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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands round up by Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands round up by Alan Towe

It was cup week in the South Birmingham League, the league have introduced a new cup into their itinerary this season the Edna Meek Memorial Cup, Edna, who sadly passed away in early September despite not being a player herself turned up every week with her husband John who before suffering ill health played for Banbury Flights, the cup is played for by teams in the lower part of each group. The final turned out to be a one sided affair with group three’s wooden spoon winners Toby Jug losing 7-0 to the team that finished just above them The Dog. 2016-09-26 - South Birmingham League John Meek presenting the cup to the Edna Meek Memorial Cup Winners The Dog In the Rose Bowl final group two champions Erdington Members Club beat group three winners Mackadown Social 5-4. Full Results:Rose Bowl:Final:- Mackadown Social 4 (N.Parsonage 2x100,2x140,137, D.Young 4x100,134,140, M.Heaven 100,2x140, M.Copper 100, G.James 3x100,140, A.Kavanagh 2x100, A.Savage 100,119) Erdington Members Club 5 (J.Frost 2x140,135,100, B.Cadby 135,100, M.Birch 3x100,125, C.Millward snr 100,125,128f,180,127,140,12 darts game, C.Millward jnr 120,100, R.Liggins 100,121,180), Edna Meek Memorial Cup:Final:- The Dog 7 (P.Thompson 140, M.Clayton 2x100) Toby Jug 0. 2016-09-26 - South Birmingham League Rose Bowl Winners Erdington Members Club --------------------------------- Big wins for the top two teams in division one of the Sheldon and District Summer League, leaders Iron Horse Flights winning their home tie with Pavillions 8-0 and second placed Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows keeping within two points of Iron Horse with a 7-1 win at East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association. The Harvester were held to a 4-4 draw by fourth placed Iron Horse Arrows in division two but hold on to pole position with a three points lead over second placed The Pirates who won 5-3 at Sheldon Dukes and have a game in hand on the top team. A 6-2 home win over Yardley Ex Colts guarantee’s Highwood KB’s the division three title as they have three games still to play and a three points lead over second in the table Crown Arrows who only have one remaining fixture. Small Heath Amateur Gardeners did their title hopes no harm as they handed out an 8-0 whitewash to their hosts Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights to keep them four points to the good on Ridgemere Flights who have a game in hand. Full Results:Division One:- East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 1 (D.Sudbury 123, I.Mclend 122, D.Horeley 121, S.Tidesley 100) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 7 (L.Nixon 2x121, N.Nixon 135,100, P.Connolly 2x100,123,140, D.Nixon 3x100,131, P.Nixon 2x100,139, R.Nixon 3x100,140, M.Cooper 3x100), Iron Horse Flights 8 (N Parsonage 4x100, M.Partridge 100,2x140, 109f, A.Mayell 100,137,139,140,11 darts game, W.Mynard 140,180, J.Prince 180) Pavillions 0 (N.Robinson 100,140, A.Richards 2x100,120, R.Evans 2x125, M.Turner 100,180), Marston Green Tavern 7 (T.Knowles 3x100, M.Gauder 121, D.Bond 3x100,3x140, B.Tranter 100) Mackadown Social 1 (D.Young 2x100, A.Sheen 111, G.James 5x100), Division Two:- The Harvester 4 (I.Fellows 125, J.Palmer 100, N.Warner 100,2x140, J.Smyth 3x100, S.Hicks 2x100,140, I.Evans 121,125,132, R.Palmer 100,2x140) Iron Horse Arrows 4 (J.Evans 100,125,132, D.Mortiboys 100f,100,131, R.Earl 3x100,2x140,12 darts game, J.Green 140, C.Monington 121), Holy Souls 3 (M.O’Sullivan 121, D.Smith 100, J.Duffy 100) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 5 (D.Humphies 3x100,140,142, P.Brown 100,123,135, J.Vaughan 118, D.Howlett 100,140), Sheldon Dukes 3 (L.Molyneux 2x100,116,140, G.Groves 100, C.Cotter 2x100, A.Plows 100,140, R.Hicks 100) The Pirates 5 (A.Cooksey 135,140, F.Naylor 100, K.Green 100, R.Lawrence 2x100, P.Moran 125, G.Green 180), Division Three:- Maggies 4 (D.Tudor 2x100,121,140, N.Hall 118,180, B.Swaine 2x140,100,121, B.Carter 100, B.Swaine 102,140) Highwood Arrows 