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A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

After missing a couple of week’s fixtures in the Shirley Legion Double Top League Thomas Bent kicked off week eight with a 4-0 win over Kevin Graver, he then for the first time in fourteen games lost when he went down 3-1 to his nearest rival Mark Gwalchmai. Bent recovered from his defeat and ended the night with another 4-0 success in his game against Dave Barrows to see him return to the top of the table with 46 points from 15 games. Gwalchmai prior to beating Bent won 4-0 against Jack Barrows to leave him just one point short of Bent but from one game more as he has played 16 games.

A 2-2 draw with Brian Lawton and Jack Nason plus a 4-0 win over Derek Harper has seen Jordan Ottley move up one place in the table to third on the same 45 points as Gwalchmai.

Anthony Daly followed up a 2-2 draw with Tony Daly with 3-1 wins over Jaime Whitton and Adam Stuart to see him go from ninth to fourth in the table on 42 points from 15 games to keep him in touch with the three players above him.

Fastest leg of the night was an eight darts game from Jordan Ottley in his draw with Jack Nason, Anthony Daly notched two maximums and Mick Bown one.

Full Results:Week 8:- Antony Daly (136b) 2 Tony Daly 2, Sean Talbot (120b) 4 Chris Thomas snr 0, Ravi Saggo 1 John Smyth 3, Craig Clarke 3 Jamie Whitton 1, Brian Lawton (10 darts game) 2 Jordan Ottley 2, Mark Henderson 4 Jack Sidwell 0, Dave Heighway (120b) 2 Adam Stuart (108b) 2, Steve Harper (114b) 3 Chris Thomas snr 2, Derek Harper 0 Dave Barrows 4, Mark Gwalchmai (13 darts game) 4 Jack Barrows 0, Kevin Graver (101b) 0 Thomas Bent 4, Colin Geens (120b) 1 Kyle Bevan (120b,9 darts game,100f) 3, Dave Fisher 2 Mick Bown (160b,180,9 darts game) 2, Lee Lattimer 0 Ben Quadri 4, Antony Daly (180) 3 Jaime Whitton 1, Jack Sidwell 0 Wayne Clarke 4, Jack Nason (106f) 1 John Smyth 3, Ravi Saggo 1 Lee Lattimer 3, Adam Stuart 2 Mark Henderson 2, Sean Talbot (2x120b,116f) 2 Dave Heighway (120b) 2, Dave Barrows 1 Steve Harper 3, Jack Barrows 4 Derek Harper 0, Thomas Bent (13 darts game) 1 Mark Gwalchmai (112b) 3, Kyle Bevan (2x116b) 2 Kevin Graver 2, Mick Bown (100b) 3 Colin Geens 1, Craig Clarke 4 Dave Fisher 0, Jordan Ottley (8 darts game) 2 Jack Nason 2, Wayne Clarke 1 Tony Daly 3, Ben Quadri 0 Brian Lawton 4, Kevin Graver (14 darts game) 3 Jack Nason 1, Thomas Bent (112b) 4 Dave Barrows 0, Derek Harper 0 Jordan Ottley (11 darts game,12 darts game) 4, Wayne Clarke 4 Jamie Whitton 0, Lee Lattimer 1 Mark Henderson 3, Colin Geens (120b) 1 Sean Talbot (101f,100b) 3, Antony Daly (180,9 darts game,12 darts game) 3 Adam Stuart 1, Jack Barrows 4 Ben Quadri 0, Kevin Graver 2 Dave Barrows 2, Derek Harper 2 Wayne Clarke (101b) 2, Mark Henderson 0 Sean Talbot (12 darts game,160b,14 darts game,120b) 4.


The C’s Club Double Top Wednesday Night League’s reigning champion Bob Nixon is well on course to retaining his title as after playing sixteen games he remains undefeated. Week nine saw him add two further 3-0 wins to his account beating Connor Marshall and Phil Ashford to give him a total of 45 points, three more than second placed and last season’s runner-up Simon Edwards who had mixed results in his latest fixtures as he began with a close 2-1 win over third in the table Mick Noonan and then lost by the same margin to Wayne Yates who is currently thirteenth in the table and some fifteen points behind Edwards.

