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Article: A Look Back In Time 01-01-2019 - Alan Towe

A Look Back In Time 01-01-2019 - Alan Towe

Without a win in their opening three fixtures in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships West Midlands were desperate to get their season underway and a home tie against bottom of the table and newly promoted Essex was hopefully going to be the ideal game to kick start their season.

With a draw, a win and just one defeat in their first three games the ladies ‘B’ are not having too bad a season so far, however it was a case of first blood going to the visitors as Nicky Bewick got the match underway with a 3-2 win against Heather Wright after Heather had come from one down to lead 2-1.

In the second game Jacqueline Maiden not only beat Tracey Newman 3-2 after her opponent had gone 1-0 and 2-1 up, she also took the ‘B’ team’s match award for her 17.98 average.

Essex took the lead again in the third when Sharon Wakeling won 3-1 against Kath Jenkins only to see Shellbie Simmons wipe out their advantage for a second time when she beat Leanne Peetoom 3-1.

For the first time in the match West Midlands took the lead in the fifth a straight 3-0 win for Shannon Hall over Sandra McElroy putting them 3-2 up with just one to play.

Last on for the home team was Sophie Singh and for Essex Ann Farmer. Farmer opened up with what appeared to be a winning 2-0 lead but Singh was not to be outdone as she fought back and went on to win 3-2 to give her team a 4-2 victory their second win of the campaign’s four games so far.

Since their opening day win against Northamptonshire the men’s ‘B’ have since lost their games against Warwickshire and Hampshire, however Mark Craddock got them off to a good start against Essex when he chalked up a 4-1 win over Michael Hancocks. The home team’s lead lasted until the next game in which Joe Russell levelled for Essex when he beat Trevor Brennan 4-1.

With the first two games shared the West Midlands then strung together five consecutive wins all started by Matthew Tedstone who was pushed all the way by Simon Monk as Monk won the first and Tedstone the next two, Monk then won two in a row to take the game to a deciding leg which Tedstone won on double one.

Reece Colley had a 4-2 win over Michael McCombe in the fourth game and was followed by man of the match Paul Wells who won the opening two legs against Matthew Garrett in 21 and 18 darts. Garrett’s response was immediate as he turned the game around with three winning legs in 20,18 and 17 darts. Wells levelled the game in the sixth when he checked out in 19 darts and then went on to clinch a 4-3 win in 18 darts with his opponent left stranded on 154. Wells took the match award with a 25.79 average.

At the break the hosts were 5-1 up as John Morris added his 4-3 win over Steve Woodside who had won the first two legs of the encounter.

A draw was guaranteed as early as the seventh game when Matthew Dicken beat Tony Osborne 4-3, Dicken winning the first leg with a 155 game shot, however victory was delayed for the home side when Bryan Margerison won the eighth against Stephen Jones 4-2 but confirmed in the ninth when Avtar Singh won 4-2 against Danny McIntyre.

With the result out of their reach Essex then had their best run of the match as Richie Howson beat Owen Maiden 4-2 and rounding off a 7-5 result in West Midlands favour, the visitors Alan Collins and Robert Turner beat respective opponents Jonathan Platt and Shane Price 4-3.

The ladies ‘A’ are not enjoying the best of starts to the season with one 3-3 draw plus two 5-1 defeats and once again it didn’t look good as they lost the opening three games.

First on for the Midlanders was Cheryl Alcock who with a 100 game shot in the first leg and double two in the second went two up against Donna Gleed, but then those all-important finishing doubles deserted Cheryl and her rival won the last three legs.

The second game saw Lisa Badger (West Midlands) go one down to Wendy Reader and then 2-1 up after she recorded a magnificent 158 finish in the second and checked out on 14 in the third but like Alcock she couldn’t find the elusive doubles in the last two legs and went down 3-2.

Pauline Donat (Essex) won the first two legs against Debbie Loon and although Loon won the next two the decider went to the Essex player to put the visitors 3-0 up.

Gemma Barrett (West Midlands) took the first leg against Karen Breen but then lost the next two. It was now time for the away team player to fail on finishing doubles as Breen missed hers and Gemma Barrett put hers away for a 3-2 win and the match award for her 14.87 average.

Essex won the game in the fifth when Sue Baker beat Sarah Roberts 3-0 to give them a 4-1 lead, that lead taken to a 5-1 result when Stacey Ellis beat Kat McLean 3-1 in the final game after McLean had won the first leg.

