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Article: PDC Media Release - German Darts Championship Day One

PDC Media Release - German Darts Championship Day One

Taylor, the 2007 champion at the Gerry Weber Center, faces Adrian Lewis in an all-Stoke last eight clash on Sunday afternoon as the £100,000 event comes to a conclusion - with seven of the world^s top eight winning through to the quarter-finals.

World number one Taylor, fresh from his Grand Slam of Darts triumph last weekend, defeated Tomas Seyler and Brendan Dolan 6-3 in his opening two matches before then overcoming Kevin McDine and Vincent van der Voort 6-1 to earn a place in Sunday^s final stages.

The victory over van der Voort saw Taylor exact revenge for his group stage loss to the Dutchman in the Grand Slam of Darts, as he came from 1-0 down to win six successive legs.

Lewis, meanwhile, produced some superb darts in booking his quarter-final spot, following up an early whitewash of Detlef Barchanowitz - where he averaged over 120 with legs of 11, 13, 13, 13, 13 and 12 darts - with a 6-2 fourth round win over Wes Newton.

Lewis led 5-0 against Newton and averaged nearly 104 in the final outcome as he moved into the last eight.

Terry Jenkins edged out Alan Tabern 6-5 in the last 16 in a game where the lead changed hands four times, with the world number five hitting a 180 in a 13-dart leg in the decider.

Ronnie Baxter set up a quarter-final against Raymond van Barneveld or Denis Ovens with his 6-2 victory over Colin Osborne in the fourth round.

Defending champion Co Stompe, who defeated Taylor in last year^s final, was defeated in the last 32 by Baxter.

Van Barneveld ensured his place in the quarters with a 6-3 victory over Denis Ovens, which was sealed by a 111 finish in the winning leg as he pulled clear from 3-3 with three successive legs to progress.

World number three James Wade remains in the hunt for the £20,000 first prize following a 6-3 fourth round win over Toon Greebe, which was sealed by a 121 checkout and followed earlier wins over Jan van der Rassel, Bernd Roith and Roland Scholten.

Mervyn King will meet Wade in the quarters, having defeated Braulio Roncero, Julio Barbero Gonzalez, Kirk Shepherd and Mark Walsh on Saturday, hitting a 118 average in seeing off Roncero 6-1.

Paul Nicholson - who could break into the world^s top 32 for the first time if he reaches the final on Sunday - knocked out number four seed John Part in the fourth round with a 6-1 victory to become the only player in the quarter-finals from outside of the world^s top eight.

Nicholson, who defeated Chris Thompson, Andy Hamilton and Sebastijan Pecjak to reach the last 16, led Part 5-0 before closing out victory, and now meets Jenkins in the last eight.

Play continues at the Gerry Weber Center on Sunday, with the remaining games all played on stage from 12pm (local time).

