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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

[caption id="attachment_15781" align="alignleft" width="225"]Trina Gulliver Trina Gulliver[/caption] Congratulations to Warwickshire’s “Golden Girl” Trina Gulliver who for a record breaking sixth time has won the Winmau World Masters title. Prior to the finals Trina and Eric Bristow were the only two players to have won their respective events on five occasions but a 5-2 win in the final over Deta Hedman puts Trina way out in front on her own with six wins. In the last four games Trina won 4-1 against Sweden’s Vicky Pruim while Hedman took out Devon’s Maria O’Brien. The final saw Trina race into a 3-0 lead before her opponent got her first stripe on the board. The fifth leg went to Gulliver and the sixth to Hedman then in the seventh leg the Warwickshire player requiring 72 hit single five, single seventeen and rounded off a superb win with the bull to take the title she last won in 2005. In the men’s event Warwickshire’s Jamie Hughes reached the semi finals where he bowed out 5-0 to reigning champion Glen Durrant who went on to retain his title with a final win over former Warwickshire man Mark McGeeney. --------------------------------- Week five in the Sheldon and District Winter League brought together the premier division’s top two team’s leaders Crown at Olton playing away to second placed Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows. The 6-2 result went to Crown to keep them in pole position with nine points while for their opponents this was their first defeat and with seven points drop to third place one point behind Mackadown Social who take over the number two spot following their 5-2 win over Highwood KB’s. At the other end of the table there was a first win in five for Saltley Amateur Gardeners who for so long were a major force in the league. In division one Willclare Sports and Social made it five wins in as many games when they won their home tie with Sheldon Marlborough Flights 5-3, this being Flights first defeat and sees them drop to third place on six points two adrift of Crown Arrows whose 5-3 win at Holy Souls takes them into second place on eight points, two fewer than Willclare. Ridgemere Social Flights top division two their 6-2 win over bottom team Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights keeping them two to the good on second placed Shirley RBL Misfits who won 5-3 at Small Heath Amateur Gardeners to make it three wins in as many games. Full Results:Week 5:Premier Division:- Pavilions 7 (M.Morgan 137, R.Agar 140, R.Evans 2x100, K.Richards 130,160b, A.Finnegan 140) The Harvester 1 (R.Palmer 100, J.Smyth 100b,100, N.Warner 3x100, I.Evans 105b,120b), Mackadown Social 5 (N.Parsonage 140, D.Young 120b,2x100, S.Whatmore 118f, S.Kingdon 106,100, G.James 116b) Highwood KB’s 3 (N.Wykes 140, G.Pagett 125, A.Hunt 100), Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 2 (S.Nixon 140, B.Nixon 2x100, L.Nixon 103b,120b,137, P.Nixon 120b,121,100f,100, M.Barber 108b) Crown at Olton 6 (J.Sidwell 125,140, M.Wall 100, T.Randell 100, A.Hutchings 105b, P.Yardley 106,115,100, J.Jennings 100,100b, I.Spencer 140,109b, P.Nunn 100,112b), Castle Vale Residents 6 (G.Taylor 100, R.Franks 100, T.Hines 101b,138) The Lyndon 2 (S.Harding 100b,140,120b, C.King 131, P.Collins 180,150b, T.Constable 100,140), Saltley Amateur Gardeners 5 (P.Webster 100, J.Webster 112b,100, T.Webster 122b, T.White 180,132, R.Walton 126) The Pirates 3 (A.Cooksey 100, M.Naylor 100, R.Lawrence 149b,100,8 darts game), Division One:- Crown-Forget-Me-Nnot 5 (W.Griffiths 100, I.Scattergood 100, C.Kettlewell snr 100,140,116, D.Rawlings 121) Iron Horse 3 (R.Earl 