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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st February 2016

A Look Back In Time - 1st February 2016

What a fantastic achievement, Warwickshire’s “Golden Girl” of darts Trina Gulliver has won the Ladies World Championship for a sensational TENTH time. Playing at Lakeside Trina reached the quarter finals of the competition and came up against long time friend and reigning champion Lisa Ashton. With a close but nevertheless a 2-1 win Trina booked her place in the last four, and 2-1 was also the margin by which Trina defeated Aileen de Graaf in the semis to reach the final for a magnificent twelfth time.

The final was a very tense affair against Deta Hedman with both players starting a little nervously but a maximum for each of them calmed the situation down and the two players began to produce the form they are noted for.

The first four sets all went against the darts with Hedman winning sets one and three, Trina had a good start to set four and secured it with a 3-1 margin to set up a nervy last set.

With first throw advantage in the final set it was vital Trina took full advantage to keep the pressure on her opponent and after winning the first leg began the second against the throw with her third maximum of the match. After going 2-0 up in the final set Trina went on to clinch the title with double eighteen, a truly amazing feat.

The Royal staged the second of their knockouts and with entries up by 30% on the previous event it was very encouraging for the Albrighton venue and organizer Simon Pritchard who after losing in the semi’s in the previous event put his hand to organising this one rather than playing.

The final turned out to be an all Shifnal encounter in which Scotland international Steve Ritchie claimed the top prize of £120 with a final somewhat one side 6-1 result against Steve Groucutt who collected £60.

In the semi finals Ritchie had beaten Andy Roberts in a close 5-4 result while Groucutt had an easier 5-1 win over Mark Lloyd. Both of the losing semi finalists received £25.

The Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League have been playing off their various finals and winning the singles title, in an all White Horse final was J.Smith with A.Roberts runner up. The doubles crown went to A.Robert and D.Doonan (White Horse) after beating A.Fradgley and L.Cheslin (Haden Cross) in the final.

The Three a Side knockout went to A.Fradgley, L.Cheslin and E.Cornfield (Hadens Cross) with a final win over team mates M.Powell, J.Habernathy and J.Windmill with J.Russell reserve.

Black Horse duo L.Hall and S.Russell won the Gangster with V.Meese and R.Lenton from White Horse runners up.

White Horse won the Dean Corbett Cup with Haden Cross runners up, while the League Cup went to Black Horse with a final win over White Horse and again it was Black Horse who won the Delegates Cup L.Cartwright beating W.Wilde (Hare and Hounds) in the final.

What a finish there was to the Shirley and District Monday Night League as in the final fixtures of the season the top two teams squared up to each other knowing the outcome of the game would decide who would be crowned champions. Leaders prior to the fixture Highwood played hosts to Crown Jewels both teams level on 40 points, the result was a 6-3 victory for Crown Jewels to put both sides level on average but Jewels win giving them the all important two points advantage and seeing them go through the 22 games season with just one defeat.

After the leading duo third place went to Shirley Red Lion who with 32 points were eight behind runners up Highwood.

The South Birmingham League played off their Mixed Doubles and taking the honours with a final 3-2 win over William Naylor and Courtney Burns were Neil Parsonage and Michaela Walker.

In the semi finals Parsonage and Walker were taken to a deciding leg before winning 3-2 against J.Frost and W.Drennan while Naylor and Burns had a more comfortable 3-1 success against J.Whitehouse and J.Neal.

The Camp Hill League staged the finals of their League and Consolation Cups, in the former league runners up HMS Lions beat champions Cotterills Lane Club to the title while the Consolation Cup title went to Lady Westminster with Wagon and Horses runners up.

The Doubles Knockout title, with a final win over Mick Barber and D.Cherry went to Dave and Sheila Carter. Losing semi finalists were Ryan Brogan and Mal Warren plus Matt Cooper and Brenda Thomas.

A fantastic total of 94 players entered the sixth annual Ripley Elite Darts Singles League Christmas Open with an array of top talented players from all over the Midlands trying to win the prestigious title.

The event staged at the Somercotes Snooker Club, Derbyshire produced some top class darts throughout but in the end the title plus the £400 top prize went to the Ripley league’s own Gary Fenn who beat his fellow Derbyshire county team mate Andrew McCracken 5-0 in the final. As runner up McCracken received £200 and there was £100 each for Loz Barnes and Terry Temple who both lost in the semi finals.

Dave Copley, Richard Hosey, Chris Needham and Mike Sheehan all lost in the quarter finals and picked up £50 for their efforts. Daz Brown produced the highest finish his 160 outshot earning him an extra £20.

Organiser Daz Brown would like to pass on a massive thank you to Dawn Buckley who as always made sure that the competition flowed smoothly throughout, Karen and Wayne Howe who ran the raffle which raised £170 and also the Somercotes Club.