2009 German Darts Championship

Preliminary Round

Kryzsztof Kciuk 6-1 Roland Kurok

Kevin McDine 6-3 Robin Ferdinandus

Steve Evans 6-0 Markus Schonbein

Johann de Tree 6-0 Lothar Freiberger

Mark Webster 6-1 Huseyin Zengin

Norbert Grimm 6-4 Thomas Schrooer

Mario Masurka 6-3 Jordy Terburg

Stefanie Luck 6-0 Sebastian Lemmer

Andree Welge 6-3 Marko Balzer

Johnny Okken 6-2 Patrick Bulen

Stuart Bousfield 6-2 Par Riihonen

Rocco Maes 6-3 Erwin Renkema

Christian van Overdijk 6-4 Romano Ruggeri

Carsten Becker 6-2 Christian Kallinger

Sebastijan Pecjak 6-0 Frank Liebeton

Mensur Suljovic 6-5 Adrian Gray

Hannes Schnier 6-4 Darren Johnson

Robert Treffers 6-0 Norbert Dubbert

Kai Nithammer 6-5 Jon Archer

Maik Langendorf 6-0 Sven Oliver Beut

Gerhart Kremer 6-5 Christian Bober

Ingo Vogt 6-5 Michael Wolf

Barry Zander 6-5 Erwin Valks

Joe Cullen 6-3 Johann Honner

Krzysztof Ratajski 6-0 Gary Barnett

GaryBlades 6-0 Dave Ahmet

Carlos Rodriguez 6-5 Freddy de Geus

Antonio Alcinas 6-1 Dennis Koenen

Richard van Zijtveld 6-4 Jorg Neuwohner

Kieran Leal 6-2 Rolf Kaiser

First Round

Phil Taylor (1) 6-3 Tomas Seyler

Brendan Dolan 6-1 Andy Relf

Alex Roy (32) 6-2 Ron de Pijper

Kevin McDine 6-4 Kryzsztof Kcuik

Vincent van der Voort (16) 6-3 Dick van Dijk

Ryan de Vreede 6-1 Markus Riether

Steve Beaton (17) 6-1 Ali Dursun

Steve Evans 6-1 Helmut Bergoed

Adrian Lewis (8) 6-0 Detlef Barchanowitz

Dylan Duo 6-2 Christian Kruger

Andy Smith (25) 6-0 Rudiger Lohse

Mark Webster 6-4 Johann de Tree

Colin Lloyd (9) 6-4 Steve Hine

Wim Mink 6-4 Bobby Biemans

Wes Newton (24) 6-0 Christop Stehmann

Mario Masurka 6-1 Norbert Grimm

Terry Jenkins (5) 6-0 Mark Stephenson

Michael Klonhammer 6-2 Christoph Niederreiter

Michael van Gerwen (28) 6-0 Michael Hahn

Andree Welge 6-3 Stefanie Luck

Alan Tabern (12) 6-0 Mirko Wunder

Mark Carter Bye (Peter van der Broek timed out)

Wayne Jones (21) 6-3 Matt Clark

Stuart Bousfield 6-1 Johnny Okken

John Part (4) 6-0 Mike Roberts

Colin Monk 6-2 Michael Mehrer

Peter Wright 6-5 Tony Eccles (29)

