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Article: 2022-09-21 Birmingham Mail - Alan Towe

2022-09-21 Birmingham Mail - Alan Towe

With the majority of teams in the Kings Norton League having reached the midway point of the season Copper Fox are leading the field with twenty points from their eleven games played, their latest fixture seeing them win 4-3 at home against sixth placed E57. Copper Fox replaced Bournebrook in pole position as they didn’t have any result this week and they have played the full first half twelve games whereas Copper Fox still have a game in hand and are two points to the good on Bournebrook, Thurlestone and Rubery Social Club who are all on eighteen points. Thurelstone and Rubery Social Club both have a game in hand on Bournebrook and wins in those games would see them join Copper Fox at the top of the table, all on the same 20 points with only average separating them. The latest fixtures saw Thurlestone win 5-2 at Longbridge while there was no result for Rubery Social Club.

There was no joy for bottom of the table Kings Heath as they were not able to add to their one and only win from twelve games when they lost 5-2 playing away against Coppice who are four places above them, six points better off and have also played one game fewer than them.

Full Results:Game 14:- Copper Fox 4 (E.Simpson 100,115b,140, C.Whitehouse 2x100,126,160b, M.Hamilton 100, J.Hykin 140, T.Hamilton 139, R.Mann 121, D.McConomy 100) E57 3 (J.Calt 100,140, A.Mutch 100), Longbridge 2 (S.Cartwright 100, Adams 100) Thurlestone 5 (S.Deeley 100b, T.Garfield 100,112b, J.Downer 110b, N.Watts 135, R.Waldron 2x100, B.Andrews 135, T.Hill 100), Coppice 5 (A.Chidley 100, B.Heath 140, S.Jacques 120b) Kings Heath 2 (R.Hampton 100, P.Hunt 128), Northfield 6 (M.Lloyd 100,100b, L.Allen 120,140, A.Busby 100,165,11 and 13 darts games, M.Hopkins 108f, P.Draper 125, O.Draper 100, H.Taylor 100, A.Busby 180) Bourneville 1 (J.Guy 100, D.Malone 115, A.Deeley 100,112b).


The top two teams in the Harborne and District League Bugle Horn and Northfield Town both extended their unbeaten run to five games when in turn they each recorded 8-1 wins. Bugle Horn, who lead Norhtfield Town by a single leg of average won at home against Cock Inn while Northfield Town played away against Quinton RBL. Third in the league Northfield Conservative Club also won 8-1 in a home tie against Weoley Castle WMC to put them on the same ten points as the two teams above them but they have played one game more than both Bugle Horn and Northfield Town.

After the top three come four teams all on six points, four short of the leading trio, there is no result for the Smethwick Cricket Club versus Copper Fox ‘R’ game, the two teams placed fourth and fifth in the table respectively while sixth in the league Bourneville Social lost 8-1 at Copper Fox ‘M’ who are seventh.

Avenue Social continue to search for their first win and points for the season as they lost 6-3 at The Mill and remain at the foot of the table two points behind the two teams above them Cock Inn and Weoley Castle WMC.

Full Results:Game 6:- Copper Fox ‘M’ 8 (K.Jukes 100, J.Loughran 100, K.Bedder 2x100,122, A.Harvey 100,140, J.Downer 2x100, G.Dews 3x100x3, D.Kent 100, M.Davies 100,121, G.Dews 142f) Bourneville 1 (G.Bailles 100,121, D.Miguel 116, P.Smith 100, A.Bailles 100, L.Jordan 105), Bugle Horn 8 (N.Steventon 100,101f, M.Poolton 100, D.Nicholls 100,140,180, R.Smith 2x100, P.Sitshebo 140, J.Hykin 2x100,140, J.Hykin 154f) Cock Inn 1 (A.Underwood 100,122, L.Fox 100, John Fox 110, A.Vaughan 140, Joe Fox 100,125,140), Northfield Conservative Club 8 (J.Hill 3x100, T.Garfield 2x100,123,140, T.Shipley 2x100,128, D.Hill 5x100, A.Sutton 100,140) Weoley Castle WMC 1 (M.Bolton 4x100,140, S.Joyce 3x100, B.Harding 2x100,135,140, A.Heath 100,135, M.Bolton 112f), The Mill 6 (O.Gougth 105,140, J.Goulding 3x100, K.Pearsall 100,140, N.Burton 100, T.Goulding 100,117) Avenue Social 3 (A.Williams 102, M.Gilliland 2x100,140, T.Crowley 2x100,2x140), Quinton RBL 1 (A.Mills 100, S.Wheaver 100, D.McConomy 100,140) Northfield Town 8 (M.Hopkins 121, A.Busby 3x100, M.James 105,119, L.Allen 134, D.Hopkins 2x100,123,125,14 darts game).