Full Results:Week 9:- Melissa Beale 0 Pete Kingdon 3, Connor Marshall 0 Bob Nixon 3, Lee Walker 2 Richard Meigh 1, Dan Cooper 3 Luke Beale 0, Louise Beale 1 Steve Groves 2, Wayne Yates 1 Chris Cooke 2, Phil Ashford 3 Ryan Beale 0, Tom White 3 Steve Beale (180) 0, Charlie Kingdon 1 Richard Mills 2, Dan Stone 2 Dave Kingdon 1, Duane Green 2 Chris Meigh 1, Terry Webster 3 Dave Kingdon 0, Alan Townsend 2 Gary Groves 1, Simon Edwards 2 Mick Noonan 1, Frank Dixon 0 Gavin Davidson 3, Dan Stone (146f) 1 Mitchell Mann 2, Steve Beale 1 Pete Kingdon 2, Wayne Yates 2 Simon Edwards 1, Terry Webster 2 Gary Groves 1, Dave Kingdon 1 Gavin Davidson 2, Luke Beale 0 Charlie Kingdon 3, Lee Walker 0 Dan Stone (180) 3, Duane Green 2 Steve  Groves 1, Tom White 1 Frank Dixon 2, Dan Cooper 1 Alan Townsend 2, Louise Beale 1 Richard Meigh 2, Chris Meigh (114f) 3 Melissa Beale 0, Bob Nixon (180) 3 Phil Ashford 0, Richard Mills 0 Connor Marshall 3, Dan Cooper 2 Ryan Beale 1, Chris Cooke 0 Mick Noonan 3, Gary Groves 2 Mitchell Mann 1.


Despite winning 6-3 against The Bears, The Lodge have lost pole position in the Shirley and District Monday Night League as an 8-1 win for Dunky’s Boys over Plume of Feathers has seen them go top of the table on average over Lodge, both teams are on 18 points with Dunky’s, the only team in the league without a defeat after completing nine fixtures having the extra advantage of a game in hand.

Highwood moved up one place in the table to third after a 5-4 win over The Wharf who drop two places to fifth, Highwood on 16 points from ten games. Fourth in the table Lion are on the same 16 points as Highwood, they have a game in hand on Highwood after their 7-2 win at Legion Royals.

Full Results:Week 10:- Legion Royals 2 The Lions 7, Dunkys Boys (Pete Yardley 180,120b) 8 Plume of Feathers (Craig Taylor 180) 1, The Wharf 4 The Highwood (Terry Constable 180,14 darts game) 5, The Short Shafts (Pete Silver 180,15 darts game) 8 Shirley Spartac 1, Saracens Misfits 4 Legion Flights 5, The Bluebell 1 Cider House 8, The Lodge (Matt Cooper 180) 6 Casey Joe’s Bears 3, Saracens Jesters (Alex Hesketh 180) 2 HSDT (K Hull 180,102b) 7, Sharmans Cross had a bye.


Week sixteen in the Camp Hill League brought together the league’s top two teams when leaders White Swan Nomads played hosts to second in the table Tyseley WMC. The result of the game was a close 4-3 verdict going to White Swan Nomads to give them 26 points and open up a four points lead for them over their opponents who slip down to third place behind Sheldon Marlborough Flights whose 7-0 win over Sedgemere Devil’s Club puts them on the same 22 points as Tyseley but with a game in hand on both them and leaders White Swan.

Like Sheldon Marlborough fourth in the league Roost Rebels have only played 14 games and are on the same 22 points as the two teams above them, Rebels latest win was 5-2 over Station Wagon.

Full Results:Week 16:- Roost Rebels 5 Station Wagon 2, Sheldon Marlborough Flights 7 Sedgemere Devil’s Club 0, North Star 2 New Inn 5, White Swan Nomads 4 Tyseley WMC 3, Wagon and Horses 2 Emerald Club 5.


As a result of having a bye in the Silver End Sunday Morning League Woodside ‘A’ have lost top spot and dropped to third in the table, taking over as new leaders are Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club who had a 7-1 home win over Three Crowns.

