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A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The South Birmingham League played off three of their knockouts the first of which was the Captains Cup, the last four games saw Simon Edwards, with a 156 game shot beat Trevor Barrs 2-1 and Paul Moran win 2-0 against Dan Cooper. Edwards continued his fine form into the final in which he won 2-0 against Moran.

The two semi-finals of the Secretaries Cup both finished with close 2-1 scorelines with wins for Phil Jones and Gavin Jones over respective opponents Dave Clinton and Wayne Cooper. With an all Jones final the 2-0 result went in favour of Gavin with Phil runner-up.

The Trebles Knockout went to a deciding leg with the King Koi team of Dave Kingdon, Wayne Yates and Dave Clinton just getting the 2-1 edge on the Jays Vapes team of Wayne Cooper, Jamie Carter and Lee Walker.

Full Results:Captains Cup:Quarter Finals:- Jamie Carter 0 Simon Edwards (116b) 2, Trevor Barrs 2 Lauren  Buttle 0, Paul Moran 2 Paul Bryant 1, Dan Cooper 2 Louise  Beale 1, Semi-Finals:- Simon Edwards (156b) 2 Trevor Barrs 1, Paul Moran 2 Dan Cooper 0, Final:- Simon Edwards 2 Paul Moran 0, Secretaries Cup:Quarter Finals:- Ryan Beale 0 Phil Jones 2, Dave Clinton (116f) 2 Laura Vann 0, Gavin Jones 2 Gavin Davidson 0, Wayne Cooper 2 Jason Moss 0, Semi-Finals:- Phil Jones 2 Dave Clinton 1, Gavin Jones 2 Wayne Cooper 1, Final:- Phil Jones 0 Gavin Jones 2, Trebles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- Jedward (Dylan Holt, Bob Jones, Paul Williams) 2 Marvel Team (Jay Pitts, Steve Beale, Melissa Beale) 1, Misfits (Pete Harvey, Shaun Cahill, Louise Beale) 0 King Koi (Dave Kingdon, Wayne Yates, Dave Clinton) 3, Snooker Loopy (Simon Edwards, Sue Kingdon, Mitchell Mann) 3 Tony’s Tigers (Tony Fulford, Paul Moran, Jason Moss) 0, Jays Vapes (Wayne Cooper, Jamie Carter, Lee Walker) 2 The Gate (Terry Moulineux, Trevor Barrs, Phil Jones) 1, Semi-Finals:- Jedward (Dylan Holt, Bob Jones, Paul Williams) 0 King Koi (Dave Kingdon, Wayne Yates, Dave Clinton) 3, Snooker Loopy (Simon Edwards, Sue Kingdon, Mitchell Mann) 1 Jays Vapes (Wayne Cooper, Jamie Carter, Lee Walker) 2, Final:- King Koi (Dave Kingdon, Wayne Yates, Dave Clinton) 2 Jays Vapes (Wayne Cooper, Jamie Carter, Lee Walker) 1, Division Two:- Toby Jug 1 (L.Round 103) The Trident 8 (P.Millerchip 100), C’s Hot Shots 6 (L.Walker 100, J.Carter 100, S.Moran 2×100,120, J.Masfield 100) C’s Flights 3 (R.Beale 100,135, C.Meigh 135, S.Beale 100,120b, L.Beale 102b,100, R.Meigh 132), Mini League:- C’s Arrows 9 The Dog 18 (G.Taylor 100,135, P.Richards 125).

Two 3-1 defeats against Thomas Bent and Kyle Bevan has seen Mick Bown lose pole position in the Shirley Legion Double Top League and drop to eighth place in the table with 21 points, eight short of new leader Thomas Bent who won 3-1 against Jack Barrows before defeating Bown and then went on to draw 2-2 with Craig Clarke and finish the night with another 3-1 win over Antony Daly.

Adam Stuart moves up one place to second following his 2-2 draw with Dave Fisher and 3-1 win against Colin Geens putting him 24 points from eight games with one in hand on Bent.

Craig Clarke is third in the table on the same 24 points as Stuart but from nine games, his latest fixtures saw him draw 2-2 with Tony Daly in which he recorded an eight darts game before having the same result against Thomas Bent.

