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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Congratulations to the Crown ‘A’ who completed a very successful season in the Cradley Tuesday night League with a 7-2 home win over the Bulls Head to make it 33 wins in 36 games, taking the title with a total of 66 points, four more than runners up Chainmakers ‘B’, who won their final game at Hawne Lane Tavern 6-3.
Roost ‘B’ took the wooden spoon, but full marks to them as they managed to field a full side throughout the season despite only winning two games. Bulls Head finished just two points ahead of Roost ‘B’, however around 80% of the fixtures they lost were by a close 5-4 scoreline, one more winner in those games would have seen them finish in the top half of the table.
Jason Lowe (Crown ‘A’) had the most wins losing just two of his 36 games, while M.Hall (Chainmakers ‘B’) recorded a tremendous 164 checkout.
Full Results:- Members Club 8 Roost ‘B’ 1, Hawne Lane Tavern 3 Chainmakers ‘B’ 6, Jay’s Bar 5 Crown ‘B’ 4, Wheatsheaf 8 Riddins Tavern 1, Gate (Colley Gate) 5 Hasbury Inn 4, Crown ‘A’ 7 Bulls Head 2, Chainmakers ‘A’ 6 Yeltz Bar 3, Roost ‘A’ 5 Gate (Darby End) 4, Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 1 Brickmakers Arms 8.
Week six in the Sheldon and District Winter League and Crown at Olton recorded a vital 5-4 win away over reigning champions Saltley Amateur Gardeners. The win puts Crown at Olton third in the premier division table on eight points, the same number of points as second placed Old Bill and Bull, Saltley Amateur Gardeners, who have dropped from second to fourth and Mackadown Social, all of them apart from Saltley have a game in hand on leaders Crown at Shard End, whose 7-2 win at Willclare Sports and Social maintains their unbeaten run and gives them a four points lead.
Having played five games, Banbury Club lead division one with a perfect tally of ten points, Baldwin Bears lost their second place when they were surprisingly beaten 5-4 at Sheldon Heath Social, who are seventh in the table. No fewer than six teams are on six points, Baldwin one of them, but the second and third placed Castle Vale Stadium and Holy Souls both have a game in hand on the leaders.
A 7-2 win at Greville Arms puts Crown-Forget-Me-Not top of division two with a maximum ten points from their five games. Sheldon Marlborough Flights are also undefeated and are only two points adrift due to the fact that the leaders have played one game more than them.
Full Results:Week 6:Premier Division:- Langley Sports and Social Arrows 7 (D.Tudor 2x100b, A.Powell 100,140, P.Nevin 100, S.Bromley 100,120b, C.Round 100, M.Barber 100,107) George V 2 (J.Hinson 100, D.Adams 100, A.Savage 120b,100, C.Grimes 108), Old Bill and Bull 7 (R.Lucas 100, D.Wright 100,108b, S.Darby 131, P.Stephens 140,120b, S.Harding 100b,2x100, A.Daly 140,100) Sheldon Dukes 2 (P.Curry 100, L.Molyneus 100, P.Sunner 104f,140, P.Pudge 120b), Willclare Sports and Social 2 (B.Dixon 180, D.Allen 100, C.Randle 103b,100b,121, M.Holt 2x100, R.Allen 112b, 132, F.Dixon 100, D.Reid 100,123,121f,9 darts game) Crown at Shard End 7 (P.Shipley 100, M.Cooper 180,134, K.Deeley 100,108b, K.Reynolds 100, A.Hoey 112b,140, J.Prince 140,135), Saltley Amateur Gardeners 4 (P.Randall 101b, N.Clarke 2x100, A.Caddick 100, T.Webster 100, T.White 105b,180,9 darts game) Crown at Olton 5 (J.Sidwell 120b,180,9 darts game, K.Attwood 100b, S.Kennedy 140,100, P.Yardley 