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CO STOMPE claimed his maiden PDC title with a 6-3 defeat of James Wade in Tuesday^s Las Vegas Players Championship.

The Dutch star picked up the £6,000 victory during the New Tropicana World Series of Darts Festival to celebrate his recent two-year anniversary since moving onto the PDC circuit.

He produced some outstanding darts during Tuesday^s event in Las Vegas, opening with a whitewash of Edwin Martin and then defeating Wayne Mardle, Adrian Lewis and Steve Beaton to set up an all-Dutch quarter-final with Jelle Klaasen.

After seeing off the former Lakeside Champion 6-4, Stompe whitewashed Matt Clark in the semi-finals before defeating Wade in the decider.

World number three Wade took the final^s opening leg, but Stompe hit back with four successive legs to lead 4-1, twice hitting two maximums in a leg.

Wade won the next two to reduce the gap to one leg, but Stompe crucially took the eight before securing victory in the next.

Wade^s run to the final bettered his semi-final appearance in Sunday^s PDC US Open Players Championship, as he claimed the £3,000 runner-up prize.

He had defeated Ken MacNeil, Tony Randell and Robert Thornton to reach the last 16, before picking up victories over Vincent van der Voort, Simon Whitlock and Colin Lloyd to move into the final.

Lloyd^s semi-final was his second in successive days at Las Vegas^ Tropicana Hotel, while Clark defeated Phil Taylor 6-5 in the quarter-finals to reach the last four of a PDC ProTour event for the first time in two years.


had also produced a superb finale to his second round clash with Mark Dudbridge, picking off back-to-back 160 finishes to come from 5-4 down and take victory.

Jelle Klaasen, a semi-finalist on Sunday, reached the quarter-finals before losing to Stompe, while Whitlock, Taylor and Wes Newton were the other last 16 losers.

Nigel Heydon went down 6-4 to Taylor in the last 16, ending his hopes of qualifying for the World Matchplay in the last event which counted towards qualification for the tournament.

Paul Nicholson returned to 16th in the PDC Order of Merit after going further than Gary Anderson, who was a second round loser to Wales^ Steve Evans.

With Nicholson securing the final automatic qualifying place via the PDC Order of Merit, Anderson qualifies for the World Matchplay through the Players Championship Order of Merit alongside 15 other players.

Tony Eccles hung on to the last spot, ahead of Heydon and Monday^s semi-finalist Chris Thompson - with the pair both defeating Taylor in Las Vegas but falling short of a World Matchplay spot.

Klaasen, Steve Brown and Mark Webster all qualify for their debuts in Blackpool as a result of their performances in the 21 Players Championships staged so far this year.

The New Tropicana World Series of Darts Festival concludes on Wednesday with the North American Darts Championship, which will feature American and Canadian players battling for the £5,000 first prize.

Las Vegas

Players Championship
Preliminary Round
Nick Fullwell 6-0 David Fatum
Ron Colvard 6-5 Chris Loudon
Greg Lewis 6-0 Peter Schaumann
Chris White 6-1 Scott Henning
Dan Olson 6-1 Jim McKevitt
Matt Clark 6-2 Gary Mawson
Bill Davis 6-1 Hiromasa Mochizuki
Larry Butler 6-2 Mark Blazevich
Robert Race 6-5 Sean Smyth
Gerry Convery 6-0 Martin Hulme
Wayne Mardle 6-1 Shintaro Hirai
Dieter Schutsch 6-3 Andy Relf
Stuart Brown 6-0 Gregory Coburn
Ross Snook 6-0 Josh Daynes
Scott Burnett 6-0 Tom Jackowski
Roland Scholten 6-0 Donny Joe
Jim Widmayer 6-1 Doug Meade
Isen Veljic 6-0 Dave Ahmet
Justin Pipe 6-2 Dan Lauby
Dave Honey 6-0 Dan Lauby II
Kevin McDine 6-4 Bob Sinnaeve
William O^Connor 6-0 Mark Nielsen
Par Riihonen 6-4 Steve Grubb
Darin Young 6-0 Masahiko Sano
Scott Kirchner 6-0 Joey Narvades

