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Article: Lloyd Claims Third Win Of 2008

Lloyd Claims Third Win Of 2008

COLIN LLOYD defeated Wayne Mardle in a five-set thriller to take a third PDC Pro Tour win of the year in the Windy City Open Players Championship.

Lloyd followed up some impressive recent form to take his first ranking tournament win since March, having reached the quarter-finals of a Players Championship in Holland a fortnight ago and the semis in Northern Ireland last week.

This time, he went all the way to the title, with early wins over Americans Leo Ennis and Bill Davis followed by a narrow defeat of Matt Clark and a 3-0 win over Tony Eccles as he moved into the semi-finals.

Steve Maish pegged back a two-set deficit against Lloyd in the semis, but paid for missed doubles as the former World Matchplay champion took victory.

He then edged out Mardle with a strong finish in the final, with the Romford man winning sets one and three without reply only for Lloyd to take the second and fourth 2-1 to send the match into a decider.

Lloyd maintained his momentum to win back-to-back legs in the fifth set and claim the £5,000 first prize - and jump up two places in the PDC Order of Merit to seventh.

Mardle^s run to the final was his best display of the year as he returned to competitive action for the first time since the Stan James World Matchplay.

He was taken to five sets by Mark Walsh, Denis Ovens and Michael van Gerwen en route to the final to claim the £2,500 pay-day as runner-up.

Maish^s run to the semi-finals was his best performance of the year to date, and moved him up the Players Championship Order of Merit ahead of the pivotal double-header in Wales next weekend - after which the qualifiers for the Sky Poker World Grand Prix are known.

Tony Eccles jumped into the provisional 12 places for PDPA members with his run to the last eight, where he lost to Lloyd after defeating Shawn Brenneman, Barrie Bates and Andy Hamilton.

Walsh^s run to the semis included a victory in the last eight over American Ray Carver - who returned to action in top form but finished one game short of jumping above third-placed David Fatum in the North American Order of Merit to win a World Darts Championship place.

Number one seed Ronnie Baxter, last year^s champion, was a first round casualty, losing to Canadian qualifier Bob Sinnaeve.

The tournament was held at the Radisson Hotel in Northbrook, Chicago - with the Windy City turned into the Wet City by an unprecedented seven inches of rain on Saturday.

Windy City Open Players Championship

Preliminary Round

Bob Sinnaeve 3-2 Ron Colvard

Larry Butler 3-0 Dave Switzer

Mick McGowan 3-0 Jared Gurman

Joe Chaney 3-0 Dan Lauby

Danny DeRosa 3-2 Pete Riehl

Steve Cusick 3-1 Michael Rosenauer

Scott Cummings 3-1 Jason Watt

Dieter Schutsch 3-1 Isen Veljic

Kory Nichols 3-0 Adrian W Lewis

Leo Ennis 3-1 Brian Wendzonka

Jayson Barlow 3-0 Elliott Milk

William Penn Bye (Tony Paine)

Dan Olson 3-0 Kyle Gregory

Joe Slivan 3-1 Kurt Hartman

Ryan Loch 3-0 Lance Allen

Timmy Nicoll 3-0 Gil Gementiza

Shawn Brenneman 3-0 Brian Blankenhorn

Co Stompe 3-0 Dustin Barnett

Michael Brewer 3-0 Michael Griffin

Mark Walsh 3-0 Bob Adamson

David Wilderman Bye (Donny Joe)

Ed DeBenkhe 3-2 Stuart Brown

David Fatum 3-1 Brenda Roush

Bill Bell 3-1 Manual Lairson

Craig Cook 3-0 Mark Neilsen

Mat Malone 3-1 Robert Race

Frederick Krueger 3-0 Barry Loveless

Chris White 3-1 Scott Kirchner

Dan Morrill 3-0 Chuck Pankow

Dan Zimmerman 3-0 Sean Moran

Tim Prokop 3-0 Chris Greene

Bill Nicoll 3-0 Steve Hertzfeld

Adrian Gray 3-0 Chad Wooten

Brian Blake 3-1 Steve Brown (USA)