4 (P.Roscoe 2x100, J.King 3x100,128, P.Thorley 135,140, M.Mitchell 100), Highwood KB’s 6 (D.Cherry 3x100,135,140, M.Gorman 2x100, N.Wykes 100,140, T.Hobbis 115,140, W.Cooper 2x100, N.Byrne 2x100,121, T.Walton 100) Yardley Ex Colts 2 (S.Whadlock 134, P.Welch 100,140, T.Cattell 100,132, R.Collins 100,122,140, M.Gray 100, G.McDonnell 100), Willclare Sports and Social 3 (C.Roberts 100, D.Reid 3x100, M.Tilley 2x100, M.Holt 2x100, B.Dixon 100, F.Dixon 100) Shirley RBL Misfits 5 (L.Clutterbuck 100, C.Blyth 2x100,121, K.Murray 2x100,106,122, J.Boyle 100,140), Division Four:- Highwood Exiles 5 (R.Harisson 100,101, J.Phipps 3x100, A.Thurman 100) Meadway Sports and Social 3 (S.Bennett 133, A.Byard 2x100,103, D.Delaney 118,180, R.Smith 103), Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 0 (A.Hegnes 100, V.Mabbott 122) Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 8 (S.Miller 180,100,121,125, C.Hughes 100, L.Allwood 2x100, A.Sleath 100). --------------------------------- The Four Oaks and District League kicked off their new season with the preliminary round of their Brian Goodman Cup, the biggest winners of the round were St Thomas’s Social Club who beat Rosey Mac’s 8-1. Last season’s Boldmere St Mike’s lost their final game of the campaign and the title and gifted it to The Beehive, there was a little compensation for them as they hosted The Boat (formerly The Beehive) in the cup and beat them 6-3. Other teams to win through to the next round were Plough and Arrows, Boldmere Tap, Old Oscott Arrows, Pint Pot Flights, Erdington Club, Bishop Vesey and Golden Hind. Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Preliminary Round:- Boldmere St Mikes 6 (S.Paling 120b,140, B.Linnecor 125,100, B.Stephens 137, C.Perry 117b,100, M.Ashton 2x120b,120, J.Kavanagh 120b,100) The Boat 3 (S.Harvey 140, M.Partridge 121,100, W. Mynard 105, K.Reynolds 160b,140, K.Deeley 148b,100, J.Prince 121, N.Clarke 120b,100, C.O’Neil 138,133), The Boot 4 (P.Opieler 100, R.Smith 152b,121, G.Lynch 100, L.Perks 100, G.Gaughan 100, T.Tyrie 100) Plough and Arrows 5 (K.Gow 100b,100, G.Baxter 120b,100,135, M.O’Driscoll 105b,100, N.Robbins 105b,134, P.Robbins 100,140, I.Taylor 112b), Boldmere Tap 5 (D.Quirk 100, C.Hagans 100) Drakes Drum 4 (J.Clarke 140, M.Pearce 125), Old Oscott Arrows 6 (M.Maher 100,140, D.Page 118,110f, A.Lea 140, M.Page 108b,103, B.Hoare 112b,140, C.Andrews 112b) Erdington Arrows 3 (M.Edwards 100, M.Phillips 100, J.West 119), Pint Pot Flights 6 (S.Robotham 120b, M.Bagnall 129b,2x100, M.Bruin 120, R.Mercer 100, S.Davey 123) Old Oscott WMC 3 (M.Bowles 101b,140, N.Hawkley 2x100, C.Hawkley 107b,162,8 darts game. J.Tolley 100), Red Lion 4 (E.A.Birkett 100, S.Andrews 2x100, D.Bayliss 139, M.Wilde 120f, B.Hughes 2x100,135, D.G.Bond 100) Erdington Club 5 (K.Shorthouse 115b,105b,100b,129, P.Graham 140, G.Bushell 135,100, P.Willis 101), Rosey Mac’s 1 (K.Lambeth 100b, L.Edwards 160b) St Thomas’s Social Club 8 (K.Taylor 100,103, S.Bird 118, I.Lloyd 122, W.Taylor 100b,139,100f, A.Whitehouse 100,105), The Duke 2 (G.Chamberlain 121, A.Hay 125) Bishop Vesey 7 (C.Sammons 121,115, S.Holmes 120b, M.Archer 140,102f), The Fox 2 (R.Stanton 123, K.Smith 101, D.Perry 112b) Golden Hind 7 (D.Fowler 2x100, T.O’Kereke 100, W.Naylor 109b,110f, D.Pickering 100,140). --------------------------------- The Sheldon Marlborough Cricket Club Singles League staged a division knockout and due to the lack of numbers played it as a Round Robin affair. Winner of the premiership group was Paul Sunner, the championship division Alan Wale and division one Dave Brown, all three winners having won two games the title was decided on average and Paul Sunner with five winning legs to Alan Wale and Dave Brown’s four was declared the winner. Full Results:League:Division Knockout:Premiership Division:- Paul Sunner 1 Liam O’Donnell 2, Paul Brown 2 Debbie Davenport 0, Liam O’Donnell 0 Paul Brown 2, Debbie Davenport 0 Paul Sunner 2, Liam O’Donnell 2 Debbie Davenport 0, Paul Brown 0 Paul Sunner 2, Winner:- Paul Sunner Championship Division:- Ray Turner 2 Debbie Flynn 0, Debbie Flynn 1 Alan Wale 2, Alan Wale 2 Ray Turner 0, Winner:- Alan Wale, Division One:- Dave Brown 2 Nicola Brown 