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Article: Taylor Produces Killarney Super-Show

Taylor Produces Killarney Super-Show


Phil Taylor won a third successive tournament with a whitewash victory over Paul Nicholson in the final of the John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic in Killarney.

Taylor followed up his wins in Dublin in a Players Championship and the Skybet World Grand Prix with yet another triumph, taking his tally for 2009 to 18 ranking titles.

Having also won Saturday^s non-ranked Irish Masters, Taylor claimed a weekend double at Ireland^s National Event Centre with some superb darts - dropping only four legs in seven games.

He picked up three whitewash victories in his opening four games, against Mick Egan, Patrick O^Donovan and Michael van Gerwen, and dropped just one leg in defeating Wayne Mardle and Andy Hamilton.

Wayne Jones, Taylor^s victim in Saturday^s final, took two legs in their semi-final but again emerged on the end of a defeat, before the world number one brutally saw off Nicholson in the final in under a quarter of an hour.

Nicholson claimed £3,000 for reaching his second PDC Pro Tour final of the year, and the run could also see him claim a qualifying place for the European Championship in a fortnight.

However, two further Players Championships will be held in Holland next weekend before the field for that event, being held from October 29-November 1 is confirmed.

Jamie Caven reached the semi-finals for the third time in his last four Players Championship events, before being edged out by Nicholson.

Wes Newton^s run of form continued with a run to the last eight, while Andy Jenkins - last year^s runner-up in Killarney - Mark Dudbridge and Hamilton were the other quarter-final losers.

Defending champion Terry Jenkins was a second round loser to Dennis Smith, while Mickey Mansell was the most successful of around 100 entrants from the Emerald Isle, reaching the last 16 - including wins over Peter Wright and Roland Scholten - before losing to Nicholson.

John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic Players Championship

Preliminary Round

Jacko Barry 6-0 Graham Rooney

Joe Cullen 6-1 Barney Reddy

Damien O^Driscoll 6-5 Noel Redmond

Peter Quinn 6-4 Ken Moran

Adrian Gray 6-2 Eamonn Carey

Lawrence Collins 6-1 Mick Farrissey

David Coyne 6-2 Gary Bollard

Matt Leacy 6-3 Jon Archer

Luke Kelly 6-2 Daniel Wiles

Andy Relf 6-0 Christopher O^Connor

Brian Doheny 6-0 John Hill

Mark Webster 6-1 Tony Dixon

Padraig Hester 6-0 Mark Kinsella

Dave Honey 6-0 Thomas McGrath

Connie Finnan 6-0 Ross O^Brian

Michael O^Sullivan 6-4 Dan Leen

Steve McDonnel 6-0 William O^Carroll

John MaGowan 6-2 Dermot Kelliher

Darren Johnson 6-0 Alan Reilly

Gerald Murphy 6-4 Anto Lynch

Aodhagan O^Neill 6-5 Garrett Gray

Benny Grace 6-1 John Diggan

Alan O^Reilly 6-0 Eugene Murnane

Paul Madden 6-0 Killian Saunders

Dave Ladley 6-0 Gary Condron

Brendan Dolan 6-1 Billy McAuliffe

Sean Palfrey 6-1 Gary Coyne

Jamie Kelliher 6-0 Mike Roberts

First Round

Terry Jenkins (1) 6-4 James Murphy

Dennis Smith 6-1 Robert Kelly

Steve Brown (32) 6-2 Trevor English

Anthony Boyle 6-4 Jacko Barry

Andy Smith (16) 6-1 Noel McCarthy

William O^Connor 6-1 Michael Begley

Wes Newton (17) 6-0 John Herlhy

Damien O^Driscoll 6-2 Joe Cullen

Alan Tabern (8) 6-1 Stephen Holland

Dyson Parody Bye (John Paul Dowdall timed out)

Justin Pipe 6-5 Steve Maish (25)

Adrian Gray 6-1 Peter Quinn

Jamie Caven (9) 6-0 Glen Fitzpatrick

Mark Willis 6-3 James Dowling

Tony Eccles (24) 6-1 Darren Fluskey

David Coyne 6-4 Lawrence Collins

Adrian Lewis (5) 6-0 James Morrissey

Roland Scholten 6-0 Brian Murphy

Mickey Mansell 6-0 Peter Wright (28)

Matt Leacy 6-2 Luke Kelly

Steve Beaton (12) 6-0 Declan O^Sullivan

Joe Collins 6-1 Dwayne McEvoy

Paul Nicholson (21) 6-0 Jerry Coughlan

Andy Relf 6-4 Brian Doheny

Colin Osborne (4) 6-1 Steven Ring

Geoff Wylie 6-2 Mark Stephenson

Barrie Bates (29) 6-0 Ian Murphy

Mark Webster 6-5 Ray Walsh

Vincent van der Voort (13) 6-1 John Kidney

Robbie Moore 6-0 Andrew Dwyer

Andy Jenkins (20) 6-3 Kieran Kehoe

Dave Honey 6-1 Padraig Hester

Phil Taylor (2) 6-0 Mick Egan

Patrick O^Donovan 6-1 Lawrence McGreal

Wayne Mardle (31) 6-1 Shane O^Connor

Connie Finnan 6-2 Andy Poole

Denis Ovens (15) 6-0 Radaslaw Szaganski

Keith Rooney 6-1 Aidan Saunders

Michael van Gerwen (18) 6-0 Dylan Rutledge

Steve McDonnel 6-2 Michael O^Sullivan

Ronnie Baxter (7) 6-1 Jim McKevitt

Michael Creedon Bye (John McEvoy withdrew)