The Sheldon and District Summer League played off the final of their League Cup which brought together the top two division one sides Langley Arrows and Raven Arrows. The result was a convincing 6-1 win for current leaders Langley Arrows with second in the division Raven Arrows having to settle for the runners-up spot.

Quality darts were thrown throughout the game with Langley recording fourteen scores of a ton or more and Raven chalking up eleven.

Full Results:League Cup:Final:- Raven Arrows 1 Langley Arrows 6.


Aston Inn Nomads continue to set a hot pace in the Camp Hill League making it ten straight wins when they handed their visitors, bottom of the league Sedgemere Devils a 7-0 whitewash. The win keeps the Nomads two points clear of both Tyseley Bears and Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club and still with a game in hand on the Bears and two games in hand on Cotterills. Second placed Tyseley Bears won by the same 6-1 margin as the leaders in their game against next to bottom of the table Moseley Arms while Cotterills had a much closer 4-3 win playing at Clumsy Swan who are fourth in the table on fourteen points.

Full Results:Week 13:- Moseley Arms 1 Tyseley Bears 6, Clumsy Swan 3 Cotterills Lane EBAHA Club 4, Tyseley WMC 4 Peaky Blinder 3, Sedgemere Devils 0 Aston Inn Nomads 7.


The Netherton Thursday Night League have begun their new season with League Cup fixtures and in the second leg of round one Bulls Head added an 8-1 result to their previous 7-2 win over Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ to win 15-3 overall. Spring Meadow made it two 5-4 wins over Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ to go through 10-8, while the Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ side made it an 11-4 victory over Townsend Social Club when they won their second leg 6-0. To complete the round Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ after winning 6-3 in the first leg lost 5-4 in the second but went into the next round with an aggregate 10-8 win.

Full Results:League Cup:Round One Second Leg ( First Leg Results in Brackets):- Bulls Head 8 (7) Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’1 (2), Bulls Head won 15-3 on aggregate, Spring Meadow 5 (5) Dudley Ex Serviceman’s ‘Club ‘B’ 4 (4), Spring Meadow won 10-8 on aggregate, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6 (5) Townsend Club 0 (4), Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ won 11-4 on aggregate, Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 4 (6) The Clock 5 (3), Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ won 10-8 on aggregate.


The Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League have two more games to the halfway point of their season and leaders Labour Club increased their lead to four points when they beat Ten Arches 5-2. Ten Arches who were second drop one place to third behind Bird in Hand ‘E’, both teams are on twenty points with Bird in Hand ‘E’ having the better average after they won 5-2 at the Shovel. A further two points adrift on eighteen points are Hollybush and Fox Inn (Lye), the former winning 4-3 at seventh in the league Bell ‘A’ while the latter won by the same 4-3 margin at Dudley Sports who are just two places off the foot of the table.

At the bottom end of the table next to bottom Black Horse won 5-2 away to Raven who are bottom with just one win in their twelve games but only two points short of the three teams just above them.

Full Results:Game 12:- Raven 2 Black Horse 5, Ashwood 4 Bell ‘B’ 3, Shovel 2 Bird in Hand ‘E’ 5, Ten Arches 2 Labour Club 5, Stourbridge FC 6 Brickmakers Arms 1, Bell ‘A’ 3 Hollybush 4, Dudley Sports 3 Fox Inn (Lye) 4.


The Rowley Monday Night League staged the finals of their two trebles competitions, first the Ray Farmer Trophy in which the title went to Gate Hangs Well ‘A’ who defeated Cradley Sports and Social in the final.

In the Bill Bishop Trophy final Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ accounted for their local rivals Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ to lift the winner’s silverware.

Following the two finals there was the usual challenge match between the two winning teams which saw Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ beat Gate Hangs Well ‘A’ 2-0.

Full Results:Ray Farmer Trophy:Final:- Gate Hangs Well ‘A’ beat Cradley Sports and Social, Bill Bishop Trophy:Final:- Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ beat Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’, Challenge Match:- Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 2 Gate Hangs Well ‘A’ 0.


There was just the one outstanding League Cup result for the Sutton and District Summer League this week in which The Nomads handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their opponents Pint Pot Flights.

Full Results:Cup:- Nomads 9 Pint Pot Flights 0.


Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club suffered only their third defeat in twenty games in the Silver End Sunday Morning League, when in their latest fixture they played at home against third in the league Dudley Sports, the result was a 5-3 win for Dudley Sports to see the Ex Serviceman’s Club removed from the top of the table and drop to second behind Old Star. Old Star replace Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club at the top of the table after winning their home game against next to bottom of the table side Kings Head ‘B’ 7-1 to give them 47 points and a slender one point lead over the former leaders but from one game more than their rivals. Dudley Sports have played the same twenty games as Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club, they remain in third place they have a game in hand plus a seven points lead over fourth in the league Bell ‘A’.