100), The Raven 8 (J.Whitehouse 122, A,Stainfield 100b,120b, R.Earl 101b, S.Kingdon 100, T.Whitehouse 100) The Pirates 1 (S.Hughes 100, M.Naylor 100, K.Green 100b, R.Lawrence 100, M.Turner 120b, J.Buttle 105b,116), Division One:- Yardley Ex Colts 4 (N.Davis 100, R.Mason 100) Marston Green Tavern 5 (T.Comerford 100, B.Biggs 100, L.Randall 100, P.Lawrence 120b, T.Randall 135,100, P.Parker 100), Iron Horse Flights 2 (J.Evans 145, R.Akins 100, R.Parry 140) Highwood KB’s 7 (D.Memory 100, W.Cooper 125, G.Paget 122, N.Wykes 101b,100, S.Dixon 100, M.Gorman 105), Sheldon Heath Social 5 (D.Sudbury 121) Baldwin Bears 4 (C.Johnson 125, M.Cater 100, C.Thomas 100), Crown Arrows 2 (R.Perkins 100, L.Vann 128, P.Carter 145, J.Masefield 100,140f) Castle Vale Stadium 7 (L.Barberan 120b,100, J.Frost 100b, J.Burdett 2x100, D.Savage 3x100, G.Taylor 100,140, I.Lloyd 3x100,105, R.Franks 100), Division Two:- Shirley RBL Misfits 6 (F.Cotsford 100, C.De Silva 132b, M.Hodgson 100, G.Brown 2x100, D.Rutter 120) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 (S.Spencer 100, P.Barber 116), Greville Arms 2 (G.Render 100, K.Hull 100) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 7 (P.Seadon 140,132, W.Griffiths 100), Meadway Sports and Social 1 (R.Hownsell 100) Maggies 8 (R.Kirby 140, J.Sturey 125, S.Hall 100, B.Swaine 100, W.Swaine 100), Small Heath Amateyr Gardeners 4 (A.Sleath 100, S.Miller 112b,133) Emerald Flights 5 (A.Fisher 125, S.Facey 100), Highwood Exiles ‘A’ 6 (R.Harrison 100,103, A.Payne 118, P.Roscoe 100, E.Foster 101, K.Pearson 140, D.Carey 125,100, S.Payne 100) Ridgemere Social 3 (C.Smith 115, A.Phipps 100, D.Davies 140), Late Results:Week 5:Division One:- Banbury Club 7 (M.Morgan 100, B.Partridge 100, T.Frost 100b,100, P.Connolly 100, L.Reece 2x100) Crown Arrows 2 (P.Carter 140, R.Vann 180,140, C.Vann 105b), Punch Bowl:Preliminary Round:- Ridgemere Social 2 Mackadon Social 7 (M.Noonan 100, A.Sheen 125, J.Cabena 114f).
There were no fewer than nine maximums recorded in the latest round of fixtures in the Four Oaks and District League. With The Beehive and Golden Hind Arrows game being postponed Sutton Sports were able to regain pole position in division one. Their 7-2 win at Red Lion, aided by a 180 from R.Hawker putting them top of the table with the same eight points as The Beehive but with a better average and having played one game more. Old Oscott Arrows overtook their visitors Brookvale Social in the table with another 7-2 result despite two maximums from Brookvale’s W.Naylor, taking his tally to three so far.
There were more fireworks in division two when leaders Boldmere Sports beat bottom team Erdington Stars 7-2, C.Packer hitting two maximums and L.Barberan one for Boldmere. Second in the table Golden Hind beat Plough and Arrows 6-3 to stay level on points with Boldmere. D.Keatley (Golden Hind) chalking up his third 180 of the season. Staying within two points of the leading duo Old Oscott WMC won 6-3 at Pint Pot Flights, J.Higgins finding the three treble twenties for Old Oscott.
Division three fixtures bought together the top two teams, leaders The Fox hosting their nearest rivals Anvil Nomads. The Fox went 4-2 down and fought back to level terms only to see Nomads snatch the final game for a close 5-4 win in a game that included no fewer than 29 scores of a ton or more.
The ninth maximum of the evening was provided by R.Bazeley (Erdington Arrows) in his team’s 7-2 win at Boldmere Oak.