Full Results:Week 4:- Jack Barrows 1 Thomas Bent 3, Wayne Clarke 3 Chris Thomas jnr 1, Kyle Bevan 2 Jaime Whitton 2, Dave Fisher 2 Adam Stuart 2, Colin Geens 2 Jack Sidwell 2, Kev Graver 0 Steve Sidwell 4, Mark Gwalchmai 1 John Smyth (100b) 3, Steve Harper 2 Ben Quadri 2, Lee Harris (2x112b,2×10 darts games,15 darts game) 3 Jordan Ottley 1, Steve Heeks (10 darts game,120b) 3 John O’Sullivan 1, Antony Daly (108f) 4 Chris Thomas jnr 0, Mick Bown (112b) 1 Thomas Bent (112f) 3, Wayne Clarke (180) 4 Dave Barrows 0, Gary Cleverley 2 Jack Barrows 2, Mark Henderson 2 Brian Lawton 2, Sam Hicks 3 Lee Holtham 1, Tony Daly 2 Craig Clarke (8 darts game) 2, Steve Harper (120b) 0 Dave Heighway (120b) 4, Lee Holtham 2 Chris Thomas snr (100b) 2, Kyle Bevan 3 Mick Bown (180) 1, Jordan Ottley 3 Steve Heeks 1, Ben Quadri 1 Lee Harris (112b,8 darts game,10 darts game,12 darts game,104f) 3, Mark Henderson 2 John Smyth 2, Chris Thomas snr 0 Antony Daly 4, Brian Lawton 3 Sam Hicks (180,11 darts game,112f) 1, Steve Sidwell 2 Mark Gwalchmai 2, Dave Fisher 3 Jaime Whitton 1, Chris Thomas jnr 2 Tony Daly 2, Thomas Bent 2 Craig Clarke (112b) 2, Jack Barrows 0 Wayne Clarke 4, Jack Sidwell 4 Kevin Graver 0, Adam Stuart 3 Colin Geens 1, John O’Sullivan 1 Dave Heighway 3, Dave Barrows 1 Gary Cleverley (115b) 3, Chris Thomas jnr (120b) 0 Mark Henderson (9 darts game) 4, Antony Daly 1 Thomas Bent 3, Craig Clarke (9 darts game,114f,140f,112b) 4 Brian Lawton 0, Wayne Clarke 1 Steve Sidwell (180,9 darts game) 3, Jack Barrows (13 darts game) 4 Jaime Whitton 0.

The Small Heath League had their End of Season 501 Knockout on the fixture card and adding yet another title to his never ending list was Neil Parsonage. With 3×100,2×140 and a 130 outshot Parsonage won his quarter final game against Marc Fisher 2-0, he then progressed to the final with a similar 2-0 result over Jamie Fisher in the semis where he scored 4×140 and 100.

From the other side of the draw Neil’s East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association team mate Colin Wyatt made the final after beating Clive Austin 2-0 and Nigel Davis 2-1.

Wyatt hit scores of 140 and 3×100 in the final but it was not enough to avoid a straight 2-0 defeat to Neil Parsonage whose top shots were 125 and 3×100.

Full Results:End of Season 501 Knockout:Quarter Finals:- Neil Parsonage 2 (3×100,2×140,130f) Marc Fisher 0, Jamie Fisher 2 Ashley Pearson 0 (120), Nigel Davis 2 (2×100,140) Mick Looby 0 (100), Colin Wyatt 2 (100,180) Clive Austin 0 (2×100), Semi-Finals:- Jamie Fisher 0 (Emerald Club, 140,2×100,125) Neil Parsonage 2 (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, 4×140,100), Nigel Davis 1 (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, 140,100) Colin Wyatt 2 (East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, 6×100,126), Final:- Colin Wyatt 0 (140,3×100) Neil Parsonage 2 (125,3×100).

No change at the top of the C’s Double Top Wednesday Night League in week six as leader Richard Mills took his points tally to 30 after beating Luke Beale and Melissa Beale 3-0 and second placed Mick Noonan won 3-0 against Frank Dixon and Melissa Beale and 2-1 against Tom White to leave him one point short of Mills with a game in hand.