Robert Watson-Lang 3-0 Robert Miske


First Round

Bob Sinnaeve 3-2 Ronnie Baxter

Larry Butler 3-0 Darin Young

Joe Chaney 3-2 Mick McGowan

Wes Newton 3-0 Danny DeRosa

Peter Manley 3-2 Steve Cusick

Lionel Sams 3-2 Scott Cummings

Colin Osborne 3-0 Dieter Schutsch

Steve Maish 3-0 Kory Nichols

Colin Lloyd 3-0 Leo Ennis

Bill Davis 3-2 Jayson Barlow

Andy Jenkins 3-0 William Penn

Matt Clark 3-0 Dan Olson

Andy Hamilton 3-1 Joe Slivan

Jacko Barry 3-1 Ryan Loch

Barrie Bates 3-1 Timmy Nicoll

Tony Eccles 3-0 Shawn Brenneman

Terry Jenkins 3-0 Co Stompe

Dave Honey 3-2 Michael Brewer

Mark Walsh 3-0 David Wilderman

Steve Beaton 3-1 Ed DeBenkhe

Alan Tabern 3-0 David Fatum

Ray Carver 3-1 Bill Bell

Kevin Painter 3-1 Craig Cook

Kevin McDine 3-1 Mat Malone

Frederick Krueger Bye (Roland Scholten)

Chris White 3-1 Robert Thornton

Denis Ovens 3-2 Dan Morill

Gary Mawson 3-0 Dan Zimmerman

Wayne Mardle 3-0 Tim Prokop

John Kuczynski 3-2 Bill Nicoll

Adrian Gray 3-0 Brian Blake

Michael van Gerwen 3-2 Robert Watson-Lang

Losers £75


Second Round

Larry Butler 3-2 Bob Sinnaeve

Wes Newton 3-0 Joe Chaney

Lionel Sams 3-0 Peter Manley

Steve Maish 3-0 Colin Osborne

Colin Lloyd 3-0 Bill Davis

Matt Clark 3-1 Andy Jenkins

Andy Hamilton 3-2 Jacko Barry

Tony Eccles 3-1 Barrie Bates

Terry Jenkins 3-1 Dave Honey

Mark Walsh 3-2 Steve Beaton

Ray Carver 3-1 Alan Tabern

Kevin McDine 3-1 Kevin Painter

Frederick Krueger 3-1 Chris White

Denis Ovens 3-2 Gary Mawson

Wayne Mardle 3-1 John Kuczynski

Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Adrian Gray

Losers £150


Third Round

Wes Newton 3-1 Larry Butler

Steve Maish 3-1 Lionel Sams

Colin Lloyd 3-2 Matt Clark

Tony Eccles 3-1 Andy Hamilton

Mark Walsh 3-2 Terry Jenkins

Ray Carver 3-0 Kevin McDine

Denis Ovens 3-1 Frederick Krueger

Wayne Mardle 3-2 Michael van Gerwen

Losers £300



Steve Maish 3-0 Wes Newton (2-0, 2-0, 2-0)

Colin Lloyd 3-0 Tony Eccles (2-1, 2-0, 2-1)

Mark Walsh 3-1 Ray Carver (2-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-0)

Wayne Mardle 3-2 Denis Ovens (2-1, 1-2, 0-2, 2-1, 2-0)

Losers £600



Colin Lloyd 3-2 Steve Maish (2-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-2, 2-0)

Wayne Mardle 3-2 Mark Walsh (0-2, 2-0, 2-0, 1-2, 2-0)

Losers £1,250



Colin Lloyd 3-2 Wayne Mardle (0-2, 2-1, 0-2, 2-1, 2-0)

Winner £5,000

Runner-Up £2,500


News Updates

Preliminary Round

Qualifier Bob Sinnaeve defeats Ron Colvard 3-2 to reach first round.

2008 Las Vegas Desert Classic qualifiers Larry Butler and Shawn Brenneman progress to round one with 3-0 wins over Dave Switzer and Brian Blankenhorn.

Co Stompe^s win over Dustin Barnett - one of the eight qualifiers to win a place in the main event - puts him into first round.

David Fatum, a semi-finalist in May^s PDC US Open, opens with 3-1 win over Brenda Roush and will play in-form Alan Tabern in last 64.

Steve Cusick, a quarter-finalist in the Kitchener Open Players Championship last month, defeats Germany^s Michael Rosenauer 3-1 and now meets Peter Manley.

Dieter Schutsch defeats Isen Veljic - who lives in Northbrook - 3-1.

Scott Cummings sets up first round meeting with Lionel Sams after 3-1 win over Jason Watt.

Mark Walsh and Adrian Gray progress to last 64 after wins over Bob Adamson and Chad Wooten respectively.

Mick McGowan completes the preliminary round action with 3-0 win over Jared Gurman.


First Round

Andy Jenkins sweeps past William Penn in straight sets.