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Dave Copley 4 Dean Allsopp 2, Rob Smith 4 Carl Hatton 1, Wayne Howe 4 Ian Clarke 3, Daz Sinfield 4 Chris Upton 1, Craig Freeman 4 Jamie Branton 1, Mark Pigott 4 Rich Fletcher 3, Matt Padgett 4 Stuart Meynell 0, Ian Jones 4 Paul Hodges 0, Andy Gillott 4 Wayne Willis 1, Gary Fenn 4 Dean Winstanley 1, Steve Homer 4 Dean Lawrence 1, Lorraine Winstanley 4 Daz Sullivan 3, Daz Bennett 4 Mike Robinson 1, Darren Johnson 4 Duncan Rhodes 0, Alan Clegg 4 Ash Fisher 2, Nick Fullwell 4 Ady Asprey 0, Billy Upton 4 Dave Allen 2, Lee Stanley 4 Carl Frith 0, Simon Birkett 4 Chris Cooper 1, Terry Temple 4 Lyam Proctor 1, Ant Parry 4 Colin Osbourne 3, Nick Morton 4 Guy Taylor 1, Mark Dewsberry 4 Neil Beresford 0, Ricky Hall 4 Chris Hill 1,Daz Gilbert 4 Rich Palmer 2, Craig Pitches 4 Christian Bradshaw 3, Daz Brown 4 Ash Wood 0, Dale Gadsby 4 Jack Wood 0, Dave Allcock 4 Paul Baker 3, Andy McCracken 4 Wes Smith 0, Last 64:- Paul Williams 4 Chris Ford 0, Harry Ward 4 Dale Mills 1, Loz Barnes 4 Gaz Jowett 0, Ricky Sudale 4 Alan Moody 0, Dave Copley 4 Daz Layden 0, Rob Smith 4 Wayne Howe 1, Craig Freeman 4 Daz Sinfield 2, Matt Padgett 4 Mark Pigott 0, Richaard Hosey 4 Paul Redfearn 1, Nigel Daniels 4 Jim Beardmore 1, Jamie Gemmill 4 Dan Ford 3, Mark Sabin 4 Steve Darcy 0, Ian Jones 4 Sam Revill 2, Gary Fenn 4 Andy Gillott 2, Steve Homer 4 Lorraine Winstanley 0, Daz Bennett 4 Daz Johnson 3, Scott Wager 4 Ian Richardson 2, Chris Heedham 4 Stuart Biggs 1, Dave Needham 4 Mike Ivekich 0, Ant Pearce 4 Andy Baker 0, Nick Fullwell 4 Alan Clegg 0, Billy Upton 4 Lee Stanley 1, Terry Temple 4 Simon Birkett 0, Nick Morton 4 Ant Parry 2, Mike Sheehan 4 Davy Jay Knowles 1, Ty Ward 4 Charlie Stocks 2, Micky Stocks 4 Ian Allcock 2, Reece Colley 4 Gary Knowles 1, Mark Dewsberry 4 Rick Hall 0, Craig Pitches 4 Daz Gilbert 3, Dale Gadsby 4 Daz Brown 0, Andy McCracken 4 Dave Allcock 2, Last 32:- Harry Ward 4 Paul Williams 1, Loz Barnes 4 Ricky Sudale 3, Dave Copley 4 Rob Smith 2, Matt Padgett 4 Craig Freeman 2, Richard Hosey 4 Nigel Daniels 0, Jamie Gemmill 4 Mark Sabin 2, Gary Fenn 4 Ian Jones 1, Steve Homer 4 Daz Bennett 0, Chris Needham 4 Scott Wager 2, Ant Pearce 4 Dave Needham 2, Nick Fullwell 4 Billy Upton 0, Terry Temple 4 Nick Morton 1, Mike Sheehan 4 Ty Ward 3, Micky Stocks 4 Reece Colley 1, Mark Dewsberry 4 Craig Pitches 1, Andy McCracken 4 Dale Gadsby 3, Last 16:- Loz Barnes 4 Harry Ward 3, Dave Copley 4 Matt Padgett 1, Richard Hosey 4 Jamie Gemmill 1, Gary Fenn 4 Steve Homer 0, Chris Needham 4 Ant Pearce 1, Terry Temple 4 Nick Fullwell 2, Mike Sheehan 4 Micky Stocks 2, Andy McCracken 4 Mark Dewsberry 2, Quarter Finals:- Loz Barnes 4 Dave Copley 2, Gary Fenn 4 Richard Hosey 2, Terry Temple 4 Chris Needham 1, Andy McCracken 4 Mike Sheehan 1, Semi Finals:- Gary Fenn 4 Loz Barnes 3, Andy McCracken 4 Terry Temple 3, Final:- Gary Fenn 5 Andy McCracken 0.

