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Article: Darts News – Alan Towe^s The Line On Darts - Midlands Round Up

Darts News – Alan Towe^s The Line On Darts - Midlands Round Up

In division two of the BDO Inter County Championships West Midlands, in their penultimate and last home fixture of the season registered their best win of the season so far a massive 28-8 victory over bottom of the table Wiltshire.
This was West Midlands biggest win since they won 29-7 at home to Suffolk on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of October 1997 and the first time they have won all four games since March 2014 at home to Northamptonshire.
What a start the ladies ‘B’ had when Sarah Roberts opened up with a 17.89 average over Carol Bowers to give her not only a straight 3-0 win but also her fourth consecutive lady of the match award. Samantha Maiden doubled the lead when she beat Sue Lane 3-2 after Lane had taken a 2-1 lead. A draw was guaranteed as early as the third game with a further 3-1 win from Sophie Singh over Lorraine Kemp and with a similar 3-1 success by Wendy Waine against Jill Little the  match was won in the first four games.
Jacqueline Maiden added her 3-1 against Linzi Holton to the tally before Wiltshire chalked up their one and only winner April Polden beat Claire Hobbs 3-0 in the final game to give the home team a 5-1 victory.
The men’s ‘B’ were aiming to make it three wins in a row and they got the first half off to a good start as Robert Thompson recorded a 3-1 win over Terry Smith and although Stuart Maundrell cancelled out the West Midlands win with his 3-2 success against Neil Pointon it was the home side that went ahead again in the third when Danny Coyle beat Andrew Hoare 3-1.
Coyle’s 3-1 win was followed by two more similar results as Ashe Khayat and Chris Stanley in turn defeated Roy Pryor and Kevin Barefoot.
The running score was taken to 4-2 at the midway point when Robert Bowers (Wiltshire) won 3-1 against Mark Watkiss.
Scott Millin made it two in a row for the away team with his 3-1 win over Gary Watts but Sam Guest restored West Midlands two games buffer when he won 3-2 against Jon House.
Robert Smith’s 3-0 win against Bob Phillips assured the hosts of at least a share of the points but when Paul Price followed up with another 3-0 win this time over Steve Lane the win was then guaranteed as the running score then stood at 7-3. The win by Price in 18, 17 and 18 darts gave him a 28.36 average and earned him the team’s match award.
Richie Ettwell added another stripe to Wiltshire’s tally when in the penultimate encounter he beat John Mycock 3-0 but taking the final score to 8-4 was Karl Hughes who won his tie with his namesake Connor Hughes 3-2.
The ladies ‘A’ without a win since the opening day’s 6-0 success away to Merseyside had a terrific game which was a carbon copy of their ‘B’ team insomuch as they won the first five games and lost the last. Lisa Astbury winner of six of this season’s seven match awards opened up with a 3-2 win and 17.49 average against Erica Hartnett, but on this occasion it was her team mate and next on Debbie Loon who took the award as she like Lisa won 3-2 but with an 18.90 average against Stacey Day.
Kim Fellows fought all the way for her 3-2 victory as she twice came from behind against Jaine Telling but in the end it was the experienced Fellows that won to take the score to 3-0.
Heather Wright confirmed the win in the fourth with the 3-1 defeat of Joanna Hooke and taking the score nicely along to 5-0 was Gemma Barrett with her straight 3-0 win over Tina Rowlands.
In the final ladies game Shirley Castle (Wiltshire) won 3-1 against Kath Jenkins in a game that could easily have swung either way.
Just one defeat in seven, four wins and two draws that’s was the men’s ‘A’ record prior to the game and it wasn’t long before they were making those statistics look even better. Mark Rollinson won the first 4-0 against Roy Pryor, Richard Platt was pegged back to level terms three times before achieving his 4-3 win over Shane Harvey, Avtar Singh made it 3-0 when he beat Chris Daglish 4-2 and making it 4-0 was Michael Baker with a 29.91 average and the 4-0 defeat of Andrew Southam.
