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Article: Players Championship Reports

Players Championship Reports


ADRIAN LEWIS won his second PDC ProTour title of the year after defeating Steve Farmer 6-4 at the K2 Centre in Crawley to win Saturday^s Players Championship.

Lewis bounced back from a disappointing summer after first round exits at the World Matchplay and the European Championship to claim to £6,000 first prize.

The Stoke star edged his first two matches with deciding leg victories over Wayne Atwood and Steve Maish, the latter including a superb 161 checkout to win the game.

Alex Roy was dispatched in the last 16 6-1 before defeating Mark Webster and Vincent van der Voort by 6-5 scorelines to reach the final.

Both players^ throws were broken in the opening two legs of the final before Lewis took the lead for the first time by winning the third leg in 11 darts.

Farmer hit 140 and 177 in the fourth leg to level the game at two apiece before Lewis led again by taking the fifth.

Lewis broke throw in the sixth leg and then won the next in 14 darts to go within touching distance of victory.

Farmer reduced the deficit to 5-3 with a two-dart 95 finish and then hit double 16 in the ninth leg to keep his hopes alive.

Both players had chances to win the tenth leg but it was Lewis who finally prevailed to hit double one to claim victory.

Steve Farmer enjoyed his best result on the ProTour since joining the PDC circuit earlier this year and is now in with a good chance of qualifying for the World Darts Championship.

He defeated Arron Monk and Andy Hamilton, both by 6-1 margins before ending Steve Grubb^s challenge with a 6-4 win.

Farmer produced superb displays to defeat James Wade and Mark Dudbridge before a deciding-leg win over Gary Anderson saw him reach his first PDC final.

Players Championship 25
First Round
Simon Whitlock (1) Bye
Colin Monk 6-2 Steven Pearson
Steve Hine (32) 6-4 Kirk Shepherd
Dave Askew 6-3 Louis Blundell
Ronnie Baxter (16) Bye
Peter Hudson 6-0 Aodhagan O^Neill
Mark Dudbridge (17) 6-2 Richie Burnett
Ian White 6-4 Nigel Birch
Andy Hamilton (8) Bye
Steve Farmer 6-1 Arron Monk
Steve Grubb 6-2 Michael van Gerwen (25)
Anastasia Dobromyslova 6-0 Henry Zapata
James Wade (9) Bye
Adrian Gray 6-0 Lee White
Andy Jenkins 6-4 Brendan Dolan (24)
Michael Barnard 6-3 Mark Tiller
Jamie Caven (5) Bye
Gary Welding 6-4 Mark Frost
Terry Jenkins (28) 6-4 Matt Clark
Stuart Dutton 6-1 Stephen Perkins
Wayne Jones (12) Bye
Par Riihonen 6-3 Roland Scholten
Co Stompe (21) 6-4 Nick Fulwell
Andy Pearce 6-4 Paul Rowley
Gary Anderson (4) Bye
Mark Hylton 6-3 Darren Johnson
Robert Thornton (29) 6-5 Sam Allen
Stephen Hardy 6-0 Martyn Bevan
Denis Ovens (13) Bye
John Magowan 6-5 Michael Smith
Kevin McDine 6-5 Kevin Painter (20)
Gary Eastwood 6-2 Jim McKevitt
Wes Newton (2) Bye
Chris Thompson 6-3 Andy Callaby
Tony Ayres 6-3 Peter Wright (31)
Scott Rand 6-2 Andy Mason
Mervyn King (15) Bye
Mick McGowan 6-3 Simon Burt
Alan Tabern (18) 6-1 Dylan Duo
Dennis Smith 6-2 Patrick Pace
Vincent van der Voort (7) Bye
Nigel Heydon 6-3 John Part
Terry Temple 6-4 Jelle Klaasen (26)
Ryan Herrington 6-3 Mark Jones
Steve Beaton (10) Bye
Jamie Atkins 6-2 David Ansell
Paul Nicholson (23) 6-5 Justin Pipe
Martyn Turner 6-3 Kevin Dowling
Colin Lloyd (6) Bye
Steve Evans 6-0 Jon Archer
Mark Webster (27) 6-4 Mark Jodrill
Joe Cullen 6-5 William O^Connor
Mark Walsh (11) Bye
Geoff Whitworth 6-3 Ian Jopling
Steve Brown (22) 6-1 Dean Allsopp
Tony Randell 6-3 Ian McFarlane
Adrian Lewis (3) Bye
Wayne Atwood 6-0 Steve Musson
Mareno Michels 6-4 Tony Eccles (30)
Steve Maish 6-5 Dave Honey
Colin Osborne (14) Bye
Paul Williams 6-1 Andy Relf
Alex Roy 6-5 Barrie Bates (19)
Wayne Mardle 6-1 Matt Padgett

