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ARRON MONK won his third PDC Unicorn event of 2012 with a 4-2 victory over Liam Showell in the final of Sunday^s tournament at the Rivermead Centre in Reading.

The former World Under-21 Champion continued his strong start to the year, following up his double of wins in Derby last month by taking the £500 prize in Event Six.

Having failed to win past the Last 16 in either of Saturday^s events, Monk bounced back strongly in Event Six, defeating Ryan Maher and Jake Jones before whitewashing Rhys Hayden and Keegan Brown to reach the semi-finals.

After defeating Adam Hunt 4-1 to reach the final, he took a 4-2 victory over Showell to claim the first prize.

Basildon^s Showell, 19, overcame both of Saturday^s winners, Michael Smith and James Hubbard, on his way to the semi-finals, where he was a 4-3 winner against Hull teenager Jake Patchett.

Hunt - who won the inaugural Youth Tour event in 2011 - won through to the other semi-final, defeating full PDC Tour Card holders Shaun Griffiths and Jamie Lewis before losing out to Monk.

Lewis, Brown, Hubbard and Swindon^s Chris Aubrey all reached the quarter-finals, with Harry Miles - one of the Rileys Qualifiers for the Speedy Services UK Open next month - reaching the Last 16 before losing 4-3 to Brown.

The second of seven PDC Unicorn Youth Tour weekends to be held this year saw over 120 players competing at the Rivermead Centre.

The next PDC Unicorn Youth Tour events will be held in Germany at the Ramada Hotel in Bruehl, Cologne on Saturday June 2 and Sunday June 3, with three further tournaments to be held over the weekend.

Entry costs £30 per event via the PDC Online Entry System accessed through

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event Six
First Round
Joshua Carter 4-2 Matthew Dicken
Shaun Griffiths 4-1 James O^Connor
Shane Friedlander 4-0 James Young
Martin Walker 4-2 Luke Broadbent
Brandon Walsh 4-1 John Esam
Rees Hall 4-1 Robert Raine
Jamie Lewis 4-2 Curtis Bagley
Michael Blake 4-0 Benjamin Sutton
Lewis Oliver 4-1 Lee Whitworth
Aden Kirk 4-0 Michael Finch
Keegan Brown 4-0 Aaron Bateman
Ryan Harrington 4-1 Curtis Hammond
Samuel Head 4-3 Steve Haggerty
Ricky Evans 4-2 Tommy Lishman
Harry Miles 4-0 Jack Morris
Darren Whittingham 4-0 Kirsty Haw
George Killington 4-1 Alexander Topper
Jake Jones 4-0 Ryan Sullivan
Reece Robinson 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Jack Tweddell 4-1 Samuel Price
Liam Showell 4-1 Christopher Quantock
William Robbins 4-2 Ash Khayat
Ben Songhurst 4-1 Kirk Deruyter
Brandonn Monk 4-0 Jack Hill
Andrew Clark 4-3 Lewis Venes
Joe Davis 4-1 Ryan Guinnane
Dan Read 4-1 John Seagrave
Leon Bailey 4-2 Ryan Herrington
Nicholas Day 4-0 Joe Thompson
James Hubbard 4-2 Josh Jones
Paddy Meaney 4-1 Hermie van Orsouw
Jake Patchett 4-0 Robert Marsden
Jack Marriner 4-0 Luke Humphries
Sam Hamilton 4-3 Carl Draper
Nathan Aspinall 4-1 Dan Dean
Matt Gallett 4-1 Peter Browning
Chris Aubrey 4-1 Rhys Dudley
Sam Davidson 4-0 Jake Pennington
Tom Smith 4-1 Connor Durham
Oliver Stell 4-0 Daniel King-Morris

Second Round
Joshua Carter 4-3 Nathan Street
Shaun Griffiths 4-3 Shane Friedlander
Adam Hunt 4-2 Martin Walker
Brandon Walsh 4-2 Rees Hall
James Thompson 4-0 Anthony Bonner
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Michael Blake
Craig Brown 4-3 Sam Hill
Aden Kirk 4-0 Lewis Oliver
Keegan Brown 4-1 Josh McCarthy
Samuel Head 4-2 Ryan Harrington
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 Ricky Evans
Harry Miles 4-2 Darren Whittingham
Arron Monk 4-2 Ryan Maher
Jake Jones 4-0 George Killington
Rhys Hayden 4-1 Liam Knill
Reece Robinson 4-3 Jack Tweddell
Liam Showell 4-0 Mike Nissen
Ben Songhurst 4-1 William Robbins
Michael Smith 4-3 Brandonn Monk
Andrew Clark 4-3 Joe Davis
Adam Hart 4-3 Wouter Vaes
Dan Read 4-1 Leon Bailey
Thomas Chant 4-1 Kacey Jones
James Hubbard 4-1 Nicholas Day
Paddy Meaney 4-1 Joe Hunt
Jake Patchett 4-1 Jack Marriner
Matthew Dennant 4-2 Sam Hamilton
Matt Gallett 4-2 Nathan Aspinall
Sam Hewson 4-2 Kirsty Hutchinson
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Sam Davidson
Jamie Landon 4-1 Ross Dalton-Short
Oliver Stell 4-0 Tom Smith

Third Round
Shaun Griffiths 4-0 Joshua Carter
Adam Hunt 4-2 Brandon Walsh
Jamie Lewis 4-2 James Thompson
Aden Kirk 4-0 Craig Brown
Keegan Brown 4-2 Samuel Head
Harry Miles 4-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Arron Monk 4-1 Jake Jones
Rhys Hayden 4-1 Reece Robinson
Liam Showell 4-3 Ben Songhurst
Michael Smith 4-0 Andrew Clark
Dan Read 4-0 Adam Hart
James Hubbard 4-2 Thomas Chant
Jake Patchett 4-3 Paddy Meaney
Matt Gallett 4-1 Matthew Dennant
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Sam Hewson
Oliver Stell 4-2 Jamie Landon
Losers £50

Fourth Round
Adam Hunt 4-0 Shaun Griffiths
Jamie Lewis 4-1 Aden Kirk
Keegan Brown 4-3 Harry Miles
Arron Monk 4-0 Rhys Hayden
Liam Showell 4-2 Michael Smith
James Hubbard 4-1 Dan Read
Jake Patchett 4-1 Matt Gallett
Chris Aubrey 4-2 Oliver Stell
Losers £75

Adam Hunt 4-3 Jamie Lewis
Arron Monk 4-0 Keegan Brown
Liam Showell 4-2 James Hubbard
Jake Patchett 4-0 Chris Aubrey
Losers £100

Arron Monk 4-1 Adam Hunt
Liam Showell 4-3 Jake Patchett
Losers £200

Arron Monk 4-2 Liam Showell
Winner £500
Runner-Up £300

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