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Article: Darts: PDC Media Release - German Double For Taylor

Darts: PDC Media Release - German Double For Taylor

PHIL TAYLOR completed a Players Championship double in Germany with a 6-1 victory over Adrian Lewis in Sunday^s tournament.

Taylorhad whitewashed Stoke rival Lewis to claim Saturday^s £6,000 title, and maintained his dominance over the youngster 24 hours later.

Lewis looked set to suffer a repeat of Saturday^s scoreline when Taylor powered into a 5-0 lead in the final, before winning the sixth leg to get off the mark.

But any hopes of a comeback were short-lived as Taylor hit a 180 and a 98 finish in a 12-dart leg to seal victory.

The win was Taylor^s fourth successive Players Championship victory this year and takes his 2009 earnings to £199,000.

Kevin Painter became the closest player to defeating Taylor over the weekend in Sunday^s semi-final, coming from 3-1 down to lead 5-4 before the world number one took the final two legs.


had defeated Nick Fullwell, Ian Perkins, Bernd Roith and Steve Beaton to reach the quarter-finals, where he disposed of Matt Clark.

Lewis^ return to form continued with a second successive run to the final, earning him £6,000 over the weekend.

He was a 6-4 winner against Alan Tabern in the semis, after victories over Robert Thornton, Adrian Gray and Jacko Barry earlier in the day.

Painter^s appearance in the semi-finals was his second on the PDC Pro Tour this year, and he included an impressive 6-0 win over Jelle Klaasen in his victories on the day.

Former Lakeside champion Mark Webster gained his first victory in the PDC when he defeated German Michael Rosenauer before losing 6-2 to Terry Jenkins.

Kevin McDine knocked out Colin Osborne and Toon Greene on his way to the quarters, while Steve Maish defeated Co Stompe and Denis Ovens in reaching the last eight.

Players Championship (Sunday)

Preliminary Round

Remco van Eijden 6-5 Andrew Davies

Bernd Roith 6-1 Sandro Voight

Detlev Haut Bye (Oliver Erckmann timed out)

