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Article: 45 minutes Killer Practice Routine

45 minutes Killer Practice Routine


Using 6 darts when practising can give a welcome handicap for this weeks 45 minute practice routine.


Starter Level

Using 6 darts aim at the 25 or 50 and then double 1 to move on. If you manage to do this with less than six darts, go on and try to throw double 2 with your remaining darts.

Keep going until double 20 is ancient history.


Average Level

Playing in this level you need to hit 2x 25 or the bull before trying double 1.

You can use any number of darts between 4 and 6, you are the only judge for this one.

Our recommendation would be using 6 darts.



Now you need to be on level which is very close of the top, otherwise this routine will frustrate you!

Six darts in hand you need to hit middle-bit three time (either 3 x 25 / or 2 x 25 + 1 x 50) before going for a double 1.



This is for the true champions only. If you haven’t ever won darts competition, don’t even go there.  Even if you were a World Champion, you might not get it done in 45 minutes. That’s how hard this level is – so you have been warned!

In this level you need to hit 50 and double 1 to make progress. No burn dart rule, no alleviations whatsoever. And player can use only three darts with this one…!


Enjoy your practice!


Mikko Laiho, DartsGym

Leave feedback on Twitter @reddragondarts @dartsgym

Keep an eye out for next week’s article "How to make my throw stronger?”

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