Full Results:Match 5:Division One:- Red Lion 2 (D.Vickers 100b,100,139, B.Hughes 100, S.Cain 125,100, D.G.Bond 100,101, L.Vickers 140, T.Colley 100,101f, M.E.Gaughan 100, D.Rawlings 100, D.Bayliss 100b,140,100) Sutton Sports 7 (M.Wild 117b,100,140, B.Linnecor 135,140, M.Ashton 100b,120b,105,100,138, J.Kavanagh 2x140, A.Kimberley 140,133, N.Smallwood 100, R.Hawker 120,180,100f), Old Oscott Arrows 7 (M.Compton 100b,118b,2x100,135,140, A.Lea 100, E.Atkins 146b,101b,121, A.Mountford 3x100,107f,2x140,102, M.Page 100, L.Jones 100,140) Brookvale Social 2 (S.Lysaght 100,125,121, W.Naylor 3x100,2x180, J.Collins 108b,140, J.Yates 100), Division Two:- Golden Hind 6 (A.O’Kereke 3x100,140, D.Keatley 100,180, A.Stainfield 140,121f,100,9 darts game, D.Pickering 100,140, J.Morris jnr 120b,140) Plough and Arrows 3 (G.Baxter 120b,100, P.Robbins 108b,2x100, P.Smith 2x100,140, M.Hawkins 100b,100,130, I.Taylor 100), Erdington Stars 2 (K.Shorthouse 120b,125, D.A.Jarvis jnr 126, R.Liggins 116b,3x100,101,140, D.Shannon 120b,100, D.Murray 100, L.Shorthouse 3x100) Boldmere Sports 7 (C.Packer 120b,105b,3x140,2x180, I.Lloyd 100, P.A.Seadon 120b,105, A.Gallett 100, J.Frost 100b,100. C.Morgan 2x100, L.Barbaran 180,2x140, D.Savage 120b), Pint Pot Flights 3 (M.Pearson-Bagnall 100, M.Mills 100,137, L.Clarke 100, W.Bailey 125,106,140, G.Cookson 140,121, R.Mercer 112b) Old Oscott WMC 6 (C.Hawkley 136, M.Bowles 100b, D.Higgins 100, J.Higgins 180, D.Parsons 121,2x140,2x100, G.Cornbill 100, N.Hawkley 100,140), Division Three:- The Fox 4 (A.Jarvie 123,140,100, N.Napier 101b, D.Perry 120b,140, R.Stanton 120b,100b,2x100, K.Smith 100), Anvil Nomads 5 (K.Taylor 2x100, S.Alexander 129,100, G.Gaughan 134b,125,2x140,100, B.Godfray 100, T.Tyrie 2x100b,120b,120,100,137,140,125), Boldmere Oak 2 (P.Hawkeswood 100, P.Bromley 100, J.Waterman 100) Erdington Arrows 7 (P.Cronin 100, J.Stokes 140, M.Edwards 118b, J.Armstrong jnr 100, R.Bazeley 180,100, J.Armstrong 116, J.Cox 101,100).
Bulls Head (Netherton), third in the Brierley Hill Monday Night league were this week’s only losers in the top ten teams. Playing away to seventh placed Roebuck Bulls Head lost 5-4. Leaders Blue Brick ‘C’ made it 38 wins from 40 games with a convincing 8-1 result at Laurel, while second placed Dudley Sports ‘B’ had a somewhat surprisingly close 5-4 verdict at home to bottom of the table Old Star ‘A’.
Full Results:- Laurel 1 Blue Brick ‘C’ 8, Dog and Lamppost 8 The Swan 1, Black Horse 6 Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 3, Tenth Lock 5 Bridge ‘A’ 4, Portway 4 Ivy House (Dudley) 5, Old Star ‘B’ 7
Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5 Old Star ‘A’ 4, Liberal Club 3 Blue Brick ‘B’ 6, Bridge ‘B’ 5 Brickmakers Arms 4, High Acres 7 Griffin 2, Roebuck 5 Bulls Head (Netherton) 4.
With the league fixtures completed the League Cup final was the order of the day for the Brierley Hill Friday Night League. Playing at the league headquarters, Dudley Sports it was Bridge ‘A’ who took the honours with a 5-4 result over The Miners, Wollescote.
There were big wins for the top five teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League. Leaders Ahwood and second placed Britannia had 7-2 away wins in turn against New Inns and The Cat (Wordsley). Third and fourth placed Ten Arches and Brickmakers went one better with 8-1 wins over their respective opponents The Fox and Gigmill, while Stourbridge RBL, were 7-2 winners at home to Quarry Bank Conservative Club to keep them in fifth place.
Bird (Wordsley) slipped from fourth to sixth following their 5-4 demise at Corn Exchange, who are six places below them.
Full Results:- Shrubbery Cottage 2 Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 7, Brickmakers 8 Gigmill 1, Corn Exchange 5 Bird (Wordsley) 4, Church Tavern 6 Plough 3, Stourbridge RBL 7 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 2, Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 6 Kingswinford Conservative Club 3, The Cat (Wordsley) 2 Britannia 7, The Fox (Lye) 1 Ten Arches 8, New Inns 2 Ashwood 7.
