevor Ellis 2 R Herrington 3, S Biggs 1 D Mawer 1, Daz Kitchen 1 R Turner 3, J Toyne 0 L Borret 3, D Downer 1 R Dell 3, J Foreman 3 S Bennet 2, M Roberts 0 Rod Ford 3, M Marley 0 Jay Weldon 3, G Trow 3 J Landen 0, G Moore 1 S Gibling 3, A Hodges 3 A Alker 0, Baz Garner 3 D Hadfield 1, C Copper 0 John Hendy 3, A Walsh 0 A Hamilton 3, P Harvey 3 Martin Wilson 0, Paul Cook 3 K Read 2, Dave Butt 3 Ady Johnson 1, Russ Mason 3 Tris Vernon 0, C Parnham 3 John Fowler 1, Bob Wooley 2 S Arora 3, Ryan Astbury 3 Nick Galpin 0, M Robinson 0 M Jodrill 3, M Chapman 2 Ian Pallet 3, Tom Blagg 0 Chris Cooper 3, Andrew Simson 1 Brian Neale 3, Mick Holt 0 Dave Honey 3, Adam Johnson 3 K Cresswell 0, Chris Dale 0 Chris Mason 3, Round 2: Wayne Jones 1 Colin Osborne 3, Neil Gummin-Smith 0 Aiden Kirk 3, M Walker 3 A Brown 1, F Davies 2 Ade Astbury 3, Ryan Astbury 2 M Jodrill 3, Ian Pallet 1 Chris Cooper 3, Brian Neale 0 Dave Honey 3, Adam Johnson 0 Chris Mason 3, D Emery 3 T Allies 1, Rod Hood 1 G Blades 3, J Gemmel 3 Drew Smith 2, Andy Smith 3 Matt Padget 2, M Hylton 2 T Randall 3, A Thomson 0 N Heydon 3, D Walker 0 T Broadhurst 3, R Platt 3 K Allen 0, J Stanley 0 C White 3, W Deane 3 Gary Barker 1, Steve Alker 2 Daz Gilbert 3, Andy Roberts 3 A Summer 0, Simon Healey 3 Keith Osman 0, Andy Barker 0 N Staniland 3, R Herrington 3 D Mauer 2, R Turner 3 L Borret 1, R Dell 1 J Foreman 3, Rob Ford 3 J Weldon 0, G Tron 0 S Gibling 3, A Hodges 2 B Garner 3, John Hendy 0 Andy Hamilton 3, P Harvey 3 Paul Cook 2, Dave Butt 3 Russel Mason 1, C Parnham 3 S Arrora 2, Round 3: D Emery 3 G Blades 1, J Gemmel 1 A Smith 3, T Randall 0 N Heydon 3, T Broadhurst 3 R Platt 2, Chris White 2 W Deane 3, D Gilbert 3 Andy Roberts 1, S Healey 3 N Staniland 2, R Herrington 3 R Turner 1, J Foreman 3 R Ford 0, S Gibling 1 B Garner 3, A Hamilton 3 P Harvey 0, D Butt 3 C Parnham 2, C Osborne 3 Aden Kirk 1, M Walker 3 A Astbury 1, M Jodrill 3 C Cooper 2, D Honey 0 C Mason 3, Round 4 : D Emery 1 A Smith 3, N Heydon 3 T Broadhurst 1, W Deane 1 Daz Gilbert 3, S Healey 3 Ryan Herrington 1, J Foreman 3 B Garner 2, Andy Hamilton 3 D Butt 0, Colin Osborne 3 M Walker 1, M Jodrill 3 C Mason 2, Quarter Final: A Smith 2 N Heydon 3, G Gilbert 3 S Healey 1, J Foreman 2 A Hamilton 3, C Osborne 3 M Jodrill 0, Semi Final: N Heydon 4 D Gilbert 0, A Hamilton 3 C Osborne 4, Final: N Heydon 2 C Osborne 5, Women’s Preliminary Round: A Whitcher 0 Zoe Jones 3, Debbie Lynam 1 D Weston 3, J Wilson 0 K Stevens 3, M Hutson 3 J Edgecombe 2, C Galpin 3 L Bryant 1, T Roberts 3 D Speed 2, J Morley 3 Carol Smith 2, Round 1: R Ellis 3 S Bishop 2, S Jeffrey 3 Emma Hines 0, S Looker 3 Laura Galpin 1, J Pipe 2 L Graham 3, K Hollingworth 0 Zoe Jones 3, D Weston 1 T Stevens 3, M Hutson 2 C Galpin 3, T Roberts 3 J Morley 1, Quarter Final: R Ellis 3 S Jeffreys 1, S Looker 1 L Graham 3, Z Jones 3 C Stevens 2, C Galpin 0 T Roberts 3, Semi Final: R Ellis 0 L Graham 4, Z Jones 4 T Roberts 1, Final: L Graham 1 Z Jones 5.

The Sheldon and District Winter League have been engaged in their Singles Knockout and the man who was in top form throughout was Olton RBL’s Bob Nixon. From the last sixteen to the final Nixon didn’t drop a single leg beating in turn Paul Sunner, Mick Noonan, Stuart Hazlett and Ian Spencer in the final.