The Somercotes Club was kept busy over the Christmas period as it also hosted the very first Ripey Elite Darts Singles League Players Only Grand Slam.

The competition was, as the name suggests, exclusive to the Ripley Elite Darts Singles League players and the format was such that the entrants were split into eight groups of six players who then played a round robin to find the top two players from each group, they then went through to a normal knockout play off to find the eventual winner.

Making up the last sixteen were Ash Spencer, Rob Woolery, Daz Brown, Mick Chapman, Lee Stanley, Daz Sinfield, Paul Baker, Lee College, Dave Allcock, Duncan Rhodes, Ant Parry, Steve Richards, Paul Holman, Chris Hill, Ian Richardson and Andy Gillott.

The final 6-3 result went to Paul Baker together with the top prize of £50, Andy Gillott the runner up received £25.

In the last four play off Gillott had a tough draw as he squared up to one of the pre knockout favourites Daz Brown, however he overcame the challenge with a 5-3 win while Baker had a more comfortable 5-1 success against Daz Sinfield, each of the losers collected £75 and there was also £40 for the losing quarter finalists Ant Parry, Mick Chapman, Dave Allcock and Chris Hill.

Full Results:Group ‘A’:- Ash Spencer 3 Jordan Beresford 1,Rob Woolery 4 Dean Gallacher 0, Pete Slater 2 Lee Arkwright 2, Ash Spencer 4 Dean Gallacher 0, Jordan Beresford 3 Lee Arkwright 1, Pete Slater 2 Rob Woolery 2, Ash Spencer 4 Lee Arkwright 0, Rob Woolery 3 Jordan Beresford 1, Dean Gallacher 2 Pete Slater 2, Rob Woolery 3 Lee Arkwright 1, Ash Spencer 3 Pete Slater 1, Jordan Beresford 2 Dean Gallacher 2, Ash Spencer 3 Rob Woolery 1, Pete Slater 4 Jordan Beresford 0, Lee Arkwright 3 Dean Gallacher 1, Group ‘B’:- Dave Slater 2 Stuart Biggs 2, Mick Chapman 3 Steve Darcy 1, Daz Brown 4 Lee Bridges 0, Dave Slater 3 Steve Darcy 1, Lee Bridges 4 Stuart Biggs 0, Daz Brown 3 Mick Chapman 1, Stuart Biggs 3 Steve Darcy 1, Mick Chapman 4 Lee Bridges 0, Daz Brown 4 Dave Slater 0, Lee Bridges 4 Steve Darcy 0, Mick Chapman 4 Dave Slater 0, Daz Brown 4 Stuart Biggs 0, Lee Bridges 3 Dave Slater 1, Daz Brown 4 Steve Darcy 0, Mick Chapman 2 Stuart Biggs 2, Group ‘C’:- Ady Asprey 2 Dan Ford 2, Andy Baker 2 Daz Sinfield 2, Lee Stanley 4 Tony Jacklin 0, Daz Sinfield 3 Ady Asprey 1, Lee Stanley 3 Dan Ford 1, Andy Baker 3 Tony Jacklin 1, Lee Stanley 3 Ady Asprey 1, Daz Sinfield 3 Tony Jacklin 1, Andy Baker 3 Dan Ford 1, Tony Jacklin 3 Ady Asprey 1, Lee Stanley 2 Andy Baker 2, Daz Sinfield 3 Dan Ford 1, Ady Asprey 3 Andy Baker 1, Tony Jacklin 2 Dan Ford 2, Lee Stanley 3 Daz Sinfield 1, Group ‘D’:- Paul Hodges 2 Dale Gadsby 2, Paul Baker 4 Dale Mills 0, Ash Wood 2 Lee College 2, Dale Gadsby 3 Paul Baker 1, Lee College 4 Dale Mills 0, Ash Wood 2 Paul Hodges 2, Paul Baker 2 Lee College 2, Paul Hodges 4 Dale Mills 0, Dale Gadsby 2 Ash Wood 2, Paul Hodges 3 Lee College 1, Paul Baker 3 Ash Wood 1, Dale Gadsby 4 Dale Mills 0, Ash Wood 4 Dale Mills 0, Paul Baker 4 Paul Hodges 0, Lee College 3 Dale Gadsby 1, Group ‘E’:- Dave Allcock 4 Dean Lawrence 0, Duncan Rhodes 3 Andy Marriott, Mark Whitelam 2 Colin Rich 2, Duncan Rhodes 4 Dean Lawrence 0, Dave Allcock 2 Colin Rich 2, Andy Marriott 4 Mark Whitelam 0, Dean Lawrence 2 Colin Rich 2, Duncan Rhodes 2 Mark Whitelam 2, Dave Allcock 3 Andy Marriott 1, Mark Whitelam 3 Dean Lawrence 1, Andy Marriott 3 Colin Rich 1, Dave Allcock 3 Duncan Rhodes 1, Andy Marriott 4 Dean Lawrence 0, Dave Allcock 3 Mark Whitelam 1, Duncan Rhodes 3 Colin Rich 1, Group ‘F’:- Neil Beresford 4 Gaz Jowett 0, Steve Richards 4 Ant Pearce 0, Ant Parry 4 Zoe Varney 0, Steve Richards 4 Neil Beresford 0, Zoe Varney 3 Gaz Jowett l, Ant Parry 3 Ant Pearce 1, Steve Richards 4 Gaz Jowett 0, Ant Parry 4 Neil Beresford 0, Ant Pearce 4 Zoe Varney 0, Ant Parry 4 Gaz Jowett 0, Steve Richards 3 Zoe Varney 1, Ant Pearce 4 Neil Beresford 0, Steve Richards 2 Ant Parry 2, Gaz Jowett 2 Ant Pearce 2, Zoe Varney 2 Neil Beresford 2, Group ‘G’:- Chris Hill 3 Martyn Wood 1, Alan Clegg 3 Jim Beardmore 1, Paul Holman 2 Ty Ward 2, Jim Beardmore 2 Martyn Wood 2, Chris Hill 4 Ty Ward 0, Paul Holman 4 Alan Clegg 0, Ty Ward 3 Martyn Wood 1, Jim Beardmore 2 Paul Holman 2, Alan Clegg 3 Chris Hill 1, Paul Holman 2 Martyn Wood 2, Alan Clegg 3 Ty Ward 1, Jim Beardmore 3 Chris Hill 1, Martyn Wood 3 Alan Clegg 1, Paul Holman 2 Chris Hill 2, Jim Beardmore 2 Ty Ward 2, Group ‘H’:- Andy Gillott 3 Wes Smith 1, Craig Freeman 3 Ian Allcock 1, Ian Richardson 4 James Hartle 0, Andy Gillott 4 Ian Allcock 0, Wes Smith 3 James Hartle 1, Ian Richardson 2 Craig Freeman 2, Andy Gillott 4 James Hartle 0, Wes Smith 4 Craig Freeman 0, Ian Richardson 3 Ian Allcock 1, Craig Freeman 4 James Hartle 0, Wes Smith 2 Ian Allcock 2, Ian Richardson 4 Andy Gillott 0, Ian Allcock 4 James Hartle 0, Andy Gillott 2 Craig Freeman 2, Ian Richardson 3 Wes Smith 1, Last 16:- Paul Baker 4 Lee Stanley 1, Ant Parry 4 Paul Holman 3, Chris Hill 4 Duncan Rhodes 2, Daz Sinfield 4 Lee College 1, Andy Gillott 4 Ian Richardson 3, Mick Chapman 4 Steve Richards 3, Dave Allcock 4 Rob Woolery 0, Daz Brown 4 Ash Spencer 2, Quarter Finals:- Daz Sinfield 4 Ant Parry 2, Andy Gillott 4 Mick Chapman 1, Daz Brown 4 Dave Allcock 2, Paul Baker 4 Chris Hill 2, Semi Finals:- Andy Gillott 5 Daz Brown 3, Paul Baker 5 Daz Sinfield 1, Final:- Paul Baker 6 Andy Gillott 3.

