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Article: A Look Back In Time - 1st February 2010

A Look Back In Time - 1st February 2010

The Festival Inn, Trowell, Nottinghamshire was the idyllic setting for the festive “Sportsdale Christmas Open” just prior to Christmas. Both the men’s and women’s events were well supported with a total of 179 entries in the men’s competition and 21 in the women’s.

The men’s competition attracted a variety of player ranging from local league players to internationals and the standard of play throughout the event was of the highest quality. It is believed that the player who travelled the furthest to take part in the knockout was Tomas McGrath, who came all the way from Ireland. Anyone beat that?

Reigning champion Colin Osbourne and his eventual final opponent Jamie Caven were not drawn out in the preliminary round but in the first round proper Osbourne had a very close 4-3 success over Ricky Langhorne. Following his opening close shave he then won the following two rounds against Shaun Newby and Nigel Staniland in four straight legs. Colin’s last sixteen opposition came in the form of Matt Padgett and he progressed to the quarter finals with a 4-2 victory. Andy Beardmore was the hurdle to overcome in the last eight and he took Osbourne the full seven legs distance before making his exit.

The games went up to the best of nine in the semi’s and although Mark Croson won two of them he was unable to stop Osbourne reaching the final for a second consecutive year.

From the other side of the draw Jamie Caven began his route to the final with a 4-1 win against Bob Taylor and then chalked up two 4-1 wins in a row against Tim Broadhurst and then Andy Pearce. Caven faced stiff opposition from Mark Hylton in the last sixteen but went on to win the encounter 4-2 before beating Terry Birch 4-1 in the quarter finals. Mark had another tough opponent in the semi’s where he was taken the full nine legs by Andy Hamilton before winning his place in the final.

Once again the game was raised in the final and the players were now playing the best of eleven legs. Colin Osbourne pulled out all the stops and went on to retain his title with a 6-2 victory and pick up a fantastic £1,000 first prize.

Jamie Caven collected £400 as runner up and there was £125 for the losing semi finalists with £50 for the quarter finalists and £25 for reaching the last sixteen.

The competition’s organised and sponsored by are becoming more popular with each event and for that a big vote of thanks needs to go to Dale Cooper, instigator of the site and his right hand man for helping to organise the events Darren Kitchen plus the darts committee. Retail sponsors on the day were

The ladies competition saw Buxton’s Lorriane Farlam collect the winners £100 and Zoe Jones pick up £50 as runner up.

The date is already set for this years competition and will be played on Sunday 12th December, but the summer knockout will also be run again this year. To keep up to date with what’s happening on the knockout scene and all other sports information just visit the fast growing forum on and join in the banter with other players including professionals.

The Masters of Darts ran a “Charge the Bull” competition on the day. The idea was that players threw round the board for trebles and added up the totals of every treble they hit plus a score of 25 for an outer bull and 50 for the bull itself plus a bonus of 50.

The two highest scores of the day were provided by Mark Jodrill and Nick Bache. Jodrill hit twelve trebles compared to Bache’s seven and after the first ten segments Bache had scored 74 points to Jodrill’s 121. By the time the players had reached the sixteen segment Jodrill had opened up a lead of 70 points, but then Bache came fighting back hitting trebles 17, 18 and 19 to add a further 162 points to his tally. With only the bull remaining Jodrill had amassed 470 points to 396 from Bache. Jodrill hit the outer bull and added 25 points giving him a total of 495, Bache stepped up and planted his dart in the middle of the bull to earn him 50 points plus a further 50 bones to give him a final total of 496, beating Jodrill by just one point.

