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Article: Ian White Exclusive interview on his Barnsley Pro Tour Win

Ian White Exclusive interview on his Barnsley Pro Tour Win

How does it feel winning you first Pro-Tour Event?

It feels amazing to be honest and makes me smile every time I think back on the whole day, and especially the final beating Simon Whitlock.

All the games were nip and tuck, and then I drew Adie Lewis in the last 32, who’s a good mate of mine and I thought that was going to be a real cruncher, but luckily I got the better of him in that one.

From then on I felt really confident and that feeling stayed with me all the way to the final which was great.

Were you nervous going into the final?

Surprisingly not as much as I thought I would be, as I said to my wife that I felt I was going to throw another 100 average, and luckily I did!!

It’s what we all work really hard for and to get there and win was great for me and my family.

What kind of work are you doing, have you changed anything since last year?

I’m working on shorter shaper more intense practice that is nearer to the fast pace games we play on tour.

I’ve changed my throwing position on the Oche, as I did a bit of work on my sighting and alignment with the guys at Red Dragon, which has really helped me get my darts much straighter, especially under pressure.

We hear Diamond White plays Real Diamond Darts?

It’s true they are genuine Diamond Coated Darts that give me a grip that I’ve never experienced before.

I’ve been using these for nearly a year now and I’ve never looked back, they are expensive but they are gold dust, sorry Diamond dust to me!!

How do you feel about the TV Majors coming up?

I try not to get too far ahead of the next event, but it’s hard not to consider the schedule.

I just feel that I’m playing really well and I’m doing the right things to be confident whoever I’m playing, and I can’t ask for more than that really.

What is one of your best darts memories?

Easy, playing Phil Taylor in the Final of the News of The World Championships – it was such an amazing event with so many huge names in the last stages and I won £20,000.

What would you say to the young talent just getting started now?

Tough question, but to me young darts players have to prove themselves at every level before moving on, learning to win matches and events no matter how small becomes a habit.

Thanks for your answers Ian good luck for the rest of the season

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