Full Results:Game 21:- Bell ‘A’ 3 Black Horse ‘B’ 5, Black Horse ‘A’ 2 Bell ‘B’ 6, Crestwood 6 Brickmakers Arms 2, Dudley Ex Servicemen’s Club 3 Dudley Sports 5, Kings Head ‘A’ 6 New Talbot 2, Old Star 7 Kings Head ‘B’ 1, Tenth Lock had a bye.


As the Ashwood Premier League completed week thirty in their season the results offered no change in the top four places. League leader Nick Fullwell completed another two fixtures which saw him kick-off with a somewhat unexpected close 5-2 win over Mitch Pickett who is only five places off the foot of the table with just ten wins from 51 games and has 100 points, a massive 220 fewer than Fullwell. Fullwell’s second game saw him do better with a 6-1 result against Chris Fox who is placed eighth in the table. Second in the league Chris Williams didn’t play this week but holds on to second place and is 52 points short of Fullwell after playing two games more than him. Third in the table Geoff Marson also played two games and won them both 6-1 against Mike Cullis and Tony Bennett to take his points tally to 261, 59 short of Fullwell with two games in hand and only seven fewer than Williams with four games in hand. Dave Simpson makes up the top four, he began the night suffering a 4-3 defeat to Shane Passey but recovered to win by the same margin against Josh Pickett to give him 252 points from fifty games.

Full Results:Week 30:- Kevin Harris 7 Gaz Cartwright 0, Geoff Marson 6 Mike Cullis 1, Jon Underhill 6 Tony Bennett 1, Jayden harper 5 Paul Pollard 2, Chris Fox 4 Josh Pickett 3, Kevin Harris 5 Mitch Pickett 2, Martyn Harper 6 Gaz Cartwright 1, Matt Davies 4 Tom Stockton 3, Gaz Cartwright 4 Ash Marson 3, Andy Vellender 4 Rob Pierce 3, Sam Aitkens 4 Craig Lowin 3, Shane Passey 4 Dave Simpson 3, Martyn Harper 6 Chris Manoila 1, Adam Edgar 7 Mark Glaze 0, Nick Fullwell 5 Mitch Pickett 2, Tom Stockton 7 Connor Pickett 0, Jon Underhill 4 Paul Pollard 3, Matt Davies 4 Craig Lowin 3, Geoff Marson 6 Tony Bennett 1, Shane Passey 6 Mike Cullis 1, Adam Edgar 5 Chris Manoila 2, Nick Fullwell 6 Chris Fox 1, Ash Marson 5 Connor Pickett 2, Gaz Cartwright 5 Sam Aikens 2, Dave Simpson 4 Josh Pickett 3, Kevin Harris 7 Rob Pierce 0, Adam Edgar 6 Jayden Harper 1, Andy Vellender 4 Chris Manoila 3, Tom Stockton 7 Sam Aitkens 0, Shane Passey 6 Mike Cullis 1.


Surprisingly seven of the top eight players in the Black Country Thursday Night Singles League didn’t play in week 26 Nick Fullwell was the one exception. Fullwell played just the one game which saw him win 7-1 against Lewis Handley to take his points to 355 after completing 46 games and see him take over from Graham Hall in the number one spot. Hall is now seven points short of Fullwell but has six games in hand on him. The following four players Jamie Hughes, Jason Lowe, Rich Bowen and Shane Price remain in their same positions due to not playing. Hughes and Lowe have both played the same 40 games as Hall and in turn are on 345 and 321 points while Bowen has played 44 and has 302 points, Price is on 294 points from 43 games and in turn the four players are third to sixth places in the table.

Full Results:Week 26:- Steven Gillam 7 Lewis Handley 1, Shane Passey 6 Nick Whitehouse 2, Shane Passey 5 Justin Evans 3, Steven Gillam 5 Gareth Johnston 3, Gareth Johnston 8 Justin Evans 0, Shane Passey 6 Paul Harrison 2, Steven Gillam 8 James Davies 0, Gareth Johnston 7 Lewis Handley 1, Shane Passey 7 Nick Whitehouse 1, Steven Gillam 8 Danny Knight 0, Gareth Johnston 6 Paul Harrison 2, Steven Gillam 8 Nick Whitehouse 0, Lewis Handley 5 Alex Mason 3, Gareth Johnston 5 Shane Passey 3, Nick Fullwell 7 Lewis Handley 1, Lewis Handley 8 James Davies 0.