Terry Jenkins joins namesake Andy in last 32 with 3-0 win over Co Stompe.

Bob Sinnaeve claims a second win of the day, defeating number one seed Ronnie Baxter in five sets, taking four of the final five legs to come from 2-1 down and take victory.

Matt Clark^s straight sets win over Dan Olson sets up last 32 contest with Andy Jenkins.

Steve Beaton wins 3-1 against Ed DeBenkhe to progress, while Kevin Painter overcomes Craig Cook by the same scoreline.

American Chris White, a semi-finalist at the recent Peachtree Open Players Championship, defeats Scotland^s Robert Thornton 3-1.

Wayne Mardle opens with a 4-0 win over Tim Prokop.

Colin Osborne, Wes Newton, Colin Lloyd and Steve Maish move into second round with straight sets wins.

Peter Manley defeats Steve Cusick 3-2, with Bill Davis overcoming Jayson Barlow by the same scoreline.

Michael van Gerwen edges into round two with narrow win over Robert Watson-Lang.

Barrie Bates and Tony Eccles set up meeting in last 32 with wins over Timmy Nicoll and Shawn Brenneman.

Alan Tabern sees off David Fatum 3-0 to move into second round, while Ray Carver overcomes Bill Bell 3-1.

Kevin McDine^s 3-1 win over Mat Malone sets up game with Kevin Painter.

John Kuczynski moves into last 32 with 3-2 win over Bill Nicoll.

Tennessee^s Joe Chaney defeats Mick McGowan 3-2, but Ireland^s Jacko Barry progresses with 3-1 win over Ryan Loch.

Lionel Sams takes five-set win over Scott Cummings.

Larry Butler defeats Darin Young, the North American Order of Merit leader, 3-0.


Second Round

Ray Carver wins battle of left-handers against Alan Tabern to reach last 16.

Frederick Krueger overcomes Chris White 3-1 to book his place in third round.

Steve Maish defeats Colin Osborne in straight sets.

Wins for Colin Lloyd, over Bill Davis, and Matt Clark, against Andy Jenkins, see them progress.

Tony Eccles reaches last 16 with 3-1 defeat of Barrie Bates.

Terry Jenkins and Mark Walsh set up last 16 meeting with wins over Dave Honey and Steve Beaton respectively.

Kevin McDine defeats Kevin Painter 3-1.

Wayne Mardle wins 3-1 against John Kuczynski and now meets Michael van Gerwen, who defeated Adrian Gray in straight sets.

Wes Newton takes out Joe Chaney in straight sets.

Andy Hamilton edges out Jacko Barry in five sets, with Denis Ovens seeing off Gary Mawson, also with a 3-2 win.

Larry Butler overcomes Bob Sinnaeve in a tight 3-2 win.


Third Round

Colin Lloyd takes five-set win over Matt Clark to progress to quarter-finals.

Mark Walsh defeats Terry Jenkins 3-2, and will take on local star Carver in the quarter-finals, following his 3-0 defeat of Kevin McDine.

Wes Newton reaches his first Players Championship quarter-final of the year with 3-1 win over Larry Butler.

Steve Maish will meet Newton in the last eight after 3-1 win over Lionel Sams.

Tony Eccles defeats Andy Hamilton 3-1 to reach quarters, where he meets Lloyd.

Denis Ovens moves into last eight after 3-1 win over Frederick Krueger.

Wayne Mardle celebrates his return to action by reaching quarter-finals with 3-2 defeat of Michael van Gerwen - matching his achievement in his last PDC Pro Tour outing, at the Bobby Bourn Memorial Players Championship in July.



Steve Maish whitewashes Wes Newton to reach his first Players Championship semi-final of 2008.

He will meet Colin Lloyd in the last four, with the Essex star taking a straight sets win over Tony Eccles.

Wayne Mardle comes from 2-1 down to win in five sets against Denis Ovens.

Mark Walsh will meet Mardle in the semis, following a 3-1 win over the final American left in the event, Ray Carver.



Colin Lloyd holds off Steve Maish^s fightback to win a place in the final. Lloyd led 2-0 before Maish took sets three and four by winning four legs out of five, but the Southend man missed doubles in both legs of the deciding set as Lloyd took advantage and seal victory.

He will meet another Essex star in the final, Wayne Mardle, after the Romford man^s 3-2 defeat of Mark Walsh. Walsh took the first set before four successive legs from Mardle put him in front. Walsh edged the fourth in a deciding leg, but Mardle won the fifth without reply to earn his first final of the year.


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