The men’s ‘A’ team could not have wished for a better opener than Nick Fullwell who romped to a 4-0 win over Wayne Gleed, Fullwell rounding off his win with a 101 finish in the fourth leg. Taking the score along to 2-0 was Gavin Baker, a 4-2 success against Craig Vickers before Andrew Kateley opened Essex’s account with a 4-1 win over Ian Jones.

At number four for the home team was Shaun Carroll who was in top form as he went two up against John Costigan with two fifteen darts legs in which he hit 3x140 and a 180. Costigan’s reply were 15 and 18 darts legs to square the game but he was still way back on 216 when Carroll checked out in 21 darts in the fifth and left nursing double twenty when Carroll won the game 4-2 with a 78 game shot in 18 darts earning him the match award for a splendid 29.58 average.

A 4-1 win for Wayne Bloomfield over Gareth Watts and a 4-2 success for Steve Johnson against Glen McGrandle after he had trailed 2-1 saw the score all level at the midway point at 3-3.

The hosts forged ahead again as the second half got underway, Neil Pointon winning in straight legs against Paul Marsh. However Essex were making a real fight of it and drew level in the eighth when Daniel Day beat Matthew Coleman 4-0 and then went 5-4 up in the ninth with a close 4-3 win for Phil Halls over Kevin Bambrick.

With only three to play and trailing Scott Baker levelled the score with his 4-1 win over Jamie Peetoom and the hosts then went 6-5 up when Adam Edgar beat Darren Peetoom 4-2.

The last game of the weekend would decide the outcome of the men’s ‘A’ match and the overall result for the fixture. Lining up for what was a vital game was Daniel Nicholls for West Midlands and for Essex Phillip Brewster. Brewster won the first leg after Nicholls had missed his doubles however Nicholls made no mistakes in the next two legs as he won them in 14 and 21 darts. Brewster came back with a sixteen darts win in the fourth but the 7-5 result went to West Midlands when Nicholls won the next two legs in 20 and 15 darts for a personal 4-2 win.

The overall result, 19-17 to West Midlands, easing the pressure and moving them up just one place in the table but away from the relegation zone, eleven points to the good on their opponents who are now next to bottom of the table and 17 better off than Lincolnshire who have taken over the bottom spot but have a game in hand on the three teams above them.


The Brandon Open received a very disappointing 36 entries but that in no way detracted from the standard of play throughout the competition.

The opening five games of the semi-final between Matt Padgett and Kyle Anderson all went with the first throw advantage as Anderson went one up in 14 darts and Padgett levelled in 15. Anderson took the lead again with an 18 darts leg only to see Padgett reply with a 114 game shot with a second 15 darts leg.

For his third lead in the game Anderson recorded a cracking 12 darts leg in which he hit scores of 96, 180 and 55 before producing a maximum 170 finish. He then went on to win the tie 6-2 with further winning legs in 14,15 and 13 darts. Anderson average for the game was a superb 34.26 closely followed by Padgett’s 32.07.

The second of the semis brought together Dave Pallet and Ted Evetts. With two 21 darts legs Evetts opened up a 2-0 lead but by the fourth leg the game was level as Pallett responded with winning legs in 20 and 15 darts.

The sequence continued with Evetts once again winning two consecutive legs, this time in 21 and 16 darts but on this occasion Pallet was only able to reduce the arrears by one leg, a 16 darts affair before Evetts booked his place in the final with further wins in 14 and 20 darts to give him a 6-3 win with a 29.19 average compared to Pallet’s 26.06.

The final was extended to the best of fifteen legs but only went to twelve. Anderson in 20 and 12 darts opened up a two legs lead, Evetts reduced the arrears with a 124 game shot in 15 darts. The following four legs were shared as Anderson won the fourth in 11 darts, Evetts the fifth in 13 darts. The sixth leg went Anderson who checked out in 16 darts, Evetts keeping in touch with a 15 darts leg to take the score to 4-3 in Anderson’s favour.

Legs eight and nine in 15 and 17 darts took Anderson’s lead to 6-3 and although Evetts made a fight of it by taking the following two legs in 17 and 15 darts his opponent wrapped up a 7-5 win in the twelfth when he checked out in 18 darts to give him the title and the top prize of £320. As runner up Evetts received £160. Losing semi-finalists Padgett and Pallet each picked up £80 and there was £40 for Jack Wareing, Steve Hine, Ian McFarlane and Richard Hosey for reaching the last eight.

