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Article: PDC Darts Premier League week 7

PDC Darts Premier League week 7

Beat the Bookies with Chris Clegg - The Premier League Darts leading Tipster!!

Last week Chris predicted a successful double which paid 29:1 so let’s see what he thinks for this week.

Darting Tips: flights of fancy to stem the diminishing tide of money perhaps…that would shaft the bookies, wouldn’t it?

Hope you’re not board with the darting punditry?

When you contemplate The Premier League you think of Manchester United, don’t you?

You picture their epic duels with Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea; not to mention their most fierce rivals, Manchester City.

This week’s action is in Birmingham as the king plays the wizard.

Well this is a different wizard – he has long blond hair and hails from down under – he’s the Wizard of Oz, you see.

And the King is Mervyn – Ipswich, England, born and bred.

Who will win? One way to find out…watch the action on Thursday evening, live on Sky Sports.

The King has been imperious this season and is the closest rival to the legend that is Phil Taylor.

The Wizard started magically but his cauldron has gone off the boil of late – the machine turned him off last week in Brighton.

The King will reign in Brum: Victory for Mervyn.

This week the Machine faces the Bully; that’s James Wade against Terry Jenkins in the darting world.

Terry was well and truly Bullied last week against Taylor and will be reeling.

This one will be close as Jenks attempts to bounce back (7-7 perhaps…)

It’s Barney against the Rocket, Raymond takes on Ronnie. These two boys are well and truly back in the darting town and will give us a treat in Birmingham.

However, both failed to win last week, and may struggle to get over the finishing line in front on Thursday; another draw perhaps?

Potentially, the game of the week is the Power against the Jackpot: Phil against Adie. Now, Phil got his name the power by ruthlessly battering every opponent to their darting death in (almost) every tournament there has ever been, over and over, and over again.

Adie, however, got his name by winning a jackpot on a fruit machine in Las Vegas…only to be ordered to give it back as he was underage at the time… Will there be a power shift on Thursday?

Will the jackpot claim his winnings? Somehow I don’t think so… It will be a Power-walk in the park on Thursday for Phil.

I’m off to open a bottle of Becks and get ready for the action.

Tip of the week:

Its doubles for dough this week as Jenkins and Wade share the spoils 7-7; and Baxter and Barneveld also fail to beat each other.

The draw double is pushing 30/1 at the bookies.

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