Second Round
Simon Whitlock 6-3 Colin Monk
Dave Askew 6-3 Steve Hine
Ronnie Baxter 6-1 Peter Hudson
Mark Dudbridge 6-2 Ian White
Steve Farmer 6-1 Andy Hamilton
Steve Grubb 6-4 Anastasia Dobromyslova
James Wade 6-4 Adrian Gray
Andy Jenkins 6-4 Michael Barnard
Gary Welding 6-3 Jamie Caven
Stuart Dutton 6-4 Terry Jenkins
Wayne Jones 6-1 Par Riihonen
Co Stompe 6-1 Andy Pearce
Gary Anderson 6-4 Mark Hylton
Robert Thornton 6-5 Stephen Hardy
Denis Ovens 6-2 John Magowan
Kevin McDine 6-3 Gary Eastwood
Wes Newton 6-2 Chris Thompson
Scott Rand 6-2 Tony Ayres
Mervyn King 6-1 Mick McGowan
Alan Tabern 6-4 Dennis Smith
Vincent van der Voort 6-5 Nigel Heydon
Terry Temple 6-0 Ryan Herrington
Jamie Atkins 6-4 Steve Beaton
Martyn Turner 6-5 Paul Nicholson
Steve Evans 6-4 Colin Lloyd
Mark Webster 6-1 Joe Cullen
Mark Walsh 6-4 Geoff Whitworth
Steve Brown 6-2 Tony Randell
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Wayne Atwood
Steve Maish 6-2 Mareno Michels
Paul Williams 6-3 Colin Osborne
Alex Roy 6-4 Wayne Mardle
Losers £200

Third Round
Simon Whitlock 6-0 Dave Askew
Mark Dudbridge 6-1 Ronnie Baxter
Steve Farmer 6-4 Steve Grubb
James Wade 6-5 Andy Jenkins
Stuart Dutton 6-5 Gary Welding
Wayne Jones 6-4 Co Stompe
Gary Anderson 6-3 Robert Thornton
Kevin McDine 6-2 Denis Ovens
Wes Newton 6-3 Scott Rand
Mervyn King 6-4 Alan Tabern
Vincent van der Voort 6-2 Terry Temple
Martyn Turner 6-5 Jamie Atkins
Mark Webster 6-1 Steve Evans
Mark Walsh 6-5 Steve Brown
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Steve Maish
Alex Roy 6-3 Paul Williams

Losers £300

Fourth Round
Mark Dudbridge 6-1 Simon Whitlock
Steve Farmer 6-3 James Wade
Wayne Jones 6-4 Stuart Dutton
Gary Anderson 6-2 Kevin McDine
Mervyn King 6-4 Wes Newton
Vincent van der Voort 6-3 Martyn Turner
Mark Webster 6-3 Mark Walsh
Adrian Lewis 6-1 Alex Roy
Losers £500

Quarter Finals
Steve Farmer 6-3 Mark Dudbridge
Gary Anderson 6-4 Wayne Jones
Vincent van der Voort 6-5 Mervyn King
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Mark Webster

Losers £1,000

Semi Finals
Steve Farmer 6-5 Gary Anderson
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Vincent van der Voort
Losers £1,500

Adrian Lewis 6-4 Steve Farmer
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000


COLIN LLOYD claimed Players Championship glory for a second successive weekend, defeating Simon Whitlock 6-4 to win Sunday^s PDC ProTour event in Crawley.

The Essex star took the Canadian Masters title a week ago and continued that form to take his fourth tournament win of the year.

Having been a first-game victim in Saturday^s Players Championship, losing to Steve Evans, he bounced back well to take the £6,000 prize money, producing some battling performances.

He needed a deciding 11th leg to defeat Gary Welding and Terry Jenkins in his opening two matches, before then seeing off Steve Beaton 6-4 and then going the distance once more against Tony Eccles.

A 6-3 semi-final win over Alan Tabern secured his spot in the final, and he maintained the momentum to move 2-0 up against Whitlock in the decider.