Mensur Suljovic 6-0 Jonny Nijs

Andy Krockel 6-0 Gordon Shumway

Sladan Nedic 6-5 Dylan Duo

Barry Zander 6-0 Rudiger Lohse

Michael Barnard 6-4 Justin Pipe

Marko Puls 6-1 Craig Wilson

Rocco Maes 6-4 Heiko Gallinat

Marcel Hausotter 6-2 Jurgen Demler

Gary Mawson 6-2 Patrick Bulen

Jan van der Rassel 6-3 Dave Honey

Sebastijan Pecjak 6-5 Bobby Biemanns

Christian Kotal 6-0 Andy Nitzinger

John Quantock 6-1 Markus Scheck

Toon Greebe 6-4 Colin Monk

Francisco Cruz 6-0 Gustav Graf

Swen Seifert 6-1 Tobias Rolf

Bryan de Hoog 6-1 Hannes Pfaff

Paul Rothuizen 6-2 Holger Rettig

Nandor Bezzeg 6-1 Garunakumar Markandu


Welding 6-1 Yves Cottenje

Jarkko Komula 6-3 Michael Wolf

Erwin Renkema 6-5 Marko Kantele

Jon Archer 6-2 Dirk Wurzler

Jim Leighton 6-0 David Platt

Maik Langendorf 6-0 Alan Caves

Bernhard Kraus 6-0 Michael Rahlf

Steve Brown 6-0 Matheus Ziolkowski

Chris Thompson 6-4 Braulio Roncero

David Fatum 6-1 Mario Masurka

Andree Welge 6-4 Didier De Vuyst

Karsten Koch 6-3 Dennis Smith

First Round

Phil Taylor (1) 6-0 Nick Fullwell

Ian Perkins 6-3 Dennis Koenen

Mick McGowan (32) 6-3 Remco van Eijden

Bernd Roith 6-1 Detlev Haut

Steve Beaton (16) 6-3 Andries Sterk

Bob Valies 6-2 Christian Stehmann

Andy Jenkins (17) 6-3 Chris Cooper

Mensur Suljovic 6-2 Andy Krockel

Andy Hamilton (8) 6-0 Olaf Tupuschis

Hannes Schnier 6-1 Jorg Blomenkamp

Wes Newton (25) 6-3 Ben Burton

Barry Zander 6-4 Sladan Nedic

Mark Walsh (9) 6-2 Danny Pinhorne

Frank Liebeton 6-5 Lambert Schluga

Matt Clark (24) 6-2 Geoff Whitworth

Marko Puls 6-2 Michael Barnard

Colin Lloyd (5) 6-0 Dieter Schutsch

Tony Ayres 6-2 Harold Willemann

Jelle Klaasen (28) 6-0 Andreas Stock

Rocco Maes 6-2 Marcel Hausotter

Kevin Painter (12) 6-3 Dennis Zijderhand

Par Riihonen 6-1 Detlef Vrba

Michael van Gerwen (21) 6-1 Mark Jodrill

Jan van der Rassel 6-4 Gary Mawson

Colin Osborne (4) 6-0 Russell Mason

Tomas Seyler 6-0 Rolf Kaiser

Kevin McDine (29) 6-2 Ian Jopling

Sebastijan Pecjak 6-5 Christian Kotal

Wayne Jones (13) 6-3 Erwin Extercatte

Darren Johnson 6-1 Frank Kahike

Chris Mason (20) 6-2 Lucio Rave

Toon Greebe 6-2 John Quantock

Alan Tabern (2) 6-1 Robert Watson-Lang

Colin Rice 6-3 Simon Craven

Lionel Sams (31) 6-3 Francisco Crus

Bryan de Hoog 6-1 Swen Seifert

Peter Manley (15) 6-2 Wayne Atwood

Jyhan Artut 6-1 Stuart Bousfield

Jamie Caven (18) 6-1 Huseyin Zengin

Nandor Bezzeg 6-5 Paul Rothuizen

Mark Dudbridge (7) 6-1 Daniel Kivellus

Dave Smith 6-2 Javier Pia Costa

Co Stompe 6-4 Barrie Bates (26)

Jarkko Komula 6-2 Gary Welding

Denis Ovens (10) 6-5 Arron Monk

Steve Grubb 6-4 Jason Clark

Steve Maish (23) 6-5 Christian Overdijk

Erwin Renkema 6-3 Jon Archer

Robert Thornton (6) 6-1 Richard van Zijtveld

Peter Wright 6-2 Peter Seidl

Carlos Rodriguez (27) 6-0 John Lokken

Maik Langendorf 6-5 Jim Leighton

Vincent van der Voort (11) 6-2 Martyn Turner

Patrick Loos 6-2 Carlo Sessini

Tony Eccles (22) 6-2 Kevin Wensink

Steve Brown 6-4 Bernhard Kraus

Terry Jenkins (3) 6-3 Brendan Dolan

Mark Webster 6-2 Michael Rosenauer

Adrian Gray (30) 6-4 Dyson Parody

David Fatum 6-5 Chris Thompson

Adrian Lewis (14) 6-5 Dave Ladley

Peter van der Broek 6-1 Steve Randall

Jacko Barry 6-4 Andy Smith (19)