The South Birmingham League were engaged in their Knockout Cup and winning through to the next round were, Toby Jug, Crown-Forget-Me-Not, St John’s, The Trident, Crown and The Dog. T.Comerford (Mackadown Social) had a 160 break in his team’s defeat at Crown-Forget-Me-Not.
Full Results:Knockout Cup:- Toby Jug 5 (R.Lawrence 100, B.Blair 100, D.Revitt 3x100, B.Weir 139) Punch Bowl 4 (R.Richards 105b,100, B.Evans 100,123 R.Evans 125, K.Richards 2x140,100), Crown-Forget-Me-Not 6 (J.Frost 100,125, M.Anwar 3x100, B.Cadby 100,121, L.Barberan 100,105,121,129, C.Millward snr 100,139, M.Birch 2x120b,100,134, W.Naylor 120b,145) Mackadown Social 3 (A.Kavanagh-2x100,121, M.Heaven 100,120,140,100b, D.Young 100,120b, T.Comerford 160b,130, M.Noonan 118,119b, T.McRave 120b,140), Coleshill Social 4 (S.Sweetman 100,112b, G.Jones 140,100, S.Harvey 122,136, P.Braynt 100,112b, B.Jones 112b) St John’s 5 (B.Harris 120b, A.Aston 137,100, S.Whatmore 101, W.Yates 2x100b,100, D.Clinton 100,135, L.O^Donnell 100, S.Kingdon 112b, D.Clinton 114f), The Gate 2 (P.Jones 121, S.Kimberley 114b) Trident 7 (K.Green 100b, A.Cooksey 100, S.Hipkiss 100, C.Walton 100,140,120b, J.Buttle 125, L.Buttle 100), Crown 7 (N.Parsonage 2x140,3x100, C.Horsley 100, P.Shipley 140, D.Smith 101,100, A.Mayell 123,121, A.Hoey 140,100,121,M.Cooper 140,100) Banbury Flights 2 (I.Mclean 120b,110,100, D.Cooper 125, P.Moran 120b), Smiths Wood Social 2 (L.Hughes 2x100,103, M.Bailey 125,140) The Dog 7 (P.Thompson 110b,101b, J.Ansell 100,121, A.Oldfield 112, M.Wheat 100, J.Fathers 135, R.Leese 114).
Winning the Camp Hill League singles title was Neil Parsonage. Representing Cotterills Lane Club Neil added to his ever increasing list of title’s with a final success over Hay Mills Social Club player Peter Yardley. Losing semi finalists were Matthew Cooper (Cotterills Lane Club) and Mick O’Sullivan (Holy Souls).
Springfield Social Club took their unbeaten run in the Netherton Thursday Night League to seven games when they won convincingly by 8-1 at Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club, who are fourth in the table and six points behind them. Riddins Tavern are currently second on 18 points, with Bulls Head third on the same 15 points as the Ex Serviceman’s Club.
Bottom of the table White Swan are still without a win, their latest 6-3 defeat being at the hands of the Bulls Head team.
Full Results: The Bell 5 Fairfield 4, Brickmakers 6 White Horse 3, White Swan 3 Bulls Head 6, Netherton Sports & Social 7 Chainmakers 2, Rose and Crown 9 Pensnett and Bromley 0, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 1 Springfield Social Club 8.
In the battle of the Highwood’s in division two of the Forest of Arden Winter League it was Highwood ‘C’ who came out on top handing out a crushing 9-0 defeat to Highwood Exiles. The win keeps Highwood ‘C’ top of the table with a maximum ten points from their five games, Iron Horse, who are second beat Sheldon Flights 6-3, they too have a 100% record but have only played four games so far.
Full Results:Division One:- Journeys End 6 (S.Kingdon 100,152b, W.Yates 100,140, P.Shipley 100, S.Edwards 100) Greville Arrows 3 (K.Duggan 100, D.Duggan 2x100, M.A.Stansfield 100b, H.McGladdery 100,101b), Harvester 2 (S.Hughes 140, S.Hicks 2x100,113, G.Evans 133, R.Glendall 2x100, R.Palmer 120b, P.Vasey 100) Highwood ‘A’ 7 (D.Cherry 160b,100, D.Wright 140, J.Buckingham 140,100, P.Stephens 120b, C.King 120b,100), Division Two:- Iron Horse 6 (J.Evans 140,100, D.Kilbey 2x137,100, T.Rainsford 2x100, F.Ensell 140, R.Parry 125) Sheldon Flights 3 (T.Roche 133, H.Hunt 100, 116b), Highwood Exiles 0 (A.Payne 2x101b,100, D.Carey 100b,140) Highwood ‘C’ 9 (C.P.Roscoe 2x100,132, S.Page 152b,100, T.Comerford 2x100, J.King 2x100, T.Arrowsmith 100b), Greville Arms 4 (M.Osbourne 100b, B.Anderton 127) Crown Arrows 5 (K.Depper 130).