Joining the Ex Serviceman’s on 26 points is Glasscutters ‘B’ whose 6-2 win at The Bell leaves them trailing the top side on average only. Woodside ‘A’ with 25 points are just one behind the leading duo while Dudley Sports in fourth place are on the same number of points as Woodside ‘A’ but have played two games more than them.

Full Results:Game 12:- Woodside ‘B’ 3 High Oak 5, High Acres 7 Kings Head ‘B’ 1, Bell 2 Glasscutters ‘B’ 6, Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ 2 Brickmakers Arms ‘B’ 6, Glasscutters ‘A’ 6 New Talbot 2, Kings Head ‘A’ 4 Dudley Sports 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 Three Crowns 1, Woodside ‘A’ and Old Star had a bye.


The Brierley Hill Monday Night League have had their Doubles Knockout on the fixture card and qualifying for the next round are B.Carr & R.Powers, G.Peters & J.Pickett, P.Tonks & D.Brown (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’), P.Whitcombe & R.Ashmore, A.Stretton & N.Weaver, D.Claridge & R.Colley (Rose and Crown), P.Wakeman & H.Wakefield, A.Wassell & M.Rowley (High Oak), B.Neale & I.Golding 9Roebuck), J.Archer & M.Preedy (Bull and Bladder), C.Pinion & D.Cooper (Brickmakers Arms), M.Pickett & R.Hill (Dudley Sports ‘B’).

Full Results:Doubles Knockout Qualifiers:- B.Carr & R.Powers, G.Peters & J.Pickett, P.Tonks & D.Brown (Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’), P.Whitcombe & R.Ashmore, A.Stretton & N.Weaver, D.Claridge & R.Colley (Rose and Crown), P.Wakeman & H.Wakefield, A.Wassell & M.Rowley (High Oak), B.Neale & I.Golding (Roebuck), J.Archer & M.Preedy (Bull and Bladder), C.Pinion & D.Cooper (Brickmakers Arms), M.Pickett & R.Hill (Dudley Sports ‘B’).


Knockouts have been the order of the day for the Rowley Monday Night League and in the top half of the table Bill Bishop Cup second in the league George had a close 5-4 win over fifth placed Ivy Bush, a game which included three maximums, one for Ivy Bush man Paul Evans and one each for the George players Mathew Tedstone and Frank Johnson. Cradley Sports and Social Club and league leaders Bell had convincing 8-1 wins in turn over Tividale FC and Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’. Jason Bland (Fairfield) was another player to find the three treble twenties, his team’s 6-3 win over Cottage sees them safely into the next round.

In the bottom half Challenge Cup there were 6-3 wins for Bulls Head and Spring Meadow who took out respective opponents Hare and Hounds and Wonder. There were 5-4 wins for Three Diamonds and Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ at the expense of Windmills End and Loyal Lodge.

Full Results:Top Half Bill Bishop Cup:- Ivy Bush (Paul Evans 180) 4 George (Mathew Tedstone 180, Frank Johnson 180) 5, Cradley Sports and Social Club 8 Tividale FC 1, Bell 8 Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 1, Fairfield (Jason Bland 180) 6 Cottage 3, Bottom Half Challenge Cup:- Bulls Head 6 Hare and Hounds 3, Spring Meadow 6 Wonder 3, Windmills End 4 Three Diamonds 5, Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 5 Loyal Lodge 4.


Bulls Head had a very impressive 8-1 win over Riddins Tavern in the Netherton Thursday Night League in game 15 as prior to the encounter Riddins were second in the table and Bulls Head third but after the convincing win the teams have swapped places and although both teams are on 33 points, in addition to their superior average Bulls Head also have a game in hand.

League leaders Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club made it 14 wins in 15 outings when they handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their visiting team bottom of the table Saracens Head to keep intact their nine points lead.

Full Results:Game 15:- Riddins Tavern 1 Bulls Head 8, White Horse 4 Fairfield 5, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 9 Saracens Head 0, Netherton Conservative Club 0 Townsend Social Club 9 (walkover).


Tipton Sports and The Vine are the top two teams in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League and in game number fifteen they both won 6-1 to maintain the two points gap bewteen the two teams, Sports winning at Merry-Go-Round and Vine beating bottom of the table Cottage Spring.