121,139, J.Green 135,100, M.Bown 160b, P.Byrne 137, D.Mortiboys 120), Willclare Sports and Social 5 (M.Tilley 120b, Matty Holt 146b, D.Reid 140,100, Micky Holt 100, P.Wilcock 110b, F.Dixon 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3 (L.Donnell 100, P.Brown 112b,100, P.Jones 100, D.Humphries 100), Yardley Ex Colts 4 (P.Knowles 180,100, P.Roscoe 105, B.Law 100,112b, J.King 100b, P.Welch 100) George ‘V’ 4 (P.Carroll 140,100, S.Palmer 100, C.Horsley 140, A.Dews 105,100, J.Savage 100), Holy Souls 3 (K.Chamberlain 100) Crown Arrows 5 (R.Vann 100, L.Vann 100,112b, S.Sheperd 2x100, P.Carter 127, J.Mosefield 118,112b, J.Morrisey 120b,140), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 5 (A.Hinton 100, P.Carey 121,120b,140, B. Skinner 100, D.Horley 135, N.Davis 2x100) Sheldon Dukes 3 (S.O’Donnell 116, P.Sunner 2x100, A.Plows 100, R.Hicks 100), Division Two:- Greville Arms 4 (C.Ray 134, K.Duggan 116, D.Duggan 2x100) Meadway Sports and Social 4 (S.Bennett 134), Highwood Exiles 4 (A.Thurman 134, P.Harvey 114) Maggies 4 (P.Cunningham 101), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners Flights 3 (C.Hughes 120, S.Miller 100, J.Brannigan 140, D.Hykin 160b) Shirley RBL Misfits 5 (T.Dixon 100, J.Boyle 139, M.Hodgson 106b,100,120), Ridgemere Social Flights 6 (E.McGuigan 114b, P.Fielding 100,180, D.Jones 148b, D.Lees 100) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 2 (S.Harper 100,120b, A.Heeney 126,102). --------------------------------- The first round of their Divisional Cups were on the fixture card for the South Birmingham League and in the division one games there were wins for Erdington Members Club, Mackadown Social, Banbury Arrows and Coleshill Social while making their way into round two in the second division games were The Gate, The Dog, Banbury Flights and The C’s. Full Results:Divisional Cups:Round One:Division One:- Crown at Shard End 3 (S.Edwards 140, A.Edwards 100, R.Lawrence 100, D.Clinton 137, J.Jennings 100b, M.Walker 121) Erdington Members Club 6 (C.Millward snr 101,100, M.Birch 123, M.McFall 140, L.Barberan 2x100, J.Liggins 126, J.Frost 120b,2x100, B.Cadby 105b, R.Liggins 100), Raven 2 (J.Whitehouse 100, T.Whitehouse 121,100f,8 darts game, D.Mortiboys 139, P.Jay 100) Mackadown Social 7 (N.Parsonage 100,140,109b,112f, D.Young 100, M.Noonan 120b,100b,160b, G.James 100, M.Cooper 2x100,112, A.Sheen 100,180), Crown Arrows 2 (J.Gaskin 2x100, R.Vann 138) Banbury Arrows 7 (T.Frost 125,120b,100, W.Cooper 100, P.Moran 100b,132,118, L.Reece 100, D.Evans 2x100), The Trident 5 (A.Cooksey 3x100, C.Walton 100, M.Naylor 136,100, S.Hipkiss 112b) Coleshill Social 4 (L.Thompson 3x100,152f,120, S.Sweetman 121, S.Parsons 100, G.Jones 130), Division Two:- The Gate 9 Smithswood Social 0 (walkover), The Dog 7 (J.Fathers 100,140, S.O'Brien 100, M.Clayton 140,2x100, P.Richards 100) The Kingfisher 2 (G.Shergold 100, P.Reece 110b), The Bell 4 (N.Walker 100, M.Osborne 2x100,120b, B.Davis 125) Banbury Flights 5 (M.Tilley 140,100, J.Spink 135, D.Raven 128,2x100b, J.Phipps 129, L.Walker 100), The C's 7 (E.Williams 2x100, D.Flores 120,100, L.Walker 120, J.Shingler 100) Toby Jug 2 (T.Adams 121, D.Revitt 100, S.Chick 100). --------------------------------- [caption id="attachment_15776" align="alignleft" width="300"]Forest of Arden League Select Forest of Arden League Select[/caption] Round two of the Presidents Cup in the Forest of Arden Winter League matched the top two division one sides, leaders Journeys End taking on and beating second placed Kingshurst Knights 7-2. Third in the top division Highwood KB had a 6-3 home win over Crown Arrows who are placed second in division two and there was a win for another division one team Greville Arrows who beat Highwood