Results:Last 32:- Kyle Anderson 5 Kevin Bambrick 0, Nigel Heydon 5 Connor Arberry 4, Steve Blewitt 5 Wayne Bowes 2, Daniel Lee 0 Ian McFarlane 5, Adam Gallett 2 Tony Randell 5, Richard Hosey 5 Junior Joyce 1, Michael Spencer 5 Gaz Cullinan 0, Mick Smith-Neale 0 Matt Padgett 5, Steve Rowe 2 Jack Wareing 5, Courtney Hine 2 Mark Carter 5, Matt Gallett 2 Steve Ward 5, Adam Paxton 2 Dave Pallett 5, Jaikob Selby-Ribas 2 Ted Evetts 5, Ross Macken 5 Nathan Parkin 1, Ray Cooksley 0 Pete Burgoyne 5, Greg Porter 1 Steve Hine 5, Last Sixteen:- Kyle Anderson 5 Nigel Heydon 2, Steve Blewitt 3 Ian McFarlane 5, Tony Randell 3 Richard Hosey 5, Michael Spencer 2 Matt Padgett 5,Jack Wareing 5 Mark Carter 1, Steve Ward 1 Dave Pallett 5, Ted Evetts 5 Ross Macken 1, Pete Burgoyne 3 Steve Hine 5, Quarter FinalsKyle Anderson 5 Ian McFarlane 0, Richard Hosey 2 Matt Padgett 5, Jack Wareing 0 Dave Pallett 5, Ted Evetts 5 Steve Hine 0, Semi-Finals:- Kyle Anderson 6 Matt Padgett 2, Dave Pallett 3 Ted Evetts 6, Final:- Kyle Anderson 7 Ted Evetts 5.


The second Ripley Elite Singles Darts League’s Grand Slam saw 45 top class performer’s battle it out for the title and £250 first prize. Last year’s winner Paul Baker was a casualty in the last sixteen as he made his exit when he lost 4-1 to Jamie Caven who went on to win the title and top prize of £250 after taking out Sam Revill (4-0), Andy Gillott (4-0), Paul Baker (4-1) and Daz Brown (4-1) to reach the semi-finals.

From the other side of the draw Dale Gadsby emerged as Caven’s final opponent as he accounted for Nathan Parkin (4-2), Andy Houghton (4-3), Lee Arkwright (4-1) and Charlie Marshall (4-0) to get to the last four.

In the first of the semi-finals Gadsby beat Jack Kerr 5-2 while Caven won 5-3 against Ricky Sudale. Jamie Caven then went on to beat Dale Gadsby 6-3 in the final.

The free to enter first round losers competition had £90 prize money on offer and proved to be as popular as ever as twenty players battled it out for the £50 first prize. Nigel Daniels was the eventual winner beating Jordan Beresford 3-1 in the final, Beresford collecting £20 as runner up. Christian Bradshaw and Mick Chapman in turn lost 2-0 to Nigel Daniels and 2-1 to Jordan Bradshaw in the last four and received £10 each for their efforts.

