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Wright Unbeaten as Scots Claim First World Cup

Scotland finally got their hands on the World Cup by beating Republic of Ireland in the final last night.

Peter Wright and Gary Anderson beat Steve Lennon and William O’ Connor 3-1 to grab their first-ever World Cup in Hamburg.

The Scots pair had KO’d Belgium and Japan earlier in the day and were far too strong for the Irish duo in the final.

Wright said: “I’m over the moon to play in front of this crowd and Gary, the best player there is on the planet, it’s an honour. It’s about time we done it!

“Instead of all them silver medals we’ve got a goldie one. We didn’t want to go into the pairs two-nil down. We’ve done that in the past and run out of steam.”

Anderson added: “It is a big win. We’ve had a bit of banter backstage and slagging matches. But I must admit the Republic in the semi-finals were outstanding. Mr Lennon was absolutely fantastic against Holland.

“For me it’s been a wee bit of a confidence booster. I’ve got a lot of work ahead but I’m looking forward to it.”

The Republic pair had beaten defending champs Holland out of the semis. Lennon said: “Obviously we’re gutted not to win. But we have to try and take positives from it and we’ve shown what we can do.”

Speaking exclusively to Red Dragon after the iconic win, Peter revealed “I listened to my wife Jo and switched to my Euro 11 Elements for this tournament.

“The diamond grip is perfect for the conditions and has a sublime feeling, pairing that with the crossfire shafts it’s as good as I’ve felt in ages and who knows, I might stick with this set!”

By Phil Lanning (@lannomedia)