Arms from division two 5-4. Full Results:Presidents Cup:Round Two:- Journeys End 7 (D.Evans 3x100, A.Howell 2x100,2x140, T.Constable 4x100,140, L.Barberan 3x100,140, P.Kingdon 140, J.Jennings 100) Kingshurst Knights 2 (D.White 3x100,119, K.White 2x100, R.Perkins 100, S.Moran 100,140), Highwood KB 6 (A.Gorman 140, N.Wykes 4x100,121,101,140, D.Fisher 2x100,121,125, A.Hunt 121, M.Gorman 100,134, W.Cooper 100,120, T.Walton 100) Crown Arrows 3 (L.Vann 2x100, P.Carter 2x100,101, M.Bown 100,140, T.Blakemore 100), Highwood Arms 4 (N.Warner 3x100,121,120,140, N.Walker 100, P.Thorley 125,100, J.McGuigan 100,118, C.Horsley 2x100,121) Greville Arrows 5 (C.Ray 104, M.Mitchell 100, T.Jones 3x100, C.Okey 2x100,140, D.Ryecroft 2x100,126,140, C.Burns 111, D.Duggan 4x100,125,140). --------------------------------- Hillyfields ‘B’ hold on to the number one spot in the Kings Norton League after a convincing 6-1 home win over Grant Arms. Two other teams who have also won their opening two fixtures are West Heath and Stirchley United who in turn had close 4-3 wins over Rubery RBL and Hillyfields ‘A’ to keep them locked together in second place level on both points and average and only three legs of average short of the leaders. Full Results:Week 2:- The Coppice 4 (A.Chidley 100,140,180, D.Hill 3x100,121.124.140, C.Heath 2x125,100,140, M.Harper 140, M.Mooney 100, A.Deeley 100, K.Manger 2x100,140) Cotteridge Social 3 (P.Taylor 3x100, S.Brookes 100,140, B.Faulkner 3x100, T.Young 140, J.O'Neill 2x125,2x100,130, C.Harman 100,140), Rubery RBL 3 (R.Packer 2x100,125, S.Hodges 2x100, B.Heath 3x100,120,140,17 darts game, I.Medlicott 2x140,100,14 darts game, J.Ford 2x100,119, J.Grainger 101f, P.Medlicott 2x100, M.Pierce 101,120) West Heath 4 (P.Hughes 2x100, C.Airey 2x100, A.Sutton 5x100,140, K.Hall 2x100,2x125,140, T.Corbett 100,101,121, S.Deeley 140), Stirchley United 4 (T.Cullen 100, K.Mason 100,113f, D.Collins 2x100,121, M.Bathurst 100,125, C.Ryan 134) Hillyfields ‘A’ 3 (L.Caven 2x100,140, L.Fox 100,140, M.Poolton 125,140, A.Harvey 100,140, A.Vaughan 100, K.Vaughan 3x100,140, M.Bennet 100), Hillyfields ‘B’ 6 (E.Simpson 4x100,123, K.Bedder 100,2x140,15 darts game, V.Gould 4x100,121, J.Best 4x100,121,140, J.Hykin 3x100,140, A.Hykin 2x100,102, P.Blades 100, R.Mann 100) Grant Arms 1 (G.Purnell 121, N.Kelly 2x100, J.Bennet 100,125, P.Smith 125, V.Walton 100), Billesley 4 (L.Jones 100,140, S.Sadler 100,120, D.Jones 125, W.Ford 100) Weoley Hill 3 (M.Lloyd 3x100,114f, J.Cole 100, J.Brookes 100, N.Proctor 2x100,134). --------------------------------- As the Winmau Centre Monday Night League nears its halfway stage What’s The Point have a nine points advantage at the top of the table over their nearest rivals Smash It. In the latest fixtures What’s the Point had a 37-11 win against Keep It In The Family while Smash It in week ten had a bye. No fewer than six people found the three treble twenties this week Ian Hawkins, Vic Lloyd, (Oche Dokie), Simon Key (The Untouchables) and there were two for James Owen (Double Trouble), Paul Simmons (Oche Dokie) and Andy Busby (The Untouchables). Full Results:Week 12:- Double Trouble (James Owen 2x180) 42 Oche Dokie (Ian Hawkins 123f,180, Phil Hughes 104f) 6, Oche Dokie (Vic Lloyd 180, Paul Simmons 2x180) 44 Double Trouble 4, What’s The Point (Simon Ward 146f) 37 Keep It In The Family (Mel Lewis 118f) 11, The Outcasts 36 Full Monty 12, The Untouchables (Andy Busby 2x180, Simon New 180) 45 Here For The Beer 3. --------------------------------- Quite a bit of movement at the top of the Shirley Red Lion Premier League in week 14 as former leader Andy Hoy drops to fifth after losing 3-1 to Mick Gorst and winning 3-0 against Mark Cater. New leader Gorst moves up from fifth