Bob Nixon and Simon Edwards are third and fourth respectively, both players on 28 points, Nixon recording a 3-0 win over Dave Kingdon in which he had a 156 checkout, he then won by the same margin against Dan Cooper to remain the only player in the top half of the table to have won all of his ten games leaving him with a two points deficit on Mills but with two games in hand. Simon Edwards beat both Pete Kingdon and Dave Kingdon 3-0.

The only other player in the league to have won all of his games besides Nixon is late comer Luis Barberan who has only played three so far but won them all 3-0.

Full Results:Week 5:- Pete Kingdon 3 Gary Groves 0, Dan Stone 2 Tom White 1, Frank Dixon (180) 2 Duane Green 1, Louise Beale 3 Luke Beale 0, Pete Kingdon 0 Luis Barberan 3, Connor Marshall 1 Tom White 2, Luke Beale 1 Richard Meigh 2, Dan Cooper 1 Duane Green 2, Alan Townsend 0 Terry Webster (180) 3, Richard Meigh 0 Chris Meigh 3, Richard Mills 2 Mick Noonan 1, Dan Cooper 0 Steve Beale (180) 3, Terry Webster 3 Neil McCrave 0, Chris Meigh 1 Richard Mills 2, Dave Kingdon 3 Louise Beale 0, Connor Marshall 0 Gordon Clinton 3, Steve Groves 0 Bob Nixon (130f) 3, Luis Barberan 3 Dave Kingdon 0, Lee Walker 1 Gavin Davidson 2, Gordon Clinton 2 Frank Dixon (180) 1, Melissa Beale 1 Ryan Beale 2, Wayne Yates 1 Gary Groves 2, Lee Walker 2 Dave Kingdon 1, Wayne Yates 0 Luis Barberan 3, Neil McCrave 0 Ryan Beale (180) 3, Phil Ashford 3 Melissa Beale 0, Alan Townsend 0 Bob Nixon (180) 3, Gavin Davidson 2 Steve Groves 1, Phil Ashford (154f) 2 Dan Stone 1, Week 6:- Pete Kingdon 0 Simon Edwards 3, Wayne Yates 1 Tom White 2, Richard Meigh 1 Chris Cooke 2, Richard Mills 3 Luke Beale 0, Simon Edwards 3 Dave Kingdon 0, Dan Stone 2 Wayne Yates 1, Steve Beale 2 Ryan Beale 1, Pete Kingdon 3 Dave Kingdon 0, Charlie Kingdon 0 Terry Webster 3, Dan Stone (14 darts game) 2 Chris Meigh 1, Phil Ashford (112f) 3 Steve Groves 0, Dan Cooper 1 Gavin Davidson 2, Charlie Kingdon 0 Gordon Clinton 3, Gary Groves 3 Richard Meigh 0, Frank Dixon 0 Mick Noonan 3, Richard Mills (2×15 darts games) 3 Melissa Beale 0, Alan Townsend 1 Gordon Clinton 2, Steve Beale 2 Duane Green 1, Frank Dixon 1 Ryan Beale 2, Bob Nixon (156f) 3 Dave Kingdon 0, Alan Townsend 0 Tom White 3, Steve Groves 0 Chris Cooke 3, Lee Walker 3 Luke Beale 0, Phil Ashford 2 Gavin Davidson 1, Louise Beale 0 Connor Marshall 3, Gary Groves 2 Lee Walker 1, Melissa Beale 0 Mick Noonan 3, Connor Marshall 0 Terry Webster (110f) 3, Louise Beale 2 Duane Green 1, Steve Groves 0 Chris Meigh 3, Bob Nixon (15 darts game) 3 Dan Cooper 0, Connor Marshall 0 Chris Cooke 3, Mick Noonan 1 Tom White 2.

Sheldon Marlborough Flights lost ground in the Camp Hill League title race when in week 13 they lost their home tie with Roost Rebels 4-3. Previously second in the table Sheldon have dropped to third on 16 points the same number as their victors who are fourth.