Bob kicked off finals night with a maximum against Sunner in the first round and finished with a nine darts leg against Spencer.

The first round of the Doubles Knockout saw wins for A.Hutchings & D.Hutchings (Olton RBL), I.Durrington & M.Bayliss (Small Heath Amateur Gardeners), T.Randell & T.White (Saltley Amateur Gardeners), A.Price & S.Edwards (RAFA), P.Yardley & D.Carter (Shannons), W.Taylor & P.Moran (Mackadown Social), T.Webster & P.Sinnett (Saltley Amateur Gardeners), P.Sunner & M.Hicks (Sheldon Dukes).

Randell & White, Sunner & Hicks, Yardley & Carter and Webster & Sinnett all progressed to the semi fianls where Webster and Sinnett beat Randell and White 2-0 and by the same margin Sunner and Hicks defeated Yardley and Carter.

The final went the full three legs distance with Terry Webster and Pat Sinnett getting the better of Paul Sunner and Mick Hicks, Sunner recording a 152 break.

The premier division provided the biggest shock of the League Cup finals when fourth in the table Olton RBL beat league champions Saltley Amateur Gardeners 6-3, despite N.Clarke and P.Sinnett hitting maximums for Saltley.

There was an emphatic 8-1 win for division one champions Stechford Social as they in no uncertain terms accounted for Vaughans who finished fifth in the table.

Old Bill and Bulls tremendous season continued as they added the division two League Cup to their 21 unbeaten match season when they won 7-2 against Highwood.

The M & B Cup final was won by Pavilions, a close 5-4 verdict over Small Heath Amateur Gardeners.

In the Punch Bowl Sheldon Dukes had a 6-3 win in the semi’s over Shirley RBL and Olton RBL beat Shard End RBL 5-4 in the other. The final was a clear cut 7-2 success for Sheldon Dukes with Olton RBL finishing as runners up.

The Sheldon Shield title went to RAFA who with a close 5-4 verdict beat Pavilions in the final. RAFA had also had a 5-4 win in the last four where they defeated Scanlons, while Pavilions had a slightly better margin 6-3 victory over Highwood.

In the Four Oaks and District League, Sportsmans Rest won the Brian Goodman Cup with a final 7-2 success over Hill Social. Sportsmans Rest also clinched the Coronation Shield when they beat division champions Sutton Sports 8-7, which was the margin by which the Fox defeated Red Lion Flights in the Norman Day Cup. Sutton Sports went 5-1 up against Deer’s Leap to lift the Ken Rust Cup and it was K.Shepherd and M.Harris (Fox) that lifted the Richard Winslow Pairs title with N.Robbins and M.Hawkins (Plough and Harrow Arrows) runners up.

The Central Containers sponsored Dereck Masters Individual Trophy was won by K.Shepherd (Fox) after a final 3-1 win against A.Day from Boldmere Sports.

Taking the honours in the Small Heath Singles Knockout was Emerald Club representative Neil Parsonage, who defeated John McCaffrey from Potcheen Still in the final. Losing semi finalists were Glynn Thomas (Custard House) and Eddie Bullock (Red Hill).

The league held a Charity darts night on Tuesday 12th May at their Emerald Club headquarters. The evening consisted of a singles knock out competition for members of all the affiliated Clubs in the league, but more importantly, to present a cheque to the DebRA charity organisation.

The guest of honour was Mr. Tony Eckersall from DebRA who gratefully accepted the £1000 donation from the Chairman, Mr. Derek Rivitt and the league Charity Secretary Mr. John Hudson.

Mr. Eckersall gave a brief but very informative talk on the work that the DebRA charity do in helping children who are born with a very rare genetic condition, in which the skin and internal body linings blister at the slightest knock, causing painful open wounds. He concludes by thanking John Young for comparing the evening and the rest of the members for their support.

The darts competition was won by John McCaffrey beating Terry Constable 2 legs to 0 legs and both play from the Potcheen Still (Devils Club) Small Heath, Birmingham.

The Delegates Cup was played off in three groups. In group one Mark O’Donnell from Stechford Social Club was the winner with Dennis Willis (Emerald Club) the runner up.

Group two saw Potcheen Still representative Terry Constable become the hero of the hour beating Glyn Thomas from the Custard House in the final. Emerald Club’s Neil Parsonage was the group three winner his final success was over Paul Hartland (Wagon and Horses)

Glascote Club are this seasons division one champions of the Pip Club League with Queens Head winning the division two title. The end of season Trebles Knockout was held at the Glascote Club and won by John Aidney, Rob Markley and Joe Wilson.

In the Challenge Cup Three Horse Shoes took the division one title with a final victory over Sports Bar Centre, Tamworth. The division two title went to the Kettlebrook Club with the Bull runners up.

In the Doubles Knockout Competition Glascote Club duo Bob Mills and Max Turner beat Globe Inn representatives Phil Turner and Ian Turner in the final.

Glascote Club won the Division One Cup with Winning Post the losing finalists. Two Gates Club were crowned the Division Two Cup champions after beating Queens Head in the final.

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