place as he followed up his win over Hoy with a 2-2 draw against Antony Daly and added a 3-0 win over Jack Nason. There was a rise of four places to second for former leader Paul Higgins although he did have mixed fortunes as he beat Steve Heeks and Jack Nason 3-0 and then lost 3-1 to Steve Sidwell to give him the same 63 points as Gorst in pole position but he has played three games more than Gorst. Chris Thomas was another player to move four places up the table taking over third place after having 2-2 draws with Mark Gwalchmai and Ken Hopton and then winning his last game of the night 3-0 against Tom Bent. The league is so fiercely fought this season that there is just two points separating the top six players. Full Results:Week 14:- Antony Daly 1 Steve Sidwell 3, Andy Hoy 1 Mick Gorst 3, Mark Cater 2 Adam Stuart 2, Jack Nason (180) 2 Mick Bown 2, Dave Hesketh 0 Tom Bent 3, Mark Gwalchmai 2 Chris Thomas 2, Steve Heeks 0 Paul Higgins 3, Ken Hopton 2 Chris Thomas (133f) 2, Tony Daly 3 Jack Nason 1, Steve Sidwell 0 Ken Hopton (115f) 3, Mick Gorst 2 Antony Daly 2, Dave Hesketh (18 darts leg) 3 Mark Gwalchmai 0, Paul Higgins (180) 3 Jack Nason 0, Mick Bown 3 Tony Daly 0, Mark Cater 0 Andy Hoy 3, Steve Heeks 1 Adam Stuart 3, Antony Daly (17 darts leg) 3 Dave Hesketh (17 darts leg) 1, Steve Sidwell 3 Paul Higgins 1, Mick Gorst 3 Jack Nason 0, Tom Bent 0 Chris Thomas 3. --------------------------------- [caption id="attachment_15779" align="alignleft" width="300"]South Birmingham League Select South Birmingham League Select[/caption] In what is becoming an annual event the South Birmingham League took on the Forest of Arden League in a charity game to raise money to buy Christmas presents for the children in the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. As ever it turned out to be a huge success but it was greatly aided this year by sponsorship of Jamie Carter of Vapour Trail who also added a further £100 to the coffers, in addition Trade Counter [caption id="attachment_15780" align="alignleft" width="300"]Trade Counter Butchers Trade Counter Butchers[/caption] Butchers, Chelmsley Wood donated a £25 meat voucher to raffle off on the night. The final score was an 8-4 win for South Birmingham but as is always the case in these charity events it’s the charity that‘s the biggest winner and from the night the Birmingham Children’s Hospital will benefit to the tune of a massive £651. [caption id="attachment_15778" align="alignleft" width="300"]2016-12-12 - Simon Edwards (180), Sue Kingdon and Robbie earl (best average) Simon Edwards (180), Sue Kingdon and Robbie earl (best average)[/caption] Full Results:South Birmingham Select v Forest of Arden Select (8-4):(South Birmingham names first):- Alan Mayell (140) 2 Tom Anderton (3x100,140) 0, Scott Hipkiss (2x100) 1 Brian Anderton 2, DeanYoung (4x100,140) 1 Gordon Clinton (3x100,125) 2, Ricky Lawrence (2x100,114) 2 Terry Clinton (2x140) 1, Robbie Earl (2x140,121) 1 Simon Edwards (180,5x100) 2, Pete Shipley (100) 2 Kath Depper 0, Jason Evans (100) 2 Laura Vann 0, Martin Heaven (140,100,121,135) 2 Jason Jennings (140,123,100,118) 0, Martin Partridge (2x100,121) 2 Alex Edwards (100) 0, Dale Evans (105) 2 Maurice Bown (3x100) 0, Dave Mortiboys (100) 1 Dan White (2x100,140) 2, Jason Prince (2x100,121) 2 Terry Blakemore 0. --------------------------------- With the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League taking a break until January the centre is laying on a couple of knockouts the first of which saw West Midlands player Sam Guest take the top prize with a final 6-2 win over Robert Pierce. [caption id="attachment_15782" align="alignleft" width="212"]WICS Knockout WICS Knockout[/caption] In the last sixteen