Andree Welge 6-4 Karsten Koch

Second Round

Phil Taylor 6-1 Ian Perkins

Bernd Roith 6-4 Mick McGowan

Steve Beaton 6-0 Bob Valies

Mensur Suljovic 6-4 Andy Jenkins

Andy Hamilton 6-3 Hannes Schnier

Wes Newton 6-2 Barry Zander

Mark Walsh 6-0 Frank Liebeton

Matt Clark 6-0 Marko Puls

Colin Lloyd 6-3 Tony Ayres

Jelle Klaasen 6-3 Rocco Maes

Kevin Painter 6-3 Par Riihonen

Jan van der Rassel 6-4 Michael van Gerwen

Colin Osborne 6-4 Tomas Seyler

Kevin McDine 6-0 Sebastijan Pecjak

Wayne Jones 6-2 Darren Johnson

Toon Greebe 6-2 Chris Mason

Alan Tabern 6-0 Colin Rice

Lionel Sams 6-4 Bryan de Hoog

Peter Manley 6-1 Jyhan Artut

Jamie Caven 6-5 Nandor Bezzeg

Dave Smith 6-3 Mark Dudbridge

Co Stompe 6-4 Jarkko Komula

Denis Ovens 6-0 Steve Grubb

Steve Maish 6-0 Erwin Renkema

Robert Thornton 6-0 Peter Wright

Maik Langendorf 6-2 Carlos Rodriguez

Vincent van der Voort 6-1 Patrick Loos

Tony Eccles 6-4 Steve Brown

Terry Jenkins 6-2 Mark Webster

Adrian Gray 6-1 David Fatum

Adrian Lewis 6-0 Peter van der Broek

Jacko Barry 6-5 Andree Welge

Losers £200

Third Round

Phil Taylor 6-3 Bernd Roith

Steve Beaton 6-5 Mensur Suljovic

Andy Hamilton 6-2 Wes Newton

Matt Clark 6-4 Mark Walsh

Jelle Klaasen 6-3 Colin Lloyd

Kevin Painter 6-2 Jan van der Rassel

Kevin McDine 6-3 Colin Osborne

Toon Greebe 6-4 Wayne Jones

Alan Tabern 6-1 Lionel Sams

Peter Manley 6-4 Jamie Caven

Co Stompe 6-3 Dave Smith

Steve Maish 6-5 Denis Ovens

Robert Thornton 6-1 Maik Langendorf

Vincent van der Voort 6-3 Tony Eccles

Adrian Gray 6-2 Terry Jenkins

Adrian Lewis 6-3 Jacko Barry

Losers £300

Fourth Round

Phil Taylor 6-2 Steve Beaton

Matt Clark 6-2 Andy Hamilton

Kevin Painter 6-0 Jelle Klaasen

Kevin McDine 6-4 Toon Greebe

Alan Tabern 6-3 Peter Manley

Steve Maish 6-4 Co Stompe

Robert Thornton 6-5 Vincent van der Voort

Adrian Lewis 6-1 Adrian Gray

Losers £400


Phil Taylor 6-2 Matt Clark

Kevin Painter 6-3 Kevin McDine

Alan Tabern 6-3 Steve Maish

Adrian Lewis 6-4 Robert Thornton

Losers £800


Phil Taylor 6-5 Kevin Painter

Adrian Lewis 6-4 Alan Tabern

Losers £1,500


Phil Taylor 6-1 Adrian Lewis

Winner £6,000

Runner-Up £3,000

News Updates

Preliminary Round

Austrian Mensur Suljovic opens his account with 6-0 whitewash of Jonny Nijs.

Jim Leighton, Francisco Crus and Bernhard Kraus also enjoy 6-0 wins.

Chris Thompson defeats Braulio Roncero 6-4.

Jan van der Rassel defeats Dave Honey 6-3, and fellow Dutchman Bryan de Hoog joins him in last 128 with 6-1 defeat of Hans Pfaff.


^s Nandor Bezzeg takes 6-1 win over Garunakumar Markandu.

David Fatum is 6-1 winner against Mario Masurka.


^s Andree Welge defeats Didier De Vuyst 6-4, and Chris Thompson wins by the same scoreline against Braulio Roncero.

Toon Greebe enjoys 6-4 win over Colin Monk.

Barry Zander^s 6-0 win over Rudiger Lohse puts him into first round.

First Round

Saturday^s winner Phil Taylor whitewashes Nick Fullwell 6-0, sealing victory with a ten-darter than included two 177 scores.

Robert Thornton also lands a ten-darter in his 6-1 win over Richard van Zijtveld.

Colin Lloyd enjoys 6-0 win over DIeter Schutsch, and Andy Hamilton whitewashes Olaf Tupuschis.

Steve Beaton moves into last 64 with 6-3 win over Andries Sterk.

Alan Tabern and Mark Dudbridge enjoy 6-1 wins over Robert Watston-Lang and Daniel Kivellus respectively.

Vincent van der Voort, Terry Jenkins, Kevin Painter and Peter Manley also progress.

Denis Ovens hits 11-darter against the throw to win a deciding leg against youngster Arron Monk, who had left 40 after 12 darts.

Colin Rice landed a ten-darter in his win over Simon Craven.

Adrian Lewis comes from behind to win 6-5 against Dave Ladley.

Adrian Gray defeats Dyson Parody 6-4 to move into last 64.

Carlos Rodriguez whitewashes John Lokken 6-0, a scoreline matched by Colin Osborne and Tomas Seyler.

Mark Webster enjoys his first victory since moving onto the PDC circuit with 6-2 defeat of Michael Rosenauer.


^s Jarkko Komula is 6-2 winner against Gary Welding.

Co Stompe takes 6-4 win over Barrie Bates to move into last 64.


^s Jan van der Rassel takes 6-4 win against Gary Mawson.

