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Article: Pro Practice Leagues Heat Up!

Pro Practice Leagues Heat Up!

Well, Leagues 6 & 7 of the Red Dragon/Let’s Play Knockout Darts: Pro Practice formula are coming along strongly…


League 6 (Players Snooker Lounge in Newcastle Under Lyme)

League 6 features two highly ranked PDC players and another couple of associate members looking to improve or prepare for their efforts in UK Open or Non UK Pro Tour Events. In addition England Youth Captain Jake Jones (Golden Barrells to us!) has returned and another talented Staffordshire youngster Lewis Oliver (Mr Twist) has produced superb darts to lead the table at this stage. He holds the highest finish with a 161 and has vastly improved his total darts. ‘Mile High’ is stalking the leaders and as yet has not dropped more than 3 legs. Developing players here include Double Barrell whose resilience and concentration is improving and he has gained many points through grit and determination. Soon his real talent will come through strongly.


League 7 (The Red Lion Erdington B23 6UG)

League 7 is currently looking very strong indeed with 3 PDC highly ranked professionals, 3 associate members and 2 very successful youth players alongside other new talent of the highest order! The improvement in some of the players league on league is outstanding, and the professionals are being given a hard time. This week Nick ‘Hero’ Fulwell was given a good workout by Nick ‘Ginger Slinga’ Garbett. Two weeks prior Mike ‘Machine’ McFall has pushed ‘Mile High’ to the limit with a game 5-6 loss. 


The league is currently being led by the 12 year old Luis “The Flamethrower” Barberan and we usually keep pressure off younger players but Luis seems pretty unaffected by such things.

Players of all standards are doing well and improving and the senior players are being asked more and more questions. Congratulations to all and the best of luck for the rest of the leagues!

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Darts Results

Victoria Open results. Played 04/03/2012. Sean Reed beat Rob Modra in the final.

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Darts Results

Halifax Open results. Played 04/03/2012. Chris Steiger beat Nick Yorston in the final.

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