round Guest beat Shropshire player Rob Harris 4-0 and with a similar scoreline accounted for Jason Gayle in the quarter finals then booking his final spot with a 5-2 win over Matt Padgett. From the other half of the draw Pierce had 4-2 wins against Chris Fox and Mark Bayliss and reached the final with a 5-1 win against Chris Williams. Full Results:Last Sixteen:- Adam Quinton 4 Paddy Thomas 1, Matt Padgett 4 Devinder Singh 1, Jason Gayle – bye, Rob Harris 0 Sam Guest 4, Chris Fox 2 Robert Pierce 4, Sam Aitkins 1 Mark Bayliss 4, Chris Manoila 0 Chris Williams 4, Shane Watters – bye, Quarter Finals:- Adam Quinton 0 Matt Padgett 4, Jason Gayle 0 Sam Guest 4, Robert Pierce 4 Mark Bayliss 2, Chris Williams 4 Shane Watters 0, Semi Finals:- Matt Padgett 2 Sam Guest 5, Robert Pierce 5 Chris Williams 1, Final:- Sam Guest 6 Robert Pierce 2. The centre in Racecourse Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 0QU will be staging the second of their knockouts tomorrow night with a guaranteed £100 for the winner. Cost of entry is £5 with all money paid in being paid out. There is a 7.45 deadline for registration with match play getting underway at 8.00pm. --------------------------------- Tomorrow night the Warwickshire Men’s Super League will be staging their annual Dennis Roberts Cup at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry. Cost of entry is £5 per player, all teams should note that they are required to send a minimum of four players and these players should also be signed up super league members. Final roll call 8.15pm. ----------------------------------- A 6-3 win away to middle of the table Old Oscott WMC keeps Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club in pole position in the Aston League with a total of 16 points from their nine games. Second placed Erdington Club lost ground as they suffered a 5-4 defeat away to their fiercest rivals Sportsmans Rest who have now drawn level on 14 points with Erdington and trail only on average. After the leading three teams comes a six points drop to fourth placed Drakes Drum who in week nine won their home tie with bottom of the table St Thomas 7-2. Full Results:Week 7:- Sportsman's Rest 6 (A.Stainfield 100,120,115b, D Fowler 100,125, D.Keatley 3x100, J.Frost 140, T.Kelly 100) Red Lion 3 (F.Bond 100b,120, L.Bayliss 100,140, D.Bayliss 100, K.Neal 2x100, T.Colley 100, D.Rawlings 100), St Thomas 4 (M.Ansell 115, C.Coates 102, G.Lynch 100,101b, M.Andrews 114b, R.Andrews 100,114f) Old Oscott WMC 5 (M.Page 2x100,137, T.Denneny 112, J.Higgins 131, M.Treyhern 2x100, A.Cole 2x133), Mitre 2 (M.Kane 2x100, M.Cain 140, R.Barritt 100,105b, G.Drennan 100,100b, J.Frost 100,100b) Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 (C.Turnbull jnr 100,110, A.Mountford 100,112f, S.McCormack 103b, A.Kimberley 105,140, R.Hawker 100,127, B.Lysaght 112f,160b, B.Stephens 2x100), Drakes Drum 3 (D.Lowe 100, P.Donovan 100,102b, I.Mathews 100, T.Carrol 2x100, G.Oldfield 100,180, D.Pickering 2x100,100b,140) Erdington Club 6 (D.Shannon 140, S.Shorthouse 123,120b, G.Bushell 103b,137,140, J.Liggins 104f, P.Graham 100, S.Davey 100,120b) Week 8:- Mitre 4 (I.Jones 120, D.Ali 120b, C.Austin 140) Old Oscott WMC 5 (M.Page 148b, D.Page 110, D.Parsons 120f, A.Lea 100, A.Cole 101b), Erdington Club 6 (M.Corfield 100,131, S.Pritchett 100,135, M.Mcfall 2x100,121, G.Bushell 140, S.Shorthouse 105b,115, P.Graham 100_ Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 (A.Mountford 100,180, A.Kimberley 100,136,139, C.Turnbull jnr 100,108f,117b, S.McCormack 100, B.Stephens 121,137, B.Lysaght 100,120b, T.O'Kereke 116b, C.Turnbull snr 101b), St Thomas 5 (R.Nelson 2x140) Red Lion 4 (D.Bayliss 2x100, A.Cartwright 125, B.Hughes 100f,140), Sportsmans