Nickname: The Golden Girl
Dart Style: Tapered
Throwing Style: Right handed
Best Ever Match: vs Deta Hedman (7-1)
Ranking Title: World Championships 2016
Walk on Music: You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

Trina Gulliver

Trina is the most successful ladies darts player of all time – with an incredible ten World Championship and four World Masters victories to her name. A former Midlands Sports Personality of the year, Trina, is one of darts great ambassadors and can rightly claim to be the ‘Golden Girl’ both on and off the oche. As someone who has helped the ladies game become established as a TV spectacle and given the game increased kudos and respect due to her impressive performances on the oche – Trina needs darts equipment as stylish as the lady herself. There was only once company she could call – Winmau.

We have worked with Trina for over a decade and have seen the ladies game make great strides in this time. Indeed, Trina has surpassed the label of a ‘ladies player’ and is now recognised for what she is a ‘darts player’ – and a fine one at that. As with all our professional players, we worked closely with Trina to make darts befitting of a champion and these darts are replicas of the exact darts Trina uses as she wins trophy after trophy. They are the darts of a true champion.

Who better to describe those darts than the lady herself:

‘I have worked with Winmau for over ten years and they have always been a brilliant company to work with. The ladies game has made great advances and although old habits sometimes die hard. I know that in Winmau I have found a company who take darts as seriously as I do. The personal touch they show when making their darts equipment is greatly impressive and as darts is a game with no margin for error, it is reassuring to know I have such a great company supporting me all the way. These darts are ones that I helped design and they not only feel but look good. My darts are a reflection of me and I am proud to know that when people see the darts I use – they will see something that look professional, stylish and are the very best darts that are out there.That makes me feel very proud – thank you Winmau.

Good luck in darts – Trina Gulliver.

The Trina Gulliver Range

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