Full Results, Preliminary Round:- Chris Cooper 4 Sean Rockley 0, Gaz Blades 4 Rick Sudale 1, Heath Wilson 4 Mark Woodward 1, Nick Fulwell 4 Martin Loams 0, Carl Dennel 4 Wayne Pepper 3, Nick Harvey 4 Rob Farrow 1, Darren Allsopp 4 Stuart Gillott 1, Daren Kitchen 4 Anthony Parry 3, Malcolm Tucker 4 Vernon Walsh 2, Andy Richardson 4 Tris Vernon 0, Mark Dewsbury 4 Andy Walshaw 3, Stuart Barrowcliffe 4 Grant Smedley 2, Graham Roberts 4 Phil Isaac 1, Dave McGarry 4 Thomas Stanbridge 0, Darren Brown 4 Darren Gilbert 0, Mark Nish 4 Ady Johnson 0, Doug Walker 4 Harry Clarke 0, Patrick Dundon 4 Davis Ainsworth 1, David Emery 4 Paul Croson 2, Shaun Ellis 4 Rod Hood 1, John Quantock 4 Alex Whyman 0, Daz Mawer 4 Alan Roe 0, Dean Andrews 4 Dale Mills 2, Kev Ryan 4 Tom Blagg 0, Darren Sinfield 4 Ady Clayton 2, Lee Borrett 4 Tony Pearce 1, Tomas McGrath 4 Lorraine Farlam 2, Tom Allies 4 Jess Archer 0, Nick Bache 4 Colin Brown 0, Mark Hylton 4 Kenny West 0, Brian Dodson 4 James Hewitt 2, Ian Smith 4 Chris Oyston 2, Mike Lewis 4 James Weldon 1, Mark Robinson 4 Connor Marshall 0, Ash Khayat 4 Daz Bennett 1, Paul Zolkiewicz 4 Richard Wallis 3, John Selby 4 Richard Dawson 3, Dan Jones 4 Paul Hodges 1, Manny Singh 4 Paul Hollingsworth 0, James Thompson 4 Steve Hood 1, Jay Foreman 4 Andy Walsh 0, Paul Oakley 4 Scott Paling 3, Neil Pitchers 4 Russ Chamberlain 0, Dave Honey jnr 4 Martin Benson 1, Paul Harvey 4 Ryan Paling 1, Nick Malkin 4 Colin Fletcher 1, Malcolm Marks 4 Paul Buckley 0, Ant Morley 4 Dean Newby 1, Davis Gibbons 4 Anthony West 2, Lee Saville 4 Sam Thompson 1, John Hendy 4 Gaz Moore 1, Round One:- Colin Osbourne 4 Ricky Langhorne 3, Shaun Newby 4 Jason Hollingsworth 0, Nigel Staniland 4 Ken Dobson 2, Graham Cook 4 David Pritchley 3, Matt Padgett 4 Sam Hamilton 1, Gaz Blades 4 Chris Cooper 2, Nick Fulwell 4 Heath Wilson 1, Carl Dennel 4 Nick Harvey 3, Mark Jodrill 4 Ian Wardle 1, Tony Palfreyman 4 Stuart Biggs 0, Chris Scott 4 Danny Thomas 2, Martin Whatmough 4 Brandon Walsh 3, Andy Beardmore 4 Carl Sheward 0, Daren Kitchen 4 Darren Allsopp 1, Andy Richardson 4 Malc Tucker 2, Mark Dewsbury 4 Stuart Barrowcliffe 2, Mark Croson 4 Max Roberts 1, Darren Sullivan 4 Karl Smith 0, Paul Wallace 4 Roy Marshall 1, Paul Redfern 4 John Elliott 0, Darren Hadfield 4 Simon Beardsmore 3, Graham Roberts 4 David McGarry 2, Darren Brown 4 Mark Nish 2, Doug Walker 4 Patrick Dundon 0, Steve Reddish 4 Dean Greenwood 2, Baz Garner 4 Steve Bunn 1, Carl Hatton 4 John Speed 1, Dave Honey 4 Steve Thompson 1, Kevin McDine 4 John Smith 1, Dave Emery 4 Shaun Ellis 3, Daz Mawer 4 John Quantock 3, Dean Andrews 4 Kev Ryan 2, Jamie Caven 4 Bob Taylor 0, Tim Broadhurst 4 John Fowler 0, Andy Pearce 4 Richard Turgoose 0, Ryan Herrington 4 Dale Cooper 0, Wesley Smith 4 Gaz Lynam 0, Lee Borrett 4 Darren Sinfield 1, Tomas McGrath 4 Tom Allies 2, Mark Hylton 4 Nick Bache 1, Nathan Tibor 4 Curtis Tibor 1, Steve Coltman 4 Melv Louch 0, Chris Handley 4 Henry Wright 2, Terry Birch 4 Pete Sadler 0, Mick Chapman 4 Brian Dodson 3, Mike Lewis 4 Ian Smith 2, Ash Khayat 4 Mark Robinson 1, Paul Zolkiewicz 4 John Selby 1, Gaz Cousins 4 Phil Wilson 1, Ant Brown 4 Trevor Ellis 3, Stuart Lilley 4 Andy Bailey 0, Neil Lanton 4 Pete Borrett 1, Preben Krabben 4 Dan Jopnes 3, James Thompson 4 Manny Singh 0, Jay Foreman 4 Paul Oakley 2, Dave Honey jnr 4 Neil Pitchers 0, Mark Wilson 4 Mark Archer 0, Lee Stapleton 4 Stuart Stubbs 2, Wally Jinks 4 Graham Whitehead 2, David Learmouth 4 Barry Coates 2, Andy Hamilton 4 Paul Harvey 1, Nick Malkin 4 Malc Marks 2, David Gibbons 4 Ant Morley 1, Lee Saville 4 John Hendy 3, Round Two:- Colin Osbourne 4 Shaun Newby 0, Nigel Staniland 4 Graham Cook 0, Matt Padgett 4 Gaz Blades 3, Nick Fulwell 4 Carl Dennell 2, Mark Jodrill 4 Tom Palfreyman 1, Martin Whatmough 4 Chris Scott 1, Andy Beardmore 4 Daren Kitchen 1, Mark Dewsbury 4 Andy Richardson 0, Mark Croson 4 Darren Sullivan 0, Paul Wallace 4 Paul Redfern 3, Graham Roberts 4 Darren Hadfield 3, Darren Brown 4 Doug Walker 0, Steve Reddish 4 Baz Garner 3, Carl Hatton 4 Dave Honey 1, Kevin McDine 4 Dave Emery 2, Daz Mawer 4 Dean Andrews 0, Jamie Caven 4 Tim Broadhurst 1, Andy Pearce 4 Ryan Herrington 0, Lee Borrett 4 Wesley Smith 1, Mark Hylton 4 Tomas McGrath 3, Steve Coltman 4 Nathan Tibor 0, Terry Birch 4 Chris Handley 2, Mike Lewis 4 Mick Chapman 3, Ash Khayat 4 Paul Zolkiewicz 1, Gaz Cousins 4 Ant Brown 0, Stuart Lilley 4 Neil Lanton 1, Preben Krabben 4 James Thompson 1, Jay Foreman 4 Dave Honey jnr 3, Mark Wilson 4 Lee Stapleton 0, Wally Jinks 4 Davis Learmouth 0, Andy Hamilton 4 Nick Malkin 0, David Gibbons 4 Lee Saville 3, Round Three:- Colin Osbourne 4 Nigel Staniland 0, Matt Padgett 4 Nick Fulwell 3, Matin Whatmough 4 Mark Jodrill 2, Andy Beardmore 4 Mark Dewsbury 3, Mark Croson 4 Paul Wallace 2, Graham Roberts 4 Darren Brown 3, Carl Hatton 4 Steve Reddish 2, Kevin MvDine 4 Daz Mawer 0, Jamie Caven 4 Andy Pearce 1, Mark Hylton 4 Lee Borrett 1, Terry Birch 4 Steve Coltman 3, Ash Khayat 4 Mike Lewis 2, Stuart Lilley 4 Gaz Cousins 3, Jay Foreman 4 Preben Krabben 2, Mark Wilson 4 Wally Jinks 0, Andy Hamilton 4 David Gibbons 0, Round Four:- Colin Osbourne 4 Matt Padgett 2, Andy Beardmore 4 Martin Whatmough 3, Mark Croson 4 Graham Roberts 2, Kevin McDine 4 Carl Hatton 1, Jamie Caven 4 Mark Hylton 2, Terry Birch 4 Ash Khayat 2, Jay Foreman 4 Stuart Lilley 1, Andy Hamilton 4 Mark Wilson 0, Quarter Finals:- Colin Osbourne 4 Andy Beardmore 3, Mark Croson 4 Kevin McDine 3, Jamie Caven 4 Terry Birch 1, Andy Hamilton 4 Jay Foreman 2, Semi Finals:- Colin Osbourne 5 Mark Croson 2, Jamie Caven 5 Andy Hamilton 4, Final:- Colin Osbourne 6 Jamie Caven 2.

