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Peter Wright PL15 Soft Tip

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Our man Snakebite wants perfect darts, so he certainly puts us through our paces making subtle and precise design changes across his darts range.

Peter's intimate knowledge of matching the dart he uses, to how he is throwing, leave many baffled, but he is crystal clear as to what he wants. This latest edition Snakebite is an evolution of the bronze Snakebite 2 that he used in the 2014 World Championships, where he reached the final. The dart is slightly slimmer all over and has a longer tapered nose, to give Peter great room in the treble 20 for power scoring.

The grip pattern is exactly where Peter wants his hands to sit, and the dart has been designed to be perfectly balanced with the Snakebite flight and shaft set-up.

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Peter Wright PL15 Soft Tip Sale price£41.90