Full Results:Preliminary Round:- Rick Gray 4 Ash Spencer 3, Dale Gadsby 4 Nathan Parkin 2, Charlie Marshall 4 Steve Arkwright 1, Daz Sinfield 4 James Parkin 1, Stuart Biggs 4 Wes Smith 3, Dave Fritchley 4 Bill Schooley 0, James Thompson 4 Tony Jacklin 2, Jack Kerr 4 Ant Parry 2, Daz Brown 4 Damian Donoghue 0, Jamie Caven 4 Sam Revill 0, Colin Rich 4 Chris Beard 1, Paul Holman 4 Lauren Jackson 2, Rick Sudale 4 Aden Kirk 3, Last 32:- Lee Arkwright 4 Rick Gray 3, Dale Gadsby 4 Andy Houghton 3, Charlie Marshall 4 Neil Beresford 1, Daz Sinfield 4 Mick Chapman 0, Stuart Biggs 4 Jordan Beresford 1, Keith Lodge 4 Dave Fritchley 0, James Thompson 4 Lee Bridges 0, Jack Kerr 4 Ty Ward 3, Daz Brown 4 Nigel Daniels 2, Ricky Hall 4 Ian Richardson 3, Paul Baker 4 Christian Bradshaw 2, Jamie Caven 4 Andy Gillott 0, Colin Rich 4 Wayne Howe 2, Jim Beardmore 4 Paul Holman 0, Steve Soar 4 Steve Bestwick 1, Ricky Sudale 4 Ian Allcock 1, Last 16:- Dale Gadsby 4 Lee Arkwright 1, Charlie Marshall 4 Daz Sinfield 1, Keith Lodge 4 Stuart Biggs 2, Jack Kerr 4 James Thompson 2, Daz Brown 4 Ricky Hall 2, Jamie Caven 4 Paul Baker 1, Jim Beardmore 4 Colin Rich 0, Ricky Sudale 4 Steve Soar 2, Quarter Finals:- Dale Gadsby 4 Charlie Marshall 0, Jack Kerr 4 Keith Lodge 2, Jamie Caven 4 Daz Brown 1, Ricky Sudale 4 Jim Beardmore 1, Semi-Finals:- Dale Gadsby 5 Jack Kerr 2, Jamie Caven 5 Ricky Sudale 3, Final:- Jamie Caven 6 Dale Gadsby 3.


As the Camp Hill League season drew to an end th league staged a series of knockouts first of which was their ladies knockout in which Laura Caven (Emerald Club) took the title with a final win over Lauren Ridge (North Star). The doubles knockout final saw Paul Sunner and Dave Humphries (Sheldon Marlborough Flights) beat Gez Oldfield and Fred Naylor (White Swan Nomads).

Journeys End Lions representative Simon Edwards won the league’s singles title after beating his final contestant John West from White Swan Nomads.


The final of the Netherton Thursday Night League’s Andy Bastable Trophy saw finalists Fairfield a little under par and Bulls Head had a rather comfortable 5-1 win to secure the title.

The league played their final rearranged fixture which saw league champions Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club win 5-4 against bottom team Netherton Conservative Club to give them a final total of 69 points, nine more than runners up Riddins Tavern.


The Brierley Hill Monday Night League’s singles knockout produced an all Dudley Ex Serviceman’s final in which D.Brown defeat R.Carr 3-1.

G.Peters and D.Brown became the new doubles champions after beating B.Neale and R.Lenton 3-0 in the final.


The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played their doubles finals winning the title after beating C.Pickett and J.Pickett 2-1 in the semis were R.Riaz and A.Nicholls who lifted the silverware with a straight 3-0 win over R.Colley and M.Rowley in the final.

Colley and Rowley beat G.Jackson and R,Tipper 2-1 in their last four game.


The Cradley Tuesday Night League’s singles title went to Brickmakers Arms player Kevin Bambrick who with a 160 finish and a twelve darts leg won the final against Steve Tipper (Roost) 3-0.

In the semi-finals Bambrick with a 2-1 result beat Joe Sharratt (RiddinsTavern) while Tipper won against Lindon Bird (Wheatsheaf).

The final of the doubles knockout went to a deciding leg before A.Dimmock and S.Priest got the 3-2 verdict over P.O’Brien and R.Lenton while Brickmakers Arms made it a fantastic league and cup double when they accounted for Chop House with a 5-1 result in the final of the 3 A-Side Knockout.

From a starting line-up of 58 players in the league’s Last Competition of the Season Steven Tipper collected the winners £90 when he defeated Kevin Bambrick 3-1 in the final, Bambrick received £45.


The Silver End Sunday Morning League played the finals of their League and Shadow cups which proved to be a very successful night for Brickmakers Arms. In the League Cup Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ beat reigning league champions Woodside 5-2 and then making it a great double for Brickmakers their ‘B’ side won 5-3 against Dudley Sports to clinch the Shadow Cup title.

The winning trio for the 3 A-Side Knockout was M.Rollinson, J.Rollinson and R.Colley with S.Guest, H.Wakefield and D.Cooper runners up. The losing semi-finalists were B.Lewis, R.Rubery, K.Guest and G.Peters, G.Davies, B.Davies.


With a final 3-0 win over W.Griffiths (Dewdrop ‘A’) C.Bowen (Waggon and Horses) won the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League’s individual knockout. Bowen beat S.Cliff in the last four games while Griffiths took out G.Arnold.


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