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Article: Ray of Hope Blocked by Temple

Ray of Hope Blocked by Temple

Stage 7 of The Red Dragon Streamline Taxis York Open Darts Championship


Ray McInally failed to shine as Terry Temple (Whitwell-on-the-Hill) sealed his second Streamline Taxis York Open Darts Championship Stage victory with an emphatic 5-0 victory, recording legs of 18, 17, 16 and 18 which included 2 x 180^s.

Temples route to the final saw him defeat Stage 6 winner Mick Nixon 4-0 with 3 x 15 (one including 170 finish) and 18 darts whilst McInally (16-13) beat the ever consistant Lutz Leutzsch (18) 4-2.

Leutzsch had beaten PDC player Chris Thompson (18-21-16) 4-3 in the 1/4 Finals with legs of 18, 2 x 17 and 21. Whilst Nixon produced the leg of the day, 100, 180, 180 and 41 finish for 11 darts to take his 1/4 final decider against Mexbrough^s Darren Johnson.


Earlier selected performances came from Group One^s Dave Lord 17 and 19.

Group 2 had 180^s from Robbie Likess and McInally with Chris Quantock checking out on 110 for 15.

Group 3 saw Nick Harteveld produced 20-19-20 then 20-16-19 to reach the last 16 before loosing to Leutzsch 15-16 (180 included).

In Group 4 Thompson was once again showing top form with 18-18-14 then 2 x 18 and in the last 16 2 x 14 dart legs to end Dave Ladley^s interest who had earlier won in 17-17 and 15 darts.

Steve Atkin had a 146 finish in Group 6.

Group 7^s highlights came from Dave Scaum 114 checkout plus 180 in 19 and 21 dart legs whilst John Quantock closed on 120 adding 18 and 21 darts.

Kev O^Hara had a 103 finish for 15, 18 and 17 in the first round in Group 8 to give Barry Balaban an early return to the East Coast . Andy Rennie closed on 156 whilst Temple closed in 17 darts.


The eighth and last qualifier is on Saturday 6th August competition entry £5 payable on the day registration closes at midday. We will also be holding a blind pairs and first round (including Prelim loosers) competition. Entry fee to each of those per player is £3.


The Grand Finals are on Saturday 20th August, spectators entry to this is free, however after the presentation Peter "One Dart" Manley will be holding a Darts Exhibition and the event will be concluding with a disco. Tickets for the exhibition and disco are £5 each, any player who reaches the last 32 and wishes to stay for the evening will receive a free ticket for themselves.


Tickets are avaliable from The Castle Howard Ox Pub, The Bait Box sandwhich and snack bar and Huntington WMC all in York.

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