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Article: The 2012 daniel-green grand prix darts tournament - GRAND FINAL’S DAY SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST 2012

The 2012 daniel-green grand prix darts tournament - GRAND FINAL’S DAY SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST 2012

After 10 weeks of competitive darts we finally arrive at our Grand Final’s Day/Night. The afternoon session started with the players who finished in the 9-16 category and the evening session saw the 1-8 category players playing for the £500-00 1st prize.


Curtis Hammond      v   Jonathan King      3-4   

        22-99 ave                    22-63 ave

                                        180 + 14d/l

Curtis Hammond took a 3-0 lead in the opening match but missed doubles in the 5th and 7th legs gave Jonathan King his opportunity which he gratefully took to go through to the semi-final’s.

Jason Stalker            v   Nicky Bloom         3-4

     24-98 ave                    26-09 ave

      115 g/s                        180

Jason Stalker in his 1st year at the Daniel-Green Grand Prix made last year’s 9-16 champion, Nicky Bloom, fight all the way. Going into the deciding 7th leg Nicky recorded 180-140 to see him home in 18 darts.

Paul Stevens           v   Garry Prime            4-3

    23-11 ave                   23-93 ave

115 g/s+15d/l                     177

Paul Stevens, after going 3-1 down against Garry Prime, came back to win the last 3 legs after Garry had missed 3 darts at d20 in the 5th leg. A deciding leg check-out of 115 after 15 darts finally ended Garry’s challenge.

Paul Williams         v    Peter Green             1-4

   18-83 ave                    23-01 ave

                                       120+124 g/s

An out of sorts Paul Williams never came out of the starting blocks in the 4th Qtr-Final against Peter Green. Both players not playing to their ability although Peter finished the 4th and 5th legs with 124 and 120 game shots.


Jonathan King           v     Nicky Bloom        0-4

    22-21 ave                        26-03 ave

Jonathan King’s challenge faded in this semi-final against Nicky Bloom as consistent finishing by Nicky saw him home.

Paul Stevens             v     Peter Green         3-4

   23-93 ave                        23-70 ave

     180                                         14 d/l

In a closely fought out match Paul Stevens saw a 3-1 lead slip away against Peter Green as the treble twenty deserted him. Both players struggling to find any consistency but in the end Peter’s doubles saw him through.

9-16 FINAL

Nicky Bloom                 v    Peter Green         4-0

    24-44 ave                         20-90 ave


The final never lived up to its expectations as both players struggled particularly in the first two legs. However Nicky Bloom got into his stride in legs 3 and 4 to convincingly win the 2012 Daniel-Green 9-16 Final by 4 legs to 0. Nicky was the holder of this title from 2011 but would rather be in the top 8 next year.

The final never lived up to its expectations as both players struggled particularly in the first two legs. However Nicky Bloom got into his stride in legs 3 and 4 to convincingly win the 2012 Daniel-Green 9-16 Final by 4 legs to 0. Nicky was the holder of this title from 2011 but would rather be in the top 8 next year.


Gary Butcher  (1)            v    Kevin Harris  (8)      4-0

   29-47 ave                              24-32 ave


16-20-16-16 win legs

Gary Butcher in his 1st year of The Daniel-Green Grand Prix finished the weekly heats on top to be No.1 seed. He stated his intensions with a 4-0 win over Kevin Harris although Kevin missed his chance in the 3rd leg to get a score on the sheet.

Andrew Gilding (4)          v    Lee Woods   (5)      2-4

   26-27 ave                              26-18 ave

      101 g/s                                              180

  16-18 win legs                      20-20-16-18 win legs

Andrew Gilding will curse some missed doubles at crucial times as he lost the title he won last year. To his credit Lee Woods took his opportunities well to open up a 2-0 lead then hold his own throw over the next 4 legs to see him through into the semi-finals in a match that no leg went over 20 darts.

Barrie Webb (3)             v      Rob Morling   (6)      1-4

  23-19 ave                               24-31 ave


  21 win leg                             21-24-21-18 win legs

Barrie Webb will be another player who will curse the missed doubles against Rob Morling. Once again a scenario where a missed double costs the leg and the game, as Rob was always right on Barrie’s tail if the opportunity arose and to his credit never failed to take it. However a 140 followed by a 137 to leave tops saw him home in the 5th leg.

Peter Wright  (2)            v     Nic Groves    (7)       4-1

  33-10 ave                             27-45 ave

   4x180  174                               180

18-12-11-13 win legs                   17 win leg

Peter Wright produced some stunning darts against the unfortunate Nic Groves. Peter taking out 91 in the 1st leg then saw Nic fight back with a 100-180 and 40 game shot to make it 1-1. Then Peter produced televised darts at its best with the 3rd leg scores of 123-180-174 and 24game shot in 3 darts. 4th leg 180-180-120 and 21 in 2 darts. 5th leg 180-81-100-100 and 40 in 1 dart, top quality from a top player which makes The Daniel-Green Grand Prix so special.