Waggon and Horses lost their third lace to Dewdrop ‘A’ after they somewhat surprisingly lost 4-3 away to seventh placed Sportsman, Dewdrop ‘A’ winning by the same scorleine at Miners Arms to put them ahead of Waggon and Horses on average.

There were maximumm scores for T.Whitehouse (Miners Arms) and R.Messer (Tipton Sports.

Full Results:Game 15:- Miners Arms (T.Whitehouse 180) 3 Dewdrop ‘A’ 4, Sportsman 4 Waggon and Horses 3, Island Inn 3 Wonder 4, Merry-Go-Round 1 Tipton Sports (R.Messer 180) 6, Ivy Bush 3 Hayes Social 4, Dewdrop ‘B’ 5 New Talbot 2, The Vine 6 Cottage Spring 1, Horseley Tavern had a bye.


The Boat lost their number one spot in division one of the Sutton and District Summer League in a very surprising fashion as they returned from Oscott Social on the wrong side of a 5-4 result. Going into the fixture Boat were top of the table and Oscot Social bottom without a win in their opening five games. The victory has seen Oscott be replaced at the foot of the table by Pint Pot Flights who had a bye while Boat drop to third place behind Boldmere St Mikes whose 7-2 win at Erdington Arrows puts them on the same 8 points as Boat but with the better average. Taking over at the top of the table is Golden Hind who handed their opponents Boldmere Tap a crushing 9-0 defeat to give them a two points lead over the rest of the field.

In division two Old Oscott Arrows made it six wins in as many games when they won their home tie with Oscott Sports 8-1 to open up a four points lead over second in the table Bishop Vesey who lost ground as they were beaten 6-3 by third placed Walmley Darts Club who are now just one point behind Vesey.

Castle Vale Residents lead the way in division three their 9-0 win at St Thomas Arrows making it seven consecutive wins to keeps them two points to the good on their nearest rivals Digby Chuckers who won 6-3 at Rosey Mac’s.

Full Results:Late Results:Roy Bird Shield:Round One:- Digby Chuckers 4 St Thomas Arrows 5, Rosey’s Chaps 4 Drakes Drum 5, Game 7:Division One:- Erdington Arrows 2 Boldmere St Mikes 7, Golden Hind 9 Boldmere Tap 0, Oscott Social 5 The Boat 4, Pint Pot Flights had a bye, Division Two:- Old Oscott Arrows 8 Oscott Sports 1, Walmley Darts Club 6 Bishop Vesey 3, Drakes Drum 5 The Boot 4, Red Lion had a bye, Division Three:- Rosey Mac’s 3 Digby Chuckers 6, St Thomas Arrows 0 Castle Vale Residents 9, Sutton Sports 2 Rosey’s Chaps 7.


The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played their Doubles Knockout down to the last eight pairs and winning through to the quarter finals were J.Batham & C.Penzer, A.Turley & S.Blewitt (Brickmakers Arms ‘A’), S.Skidmore & J.Glazzard, J.Churchill & C.Davies (Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’), B.Weatherall & A.Bedford (Dudley Sports), G.Jackson & A.Smith (Brickmakers Arms ‘B’), M.Flatman & J.Barrowman (Ashwood), R.Colly & R.Powers (High Oak).

Full Results:Doubles Knockout Qualifiers:- J.Batham & C.Penzer, A.Turley & S.Blewitt (Brickmakers Arms ‘A’), S.Skidmore & J.Glazzard, J.Churchill & C.Davies (Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’), B.Weatherall & A.Bedford (Dudley Sports), G.Jackson & A.Smith (Brickmakers Arms ‘B’), M.Flatman & J.Barrowman (Ashwood), R.Colly & R.Powers (High Oak).


After only the third fixture in the Harborne and District League only three of the starting line-up of thirteen teams are able to boast a 100% win record Weoley Castle Pub, Copper Fox and Longbridge Social Club with only four legs of average separating the three teams. Table toppers Weoley Castle Pub won their third game 9-0 away to Avenue Social, Copper Fox not far behind them with an 8-1 success at Stag and Three Horseshoes while Longbridge Social Club won 6-3 at home against Cock Inn.