Rest 7 (A.Stainfield 120b,160b, J.Frost 100, D.Keatley 100, J.Dunne 100, D.Fowler 100,105b,125) Drakes Drum 2 (K.Richardson 139, T.Carrol 142b, I.Mathews 2x100,140, J.Clarke 2x100, J.Wickett 100), Week 9:- Drakes Drum 7 (K.Richardson 118, P.Donovan 100, I.Mathews 2x100,140, T.Carrol 140,148b) St Thomas 2 (M.Andrews 2x100, G.Lynch 100b, M.Ansell 114,127, C.Connelly 102b), Old Oscott WMC 3 (D.Page 100, A.Lea 100, B.Hoare 118, J.Higgins 100, M.Treyhern 100, A.Cole 103b,106b) Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 6 (C.Turnbull jnr 2x100,100b, M.Ashton 2x100, W.Naylor 109b, A.Mountford 100,112b,125,180, B.Lysaght 100,100b,136,140, B.Stephens 100,100b,120b, D.Harrison 120b, C.Turnbull snr 100), Mitre 4 (M.Cain 136b, S.Cain 2x100, R.Barritt 110) Red Lion 5 (D.Bayliss 100,128 L.Bayliss 2x100, K.Neal 2x100, T.Colley 100, A.Cartwright 116b), Sportsmans Rest 5 (I.Lloyd 111f, D.Munge 140, J.Frost 100,125, D.Keatley 100, L.Barberan 120, D.Fowler 100, T.Pedley 101b, A.Stainfield 125) Erdington Club 4 (M.Corfield 100,100b,120b,143, M.Mcfall 2x140, S.Pritchett 100,125,134f, J.Liggins 2x100, P.Graham 100,110b,131, S.Shorthouse 100,103b, K.Shorthouse 103b). --------------------------------- With wins for the top three teams in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League after thirteen games only average separates the top two, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ are current leaders adding a comfortable 6-1 win over fifth in the table Samson and Lion to their tally while second placed Brickmakers Arms were 5-2 winners at home to Dudley Sports. Third placed Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ were also 5-2 winners away to Fox Inn (Lye) to remain two points off the top. Full Results:Week 13:- Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 6 Lenches Bridge 1, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 2 Miners (Wollescote) 5, Britannia 1 The Bell 6, Brickmakers Arms 5 Dudley Sports 2, Samson and Lion 1 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 6, Fox Inn (Lye) 2 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 5. --------------------------------- It was a case of the top half playing against the bottom half in week eight of the Small Heath League and with the results all going in favour of the top teams there was no change at all in the league positions. East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association remain in the number one spot their 8-1 win over bottom team Emerald Club maintaining their six points lead over both Mitre and Gulp Tribe, Mitre handing out a 9-0 whitewash to their visitors Wagon and Horses while Gulp won 6-3 at Cob’s Bar. Full Results:Week 8:- Mitre 9 (Alex Downes 108f, Gerry McCormack 120b, Ian Jones 120, John Frost 140,100,2x120b, Clive Austin 137. Steve Cain 108b Wagon and Horses 0 (Con Murphy 140,100, Graham Daly 100, Julian May 100), Cob’s Bar 3 (Dave Shakespeare 128, Mark Turner 2x140, William Johnson 100, Tom Humphries 100, Lee Stanton 100) Gulp Tribe 6 (Bill Carter 2x100,128b, Dave Heighway 2x140,2x 100,100b, Matt Cooper 2x100,119f, John Phipps 180,156b), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 8 (Les Robinson 121,110,10 darts game, Colin Wyatt 180,140,100,100b, Terry Webster 121, Tommy White 140,100) Emerald Club 1 (Dennis Willis 111, Colin Rigby 2x100). --------------------------------- Ashwood ‘A’ continued their push for the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League title with a 5-2 home win over Dudley Sports taking their lead over second in the table Miners Welfare to four points as they lost 6-1 at Brickmakers Arms who are now level on the same 36 points as Miners. Ashwood ‘B’ and Gornal Conservative Club