Lee Woods (5)                v    Gary Butcher (1)     2-4

  26-91 ave                              27-00 ave


13-21 win legs                        19-16-24-16 win legs

Lee Woods put up a tremendous fight in this 1st semi-final against number 1 seed Gary Butcher, but when you have your darts at doubles you have to take them out at this level, and that has been the story in several matches today. Lee had shots at doubles in the 2nd – 3rd and 5th legs missed and Gary stepped in saying Thank You very much. However not taking anything away from Gary he was sitting on a double himself and did what you have to do, hit it.

Peter Wright  (2)              v    Rob Morling  (6)       4-0

   31-31 ave                              25-25 ave


18-15-14-17 win legs

Peter Wright continued his form, not quite as hot but still very good, in a 4-0 win over Rob Morling. Once again not a leg over 18 darts shows the standard and also why all the players who have reached the top 8 this year have had to produce this quality to get there over the 10 weeks.


Gary Butcher (1)                v     Peter Wright (2)     4-2

   30-28 ave                                 29-34 ave


  18-13-21-14 win legs                   14-16 win legs

With the top 2 seeds now playing for THE DANIEL-GREEN GRAND PRIX CHAMPION the format has proven right yet again. With Gary Butcher winning the toss and taking an 87 game shot to go 1-0 up with Peter Wright left on 40 after 15 darts.  Peter Wright starting the 2nd leg with a 180-100-125-56 and 40 in 2 darts for a 14 dart leg with Gary left on 72 after 12 darts 1-1. Gary coming back with a 13 dart leg with scores of 100-140-81-140 and 40 in 1 dart leaving Peter trailing on 174, 2-1 to Gary. Back came Peter again with a 16 dart leg 96-140-100-90-63 and 12 in 1 dart, Gary left on 118, 2-2. Then a slack leg from them both as Gary takes out 56 for a 21 dart leg with Peter on 111, 3-2 to Gary. In the 6th leg both players hitting scores for fun, Gary 134-100-140-87 to leave 40, Peter 140-91-100-100 to leave 70 but a missed dart at double top left him on 40 and Gary Butcher stepped up to hit 40 in 2 darts for a 14 dart leg and be crowned THE 2012 DANIEL-GREEN GRAND PRIX CHAMPION.

100% FINAL

Anthony Baker              v     Stuart Greenhalgh     0-3

   20-15 ave                               22-77 ave

                                                    112 g/s

                                                 20-25-21 win legs

In between the 1-8 semi-final’s there was the 100% attendance final for player’s who have attended the weekly competition 10 heats but have not made enough points to get into the top 16. This year was particularly pleasing to see Stuart Greenhalgh into the final after the horrific accident he had at work in 2011, and Anthony Baker who is a top player from the Felixstowe area.

The final went in the way of Stuart Greenhalgh who defeated Anthony Baker 3-0 taking out a 112 game shot to clinch the award.

The Prize Money for the event went as follows:-

Grand Prix Champion     Gary Butcher             £500-00

Grand Prix Runner-up     Peter Wright              £250-00

Semi-Finalists                  Lee Woods               £160-00

                                        Rob Morling               £160-00

Qtr-Finalists                     Kevin Harris              £130-00

                                        Andrew Gilding          £130-00

                                        Barrie Webb              £130-00

                                        Nic Groves                 £130-00

9-16 Event


Champion                       Nicky Bloom               £120-00

Runner-up                      Peter Green                £  90-00

Semi-Finalists                 Jonathan King            £  70-00

                                       Paul Stevens              £  70-00

Qtr-Finalists                    Curtis Hammond        £  55-00

                                       Jason Stalker              £  55-00

                                       Garry Prime                £   55-00

                                       Paul Williams              £   55-00

100% Winner                 Stuart Greenhalgh       £  50-00

Runner –up                   Anthony Baker             £  30-00

Highest Finish

Over 10 weeks               Peter Green  164         £  30-00

Most 180’s

Over 10 weeks               Peter Wright    19         £  20-00

Total Pay-Out                                                      £2290-00

We would like to Thank our Sponsors for helping us through the event this year which has been at times very frustrating but look forward to a more positive year in 2013.

The Competition was played on new Winmau Blade 4 Dartboards for the 2nd year running which have proved to be top quality.

See you at THE MICK KING MEMORIAL on Sunday 16th September 2012 at THE BRIDGEWARD SOCIAL CLUB

68 AUSTIN STREET IPSWICH IP2 8DF starting at 15-00 hrs. Further details available from Organiser David Mayhew.




SATURDAY 29th DECEMBER 2012 starting at 15-00 hrs.


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