Full Results:Week 3:- Stag and Three Horseshoes 1 Copper Fox 8, The Bear 5 Bugle Horn 4, Bartley Green FC 4 Quinton RBL 5, Longbridge Social Club 6 Cock Inn 3, Avenue Social 0 Weoley Castle Pub 9, Island Inn Darts 6 Smethwick Cricket Club 3, Weoley Castle WMC had a bye.


Bombay Bob’s Boys took their undefeated run in the Combined Division of the Pip Club League to 21 games with a 9-0 win over Pip Club and 180’s from Mark Martin and Sam Whittaker, replying for Pip was Dave Aucote. Although having a slender one point lead over second in the table Belgrave Sports and Social Club, who won 8-1 at Glascote Club, the leaders do have two games in hand.

Third in the table Birchmoor Club had a bye this week and now with a game in hand are just three points off second place.

Full Results:Game 23:- Glascote Club (Mark McCloughlin 120f, Dylan McCloughlin 100, Amy Beste 100) 1 Belgrave Sports and Social Club 8, Progressive Club 7 Dolphin 2, Bombay Bob’s Boys (Mark Martin 180, Sam Whittaker 180) 9 Pip Club (Dave Aucote 180) 0, Belgrave Club (Martin Cairns 180, Joe Wilson 118f) 7 Old Liberal House 2, Dolphin Wanderers (Mark Potter 109f, Leighton Massey 100) 8 Kettlebrook Club 1, Birchmoor Club and Globe, Wilnecote had a bye, Sports Bar ‘180’ v Wigginton Arms postponed.


It was the turn of Whitmore Reans WMC to have a bye in game number thirteen in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League and although they didn’t play they held on to second place in the table with their 22 points as third placed Cleveland Arms drew level with them on points after their 6-1 win against Dog and Partridge but still trailed on average. Leaders Hurst Hill were 7-0 winners at Royal, Albrighton to keep them four points ahead of Cleveland.

In the local derby between ECC ‘B’ and ECC ‘A’ the close 4-3 result went in favour of the ‘A’ team to keep them fourth in the table and four points fewer than both Cleveland and Whitmore.

Full Results:Game 13:- Bull 5 Brewood British Legion 2, Cleveland Arms 6 Dog and Partridge 1, ECC ‘B’ 3 ECC ‘A’ 4, Moreton 6 Swan, Compton 1, Royal, Albrighton 0 Hurst Hill 7, Pilot and Whitmore Reans WMC had a bye.


Strangely the top three positions in both the singles and doubles divisions of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League are filled by the same three teams in exactly the same order with Riley’s ‘C’ top, Railway second and Bull third.

In the singles division Riley’s ‘C’ have a two points lead over Railway after they won 5-2 against Jones Road and Railway went one better with a 6-1 success at Pendulum. Bull who have played one game more than the two teams above them are four points adrift even after their 4-3 win against Riley’s ‘A’.

There is a similar situation between the top two in the doubles division with Riley’s ‘C’ winning 2-1 against Jones Road and Railway winning 3-0 at Pendulum to again leave a two points gap between the two teams. Bull who are a further two points behind won 3-0 against Riley’s ‘A’.

Full Results:Game 16:Singles Division:- Bull 4 Riley’s ‘A’ 3, Mount Tavern 2 Village Inn 5, Pendulum 1 Railway 6, Red Lion (Wednesfield) 3 Wednesfield Conservative Club 4, Riley’s ‘C’ 5 Jones Road 2, Wednesfield Legion 3 Penn Bowling 4, Yale Club 2 Dog and Partridge 5, Doubles Division:- Bull 3 Riley’s ‘A’ 0, Mount Tavern 3 Village Inn 0, Pendulum 0 Railway 3, Red Lion (Wednesfield) 2 Wednesfield Conservative Club 1, Riley’s ‘C’ 2 Jones Road 1, Wednesfield Legion 1 Penn Bowling 2, Yale Club 3 Dog and Partridge 0, Gilberts Bar and Royal, Albrighton had a bye.


The Henley and District Summer League played their singles knockout down to the last four players at the Studley Cricket Club and winning through to the eventual semi-finals from a starting line-up of 30 were Dale Evans, Kevin James, Nick Maddocks and Steve Taylor.


By Alan Towe