are also both on 36 points, Ashwood ‘B’ having a close 4-3 verdict away to Ten Arches ‘A’ while Gornal had a bye this week. Full Results:Week 24:- Crestwood 3 Ten Arches ‘B’ 4, Netherton Cricket Club 4 Britannia 3, High Acres 4 Hare and Hounds 3, Fox Inn (Lye) 7 Hollybuch 0, Portway 0 Wombourne Cricket Club 7, Ten Arches ‘A’ 3 Ashwood ‘B’ 4, Brickmakers Arms 6 Miners Welfare 1, Ashwood ‘A’ (N.Fullwell 160b) 5 Dudley Sports 2. --------------------------------- It’s as you were in the Camp Hill League as the top five teams all won against the bottom five teams, leaders Cotterills Lane Club holding on to their two points advantage over second placed Hay Mills Social Club with a 5-2 win at Devil’s Club while Hay Mills handed their visitors Station Wagon a 7-0 whitewash. Full Results:Week 15:- Devil’s Club 2 Cotterills Lane Club 5, Wagon and Horses 1 Holy Gulp 6, New Inn 2 Emerald Club 5, Eagle and Ball 4 Tyseley WMC 3, Hay Mills Social Club 7 Station Wagon 0. --------------------------------- The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League played off their Riley’s 4 A-Side Cup and in the division one contest it was the quartet of Phil Mayo, Simon Pritchard, Steve Ritchie and Matt Smart from Riley’s ‘C’ who lifted the title with a final 4-2 result over the Roebuck side of Allan Davies, Jamie Daly, Tom Fletcher and Lee Jordan. The division two final was also 4-2 the title going to Phil Thomas, Paul Jackson, Dan Elcock and Dave Lewis representing Lanesfield RBL after defeating Sophie Fawcett, Eddie Gripton, Russ Smith and Jack Duck. The league will be holding their AGM to form their new season on Tuesday 24th January 2017 at The Emerald Club, Cross St North, Wolverhampton. The meeting will get underway at approximately 8.00pm all prospective teams must bring a list of player names plus £50 towards their league fees. Full Results:Riley’s Cup 4 A-Side Knockout:Division One:Semi Finals:- Riley’s 'C' beat Riley’s 'A', Roebuck beat Wednesfierld FC, Final:- Riley’s 'C' (Phil Mayo, Simon Pritchard, Steve Ritchie, Matt Smart) 4 Roebuck (Allan Davies, Jamie Daly, Tom Fletcher, Lee Jordan) 2, Division Two:Semi Finals:- Riley’s ‘A’ beat Riley’s ’A’, Lanesfield Legion beat Wednesfield Legion ‘C’, Final:- Lanesfield Legion (Phil Thomas, Paul Jackson, Dan Elcock, Dave Lewis) 4 Riley’s ‘A’ (Sophie Fawcett, Eddie Gripton, Russ Smith, Jack Duck) 2. --------------------------------- This season the Pip Club League have changed their format and in addition to having the usual two divisions they also have a combined division. Fixtures are such that all teams from both divisions play each other and when they are drawn against a team in their respective division the result is added to that table and when they draw a team from another division it goes into the combined table. The Current leaders of division one are Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) who have a two points lead over both Queens Head and Winning Post. The division two leaders are Globe (Wilnecote) with a slender one point advantage over Old Liberal. In the combined division its Bulls Head ‘A’ who again lead the field with a total of 10 points but their lead is only on average from Queens Head with Winning Post third a further two points adrift. Full Results:Week 6:- Progressive Club 8 Pip Club (Ash Luckman 107f) 1, Birchmoor Club (Alan Sutton 180) 2 Bulls Head ‘A’ (PolesworthDaz Jones 180, Mark Martin 180, Phil Daulman 113f) 7, Globe (Wilnecote) 6 Old Liberal (Craig Richards 180, Liam Richards 107f) 3,Queens Head 5 Globe Trotters 4, Wigginton Arms 5 Royal Oak 4, Sports Bar ‘180’ 3 Winning Post (H.Crowley 180) 6. ---------------------------------

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