Paul Hopkins looked set to pull one back for Wiltshire when he opened up a 2-0 lead over Mark Craddock and even when Craddock made it all square at 2-2 the away player went ahead again but it was all in vain as Craddock in 15 and 17 darts won the final two legs for a 4-3 victory.
Shawn Carroll made it 6-0 when he won 4-1 against Dave Wicks and ironically Paul Price, the player who had chalked up the winning seventh leg the previous day for the ‘B’ team did it again for the ‘A’ as he defeated Michael Duggan 4-0 taking the running score to 7-0.
As I have said many, many times before "Ian Jones was in tremendous form” he kicked off his game against Anthony Moulder with a superb twelve darts leg hitting 100, 180, 100 and checking out on 121, he followed that with a 17 darts leg, then a 20 darts leg and finally wrapped up a 4-0 win with a 14 darts leg for a fantastic 31.81 average and the match award.
Matt Harris (Wiltshire) took the lead twice against Jonathan Platt only to see Platt win the last three legs for a 4-2 win. Keith Allman won the first two legs against Lee Evans but was unable to stop Evans recording the visitor’s first win as Evans won the next four.
Christopher Mason was certainly in fine finishing form against Dennis Bryant as he checked out on 120 in the first leg, he then lost the second, won third with a 100 outshot and went 3-1 up with another three figure game shot this time 104. Mason rounded off a 4-1 win with a somewhat, by his own standards on the day mediocre 98 finish.
The last game of the weekend went to Wiltshire Paul Boulton beating Glen Cullen 4-2 for a final score of 10-2 to the West Midlands and an overall massive 28-8 victory to give them 160 points and a comfortable mid table position.
Full Results:West Midlands v Wiltshire (28-8):(West Midlands names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Mark Rollinson 4 Roy Pryor 0, Richard Platt 4 Shane Harvey 3, Avtar Singh 4 Chris Daglish 2, Michael Baker 4 Andrew Southam 0, Mark Craddock 4 Paul Hopkins 3, Shawn Carroll 4 Dave Wicks 1, Paul Price 4 Michael Duggan 0, Ian Jones 4 Anthony Moulden 0, Jonathan Platt 4 Matt Harris 2, Keith Allman 2 Lee Evans 4, Christopher Mason 4 Dennis Bryant 1, Glen Cullen 2 Paul Boulton 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Robert Thompson 3 Terry Smith 1, Neil Pointon 2 Stuart Maundrell 3, Danny Coyle 3 Andrew Hoare 1, Ash Khayatt 3 Roy Pryor 1, Chris Stanley 3 Kevin Barefoot 1, Mark Watkiss 1 Robert Bowers 3, Gary Watts 1 Scott Millin 3, Sam Guest 3 Jon House 2, Robert Smith 3 Bob Phillips 0, Paul Price 3 Steve Lane 0, John Mycock 0 Richie Ettwell 3, Karl Hughes 3 Connor Hughes 2, Women’s ‘A’:- Lisa Whitmore 3 Erica Hartnett 2, Debbie Loon 3 Stacey Day 2, Kim Fellows 3 Jaine Telling 2, Heather Wright 3 Joanna Hooke 1, Gemma Barrett 3 Tina Rowlands 0, Kath Jenkins 1 Shirley Castle 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Sarah Roberts 3 Carol Bowers 0, Samantha Maiden 3 Sue Lane 2, Sophie Singh 3 Lorraine Kemp 1, Wendy Waine 3 Jill Little 1, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Linzi Holton 1, Claire Hobbs 0 April Polden 3.
A field of 48 players turned out for the latest Ripley Elite Darts Singles League Open and while the numbers were a little depleted for whatever reason, the quality of play and players were of the highest calibre.
Terry Temple claimed victory and the top prize of £360 in an all PDC clash against James Wilson in a high scoring 6-4 affair both players averaging in the mid eighties. Temple had winning legs of 18, 18, 14, 15, 18 and a fantastic 12 darter in the last leg he also had finishes of 112, 126 and 111 giving him an average of 28.968. Wilson’s reply was 4 x180 and winning legs of 17, 18, 15 and 20 with an average of 28.61 to earn him £160.

