Seiya Asakura

Seiya Asakura
Seiya Asakura

Seiya Asakura

Dart StyleParallel
Throwing StyleRight handed
Ranking TitleDartsLive JAPAN

Inspired design by one of Japan’s hottest players Seiya Asakura, who chose to play Red Dragon Darts to match his fine attention to details.

With a beautiful straight barrel and twin tapers the barrel is 51 mm in length. The nose of the barrel has a shallow taper with steep transition up to the maximum widest part of the barrel which is 6.4mm.

This Tapered end is exactly what Seiya wanted with the precision machined wide spaced ring grip on the rear end of the barrels.

Seiya opted for a micro grip bank of grooves in the mid-section of the dart, that act as a perfect power point for those who hold the dart further back.

The front of the darts feature relatively deep and wide ring grip that offers a superb grip level 4 for really nice flight control.

With grip the entire length of the barrel these are seriously designed darts for serious players as Seiya said “I took many many hours to transfer the picture in my mind to the design of the dart and the way Red Dragon have made these Darts is amazing”

Seiya Asakura modern darts design translates perfectly technology with a purpose.