He also led 3-1 before Whitlock hit back to level, but a pressure 104 checkout - after the Australian left 64 - saw him regain a 4-3 lead.

Whitlock levelled on double top, with Lloyd hitting the same bed to go 5-4 up and repeating the feat to seal victory after his rival missed a dart to save the game with a 120 finish.

"It^s been a tough day and it^s very satisfying to win that," said Lloyd. "I had some really hard games throughout the day but I battled through them.

"It^s good to have that winning feeling twice in as many weeks. I^m not playing brilliantly on the Saturdays at the moment but I seem to love Sunday!"

Whitlock had been hoping to claim his fifth Players Championship win of the year, but was left to settle for the £3,000 runner-up prize.

The number one seed saw off Andy Jenkins and Steve Hine in the early stages before then defeating Ronnie Baxter in a deciding leg and both Brendan Dolan and Jamie Caven with 6-4 scorelines.

The win over Caven had seen the Englishman post a nine-darter in defeat, his first in competition which earned him a £2,800 bonus in addition to his £1,500 prize money.

Caven - who won the London Ontario Players Championship last Saturday and reached Sunday^s final - finished the nine-darter with a remarkable route, opening with a 167 score, hitting a 180 with his second visit to the oche and then checking out 154 with two treble 20s and double 17.

The event leaves two further Players Championships - in Nuland in a fortnight - ahead of the cut-off for places in the World Grand Prix in Dublin next month.

Players Championship 26

First Round
Simon Whitlock (1) Bye
Andy Jenkins 6-2 Dave Ansell
Steve Hine (32) 6-2 Jim McKevitt
Patrick Pace 6-2 Mark Tiller
Mark Dudbridge (16) 6-3 Matt Clark
Scott Rand 6-4 Andy Callaby
Ronnie Baxter (17) 6-3 Dave Ladley
Martyn Turner 6-3 Dave Honey
Andy Hamilton (8) Bye
Nigel Heydon 6-2 Mark Jodrill
Mark Webster (25) 6-2 Peter Manley
Nick Fullwell 6-0 Henry Zapata
James Wade (9) Bye
Arron Monk 6-4 Peter Hudson
Brendan Dolan (24) 6-4 Martyn Bevan
Joe Cullen 6-5 Dave Askew
Jamie Caven (5) Bye
Mareno Michels 6-3 Kevin McDine
Jelle Klaasen (28) 6-2 Roland Scholten
Gary Eastwood 6-1 Adrian Gray
Mark Walsh (12) Bye
Andy Pearce 6-2 Andy Mason
Kevin Painter (21) 6-0 Andy Relf
John MaGowan 6-3 Aodhagan O^Neill
Gary Anderson (4) Bye
Colin Monk 6-2 Ian McFarlane
Robert Thornton (29) 6-3 Steve Grubb
Steve Maish 6-2 Steven Pearson
Denis Ovens (13) Bye
Dean Allsopp 6-0 Geoff Whitworth
Co Stompe (20) 6-0 Jon Archer
Richie Burnett 6-5 Louis Blundell
Wes Newton (2) Bye
Steve Farmer 6-2 Terry Temple
Matt Padgett 6-5 Peter Wright (31)
Stuart Dutton 6-3 Par Riihonen
John Part 6-4 Mervyn King (15)
Wayne Atwood 6-0 Tony Randell
Alan Tabern (18) 6-2 Paul Williams
Justin Pipe 6-1 Alex Roy
Vincent van der Voort (7) Bye
Steve Evans 6-3 Michael Barnard
Michael van Gerwen (26) 6-2 Mark Frost
Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Jimmy O^Regan
Wayne Jones (10) Bye
Chris Thompson 6-3 Ryan Herrington
Paul Nicholson (23) 6-4 William O^Connor
Dennis Smith 6-1 Tony Ayres
Colin Lloyd (6) Bye
Gary Welding 6-4 Ian Jopling
Terry Jenkins (27) 6-2 Paul Rowley
Michael Smith 6-1 Stephen Hardy
Steve Beaton (11) Bye
Mark Hylton 6-0 Steve Randall
Steve Brown (22) 6-3 Dylan Duo
Ian White 6-2 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Adrian Lewis (3) Bye
Jamie Atkins 6-5 Nigel Birch
Tony Eccles (30) 6-1 Steve Perkins
Sam Allen 6-3 Mark Jones
Colin Osborne (14) Bye
Kevin Dowling 6-2 Matt Gallett
Darren Johnson 6-4 Barrie Bates (19)
Mick McGowan 6-2 Simon Burt