Steve Grubb edges out Jason Clark 6-4 and now meets Denis Ovens.

David Fatum is a deciding leg winner against Chris Thompson, and Jacko Barry wins 6-4 against Andy Smith.

Second Round

Phil Taylor overcomes Ian Perkins 6-1.

Dave Smith knocks out Mark Dudbridge 6-3, while Terry Jenkins is 6-2 winner against Mark Webster.

Vincent van der Voort moves into last 32 with 6-1 win over Patrick Loos.

Colin Lloyd takes 6-3 victory against Tony Ayres.

Steve Beaton whitewashes Bob Valies to progress.

Adrian Gray enjoys 6-1 win over David Fatum.

Robert Thornton whitewashes Peter Wright and now meets German Maik Langendorf, who is 6-2 winner against Carlos Rodriguez.

Co Stompe edges past Jarkko Komula 6-4, with Jan van der Rassel winning by the same scoreline against Michael van Gerwen.

Bernd Roith knocks out Mick McGowan 6-4 and now takes on Phil Taylor.

Adrian Lewis whitewashes Peter van der Broek.

Third Round

Jelle Klaasen defeats Colin Lloyd 6-3 to become first player into the last 16.

Robert Thornton also reaches round four, defeating Germany^s Maik Langendorf 6-1.

Kevin Painter will now meet Klaasen in the last 16 after his 6-2 defeat of Jan van der Rassel.

Adrian Gray knocks out Terry Jenkins with a 6-2 win.

Vincent van der Voort sets up fourth round meeting with Thornton thanks to 6-3 win over Tony Eccles.

Co Stompe progresses with 6-3 win over Dave Smith.

Andy Hamilton follows up a 121 finish with a 170 game shot in defeating Wes Newton 6-2.

Kevin McDine knocks out Colin Osborne with 6-3 victory.

Adrian Lewis comes from 3-0 down to win 6-3 against Jacko Barry and set up last 16 meeting with Adrian Gray.

Toon Greebe enjoys 6-4 win over Wayne Jones, and now takes on McDine.

Peter Manley defeats Jamie Caven 6-4.

Matt Clark overcomes Mark Walsh 6-4 to set up last 16 meeting with Andy Hamilton.

Steve Maish wins see-saw battle with Denis Ovens in a deciding leg.

Fourth Round

Kevin Painter marches into quarter-finals with 6-0 whitewash of Jelle Klaasen.

Robert Thornton wins exciting final-leg battle with Vincent van der Voort.

Phil Taylor remains on course for back-to-back wins after 6-2 win over Steve Beaton puts him into quarters.

Adrian Lewis^ impressive weekend continues with 6-1 defeat of Adrian Gray.

Kevin McDine sets up quarter-final with Painter thanks to 6-4 win over Toon Greebe.

Alan Tabern completes weekend "double" over Peter Manley with 6-3 victory.

Steve Maish reaches the quarter-finals with a 6-4 win over Co Stompe.

Matt Clark is final fourth round winner, thanks to 6-2 defeat of Andy Hamilton.


Adrian Lewis reaches semi-finals for second time this weekend with 6-4 win over Robert Thornton in high-quality contest.

Kevin Painter^s 6-3 win over Kevin McDine propels him into semis.

Alan Tabern reaches second Players Championship semi-final of 2009 with 6-3 win over Steve Maish.

Phil Taylor^s quest for a fourth Players Championship win in succession continues with 6-2 defeat of Matt Clark.


Adrian Lewis reached his second final of the weekend with a 6-4 win over Alan Tabern. The semi^s first three legs went against the throw to leave Lewis 2-1 up, and he then took the next two on double top to move 4-1 ahead. Tabern took three of the next four to reduce the gap to just one leg, but a 180 from Lewis put him clear in the tenth, and double ten earned his place in the decider.

Phil Taylor came through his toughest test so far this weekend with a 6-5 win over Kevin Painter in the second semi-final. After Painter took the game^s opening leg, three in a row from Taylor put him in command. A 124 finish saw Painter close the game before Taylor went 4-2 up - only for three siccessive legs from Painter to put him 5-4 up and on the brink of victory. But Taylor showed his champion quality, levelling before producing a 12-darter against the throw in the decider, including a 180 and an 85 finish, to book his place in the final.

The all-Stoke final between Taylor and Lewis is a repeat of their meeting on Saturday, which Taylor won 6-0.

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