Steve Hine (26) 6-1 Stephen O^Connor

Darren Johnson 6-5 John MaGowan

Andy Hamilton (10) 6-0 Anthony Troy

Roy Baillie 6-5 Michael Meaney Jnr

Peter Manley (23) 6-5 Mick McGowan

Aodhagan O^Neill 6-0 Gerald Murphy

Colin Lloyd (6) 6-3 Kevin McCann

Keith Byrne 6-5 Chris O^Neill

Matt Clark (27) 6-1 Billy Matthews

Benny Grace 6-5 Alan O^Reilly

Wayne Jones (11) 6-1 Ali Powell

John Dunne 6-4 Darrell Hodgson

Alex Roy (22) 6-0 Tony Manning

Dave Ladley 6-0 Paul Madden

Mark Walsh (3) 6-0 John O^Hara

Nick Fullwell 6-2 Danny Ward

Kirk Shepherd (30) 6-3 Terry Meehan

Brendan Dolan 6-0 Jimmy Fluskey

Mark Dudbridge (14) 6-0 Ian McCarthy

Alan Bennett 6-3 Noel Kenning

Kevin Painter (19) 6-2 Colin Monk

Sean Palfrey 6-3 Jamie Kelliher

Second Round

Dennis Smith 6-2 Terry Jenkins

Steve Brown 6-2 Anthony Boyle

Andy Smith 6-3 William O^Connor

Wes Newton 6-4 Damien O^Driscoll

Alan Tabern 6-5 Dyson Parody

Justin Pipe 6-4 Adrian Gray

Jamie Caven 6-0 Mark Willis

Tony Eccles 6-3 David Coyne

Roland Scholten 6-3 Adrian Lewis

Mickey Mansell 6-1 Matt Leacy

Steve Beaton 6-1 Joe Collins

Paul Nicholson 6-2 Andy Relf

Colin Osborne 6-2 Geoff Wylie

Mark Webster 6-3 Barrie Bates

Vincent van der Voort 6-2 Robbie Moore

Andy Jenkins 6-5 Dave Honey

Phil Taylor 6-0 Patrick O^Donovan

Wayne Mardle 6-5 Connie Finnan

Denis Ovens 6-0 Keith Rooney

Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Steve McDonnel

Ronnie Baxter 6-0 Michael Creedon

Steve Hine 6-5 Darren Johnson

Andy Hamilton 6-0 Roy Baillie

Peter Manley 6-5 Aodhagan O^Neill

Colin Lloyd 6-0 Keith Byrne

Matt Clark 6-2 Benny Grace

Wayne Jones 6-1 John Dunne

Dave Ladley 6-2 Alex Roy

Mark Walsh 6-3 Nick Fullwell

Brendan Dolan 6-5 Kirk Shepherd

Mark Dudbridge 6-2 Alan Bennett

Kevin Painter 6-3 Sean Palfrey

Losers £200

Third Round

Dennis Smith 6-1 Steve Brown

Wes Newton 6-4 Andy Smith

Alan Tabern 6-4 Justin Pipe

Jamie Caven 6-2 Tony Eccles

Mickey Mansell 6-3 Roland Scholten

Paul Nicholson 6-2 Steve Beaton

Colin Osborne 6-2 Mark Webster

Andy Jenkins 6-5 Vincent van der Voort

Phil Taylor 6-1 Wayne Mardle

Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Denis Ovens

Ronnie Baxter 6-2 Steve Hine

Andy Hamilton 6-2 Peter Manley

Colin Lloyd 6-4 Matt Clark

Wayne Jones 6-2 Dave Ladley

Mark Walsh 6-5 Brendan Dolan

Mark Dudbridge 6-1 Kevin Painter

Losers £300

Fourth Round

Wes Newton 6-1 Dennis Smith

Jamie Caven 6-3 Alan Tabern

Paul Nicholson 6-1 Mickey Mansell

Andy Jenkins 6-5 Colin Osborne

Phil Taylor 6-0 Michael van Gerwen

Andy Hamilton 6-4 Ronnie Baxter

Wayne Jones 6-2 Colin Lloyd

Mark Dudbridge 6-4 Mark Walsh

Losers £400


Jamie Caven 6-5 Wes Newton

Paul Nicholson 6-4 Andy Jenkins

Phil Taylor 6-1 Andy Hamilton

Wayne Jones 6-5 Mark Dudbridge

Losers £800


Paul Nicholson 6-5 Jamie Caven

Phil Taylor 6-2 Wayne Jones

Losers £1,500


Phil Taylor 6-0 Paul Nicholson

Winner £6,000

Runner-Up £3,000

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