REDSL Knockout - Winner Terry Temple (centre), event organiser Daz Brown ( left) and competition director Dawn Buckley

Losing quarter finalists Mick Todd, Daz Johnson, Alan Clegg and Adam Fearn each received £20, while the semi final losers Paul Baker and Wayne Howe picked up £60 each.
Matt Padgett won the first round losers comp beating Colin Rich 3-0.
With over 80 names on the pre registration list it was a rather disappointing turn out, however for the ones that did turn out it was a very enjoyable day of darts and thanks for that go down to Dawn Buckley who as ever ran a well organised and kept the games flowing throughout the competition.
Full Results:Preliminary Round:- James Wilson 4 Lyam Proctor 0, Nigel Daniels 4 Colin Rich 0, Jack Daykin 4 Steve Darcy 1, Tim Rippon 4 Alan Statham 2,  Lee Stanley 4 Craig Brandham 0, Daz Johnson 4 Mark Robinson 1, Daz Sinfield 4 Neil Beresford 0, Daz Brown 4 Matt Padgett 3, Adam Fearn 4 Paul Williams 2, John Essam 4 Jack Kerr 0, Paul Bettney 4 John Rogers 0, Rob Smith 4 Jack Wood 1, Chris Cooper 4 Sam Perry 0, Rich Hanson 4 Harry Ward 3, Terry Temple 4 Dave Fritchley 1, Mark Piggott 4 Wes Smith 2, Last 32:- Paul Baker 4 Shaun Wood 0, Steve Meek 4 Andy Baker 2, Sam Revill 4 Chris Upton 1, Mick Todd 4 Ian Richardson 0, James Wilson 4 Nigel Daniels 1, Tim Rippon 4 Jack Daykin 0, Daz Johnson 4 Lee Stanley 0, Daz Brown 4 Daz Sinfield 1, Wayne Howe 4 Mike Ivekich 0, Connor Torr 4 Stuart Biggs 0, Alan Clegg 4 Ady Asprey 0, Luke Revill 4 Jamie Shannon 0, Adam Fearn 4 John Essam 3, Paul Bettney 4 Rob Smith 0, Chris Cooper 4 Rich Hanson 0, Terry Temple 4 Mark Piggott 1, Last 16:- Paul Baker 4 Steve Meek 3, Mick Todd 4 Sam Revill 0, James Wilson 4 Tim Rippon 1, Daz Johnson 4 Daz Brown 3, Wayne Howe 4 Connor Torr 0, Alan Clegg 4 Luke Revill 0, Adam Fearn 4 Paul Bettney 3, Terry Temple 4 Chris Cooper 0, Quarter Finals:- Paul Baker 4 Mick Todd 3, James Wilson 4 Daz Johnson 2, Wayne Howe 4 Alan Clegg 3, Terry Temple 4 Adam Fearn 3, Semi Finals:- James Wilson 5 Paul Baker 3, Terry Temple 5 Wayne Howe 3, Final:- Terry Temple 6 James Wilson 4.
Week three in the Ripley Elite Darts Singles League didn^t quite have the fireworks of the previous weeks but still a total of 12 maximums were hit and plenty of decent performances. The player of the week candidates included a rejuvenated Mike Robinson who had two 4-1 wins and a 16 darts leg, Duncan Rhodes who also won his two games 4-1 and had a 116 outshot, Gary Fenn who won 5-0 and 4-1 and Daz Brown who again had 5-0 and 4-1 wins together with the week’s top two averages but pipping all four of the players and nominated the player of the week was Ian Allcock who won both games 5-0 and had two 24 plus averages, Ian’s confidence running high since making his debut for the county.
Week Three Results:Martindale Premier Division:- Gary Fenn 4 Craig Freeman 1, Ian Allcock 5 Dave Fritchley 0, Ant Pearce 3 Keith Cooper 2, Dave Allcock 4 Pete Slater 1, Ian Richardson 3 Paul Baker 2, Daz Brown 5 Alan Evans 0, Mick Chapman 4 Steve Richards 1, Daz Sinfield 4 Andy Marriott 1, Ian Allcock 5 Ant Pearce 0, Gary Fenn 5 Keith Cooper 0, Paul Baker 4 Dave Allcock 1, Ant Parry 3 Andy Marriott 2, Daz Brown 4 Wayne Howe 1, Colin Rich 3 Pete Slater 2, Sleeping Beauty Beds Division One:- Tony Jacklin 3 Dee Fenn 2, John Clarke 1 Mike Robinson 4, Ian Clarke 4 Martyn Wood 1, Paul Croson 5 Martin Lomas 0, Paul Hodges 3 Mike Ivekich 2, Duncan Rhodes 4 Martin Lomas 1, Dean Lawrence 3 Paul Hodges 2, John Clarke 1 Jack Daykin 4, Simon Baker 1 Duncan Rhodes 4, Lee Stanley 3 Dave Slater 2, Dave Allen 3 Dee Fenn 2, Ian Clarke 2 Tony Palfreyman 3, Lauren Jackson 1 Mark Whitelam 4, Simon Baker 4 Tony Jacklin 1, Mike Robinson 4 Lauren Jackson 1.
Riley’s Sports Bar, Solihull was the setting for a "Pub Players – Competition” and winner of the main competition was Mike McFall, Mike took out Brendan Lysaght with a straight 4-0 scoreline in the semi’s, while from the other half of the draw Rob Singleton had a closer 4-2 win over Luis Barberan.