Second Round
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Andy Jenkins
Steve Hine 6-4 Patrick Pace
Mark Dudbridge 6-2 Scott Rand
Ronnie Baxter 6-0 Martyn Turner
Nigel Heydon 6-4 Andy Hamilton
Mark Webster 6-2 Nick Fullwell
James Wade 6-2 Arron Monk
Brendan Dolan 6-3 Joe Cullen
Jamie Caven 6-3 Mareno Michels
Gary Eastwood 6-5 Jelle Klaasen
Mark Walsh 6-4 Andy Pearce
Kevin Painter 6-5 John MaGowan
Gary Anderson 6-2 Colin Monk
Robert Thornton 6-3 Steve Maish
Denis Ovens 6-3 Dean Allsopp
Co Stompe 6-3 Richie Burnett
Steve Farmer 6-5 Wes Newton
Stuart Dutton 6-2 Matt Padgett
John Part 6-5 Wayne Atwood
Alan Tabern 6-1 Justin Pipe
Steve Evans 6-4 Vincent van der Voort
Kirk Shepherd 6-5 Michael van Gerwen
Wayne Jones 6-4 Chris Thompson
Paul Nicholson 6-4 Dennis Smith
Colin Lloyd 6-5 Gary Welding
Terry Jenkins 6-0 Michael Smith
Steve Beaton 6-2 Mark Hylton
Ian White 6-2 Steve Brown
Adrian Lewis 6-3 Jamie Atkins
Tony Eccles 6-1 Sam Allen
Colin Osborne 6-1 Kevin Dowling
Darren Johnson 6-3 Mick McGowan
Losers £200

Third Round
Simon Whitlock 6-2 Steve Hine
Ronnie Baxter 6-4 Mark Dudbridge
Mark Webster 6-4 Nigel Heydon
Brendan Dolan 6-4 James Wade
Jamie Caven 6-3 Gary Eastwood
Kevin Painter 6-5 Mark Walsh
Robert Thornton 6-3 Gary Anderson
Co Stompe 6-2 Denis Ovens
Stuart Dutton 6-5 Steve Farmer
Alan Tabern 6-3 John Part
Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Steve Evans
Paul Nicholson 6-2 Wayne Jones
Colin Lloyd 6-5 Terry Jenkins
Steve Beaton 6-5 Ian White
Tony Eccles 6-3 Adrian Lewis
Darren Johnson 6-3 Colin Osborne
Losers £300

Fourth Round
Simon Whitlock 6-5 Ronnie Baxter
Brendan Dolan 6-1 Mark Webster
Jamie Caven 6-3 Kevin Painter
Co Stompe 6-3 Robert Thornton
Alan Tabern 6-2 Stuart Dutton
Paul Nicholson 6-2 Kirk Shepherd
Colin Lloyd 6-4 Steve Beaton
Tony Eccles 6-2 Darren Johnson
Losers £500

Simon Whitlock 6-4 Brendan Dolan
Jamie Caven 6-3 Co Stompe
Alan Tabern 6-4 Paul Nicholson
Colin Lloyd 6-5 Tony Eccles
Losers £1,000

Simon Whitlock 6-4 Jamie Caven - Jamie Caven hits nine-darter in second leg
Colin Lloyd 6-3 Alan Tabern
Losers £1,500

Colin Lloyd 6-4 Simon Whitlock
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000

Final - Leg-By-Leg
Whitlock 0-1 Lloyd - Lloyd takes out 130 on double five for a 12-darter
0-2 - Whitlock misses the bull for a 124 finish and also double four before Lloyd leaves eight with a 140 and checks out to break throw
1-2 - Whitlock hits a 180 and breaks back in 15 darts
1-3 - Lloyd replies with a maximum of his own in a 13-darter to regain a two-leg advantage
2-3 - Double 16 sees Whitlock break throw once more
3-3 - Whitlock levels on double nine
3-4 - Lloyd checks out a pressure 104, with Whitlock waiting on 64 to take the lead
4-4 - Double top sees Whitlock level again
4-5 - Lloyd hits double top at the second time of asking to move a leg away from victory
4-6 - Whitlock misses tops for a 120 finish and Lloyd hits the same bed to take the win

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