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Article: Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts:Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships Division One:Derbyshire v West Midlands

Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts:Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships Division One:Derbyshire v West Midlands

The biggest question in division one of the Riley’s BDO Inter County Championships is "Who Will Be Relegated?” At the time of going to print Derbyshire are bottom on 137 points, then comes Staffordshire with 141, West Midlands on 142, County Durham 144 and Dorset on 148.

Derbyshire have a vital home game against fellow strugglers West Midlands, a win for both is paramount, but Derbyshire do have home board advantage and that may prove to be the winning factor for them.

In the other final games of the season, Staffordshire play away to Hampshire, who are fourth in the table with a comfortable 163 points, while County Durham have a difficult task as they play away to the divisional leaders Gwent, who with 177 points are only three ahead of second placed Nottinghamshire. Dorset bring down their curtain with a home tie against fifth in the table Cornwall and of the bottom five possibly have the easiest task, but one never knows, funny old game darts!!

Representing Derbyshire in what is their most important fixture of the campaign will be, Men’s ‘A’Darts Team:- Adrian Asprey, Keith Cooper, Nigel Daniels, Frank Davis, Gary Fenn, Ian Hannah, Mel Hopkins, Matthew Padgett, Steve Pashley, Richard Rawding, David Smith-Hayes, Danny Thomas, Men’s ‘B’ Darts Team:- Paul Bettney, John Clifford, Tony Cresswell, Alan Evans, Paul Jones, Robert Needham, Darran Sinfield, Peter Slater, Brian Snell, Reece Spurr, Doug Walker, Robert Wood, Reserves:- Jim Beardmore, darron Brown, Ian Byard, Rick Gray, Phil Henshaw, Aden Kirk, Alan Staham, Darren Sullivan, Ladies ‘A’ Darts Team:- Stephanie Allerton, Dawn Buckley, Jane Densley, Tracey Johnson, Joanne Oldershaw, Jackie Sweet, Ladie ‘B’ Darts Team:- Rachel Ayres, Rachel Bird, Nicola Fletcher, Lynda Gilbert, Michelle Phillips, Sarah Quinn, Reserves:- Joy Aston, Ann Birkin, Kelly Dean, Janice Pearce, Sheila Sellars.

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Alan Towe’s The Line On Darts :Riley’s BDO Inter County Darts Championships Division One:Gwent v Derbyshire

Derbyshire have played off their rearranged fixture away to Gwent, the original date was way back in January but because of adverse weather conditions, heavy snow, the game was cancelled. With the ...

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