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Article: Fordham needs liver transplant

Fordham needs liver transplant

Andy Fordham, the former World Champion, needs a liver transplant to stay alive after years of heavy drinking.

^I can^t blame anybody but myself^ said Andy Fordham who ballooned to 30-stone after turning to drink to calm his nerves before matches

The star of ITV^s Celebrity Fit Club has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver brought on by drinking sessions in which he would consume upwards of 60 bottles of beer a day.

The 46-year-old publican, who ballooned to 30-stone, first became aware that he was ill after collapsing in January last year during a competition.

Since then he has become teetotal and slimmed to 17 stone.

But Fordham has now been told he needs a new liver.

The player, nicknamed The Viking, said: "I can^t blame anybody but myself. I^ve had enough warnings from doctors down the years.

"You think it^s one of those things that won^t happen to you, but it has."

Fordham turned to drink to calm his nerves before matches and boozed away from darts at the pub he ran in Dartford, Kent.

He said: "Each night I^d probably have around 20 bottles, then start on the vodka or brandy or both.

"The most I ever drank in one day was 60 bottles – and that was to celebrate my wedding anniversary in 2003."

His wife Jenny, 45, persuaded him to take up an invitation to star on Celebrity Fit Club.

He lost three stone – but put it back on after the series ended.

Then in January last year he collapsed at the world championships.

Fordham, who won the title in 2004, said: "Most people thought it was to do with my heart. But after a few days of tests the doctors told me my liver was in a bad way."

"Once, touch wood, I have the operation I can start knuckling down a bit."

He now owns a pub in Thames-mead, South East London, and is preparing to write his life story while he waits for a date for the operation.

Story by: The Telegraph


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