First Round
Phil Taylor (1) 6-0 Drazen Severin
Jayson Barlow 6-2 Andrew Penney
Chris Thompson (32) 6-3 Paul Lim
Nico Depaynos 6-3 Nick Fullwell
Andy Smith (16) 6-2 Joe Swick
Nigel Heydon 6-3 Adrian Gray
Paul Nicholson (17) 6-1 Eddie Lawrence
Ron Colvard 6-4 Greg Lewis
Mark Walsh (8) 6-5 Kirk Shepherd
Joe Cullen 6-0 Richard Hammond Jnr
Terry Jenkins (25) 6-0 Dennis Smith
Dan Olson 6-0 Chris White
Andy Hamilton (9) 6-0 Steve Barlock
Jeff Noble 6-3 Sean Downs
Brendan Dolan (24) 6-2 Dave Ladley
Matt Clark 6-5 Bill Davis
Gary Anderson (5) 6-1 Shawn Brenneman
Steve Evans 6-3 Ray Carver
Jelle Klaasen (28) 6-5 Roger Carter
Larry Butler 6-0 Bobby Peters
Ronnie Baxter (12) 6-2 Aodhagan O^Neill
Alex Roy 6-0 Paul DiCecca
Kevin Painter (21) 6-1 Colin Monk
Gerry Convery 6-1 Robert Race
Adrian Lewis (4) 6-3 Connley Litton
Darren Johnson 6-1 David Flowers
Co Stompe (29) 6-0 Edwin Martin
Wayne Mardle 6! -5 George Timpone
Steve Beaton (13) 6-0 Howard Meyers
Steve Maish 6-3 David Kendall
Barrie Bates (20) 6-1 Robert Heckman
Dieter Schutsch 6-3 Stuart Brown
Simon Whitlock (2) 6-1 Wayne Smith
Arron Monk 6-1 Frank Hernandez
Steve Hine (31) 6-3 Al Moskwyn
Ross Snook 6-3 Damien McKenna
Colin Osborne (15) 6-0 Brian Jackson
Mick McGowan 6-1 Nick Holmes
Alan Tabern (18) 6-0 Dave Switzer
Roland Scholten 6-1 Scott Burnett
Vincent van der Voort (7) 6-1 Akihiro Nagakawa
Scott Rand 6-5 John Part
Mark Webster (26) 6-5 Peter Manley
Richie Burnett 6-5 Jim Widmayer
James Wade (10) 6-4 Ken MacNeil
Tony Randell 6-1 Rick Davis
Robert Thornton (23) 6-4 Nick Rivera
Justin Pipe 6-4 Isen Veljic
Colin Lloyd (6) 6-1 Dan Zimmerman
Ryan vander Wiet 6-1 Danny Wood
Peter Wright (27) 6-1 Stephen Panuncialman
Dave Honey 6-1 Jason Roker
Jamie Caven (11) 6-3 Ian White
Martyn Turner 6-1 Jim Newman
Steve Brown (22) 6-1 Daz Maw! er
Kevin McDine 6-4 William O^Connor
Wes Newton (3) 6-1 ! Clint Cl arkson
John Kuczynski 6-1 Alvin Martin
Tony Eccles (30) 6-5 Andy Jenkins
Stacy Bromberg 6-5 Par Riihonen
Denis Ovens (14) 6-1 Andrew Bennett
Mark Hylton 6-3 Don Campos
Mark Dudbridge (19) 6-2 Ian McFarlane
Darin Young 6-2 Scott Kirchner

Second Round
Phil Taylor 6-0 Jayson Barlow
Chris Thompson 6-0 Nico Depaynos
Nigel Heydon 6-2 Andy Smith
Paul Nicholson 6-3 Ron Colvard
Joe Cullen 6-5 Mark Walsh
Terry Jenkins 6-4 Dan Olson
Andy Hamilton 6-2 Jeff Noble
Matt Clark 6-3 Brendan Dolan
Steve Evans 6-5 Gary Anderson
Jelle Klaasen 6-3 Larry Butler
Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Alex Roy
Kevin Painter 6-2 Gerry Convery
Adrian Lewis 6-2 Darren Johnson
Co Stompe 6-5 Wayne Mardle
Steve Beaton 6-4 Steve Maish
Barrie Bates 6-4 Dieter Schutsch
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Arron Monk
Ross Snook 6-5 Steve Hine
Colin Osborne 6-5 Mick McGowan
Alan Tabern 6-0 Roland Scholten
Vincent van der Voort 6-3 Scott Rand
Richie Burnett 6-3 Mark Webster
James Wade 6-2 Tony Randell
Robert Thornton 6-5 Justin Pipe
Colin Lloyd 6-0 Ryan vander Wiet
Peter Wright 6-1 Dave Honey
Jamie Caven 6-2 Martyn Turner
Kevin McDine 6-3 Steve Brown
Wes Newton 6-0 John Kuczynski
Tony E! ccles 6-0 Stacy Bromberg
Denis Ovens 6-4 Mark Hylton
Darin Young 6-5 Mark Dudbridge
Losers £200

Third Round
Phil Taylor 6-0 Chris Thompson
Nigel Heydon 6-3 Paul Nicholson
Terry Jenkins 6-4 Joe Cullen
Matt Clark 6-2 Andy Hamilton
Jelle Klaasen 6-1 Steve Evans
Ronnie Baxter 6-4 Kevin Painter
Co Stompe 6-3 Adrian Lewis
Steve Beaton 6-5 Barrie Bates
Simon Whitlock 6-3 Ross Snook
Colin Osborne 6-5 Alan Tabern
Vincent van der Voort 6-4 Richie Burnett
James Wade 6-4 Robert Thornton
Colin Lloyd 6-3 Peter Wright
Jamie Caven 6-1 Kevin McDine
Wes Newton 6-4 Tony Eccles
Darin Young 6-4 Denis Ovens
Losers £300

Fourth Round
Phil Taylor 6-4 Nigel Heydon
Matt Clark 6-4 Terry Jenkins
Jelle Klaasen 6-2 Ronnie Baxter
Co Stompe 6-2 Steve Beaton
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Colin Osborne
James Wade 6-4 Vincent van der Voort
Colin Lloyd 6-4 Jamie Caven
Wes Newton 6-4 Darin Young
Losers £500

Matt Clark 6-5 Phil Taylor
Co Stompe 6-4 Jelle Klaasen
James Wade 6-4 Simon Whitlock
Colin Lloyd 6-4 Wes Newton
Losers £1,000

Co Stompe 6-0 Matt Clark
James Wade 6-3 Colin Lloyd
Losers £1,500

Co Stompe 6-3 James Wade
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000

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