Leaders White Swan Nomads took their points to 20 from twelve games with a 5-2 win away to Sedgemere Devil’s Club giving them a two point’s advantage over second in the table Tyseley WMC who had a close 4-3 win away to bottom of the table Station Wagon.

Full Results:Week 13:- Sedgemere Devil’s Club 2 White Swan Nomads 5, Sheldon Marlborough Flights 3 Roost Rebels 4, Station Wagon 3 Tyseley WMC 4, Emerald Club 4 North Star 3, New Inn 3 Wagon and Horses 4.

Following their presentation the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League staged the finals of their singles and doubles knockouts. The singles title went to Matt Price who beat Tony Davies in the final while Carl Sparrow and Tom Bissell with a final over Lee Walker and Danny Fear took the doubles title.

Full Results:Singles Knockout:Winner:- Matt Price, Runner-Up:- Tony Davies, Doubles Knockout:Winner:- Carl Sparrow and Tom Bissell, Runners-Up:- Lee Walker and Danny Fear.

I was saddened to hear this week of the passing of a long standing and dear friend of mine John Walters. John played in many of the Black Country leagues and was a founder member of the Sedgley and Gornal Tuesday Night League actually donating a trophy to the league which has been played for under the name of Team Knockout however it is being proposed it be renamed and in future called the John Walters Trophy.

John was not only recognised for his darting prowess as he had previously been a local councillor and also mayor of Dudley.

Sincere condolences go out to John’s family and friends.

Week fifteen of the Brierley Hill Monday Night League brought together the top two teams leaders High Oak and second in the table Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’. Playing at home the Ex Serviceman’s Club handed out a 6-3 defeat to High Oak to draw level on 26 points with them and trail by just two legs of average. A 7-2 home win over Bull and Bladder has put third in the table Roebuck on the same points and average as Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ to share second place.

There was a setback for fifth placed Dudley Sports ‘A’ as they surprisingly lost 5-4 away to Mount Pleasant who moved up the table one place to tenth.

Full Results:Week 15:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6 High Oak 3, Brickmakers Arms 4 Portway 5, Limes Club 3 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 6, Rose and Crown 8 Wombourne Pool Bar 1, Delph Bell 5 Swan 4, Lamp Tavern 6 Fox and Grapes 3, Mount Pleasant 5 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 4, Roebuck 7 Bull and Bladder 2, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6 King William 3.

Division one leaders of the Sutton and District Summer League Golden Hind had a bye in week four and their nearest rivals The Boat took full advantage with a 6-3 win at Pint Pot Flights to draw level on points and average to share the top spot.

A 7-2 win at The Boot keeps Bishop Vesey top of division two with a two points lead over Old Oscott Arrows whose 6-3 win against Walmley Darts Club saw them replace their opponents in second place with a game in hand on the leaders.

Digby Chuckers made it four wins in as many games in division three with their 7-2 success against Rosey’s Chaps, however second in the table Castle Vale Residents won by the same margin against Sutton Sports to also make it four straight wins and remain just one leg of average short of the Chuckers.

Full Results:Week 4:Division One:- Erdington Arrows 5 Boldmere Tap 4, Pint Pot Flights 3 The Boat 6, Oscott Social 3 Boldmere St Mike’s 6, Golden Hind had a bye, Division Two:- Boot 2 Bishop Vesey 7, Walmley Darts Club 3 Old Oscott Arrows 6, Oscott Sports 3 Red Lion 6, Drakes Drum had a bye, Division Three:- Castle Vale Residents 7 Sutton Sports 2, Digby Chuckers 7 Rosey’s Chaps 2, Rosey Mac’s 9 St Thomas Arrows 0.

The semi-finals of the League Cup were on the agenda for the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League, undefeated league champions Brickmakers Arms taking another step towards a fantastic double with a 7-2 win over Glasscutters, in the other last four game British Oak had a close 5-4 verdict over Ten Arches ‘B’.

There was just one outstanding league fixture played in which Gate Hangs Well beat Hop House 6-3 to finish sixth in the table.

