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Article: PDC Media Release - Maiden Title For Nicholson

PDC Media Release - Maiden Title For Nicholson

Paul Nicholson has won the Australian Open Players Championship, defeating Robert Thornton in the final.

Nicholson claimed the £5,000 winner^s cheque for the first time in a PDC Pro Tour event with the victory, in a repeat of the 2008 final.

A year ago, Thornton had taken victory but this time was defeated 6-1 in the decider by the former DPA number one.

Nicholson began his challenge at the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney with whitewashes of Steve Nichols and Daniel Sim, before overcoming Jerry Weyman 6-3 in the last 16.

He was a 6-1 winner against Craig Prizeman in the quarter-finals, and edged out Mark Walsh in a deciding leg at the last four stage.

Thornton enjoyed his best run since winning both PDC Pro Tour events in Irvine in March by reaching the final, failing to drop a leg in wins over Bill Keogh, Don Whittington and Phillip Hazel before also defeating Brian Roach and Simon Whitlock.

Whitlock overcame Kevin McDine and also edged out Queensland rival Shane Tichowitsch in reaching the semi-finals.

Walsh enjoyed victories over Kiwi pair Preston Ridd and Warren Parry as well as Steve Hine, but his bid for a fifth tournament win of 2009 was narrowly ended in the semis.

Recent World Matchplay finalist Terry Jenkins was a 6-5 first round loser to Barry Jouannet, the former Oceanic Masters winner, while Denis Ovens lost in the last 32 to Tichowitsch.

Australian Open Players Championship

Preliminary Round

Tim Gatward 6-1 Bob Evans

Don Whittington 6-1 Rod Crawford

John Hector 6-4 Kylie Townes

Jordan Russell 6-1 Rob Lord

Ivan Townes 6-3 Andrew Coburn

Dave Muller 6-3 Kim Anderson

Steve MacArthur 6-1 Brian Fordham

Shane Tichowitsch 6-0 Stuart Jackson

John Bunyard 6-1 Roland Smith

Preston Ridd 6-2 Bill Aitken

John Gault 6-2 Graham Davis

Rob Modra 6-4 Colin Sharp

Paul Cotton 6-4 Matt Kaletta

Paul Neighbour 6-3 Stephen Makings

Tommy Hyland 6-2 Arnel Galvez

Jerry Weyman 6-3 Alex Clarke

Dean McGladdery 6-1 Heath Daley

Dave McKay 6-1 Daniel Brown

First Round

Robert Thornton 6-0 Bill Keogh

Don Whittington 6-5 Tim Gatward

Phillip Hazell 6-4 Dave Whitmore

John Hector 6-1 Wayne Murphy

Mark Webster 6-2 Wayne Brown

Dave Fitzpatrick 6-1 Jordan Russell

Brian Roach 6-1 Reg Tapper

Ivan Townes 6-1 Richard Charteris

Kevin McDine 6-0 Wayne Murray

Chippy Miller 6-4 Dave Muller

Simon Whitlock 6-3 Phil Bottrell

Dave Breasley 6-3 Steve MacArthur

Denis Ovens 6-3 Tony Crampton

Shane Tichowitsch 6-3 Alec Martin

Raymond O^Donnell 6-0 Gordon Ling

John Bunyard 6-3 Jeff Jones

Mark Walsh 6-0 Stuart Coburn

Preston Ridd 6-4 John Gault

Warren Parry 6-0 Sue Carpenter

Rob Modra 6-0 Brian Rowe

Steve Hine 6-2 Kevin Luland

Paul Cotton 6-2 Rod Neeson

Russell Stewart 6-0 Peter Asmussen

Paul Neighbour 6-0 Margaret Coburn

Paul Nicholson 6-0 Steve Nichols

Daniel Sim 6-4 Tommy Hyland

Warren French 6-2 Peter Woods

Jerry Weyman 6-1 Alan Scott

Barry Jouannet 6-5 Terry Jenkins

Dean McGladdery 6-0 Kate Gifford

Craig Prizeman 6-2 Mark Taafe

Dave McKay 6-2 Vaughan Perrett

Losers £100

Second Round

Robert Thornton 6-0 Don Whittington

Phillip Hazel 6-1 John Hector

Mark Webster 6-3 Dave Fitzpatrick

Brian Roach 6-2 Ivan Townes

Kevin McDine 6-2 Chippy Miller

Simon Whitlock 6-0 Dave Breasley

Shane Tichowitsch 6-5 Denis Ovens

Raymond O^Donnell 6-4 John Bunyard

Mark Walsh 6-1 Preston Ridd

Warren Parry 6-3 Rob Modra

Steve Hine 6-0 Paul Cotton

Russell Stewart 6-5 Paul Neighbour

Paul Nicholson 6-0 Daniel Sim

Jerry Weyman 6-5 Warren French

Barry Jouannet 6-3 Dean McGladdery

Craig Prizeman 6-3 Dave McKay

Losers £200

Third Round

Robert Thornton 6-0 Phillip Hazel

Brian Roach 6-3 Mark Webster

Simon Whitlock 6-2 Kevin McDine

Shane Tichowitsch 6-2 Raymond O^Donnell

Mark Walsh 6-0 Warren Parry

Steve Hine 6-4 Russell Stewart

Paul Nicholson 6-3 Jerry Weyman

Craig Prizeman 6-1 Barry Jouannet

Losers £300


Robert Thornton 6-4 Brian Roach

Simon Whitlock 6-5 Shane Tichowitsch

Mark Walsh 6-3 Steve Hine

Paul Nicholson 6-1 Craig Prizeman

Losers £700


Robert Thornton 6-1 Simon Whitlock

Paul Nicholson 6-5 Mark Walsh

Losers £1,250


Paul Nicholson 6-1 Robert Thornton

Winner £5,000

Runner-Up £2,500

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