The Black Country Men’s Super League are up to game fourteen and leading the field is Allens Bar ‘A’ who extended their undefeated run to fourteen games with a clear-cut 5-0 home win over Whiteheath Tavern. The win takes Allens ‘A’ points to 92 and they have a huge fourteen points advantage over second in the table Railway Tavern who also had a home tie in which beat Allens Bar ‘B’ 4-1. Yeltz Bar ‘A’ lose their third place to local rivals Yeltz Bar and dro to fourth after the ‘A’ side recorded a narrow 3-2 home win over fifth in the league The Maverick and Yeltz Bar won 4-1 at home against Gilbert’s Bar, both the Yeltz teams are on 72 points but the ‘A’ side have lost one more game than Yeltz Bar.

Full Results:Game 14:- Yeltz bar 4 Gilbert’s Bar 1, Allens Bar ‘C’ 4 Rowley Bar and Grill 1, The Ashwood 4 Horse and Jockey ‘A’ 1, Yeltz Bar ‘A’ 3 The Maverick 2, Allens Bar ‘A’ 5 Whiteheath Tavern 0, Bell, Kingswinford ‘A’ 3 Bell, Kingswinford ‘B’ 2, Halesowen Cricket Club 4 Horse and Jockey ‘B’ 1, Railway Tavern 4 Allens Bar ‘B’ 1.


Scott Baker leader of the Gilbert’s Bar Monday Night Singles League was in top form in week 29 beating Jamie Aplin 8-0 and Chris Hill 7-1 to give him a total of 232 points after playing 25 games. Baker has a lead of 45 over his nearest rival John Simms who in the one game he played against Keith Hollowood he won 5-3. Third in the table Ben Johnson has four games in hand on Simms and is only eight points short after he won 8-0 against Warren Bower, fourth placed Simon Mountford has the same 179 points as Johnson but after his twenty-four games he has played two more than Johnson.

Full Results: Week 29:Board 1:- Steve Lynch 0 Mal Pugh 8, Roger Ward 7 Eddie Gripton 1, Simon Mountford 8 Jamie Aplin 0, Mal Pugh 4 Warren Bower 4, Board 2:- Jamie Aplin 0 Scott Baker 8, Ray Gutteridge 3 Neville Quinton 5, Simon Pritchard 7 Riley Ward 1, Board 3:- Adam Teasdale 6 Mal Pugh 2, Ben Johnson 8 Warren Bower 0, Reece Cook-Lucas 7 Sandra Beardsmore 1, Michele Pritchard 1 Phil Clarke 7, Tom Hollowood 1 Adam Teasdale 7, Board 4:- Gemma Barrett Jenkins 3 Jon Williams 5, Keith Hollowood 3 John Simms 5, Scott Baker 7 Chris Hill 1, Artur Lubkowski 1 Steve Lynch 7, Martin East 0 Adam Teasdale 8 (walkover).


Week eighteen of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League brought together the top two teams in the singles division as second placed Gilbert’s Bar played hosts to leaders Railway. The result was a close 3-2 win for Railway to see them extend their lead to four points with Gilbert’s remaining in second place. Third in the division ECC drew to within two points of Gilbert’s although after their 4-3 win at Dog and Partridge they have now played one game more than Gilbert’s. Hurst Hill are fourth their 5-2 win at Red Lion keeping them within two points of ECC.

In the doubles division the top four teams all suffered a defeat and fifth placed Wednesfield Legion had a bye. Hurst Hill lead the division, no change to their 28 points after losing 2-1 at Red Lion, second placed ECC lost by the same 2-1 margin at Dog and Partridge as did third in the table Railway who played at Gilbert’s Bar. Fourth in the division Woodfield went one worse as they lost 3-0 at home against Moreton Arms. As a result of their win Moreton Arms have moved up the table into fourth place on 16 points, the same amount as Railway just above them and Woodfield, Stile and Wednesfield Legion all below them.

Full Results:Week 18:Singles Division:- Dog and Partridge 3 ECC 4, Gilbert’s Bar 2 Railway 5, Red Lion 2 Hurst Hill 5, Stile 6 Jacks Bar 1, Woodfield 3 Moreton Arms 4, Cleveland Arms and Wednesfield Legion had a bye, Doubles Division:- Dog and Partridge 2 ECC 1, Gilbert’s Bar 2 Railway 1, Red Lion 2 Hurst Hill 1, Stile 3 Jacks Bar 0, Woodfield 0 Moreton Arms 3, Cleveland Arms and Wednesfield Legion had a bye.


Full Results:Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League:Game 23:- Waggon and Horses 5 Dewdrop ‘B’ 2, Vine ‘A’ 5 Albion 2, Dewdrop ‘A’ 4 Vine ‘B’ 3, Sow and Pigs 1 Miners Arms ‘B’ 6, Miners Arms ‘A’ 4 Horseley Tavern 3, Tamebridge had a bye.


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