0, Nicola Brown 2 Elisha Bevington 1, Elisha Bevington 1 Dave Brown 2, Winner:- Dave Brown. --------------------------------- Cotterills Lane Club with a 6-1 win at Wagon and Horses in the Camp Hill League took their unbeaten run to eight games and in the process extended their lead at the top of the table to four points as second placed Holy Gulp lost 4-3 away to Hay Mills Social Club, Holy Gulp and Hay Mills are now both on 12 points, Cotterills have 16. Full Results:Week 8:- Wagon and Horses 1 Cotterills Lane Club 8, Hay Mills Social Club 4 Holy Gulp 3, Devil’s Club 2 Emerald Club 5, New Inns 2 Tyseley WMC 5, Eagle and Ball 7 Station Wagon 0. --------------------------------- Chris Thomas has taken his points tally to 29 at the top of the Shirley Red Lion Premier League after beating Mark Cater 3-0 and Dave Hesketh 3-1 in which he hit a maximum. Andy Hoy lost his second place as he was held to 2-2 draws by both Mick Bown and Mark Gwalchmai and with 23 points drops to fifth place. Taking over the number two spot is reigning champion Mick Gorst whose 3-1 win over Mark Gwalchmai and 3-0 success against Steve Sidwell has put him within five points of Thomas with a game in hand. Third in the table Mick Bown is also on 24 points with Paul Higgins on 23 in fourth place. In addition to the 180 hit by Thomas there were four others coming from Brian Lawton, Paul Higgins, Mick Bown and Andy Hoy. Full Results:Week 5:- Mark Cater 0 Chris Thomas 3, Andy Hoy (101f) 2 Mick Bown (126f) 2, Adam Stuart 2 Paul Higgins 2, Steve Sidwell 3 Tony Daly 0, Mick Gorst (16 darts game) 3 Mark Gwalchmai 1, Stuart Dixon 1 Brian Lawton 3, Jack Nason 3 Dave Fisher 0, Ken Hopton 2 Dave Hesketh 2, Mick Gorst (116f) 3 Steve Heeks 0, Tony Daly 3 Brian Lawton (180) 1, Jack Nason 0 Paul Higgins (180) 3, Mick Bown (180) 3 Ken Hopton 0, Steve Heeks 3 Mark Cater 0, Dave Hesketh 1 Chris Thomas (180) 3, Stuart Dixon 1 Adam Stuart 3, Mick Gorst 3 Steve Sidwell 0, Ken Hopton 3 Dave Fisher 0, Mark Gwalchmai 2 Andy Hoy (180) 2, Mark Cater 3 Dave Hesketh 3, Tony Daly 2 Stuart Dixon 2, Jack Nason 2 Adam Stuart 2. --------------------------------- Week 20 saw current leader of the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League Kevin Harris lose 4-3 to fourth in the table Robert Pierce giving him a total of 187 points from 36 games. Louis Burley in second place also suffered a 4-3 defeat in his tie with Martin East who is in the bottom half of the table however Burley did recover to win by the same margin against Chris Fox to give him 185 points from 35 games. Current champion Mick Baker in third place is still in with a tremendous opportunity of retaining his title as he added a 7-0 win over Liam Baker and a 5-2 success against Chris Manoila to take his tally to 173 but he has played four games fewer than Harris and three less than Burley. Full Results:Week 20:= Ken West 2 Jay Hough 5, Baz Pearce 1 Paul Boddison 6, Chris Manoila 7 Rhys Langford 0, Liam Baker 0 Mick Baker 7, Kevin Harris 3 Robert Pierce 4, Louis Burley 3 Martin East 4, Mick O’Neill 4 Chris Fox 3, Rob Harris 1 Devinder Singh 6, Tam Singh 2 Rob Harris 5, Devinder Singh 4 Mick O’Neill 3, Chris Fox 3 Louis Burley 4, Martin East 2 Les Marson 5, Mark Bayliss 4 Liam Baker 3, Mick Baker 5 Chris Manoila 2, Rhys Langford 2 Baz Pearce 5, Paul Walters 2 Ken West 5, Jay Hough 7 Phil Summers 0. ---------------------------------- The first round of the League Cup was on the fixture card for the Brierley Hill Monday Night League and Blue Brick progressed to round two with a fantastic 9-0 win over Roebuck. League champions Dudley Sports ‘C’, who lost just one of their thirty league fixtures finished on the wrong side of a 5-4 result away to Pensnett Liberal Club who finished the season some six places and 26 points behind Dudley Sports ‘C’, also winning through to round two were Dudley Sports ‘A’, The Bell, New Talbot, The Swan, High Acres and The Bridge. Full Results:Week 31:- Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5 Old Star 4, Pensnett Liberal Club 5 Dudley Sports ‘C’ 4, The Bell 8 Griffin 1, New Talbot 5 Queens Head (Wordsley) 4, Blue Brick 9 Roebuck 0, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4 