Another Christmas knockout that was staged shortly after Christmas was the Forest of Arden Christmas Knockout sponsored and hosted by Rileys Bar, Solihull which attracted a total of 43 players.

Playing the best of three legs of 301 start and finish on a double in the quarter finals, three of the games ended in a 3-0 scoreline with Tony Randell, Pat Sinnett and Andy Hutchings in turn defeating Jason Evans, Neil Clarke and Tony Comerford. The other result was a closer 2-1 affair in which Ian McFarlane got the better of Lee Harris.

In the semi finals the games were raised to the best of seven legs and the first one saw Tony Randell beat Pat Sinnett 5-2 with both players recording ton plus starts and finishes. The second game was a 4-3 thriller with Andy Hutchings getting the verdict over Ian McFarlane after trailing 3-1.

Tony Randell just edged the final, a very close 5-4 verdict with a tremendous 146 checkout to claim the top prize of £100, Hutchings receiving £50. Both losing semi finalists received £25.

There was another competition running alongside the main event for first round losers. In the quarter finals Bob Nixon recorded the fastest leg of the day. Playing against Neil Comerford Bob broke with 140 and then produced a magnificent 161 finish hitting treble twenty, treble seventeen and the bull for a tremendous six darts leg in his 2-0 win. The other last eight games saw Phil Randell beat R. Lintern 2-0 and John Burdett and Brian Twist both won 2-1 against respective opponents A. Marriott and Paul Moran.

The semi final scores suggest they were a little one sided as Phil Randell won 5-0 against John Burdett and Bob Nixon having a 4-1 win over Brian Twist, but in both games the losers were unlucky with their finishing doubles.

The winners £50 went to Bob Nixon who finished on the right side of the 5-4 result, Phil Randell collected £30 and the last four losers £5 each.

Just one lady entered the knockout and that was Noreen Harris, who in the last sixteen gave Bob Nixon more than a little fright when she took him to a deciding leg and just lost out. Special mentions go to Brian Twist and Brian Edwards for their hard work in organising and running the knockout, Rileys Bar for sponsoring the event, “Schoolboy” for helping with the draw and most of all the players who turned out to make it all worthwhile.

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