Christian van Overdijk 6-3 Rocco Maes

Andy Hamilton (13) 6-2 Marko Puls

Paul Nicholson 6-1 Chris Thompson

Peter Manley (20) 6-0 Oliver Fricke

Sebastijan Pecjak 6-0 Carsten Becker

Raymond van Barneveld (2) 6-2 Bryan de Hoog

Steve Grubb 6-1 Mick McGowan

Barrie Bates (31) 6-0 Detlev Haut

Mensur Suljovic 6-4 Hannes Schnier

Robert Thornton (15) 6-1 James Adams-Dosch

Jyhan Artut 6-4 Marko Jovanovic

Denis Ovens (18) 6-2 Brian Jones

Andries Sterk 6-3 Robert Treffers

Ronnie Baxter (7) 6-2 Nick Fullwell

Dave Ladley 6-1 Ralf Landsmann

Co Stompe (26) 6-1 Reinhard Timmermann

Maik Langendorf 6-3 Kai Nithammer

Colin Osborne (10) 6-3 Remco van Eijden

Axel Vollmer 6-5 Klaus Dusterhus

Jamie Caven (23) 6-1 Kevin Wensink

Ingo Vogt 6-3 Gerard Kremer

Mervyn King (6) 6-1 Braulio Roncero

Julio Barbero Gonzalez 6-0 Hans Pfaff

Kirk Shepherd (27) 6-4 Willem Kralt

Joe Cullen 6-5 Barry Zander

Mark Walsh (11) 6-4 Olaf Fiss

Marko Kantele 6-4 Michael Rosenauer

Jelle Klaasen (22) 6-0 Thomas Gerock

Krzysztof Ratajski 6-2 Gary Blades

James Wade (3) 6-2 Jan van der Rassel

Bernd Roith 6-5 Steve Maish

Roland Scholten (30) 6-3 Darren Latham

Antonio Alcinas 6-2 Carlos Rodriguez

Kevin Painter (14) 6-0 Arron Monk

Toon Greebe 6-0 Co Stompe Jnr

Mark Dudbridge (19) 6-3 Kevin Munch

Richard van Zijtveld 6-3 Kieran Leal

Second Round

Phil Taylor 6-3 Brendan Dolan

Kevin McDine 6-2 Alex Roy

Vincent van der Voort 6-4 Ryan de Vreede

Steve Beaton 6-0 Steve Evans

Adrian Lewis 6-2 Dylan Duo

Andy Smith 6-2 Mark Webster

Wim Mink 6-4 Colin Lloyd

Wes Newton 6-2 Mario Masurka

Terry Jenkins 6-1 Michael Klonhammer

Andree Welge 6-2 Michael van Gerwen

Alan Tabern 6-1 Mark Carter

Wayne Jones 6-0 Stuart Bousfield

John Part 6-3 Colin Monk

Peter Wright 6-2 Christian van Overdijk

Paul Nicholson 6-3 Andy Hamilton

Sebastijan Pecjak 6-2 Peter Manley

Raymond van Barneveld 6-2 Steve Grubb


Bates 6-2 Mensur Suljovic

Robert Thornton 6-4 Jyhan Artut

Denis Ovens 6-2 Andries Sterk

Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Dave Ladley

Co Stompe 6-2 Maik Langendorf

Colin Osborne 6-1 Axel Vollmer

Jamie Caven 6-1 Ingo Vogt

Mervyn King 6-2 Julio Barbero Gonzalez

Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Joe Cullen

Mark Walsh 6-0 Marko Kantele

Krzysztof Ratajski 6-5 Jelle Klaasen

James Wade 6-2 Bernd Roith

Roland Scholten 6-0 Antonio Alcinas

Toon Greebe 6-4 Kevin Painter

Mark Dudbridge 6-1 Richard van Zijtveld

Losers £500

Third Round

Phil Taylor 6-1 Kevin McDine

Vincent van der Voort 6-5 Steve Beaton

Adrian Lewis 6-5 Andy Smith

Wes Newton 6-0 Wim Mink

Terry Jenkins 6-3 Andree Welge

Alan Tabern 6-2 Wayne Jones

John Part 6-3 Peter Wright

Paul Nicholson 6-3 Sebastijan Pecjak

Raymond van Barneveld 6-2 Barrie Bates

Denis Ovens 6-4 Robert Thornton

Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Co Stompe

Colin Osborne 6-4 Jamie Caven

Mervyn King 6-4 Kirk Shepherd

Mark Walsh 6-4 Krzysztof Ratajski

James Wade 6-1 Roland Scholten

Toon Greebe 6-4 Mark Dudbridge

Losers £1,000

Fourth Round

Phil Taylor 6-1 Vincent van der Voort

Adrian Lewis 6-2 Wes Newton

Terry Jenkins 6-5 Alan Tabern

Paul Nicholson 6-1 John Part

Raymond van Barneveld 6-3 Denis Ovens

Ronnie Baxter 6-2 Colin Osborne

Mervyn King 6-3 Mark Walsh

James Wade 6-3 Toon Greebe

Losers £2,000

Quarter-Finals (Sunday 12pm)

Phil Taylor v Adrian Lewis

Terry Jenkins v Paul Nicholson

Raymond van Barneveld v Ronnie Baxter

Mervyn King v James Wade

Losers £3,000

Best of 15 legs


Losers £5,000

Best of 17 legs


Winner £20,000

Runner-Up £10,000

Best of 21 legs

Prize Fund

Winner: £20,000

Runner-Up: £10,000

3rd-4th: £5,000

5th-8th: £3,000

9th-16th: £2,000

17th-32nd: £1,000

33rd-64th: £500

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