In addition to the main event there was also a Losers Competition for the four players from each of the eight groups who didn’t make the final play off and winning that with a very close 4-3 verdict over Ash Wood was Dale Gadsby who collected £50, Wood received £25. Both of the finalists had had a relatively straightforward passage in the semis as Gadsby won 3-0 against Ian Allcock and Wood beat Paul Hodges 3-1.

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Alan Clegg 2 Stuart Biggs 1, Dale Gadsby 2 Tony Jacklin 0, Ian Allcock 2 Dave Slater 0, Andy Marriott 2 Jordan Beresford 0, Pete Slater 2 Zoe Varney 0, Dean Lawrence 2 Gaz Jowett 0, Last 16:- Paul Hodges 3 Timmy Leo 0, Wes Smith 3 Martyn Wood 0, Lee Arkwright 3 Ady Asprey 1, Ash Wood 3 Steve Darcy 0, Craig Freeman 3 Colin Rich 2, Dale Gadsby 3 Alan Clegg 1, Ian Allcock 3 Andy Marriott 1, Dean Lawrence 3 Pete Slater 0, Quarter Finals:- Paul Hodges 3 Wes Smith 0, Ash Wood 3 Lee Arkwright 2, Dale Gadsby 3 Craig Freeman 0, Ian Allcock 3 Dean Lawrence 2, Semi Finals:- Ash Wood 3 Paul Hodges 1, Dale Gadsby 3 Ian Allcock 0, Final:- Dale Gadsby 4 Ash Wood 3.

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