Our Most Popular Products of 2019

Around this time every year we take a look at what you guys have been using the most of and we look for the reasons why, so that it may help others looking to improve their game.

Number 1

This year the exclusive Red Dragon flight designer has shot into no.1 spot, with sales of personalised flights topping the bill. This trend shows how far darts players demands have come, as they not only want the best products but products that are totally unique to them.

The online flight designer has been in operation for close to 10 years yet remains the single-most cutting edge software and flight production in it’s class.

Number 2

In no.2 spot Nitrotech shafts, a 2018 addition are storming ahead as the shaft of choice amongst all of our specialist players. Under closer investigation players who use Nitrotech technology have simply said the shafts look amazing and perform better that anything they’ve used to date.

Number 3

In number three comes the Blade 5, the World’s leading dartboard that has proven time and time again in your commitment to backing it as the board of choice.

Number 4 & 5

The fourth and fifth products were extremely close run, and could have been arguably chosen from any one of 20 ranges of darts, but it is Peter Wright’s Vyper 24g range and Gezzy Price’s 24g that take these positions.