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Article: Exclusive Winmau iDarts Scorer – developed by Crunchmedia

Exclusive Winmau iDarts Scorer – developed by Crunchmedia

The Winmau iDarts Scorer designed and developed exclusively by Crunchmedia accompanies your game of darts wherever you are with no need for chalk and duster.

With it^s authentic and attractive interface the application allows 2 players to play all versions of 101, 301, 501 or anything up to 999.

You also get quick check out options to help improve your scoring averages along with an unlimited roll-back/forward function (very helpful when beer is involved!)

At the end of your game or leg simply touch the ^avg^ button and see how your averages stack up.

As darts is a rapid fire game this application is designed with simplicity in mind and ease of use for when you’re changing places on the oche.

With Winmau’s pedigree as the Worlds finest Dartboard makers this application is a must for any darter no matter how often you play.

The Winmau darts scorer by Crunchmedia – making darts even more fun.

With the Winmau darts scorer you can:

- Start your game from any number (up to 999)
- Check your average throw-score at any time during your game/practice
- Keep track of your score with the unlimited roll-back/forward functions
- Take advantage of the quick check-out function for popular finishes
- Keep track of your legs
- Score in either vertical or horizontal view (automatic screen rotation)

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