Game of the week in the Small Heath League was the tie between leaders Gulp Tribe and second placed Wagon and Horses. The advantage swayed one way then the other until the final game which the Gulp won to give them the very close 5-4 verdict, at the same time end Wagon’s unbeaten record and take a clear two points lead at the top of the table.
At the other end of the table newcomers Warwick Arms were hosting bottom team Clock Inn. In what was another very tight game Warwick came out the 5-4 winners to move away from the foot of the table.
Emerald Club kept up their challenge with 6-3 victory at Cobs Bar. The hosts had their chances but in the end it was the better scoring and finishing that gave Emerald their win.
Sheldon Marlborough Flights ended a bad run away to The Lions, winning 6-3 to leave The Lions struggling near the bottom of the table.
The final game of the week saw Emerald Flights take on The Mitre, early missed doubles saw Mitre take the lead and from there they never looked back going on to win 7-2.
Full Results:- Cobs Bar 3 (R.Pike 140, M.Turner 122, D.Mahon 100) Emerald Club 6 (P.Yardley 2x100b, D.Willis 100,121, N.Parsonage 152b,125,100), Emerald Flights 2 (K.Corfield 100,120b,100b, S.Facey 100,120b, A.Burbidge 125, P.Webster 100) Mitre 7 (I.Jones 100, A.Downes 100, A.Wale 105b, S.Hughes 131b, C.Austin 120b), Gulp Tribe 5 (J.Phipps 140, S.Moon 123, R.McConnell 100, M.Cooper 106f, D.Heighway 121, J.Harris 120b) Wagon and Horses 4 (C.Murphy 100b, A.Bailey 100, J.O’Connor 140,111b), The Lions 3 (T.Humphries 121, A.Williams 100b, M.Wyatt 100b, A.Radbourne 100, R.Hogan 100, R.Cridge 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 (R.Turner 117, M.Cox 100, N.Rughani 100, J.Humphries 100, D.Humphries 100), Warwick Arms 5 (M.Treacy 100, S.Magee 121, C.Harris 2x100,114f,120,123) Clock Inn 4 (B.Griffiths 2x100,121).
The Rowley Monday Night League had cup games on their fixture card. In the Bill Bishop Cup there were wins for Crown and Ivy Bush ‘Z’, who in turn defeated Bell and Ex Serviceman’s Club.
Springfield Social and Fairfield were the winners in the Challenge Cup, their wins at the expense of Little Beech and Leones.
Full Results:Bill Bishop Cup:Quarter Finals:- Bell 2 Crown 7, Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 6 Ex Serviceman’s Club 3, Challenge Cup:Quarter Finals:- Little Beech 2 Springfield Social Club 7, Leones 4 Fairfield 5.
The Aston League is six games into their new season and leading the field is Sportsmans Rest, whose latest fixture saw them chalk up a huge 8-1 win over Oscott Social putting them on 10 points from six games. Second placed Red Lion had a 6-3 home win over Castle Vale to make it five wins in as many games. The win puts them level on points with Sportsmans Rest with a game in hand.
The two Aston’s squared up to each other this week, Aston Social the eventual 7-2 winners against Aston Flights, who remain at the bottom of the table without a win so far.
