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Article: Las Vegas Desert Classic VII - Day 2

Las Vegas Desert Classic VII - Day 2

KEVIN PAINTER, Alan Tabern and Barrie Bates bounced back to come through Tuesday^s final qualifier were among the final eight qualifiers for the Las Vegas Desert Classic on Tuesday.

The trio all lost in the deciding games of Monday^s first qualifier, but took their second chance to earn a place in the main Desert Classic event.

Painter defeated Richie Blake 5-1 in his deciding game to win his place in the first round, with Tabern a 5-2 winner against former World Champion Steve Beaton.

Bates, meanwhile, overcame World Championship finalist Kirk Shepherd in his decider to put his name in the hat for the first round draw, which will be made later on Tuesday.

Ronnie Baxter hit a nine-darter during a win over Simon Whatley during the event, but fell at the final hurdle when he was defeated 5-3 by Holland^s Jelle Klaasen.

Irishman Mick McGowan and England^s Matt Clark qualified for the second time in three years with their wins over Denis Ovens and Andy Jenkins respectively.

Jenkins missed seven darts for a 5-3 win against Clark before losing out in a deciding leg.

Dennis Smith, who reached the quarter-finals last year, won a place in the tournament with a 5-2 win over Andy Beardmore, a hopeful from Stoke who reached the last 16 on Tuesday in his first attempt to qualify for a major PDC tournament.

Hampshire^s Sam Rooney, who has starred at the Blue Square UK Open as a Pub Qualifier in the past two years, won the final place in the tournament with a 5-3 win over top American player Chris White.

White had knocked out two-time Desert Classic semi-finalist Wes Newton in the first round, while Greg Lewis knocked out Alex Roy.

Mark Dudbridge and Andy Smith were other big names to fall at the first hurdle, losing to David Fatum and Peter Wright respectively.

Tuesday Qualifiers

Jelle Klaasen



Mick McGowan

Dennis Smith

Kevin Painter

Matt Clark

Sam Rooney

Alan Tabern

News Updates

Preliminary Round


^s Steve Brown is eliminated 5-2 by Dan Lauby.

Steve Evans defeats top US lady player Stacy Bromberg, while Germany^s Michael Rosenauer knocks out Dan Olson.

Roger Carter, who hit a nine-darter and went to within a game of qualifying on Monday, is defeated by Dennis Smith.

Russell Stewart and Paul Nicholson, who are representing Australia in the qualifiers, move into the first round with wins.

Jelle Klaasen moves into first round with 5-1 win over Ian Frame.

First Round

Robert Watson-Lang defeats Frederick Krueger 5-1 to progress.

Mark Dudbridge loses 5-4 to David Fatum, who comes from 4-2 down to win.

Chris White knocks out two-time Desert Classic semi-finalist Wes Newton.

Alan Tabern and Michael van Gerwen progress with whitewashes, as does Tony Eccles.

Seeded Andy Smith is dumped 5-1 by Peter Wright, while Alex Roy is defeated 5-3 by Greg Lewis.

Second Round

Steven Harbert defeats Danny Pinhorne 5-4 to move into last 32.

Jelle Klaasen whitewashes Alan Caves to win board four, while Paul Nicholson is board two^s winner after a 5-2 defeat of Mark Carter.

Tony Eccles defeats Mark K Robinson 5-1, while Alan Tabern knocks out Steve Hine.

Scott Kirchner comes from behind to win 5-4 against Robert Watson-Lang in a deciding leg.

World Championship finalist Kirk Shepherd wins 5-1 against Ian Jopling.

Kevin McDine edges out German Michael Rosenauer in a thriller, with the lead changing hands three times before the young Englishman won the decider.

Ronnie Baxter hits nine-darter in winning leg against Simon Whatley.

Dennis Smith ends Colin Osborne^s hopes with a 5-3 win.

Third Round

Kirk Shepherd is the first player through to the deciders after his 5-4 win over Steven Harbert.

Alan Tabern overcomes Michael van Gerwen 5-2 to continue his challenge, and will now meet Steve Beaton for a place in the Desert Classic.

Denis Ovens and Mick McGowan to battle for place in the main tournament after their wins against Brian Derbyshire and Scott Kirchner.

Jelle Klaasen defeats Wayne Atwood 5-1.

Andy Jenkins and Matt Clark see off Robbie Newland and Dave Honey to progress.

Ronnie Baxter^s win over Paul Nicholson means he will meet Klaasen for a place in the Desert Classic, having lost to the Dutchman in Monday^s first round.

Chris White defeats Kevin McDine in a deciding leg to move into the last 16.

Barrie Bates ends the hopes of American star John Kuczynski in a final-leg contest.

Kevin Painter sees off Tony Eccles 5-1 and will face Richie Blake for a place in the main event.

David Fatum^s hopes of a place in the Desert Classic are ended in a final-leg battle with Sam Rooney.

Dennis Smith sees off Ben Burton to set up decider with Andy Beardmore.

Fourth Round

Jelle Klaasen takes out 127 on the bullseye to defeat Ronnie Baxter and win a place in the main tournament.

Andy Jenkins misses seven darts to defeat Matt Clark 5-3, eventually losing in a deciding leg.