Pub Players Competition Winner Mike McFall and organiser Sue Kingdon

Luis Barberan Winner of the Rileys Solihull Youth Overall Knockout and Organiser Sue Kingdon

The final went the full nine legs distance with McFall just getting the edge on Singleton.
In the Plate Competition winners from the last four were Matt Speakman and Pat Koyce, both of them winning 2-1 against respective opponents Josh Barton and Simon Witherford. Like the semi’s the final also went to a deciding leg with Pat Koyce beating Matt Speakman 3-2.

Pub Players Competition - Plate Winner Pat Koyce and organiser Sue Kingdon

Rileys, Solihull also staged their first variety of youth knockouts and the winner of the Main Overall Singles Competition was Luis Barberan who had a final victory over Lewis Cracknell. The winner of the Under 14’s competition was Coby Jones with Matt Speakman runner up, while the under 17’s title went to Owen Maiden with a final win over Reece Colley. Luke Perry won the Under 21 event, Ryan Derbyshire losing out in the final.
On the local league scene the Four Oaks and District League wound down their season with a series of cup finals, the first night of the finals being for the Coronation Shield, Norman Day Cup and Challenge Cups, the Coronation Shield went to the wire Old Oscott Arrows going 5-4 up against Golden Hind then losing the penultimate game 3-0 to trail 7-5 and leave them requiring a 3-0 result in the final encounter to win the title. It was not to be as Golden Hind went on to clinch an 8-7 win.
In the Norman Day Cup third division’s Boldmere Oak came up against division one champions The Beehive and the difference between the two teams was highlighted as The Beehive romped to a convincing 15-0 victory.
The Challenge Cups were played to a result and again it was the division one teams who dominated, Red Lion played division two’s bottom team Pint Pot Flights and won five of the seven singles games to secure a 5-2 win, while Sutton Sports won all seven of the singles games inflicting a 7-0 defeat on division three runners up The Fox.
In the final division one runner’s up Sutton Sports beat their divisional third placed team Red Lion with a decisive 6-1 scoreline.
The final of the Derek Masters Singles sponsored by Central Container Services brought together two Sutton Sports players M.Ashton and R.Hawker, it turned out to be a repeat performance for Hawker as he for the second successive year claimed the title with a straight 3-0 victory.  
To complete the season there were the finals of their Brian Goodman and Ken Rust Cups. There was consolation for Sutton Sports who after losing the division one title picked up the Brian Goodman Cup beating Golden Hind 7-2, Rob Hawker recording his fourth 180 of the season for Sutton.
In the final of the Ken Rust Cup the league champions The Beehive were too strong for Old Oscott Arrows and ran out 8-1 winners. A.Mountford (Old Oscott Arrows) and J.Prince (The Beehive) both chalked up their third maximum of the season.
The South Birmingham League played off the final of their divisional cups and in the division one final league leaders Crown-Forget-Me-Not had a 5-4 win over third in the table Mackadown Social. The division two final was a middle of the table affair between Banbury Flights and The Dog with the former getting the 5-4 verdict.