Full Results:Match 6:- Aston Flights 2 (G.Lynch 123, J.Lynch 134,125, P.Andrews 100, M.Price 100) Aston Social 7 (J.J.Armstrong 100,140,125, R.Bazeley 149f, D.Phelps 100, S.Green 100, A.Pearsall 140), Cross Keys 4 (P.Dunn 100, D.Boyle 140,100f, S.Spink 105b,105, J.Gavin 100) Safe Harbour 5 (P.Donovan 100, J.Green 2x116b, T.Carroll 145, G.Oldfield 100b,2x100), Heartlands 6 (W.Naylor 121,139, G.McCormack 100,104, S.Cain 100) Mitre 3 (D.Ali 100,140, I.Jones 100, S.Hughes 100, K.Green 103b, R.Lawrence 105, A.Downes 100, C.Austin 100, J.Buttle 100), Red Lion 6 (D.Vickers 139, L.Vickers 100, K.Neale 105, D.G.Bond 101b,100,126, C.Hawkley 125, S.Andrews 100) Castle Vale 3 S.Wilson 2x100, G.Taylor 110b,140, J.West 100, M.Birch 100, M.Archer 112f,100,139, R.Hawker 100b,100), Sportsmans Rest 8 (J.Dunn 120b,140,121, C.Packer 120b,140, D.Keatley 152b,101, J.Frost 100b, D.Fowler 140,2x100, T.Kelly 104, A.Whitehouse 2x100) Oscott Social 1 (D.Haskins 100, R.Graham 100, P.Willis 102,100, G.Bushall 100, L.Shorthouse 100, P.Graham 100, S.Davey 121).
Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) suffered a setback to the title hopes in division one of the Pip Club League as they went down 5-3 away to fourth placed Tamworth Motor Spares. Bulls Head remain in pole position but their advantage has now been reduced to just one points as Wilnecote Club move up one place to second with a 7-1 win at Two Gates Club, who drop to bottom of the table.
In division two four teams are deadlocked on eight points at the top of the table, J.W Belgrave Club leading on average after an 11-5 win at Globe ‘A’, Pip Club’s 9-7 win at Old Liberal giving them second place, with Gate (Amington) third following their similar 9-7 win away to Royal Oak. Making up the four is Sports Bar ‘180’, again a 9-7 win against their visitors Globe ‘B’.
Full Results:Division One:- Wigginton 2 Bulls Head (Two Gates, Darin White 2x180,100f,12 darts game) 6, Two Gates Club 1 Wilnecote Club 7, Tamworth Mototr Spares 5 Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth, Daulman 180), Division Two:- Sports Bar ‘180’ 9 (R.Taft 180) Globe ‘B’ 7, Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 5 Progressive Club 11, Royal Oak 7 Gate (Amington) 9, Globe ‘A’ 5 (Chris Payne 180) J W Belgrave 11, Old Liberal 7 Pip Club 9.
The top four win in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League, top side Ten Arches ‘A’ remaining four points to the good on second and third placed Ashwood ‘A’ and Ashwood ‘B’ after their 5-2 win against fifth in the table Dudley Sports. Ashwood ‘A’ had a similar 5-2 win over the Bridge, while the ‘B’ team went one better with a 6-1 success at The Fox.
There was just one positional change in the table Gigmill and Ten Arches ‘B’ swapping places, the former going ninth and the latter tenth after Ten Arches ‘B’ lost at The Swan, a rare win for Swan making it two in seventeen games.
Full Results:Match 17:- Ashwood ‘A’ 5 Bridge 2, Ten Arches ‘A’ 5 Dudley Sports 2, Rose and Crown 5 The Bell 2, Wombourne Cricket Club 6 The Leopard 1, Netherton Cricket Club 3 Gigmill 4 (S.Essom 150,157b), The Swan 4 Ten Arches ‘B’ 3, The Fox 1 Ashwood ‘B’ 6.
The Three Tuns Trophy was this week’s games for the Tamworth League, Fox and Dogs and Dolphin ‘A’ both had 4-0 wins in the second round against Old Liberal House and Wigginton, while 4-3 was the winning margin for Sports Bar and Longwood over their respective opponents Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) and Sports Bar ‘180’.
Full Results:Three Tuns Trophy:Round One:- Fox and Dogs 4 Three Tuns ‘B’ 0, Dolphin ‘B’ 3 Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 4, Belgrave Club 3 Dolphin ‘A’ 4, Mile Oak Rovers 2 Longwood 4, Sports Bar ‘180’ 4 Globe Inn 1, Round Two:- Old Liberal House 0 Fox and Dogs 4, Sports Bar 4 Three Tuns ‘A’ (Fazeley) 3, Wigginton 0 Dolphin ‘A’ 4, Longwood 4 Sports Bar ‘180’ 3.
On Sunday Brian Johnson was announced as the BDO Official Personality of the year for 2014. Many know that Brian has been with the Warwickshire County Darts Organisation from its inception back in 1974, a full 40 years service within the County for which he has held the position of secretary for many years. Players and Officials alike name Brian as Mr Warwickshire for his hard work and dedication to its cause.
All of Warwickshire players and officials offer their sincere congratulations to Brian on a much deserved award.
By Courtesy of the Birmingham Evening Mail

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