Irishman Mick McGowan defeats Denis Ovens 5-2 to qualify, repeating his success of 2006.

Alan Tabern wins 5-2 against Steve Beaton to book his place in the Desert Classic.

Kevin Painter, the number two seed, wins 5-1 against English hopeful Richie Blake to qualify.

Welshman Barrie Bates qualifies for main tournament with a 5-3 win over World Championship finalist Kirk Shepherd.

Hampshire^s Sam Rooney wins 5-3 against America^s Chris White to book his place in the main event.

Dennis Smith claimed the final qualifying spot with a 5-2 win over Stoke^s Andy Beardmore.

Las Vegas Desert Classic VII Qualifiers - Day Two Results

Preliminary Round

Stuart Holden 5-0 Eddie Lawrence

Brian Cyr Bye (David Wilderman)

Simon Whatley 5-1 David Uribe

Paul Nicholson 5-1 Lee Williams

Gary Broomhead 5-0 James Stephenson

Scott Burnett 5-1 Donnie Strode

Wayne Atwood 5-0 Peter Walford

Jerry Hull 5-0 Robert Heckman

Jelle Klaasen 5-1 Ian Frame

Joe Slivan 5-1 Anthony Clark

John Dawes 5-3 Napoleon McPherson

Jim Withers 5-0 Kenji Mayama

Steve Mason 5-1 Bobby Peters

Peter Webb 5-2 Marcus Maraits

Ian Jopling 5-0 Niall Rooney

Brian Jones Bye (Tomokazu Onoda)

Danny Pinhorne Bye (Keith Luck)

Tony Ayres 5-2 Darren Moulsley

Danny King 5-1 Bryan Willis

Joseph Swick 5-4 Mena Maximo

Brian Derbyshire 5-0 Vasilios Gavrielatos

Dale Masterman 5-3 Dave Ley

Steve Cusick 5-2 Ron Peppers

Stephen Panuncialman Bye (Darren Dixon)

Scott Kirchner Bye (John Murray)

Dennis Smith 5-1 Roger Carter

Mark Tiller 5-4 Graham Warburton

Andy Mason 5-3 John Hursey

Tom Wilson 5-4 Sam Sawyer

Steve Evans 5-3 Stacy Bromberg

Andy Beardmore 5-2 Anton Pein

Andy Relf 5-0 Joe Formica

Alan Reynolds 5-0 Ben Hendon

Kit Young 5-4 Terry Takacs

Mark Billing 5-0 Chris Chadwick

Rocco Maes 5-4 Steve Hills

Tony Eccles 5-0 Steve Perkins

Cyril Pearce Bye (Mark Card)

Karl Loiseau Bye (Alan Codlin)

Richie Blake 5-0 Marc Garcia

Keith Bedding 5-2 Anthony Eugenia

Eddie White 5-2 Steve Grubb

Dave Cameron 5-1 Terry Stewart

Dave Ansell 5-4 Philip Smith

Mark Stephenson 5-4 Gordon Dixon

Sean Palfrey Bye (Danny White)