The Swan 5, High Acres 7 Bulls Head (Nethertton) 2, The Bridge 6 Brickmakers Arms 3. --------------------------------- There were defeats for the top two teams in division two of the Kings Norton League as leaders Rubery RBL lost 4-3 away to third in the table Grant Arms and second placed Weoley Hill Cricket Club lost by the same scoreline at Cotteridge Social, nevertheless Rubery have won the divisional title as Weoley have completed their fixtures and Grant Arms like Rubery still have one game to play but cannot catch Rubery on average but could take the runners up place from Weoley. The results from division one saw no change in the league positions E57’s 6-1 win over Reds giving them the runners up spot eight points behind champions Court Oak who still have one game to play. Full Results:Division One:- E57 6 (J.Good 125,121, J.Calt 140, S.Nolan 3x100, T.Roberts 100,120b, N.Cahill 100, A.Rickard 2x100,140) Reds 1 (K.Bambrick 100,140, A.Underwood 135), Stirchley United 3 (K.Mason 160b,7 darts game, T.Jeffs 100, C.Price 180, M.Bathurst 100, C.Ryan 125, S.Riddick 177, D.Collins 121,140) West Heath 4 (T.Shipley 105b, T.Corbett 124b,171, A.Sutton 140, T.Atkins 101b, W.Webb 2x100,140, C.Airey 139, K.Hall 2x100, P.Hughes 140), The Coppice 6 (M.Jones 100,140, D.Hill 100,112b, C.Heath 100,115b,121, A.Chidley 100, M.Mooney 100, G.Twist 100,100b) Hillyfields 1 (K.Drain 100,101b, M.Poolton 100, A.Harvey 140b, K.Vaughan 140, Joe Fox 125, L.Caven 105), Division Two:- Cotteridge Social 3 (P.Smith 140,101,13 darts game, J.O^Neill 2x100, A.Faulkner 100,102,103f) Weoley Hill Cricket Club 4 (M.Lloyd 100,101,120b,11 darts game, J.Cole 136b, D.Barnickle 112b, D.Bencens 100, J.Brookes 100,107b, A.Rogers 132), Toby Jug Flights 3 (J.Higgins 100) Kings Heath 4 (C.Upton 125), Coldstream 5 Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club 2 (S.Corbett 100,121, S.Brown 2x100, C.Davenport 100), Grant Arms 4 (P.Smith 140, M.Davies 140, S.Campbell 100, J.Price 109) Rubery RBL 3 (D.Lowndes 140, C.Guest 100, P.Medlicott 125, I.Medlicott 100,120b, S.Jacques 100,123). --------------------------------- An 8-1 win over Gulp Tribe leaves East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association as the only undefeated team in the Small Heath League after only two fixtures. Cob’s Bar like Gulp Tribe also lost for the first time as they were beaten by Mitre, again the score was 8-1 leaving Mitre second in the table two points behind East Birmingham. Full Results:Week 2:- Cob’s Bar 1 Mitre 8, East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 8 Gulp Tribe 1, Emerald Club 2 Wagon and Horses 7. --------------------------------- The Winmau Centre Monday Night League have got their new season underway and the early pacesetters are What’s The Point who have amassed a total of 85 points from their opening two games and a lead of ten over their nearest rivals The Outcasts with third placed Supermongs another one point adrift. --------------------------------- The Aston League have completed week one of their fixtures and roaring into the number one spot is Red Lion with an 8-1 win over St Thomas’s Club. Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club are just one leg of average short of the leaders after their 7-2 home win over Erdington Club. Full Results:Week 1:- Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 7 Erdington Club 2, Drakes Drum 3 Sportsman’s Rest 6, Red Lion 8 St Thomas 1, Old Oscott WMC 5 Mitre 4. --------------------------------- With games fast running out just two points separate the top five teams in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League. Current leaders Ten Arches ‘B’ did their title hopes no harm as they handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their hosts Kingswinford Conservative Club to keep them just ahead of Brickmakers Arms on average after they won 8-1 at Crestwood, both of the top two teams are on 64 points with the leaders having played one game more than the three teams nearest them Brickmakers, Ashwood and Ten Arches ‘A’. Fifth placed Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) won 7-2 at Garibaldi to give them 62 points but they