Banbury Flights - Division Two Cup Winners (South Birmingham League)

The Knockout Cup was a contest between the leagues two top teams leaders Crown-Forget-Me-Not and second placed Crown at Shard End. The outcome was a 5-2 win for Crown-Forget-Me-Not, while the Jimmy Walker Cup final brought together Mackadown Social who are third in division one and The Gate who are fourth in division two, the result was as one would expect a win for Mackadown, the score 7-0.

Crown-Forget-Me-Not - Division One Cup Winners (South Birmingham League)

The Netherton Thursday Night League completed their domestic fixtures and Springfield Social Club finished on a high with a 5-4 win at Netherton Sports and Social Club to give them the title with a total of 60 points, for their hosts however it was a costly defeat as they dropped from second place to fourth. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club finishing as runners up after ending the season with a 7-2 home win over White Horse.
The Forest of Arden Winter League played off the final of their Pairs Cup and taking the honours were division one champions Olton Crown with a 7-2 success over division two outfit Highwood ‘C’.
The Consolation Cup title went to Journeys End (division one) with a final result of 5-2 over division two champions Iron Horse.
The final fixtures of the season in the Small Heath League saw the top two teams square up to each other, second in the table Emerald Club hosting leaders Gulp with the title going to the winners. The result was a 7-2 win for Gulp to give them a total of 28 points and the league title. Not only did Emerald Club lose the game but also the runners up spot as they finished in third place with 24 points, the same number as Mitre who beat Cobs Bar 6-3, their win giving them a two points of average advantage over Emerald Club.
Emerald Flights won the Shadow League with eight points two more than second placed Cobs Bar.
In the Aggregate Knockout, which is a competition between the top players from seven league teams, the semi finals saw Con Murphy (Wagon and Horses) beat Paul Webster (Emerald Flights) and Ashley Lattimer (Cobs Bar) take out Ian Jones (Mitre).
The final went the full three legs distance with Murphy winning what was a very close 2-1 game.
The League Doubles attracted an encouraging 27 pairs, Neil Parsonage and Ray Fisher looking to make it to yet another final but their plans came unstuck as they went out 2-1 to Tom Humphries and John Phipps. The second of the last four encounters was an all Mitre affair Paul Brown and Simon Hughes getting the better of their team mates John Frost and Alex Downes with another 2-1 result.
The final yet again went to a deciding leg with Frost and Downes just getting the edge on Humphries and Phipps to win 2-1.
The Harborne League staged a treble’s knockout which saw Ashley Hykin (Court Oak) plus Richard Hosey and Adam Deeley from West Heath Snooker Club beat Mark Poulton, Peter Yardley and Joe Fox of the Hillyfields ‘B’ 2-0 in the final.
The Camp Hill League have played off their Doubles Knockout and claiming the title with a final win over Simon Edwards and Steve Whatmore (Journeys End) were Matt Cooper and Neil Parsonage representing the league leaders Cotterills Lane Club.
Losing semi finalists were Martin Hogan and Peter Yardley (Haymills Social) and Dave Logan and Mark Richards (Scruffy Ringers).

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