Full Results:League Cup:Semi-Finals:- Brickmakers Arms 7 Glasscutters 2, British Oak 5 Ten Arches ‘B’ 4, Rearranged League Fixture:- Hop House 3 Gate Hangs Well 6.

There was a battle between the top two teams in the Silver End Sunday Morning League when second placed Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club played hosts to leaders Woodside ‘A’. The match finished all square at four each to keep two points the difference between the two teams with the Ex Serviceman’s Club having played one game less than High Oak.

With the two teams above them making a draw third in the table Dudley Sports had the opportunity to reduce the arrears but could only manage a draw themselves as they played away to Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ and so remain two points off the top from the same ten games as High Oak.

There was a first win in nine for Old Star as they won their home tie with bottom of the table Kings Head ‘B’ 7-2.

Full Results:Game 10:- Old Star 7 Kings Head ‘B’ 1, Woodside ‘B’ 2 Glasscutters ‘B’ 6, High Acres 3 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 5, Bell 5 New Talbot 3, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 4 Dudley Sports 4, Glasscutters ‘A’ 8 Three Crowns 0, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 4 Woodside ‘A’ 4, High Oak and Kings Head ‘A’ had a bye.

There were 6-3 wins for the top two teams in the Netherton Thursday Night League, leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club winning their home tie with White Horse and second placed Riddins Tavern winning at Fairfield to remain six points behind the leaders.

There was a rare win for bottom of the table Saracens Head as they won 5-4 at home against Netherton Conservative Club both teams are on six points with the Conservative Club having the better average and Saracens having a game in hand.

Full Results:Game 13:- Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 6 White Horse 3, Townsend Social Club 4 Bulls Head 5, Fairfield 3 Riddins Tavern 6, Saracens Head 5 Netherton Conservative Club 4.

There were 8-1 results for three of the top four teams in the Rowley Monday Night League and one of them went to leaders The Bell. After their first defeat in fifteen when they lost 5-4 away to Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ last week The Bell were quick to respond as they chalked up a very convincing 8-1 win away to third in the table Cradley Sports and Social. Fourth place Ivy Bush were the other 8-1 winners playing away to Wonder.

Second placed George kept within two points of Bell with a 7-2 win over Three Diamonds with Marc Perkins notching a maximum for the winners. Other notable achievements were a 160 break by Chris Ledge Jones (Fairfield) and a 156 break for Terry Cadman (Windmills End).

Full Results:Week 16:- Cottage 8 Hare and Hounds 1, Fairfield 5 (Chris Ledge Jones 160b) Spring Meadow 4, Windmills End 6 (Terry Cadman 156b) Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 3, Cradley Sports and Social 1 Bell 8, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 7 Bulls Head 2, Tividale FC 5 Loyal Lodge 4, Wonder 1 Ivy Bush 8, George 7 (Marc Perkins 180) Three Diamonds 2.

Tipton Sports consolidated their number one spot in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League when they handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Horseley Tavern. Second placed Vine drew level on 26 points with the top team but have played one game more than them after their 6-1 home win over Island Inn. Third in the table Dewdrop ‘A’ also won 6-1 against New Talbot but trail Vine by some six points.

Full Results:Game 15:- Merry-Go-Round 4 (A.Coleman 160b, C.Taylor 180) Miners Arms 3, Ivy Bush 7 Sportsman 0, The Vine 6 Island Inn 1, Dewdrop ‘A’ 6 New Talbot 1, Cottage Spring 2 Waggon and Horses 5, Horseley Tavern 0 Tipton Sports 7 (L.Fletcher 160b), Wonder 3 (L.Roper 180) Hayes Social 4 (L.Rennie 180,141f), Dewdrop ‘B’ had a bye.

Due to them having a bye Swan have dropped from pole to third in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League and taking over from them at the top of the table is Ashwood ‘A’ after they won 5-2 at Wilson Hall giving them 58 points two more than their local rivals and second in the table Ashwood ‘B’ and Swan. Ashwood ‘B’ had a 6-1 win at home to Fox Inn (Lye), they and Swan both have a game in hand on Ashwood ‘A’ and both have a better average than the leaders.