Matt Clark 5-0 Sue Cusick

Kim Whiffen 5-4 Gary Blades

Takeyama Daisuke 5-2 Mark Neilsen

Dave Honey 5-0 Dave Essex

John Rutherford 5-0 Isaac Julian

Nick Rivera 5-2 John Ferrell

Sam Rooney 5-0 Dennis Sayre Jnr

John Worthington 5-1 Alan Wyatt

Paul Cohen 5-3 Jimmy Williams

Aaron Turner 5-2 Jason Smith

Michael Rosenauer 5-1 Dan Olson

Isen Veljic 5-3 John Quantock

Lee Holden 5-3 Tony Thompson

Steve Hine 5-1 Jayson Barlow

Russell Stewart 5-2 Steve Farrow

Gregor Cruickshank 5-2 Steve Hogan

Kevin Dowling 5-0 Robbie Clear

Ken MacNeill 5-0 Roger Goswell

Dan Lauby 5-2 Steve Brown

Alan Matthews 5-0 Pete Reihl

First Round

Ronnie Baxter 5-1 Lee Holden

Simon Whatley 5-4 Brian Cyr

Mark Carter 5-0 Brenda Roush

Paul Nicholson 5-0 Gary Broomhead

Alan Warriner-Little 5-4 Davey Harris

Wayne Atwood 5-4 Scott Burnett

Alan Caves 5-0 Stephen Grant

Jelle Klaasen 5-1 Jerry Hull


Bates 5-0 Phil Jones

Joe Slivan 5-2 John Dawes

John Kuczynski 5-2 Pat Breithaupt

Jim Withers 5-1 Steve Mason

Kirk Shepherd 5-0 Steve Randall

Ian Jopling 5-1 Peter Webb

Steven Harbert 5-0 Gilbert Llanes

Danny Pinhorne 5-1 Brian Jones

Denis Ovens 5-3 Ron Colvard

Tony Ayres 5-1 Danny King

Mark Frost 5-1 Dan Zimmerman

Brian Derbyshire 5-3 Joseph Swick

Mick McGowan 5-2 Dave Smith

Steve Cusick 5-0 Dale Masterman

Robert Watson-Lang 5-1 Frederick Krueger

Scott Kirchner 5-4 Stephen Panuncialman

Colin Osborne 5-3 Taro Yachi

Dennis Smith 5-2 Mark Tiller

Ben Burton 5-4 Paul Lim

Tom Wilson 5-0 Andy Mason

Greg Lewis 5-3 Alex Roy

Andy Beardmore 5-3 Steve Evans

Scott Cummings 5-4 Martyn Graham

Alan Reynolds 5-1 Andy Relf

Kevin Painter 5-2 Kit Young

Rocco Maes 5-0 Mark Billing

Mark K Robinson 5-4 Thomas Jackowski

Tony Eccles 5-0 Cyril Pearce

Gary Mawson 5-3 Par Rihonen

Richie Blake 5-1 Karl Loiseau

Grant Firminger 5-3 Christopher Eberley

Eddie White 5-1 Keith Bedding

Andy Jenkins 5-0 Geoff Dyer

Dave Cameron 5-1 Dave Ansell

Robbie Newland 5-1 Alexander Plachutin

Mark Stephenson 5-3 Sean Palfrey

Peter Wright 5-1 Andy Smith

Matt Clark 5-3 Kim Whiffen

Nigel Panton 5-0 Scott Clifford

Dave Honey 5-2 Takeyama Daisuke

David Fatum 5-4 Mark Dudbridge

Nick Rivera 5-3 John Rutherford

Steve Smith 5-2 Masahiko Sano

Sam Rooney 5-1 John Worthington

Chris White 5-2 Wes Newton

Aaron Turner 5-0 Paul Cohen

Kevin McDine 5-0 Dale Arthur

Michael Rosenauer 5-0 Isen Veljic

Alan Tabern 5-0 Danny Llanes

Steve Hine 5-1 Lee Holden

Michael van Gerwen 5-0 Geoff Daniels

Russell Stewart 5-3 Gregor Cruickshank

Steve Beaton 5-0 Robert Race

Kevin Dowling 5-4 Ken MacNeill

Richie Burnett 5-0 Tony Little

Dan Lauby 5-2 Alan Matthews

Second Round

Ronnie Baxter 5-2 Simon Whatley ** Ronnie Baxter hits nine-darter

Paul Nicholson 5-2 Mark Carter

Wayne Atwood 5-1 Alan Warriner-Little

Jelle Klaasen 5-0 Alan Caves


Bates 5-3 Joe Slivan

John Kuczynski 5-4 Jim Withers

Kirk Shepherd 5-1 Ian Jopling

Steven Harbert 5-4 Danny Pinhorne

Denis Ovens 5-3 Tony Ayres

Brian Derbyshire 5-2 Mark Frost

Mick McGowan 5-1 Steve Cusick

Scott Kirchner 5-4 Robert Watson-Lang

Dennis Smith 5-3 Colin Osborne

Ben Burton 5-4 Tom Wilson

Andy Beardmore 5-2 Greg Lewis

Scott Cummings 5-4 Alan Reynolds

Kevin Painter 5-3 Rocco Maes

Tony Eccles 5-1 Mark K Robinson

Richie Blake 5-4 Gary Mawson

Eddie White 5-1 Grant Firminger

Andy Jenkins 5-0 Dave Cameron

Robbie Newland 5-4 Mark Stephenson

Matt Clark 5-4 Peter Wright

Dave Honey 5-0 Nigel Panton

David Fatum 5-4 Nick Rivera

Sam Rooney 5-4 Steve Smith

Chris White 5-3 Aaron Turner

Kevn McDine 5-4 Michael Rosenauer

Alan Tabern 5-2 Steve Hine

Michael van Gerwen 5-4 Russell Stewart

Steve Beaton 5-3 Kevin Dowling

Dan Lauby 5-2 Richie Burnett

Third Round

Ronnie Baxter 5-3 Paul Nicholson

Jelle Klaasen 5-1 Wayne Atwood


Bates 5-4 John Kuczynski

Kirk Shepherd 5-4 Steven Harbert

Denis Ovens 5-2 Brian Derbyshire

Mick McGowan 5-0 Scott Kirchner

Dennis Smith 5-2 Ben Burton

Andy Beardmore 5-1 Scott Cummings

Kevin Painter 5-1 Tony Eccles

Richie Blake 5-0 Eddie White

Andy Jenkins 5-1 Robbie Newland

Matt Clark 5-3 Dave Honey

Sam Rooney 5-4 David Fatum

Chris White 5-4 Kevin McDine

Alan Tabern 5-2 Michael van Gerwen

Steve Beaton 5-0 Dan Lauby

Losers £100

Fourth Round

Jelle Klaasen 5-3 Ronnie Baxter


Bates 5-3 Kirk Shepherd

Mick McGowan 5-2 Denis Ovens

Dennis Smith 5-2 Andy Beardmore

Kevin Painter 5-1 Richie Blake

Matt Clark 5-4 Andy Jenkins

Sam Rooney 5-3 Chris White

Alan Tabern 5-2 Steve Beaton

Losers £200

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