Nickname: Hotshot
Dart Weight Used: 22g
Dart Style: Parallel
Throwing Style: Right handed
Best Ever Match: Last 64 - 2013
Ranking Title: World Championship 2013
Walk on Music: Good Feeling by Flo Rida

James Hubbard

Few Dart players cut as impressive a figure as the James Hubbard The World Youth Darts Champion.

With a sharp look and athletic throw James has become one of the most dynamic darts players in the world Today.

With such an impressive start to his career itís only fitting that his first ever darts comes made to our remarkable standards, so James can continue his winning ways.

Who better to describe these 90% beauties than James himself “It all adds up to the actual throwing experience under pressure that both stirs the adrenalin and calms my nerves. These darts are guaranteed to give you goose bumps beyond measure they make me feel like I can take out big scores and get really tight grouping, I hope you love them as much as me”

The James Hubbard Range

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