Full Results:Game 35:- Wombourne Cricket Club 4 Ten Arches’A’ 3, Wilson Hall 2 Ashwood ‘A’ 5, Gate Hangs Well 6 Gigmill 1, Holly Bush ‘B’ 4 Holly Bush ‘A’ 3, Netherton Cricket Club 3 Bell ‘A’ 4, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 1 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 6, Bell ‘B’ 6 High Acres 1, King Arthur 5 Glasscutters 2, Ashwood ‘B’ 6 Fox Inn (Lye) 1, Ten Arches ‘B’ and Swan had a bye.

A 5-2 home win over Delph Bell was not enough for High Oak to hold on to outright leadership of the Brierley Hill Friday Night League as a 7-0 win by Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ against Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ has put them level on games played, points and average to share the top position and keep them and High Oak two points ahead of third in the table Ashwood who won 5-2 at home against Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’.

Full Results:Week 10:- Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 5 Dudley Sports 2, Gornal British Legion 1 Miners (Wollescote) 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 0 Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 7, High oak 5 Delph Bell 2, Ashwood 5 Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 2.

A 7-2 win for Bombay Bob’s Boys over rivals Belgrave Sports and Social Club in the Pip Club League has opened up a three points lead with a game in hand at the top of the Seeded One division for Bombay over their second placed opponents.

In the Main Division Belgrave have played 22 games and lead the table with 39 points, one more than second placed Bombay who have three games in hand.

Full Results:Game 22:- Old Liberal House 6 Wigginton Arms 3 (Emmie O’Connor 116), Pip Club 7 (Spencer Hawksworth 100f)  Kettlebrook Club 2 (Jeannette Blount 125), Birchmoor Club 9 (Syd Kirkham 180 Sports Bar ‘180’ 0 (Emily Jones 100), Dolphin 2 (Kurt Wyatt 180) Belgrave Club 7, Belgrave Sports and Social 2 Bombay Bob’s Boys 7 (Sam Whittaker 2×180,16 darts game, Mick Smith 115f,16 darts game, Mark Tomlinson 127f), Glascote Club 3 (Amy Beste 2×100) Dolphin Wanderers 6 (Leigton Massey 2×100).

Hurst Hill took their unbeaten run in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League to eleven games with a 6-1 win at McGhees to keep intact their two points lead over their nearest rivals Whitmore Reans WMC who won their home tie with fourth in the table ECC ‘A’ 5-2. A 5-2 win over Swan, Compton keeps third placed Cleveland Arms on the same 20 points as Whitmore and just three legs of average behind them.

Full Results:Game 12:- Bull 6 Dog and Partridge 1, Cleveland Arms 5 Swan, Compton 2, ECC ‘B’ 4 Brewood British Legion 3, McGhees 1 Hurst Hill 6, Moreton 4 Pilot 3, Whitmore Reans WMC 5 ECC ‘A’ 2, Royal, Albrighton had a bye.

The battle continues at the top of the singles and doubles divisions of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League between Riley’s ‘C’ and Railway. A 6-1 win at Dog and Partridge keeps Riley’s ‘C’ top of the singles with Railway second after a 5-2 success at Village Inn, both teams on 22 points with Riley’s having the better average.

In the doubles division a 2-1win over Village Inn for Railway and a 3-0 win for Riley’s ‘C’ at Dog and Partridge puts both teams level on points, average and games played at the top of the table.

Full Results:Game 12:Singles Division:- Bull 5 Royal, Albrighton 2, Dog and Partridge 1 Riley’s ‘C’ 6, Gilberts Bar 5 Mount Tavern 2, Penn Bowling 5 Pendulum 2, Riley’s ‘A’ 3 Red Lion (Wednesfield) 4, Village Inn 2 Railway 5, Doubles Division:- Bull 2 Royal, Albrighton 1, Dog and Partridge 0 Riley’s ‘C’ 3, Gilberts Bar 2 Mount Tavern 1, Penn Bowling 2 Pendulum 1, Riley’s ‘A’ 2 Red Lion (Wednesfield) 1, Village Inn 1 Railway 2.

By Alan Towe