have a game in hand on the three teams above them and two in hand on Ten Arches ‘B’ and could well make a late run to steal the title. Full Results:Week 37:- Crestwood 1 Brickmakers Arms 8, Garibaldi 2 Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 7, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 7 New Inns 2, Stourbridge RBL 2 Ashwood 7, Ten Arches ‘A’ 7 Fox Inn (Lye) 2, High Acres 4 Queens 5, Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 2 The Swan 7, Church Tavern 4 Bird (Wordsley) 5, Kingswinford Conservative Club 0 Ten Arches ‘B’ 9, Britannia 7 Cat Inn (Wordsley) 2. --------------------------------- The Winmau Centre in the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Stadium will be staging an Open Darts Knockout on Saturday 15th October which will carry a guaranteed prize pot of £1,000 with £500 going to the eventual winner, £250 to the runner up and £125 for each of the losing semi finalists, all for just a £10 entry fee. Entries will be accepted on the day between 11.00am and 12noon, all players PDC, BDO and county are welcome to enter. --------------------------------- Brickmakers Arms have been ousted from their perch at the top of the Brierley Hill Friday Night League, their 4-3 defeat away to third in the table Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ seeing them drop three places to fourth in the table. Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ are the new leaders their 5-2 win at Dudley Sports taking the winning run to five games, they are just ahead of their ‘B’ team on average as they and Samson and Lion, who won 4-3 at Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ have also won all of their game so far. At the other end of the table Ten Arches moved off the bottom with their first win a 5-2 success away to Lenches Bridge who replace their victors at the foot of the table. Full Results:Week 5:- Dudley Sports 2 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 5, The Bell 5 The Gate (Colley Gate) 2, Miners (Wollescote) 3 Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 4, Lenches Bridge 2 Ten Arches 5, Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 3 Samson and Lion 4, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 4 Brickmakers Arms 3, Fox Inn (Lye) 3 Britannia 4. --------------------------------- A 7-2 win against Crown ‘Z’ (Netherton) has seen White Horse get one hand on the winners silverware in the Cradley Tuesday Night League as they now have 52 points from 27 games and with just three more to play they are four points to the good on second in the table Crown (Station Road) who had a close 5-4 win at Bulls Head. Full Results:Week 27:- White Horse 7 Crown ‘Z’ (Netherton) 2, Rose and Crown 3 Members Club 6, White Swan 5 Roost ‘A’ 4, Chop House 4 Hawne Lane Tavern 5, Roost ‘B’ 4 Gate Hangs Well 5, Crown ‘A’ (Netherton) 2 Wheatsheaf 7, Bulls Head 4 Crown (Station Road) 5. --------------------------------- A 7-0 win at Crown by Dudley Sports takes their undefeated run to twelve games in the Netherton Thursday Night League and with Bulls Head losing 4-3 at home to fifth placed Fairfield a gap of six points had opened up between Dudley Sports and White Swan who have taken over second place from Bulls Head following their 4-3 win at Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club. Full Results:Week 13:- Bulls Head 3 Fairfield 4, Crown 0 Dudley Sports 7, White Horse 4 Delph Bell ^B^ 3, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 3 White Swan 4, Delph Bell ^A^ 4 The Widders 3. --------------------------------- It’s so close at the top of the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League that a 4-3 defeat away to Gornal Conservative Club has seen Britannia drop from second to fifth in the table but level on the same 28 points as their victors in third place. Ashwood ‘A’ lead the field with 34 points their latest game seeing them win 5-2 away to Wombourne Cricket Club to keep them four points ahead of second placed Miners Welfare who had a similar 5-2 win over bottom of the table Hare and Hounds, then comes Gornal Conservative Club, Brickmakers Arms and Britannia all on 28 points. Full Results:Week 19:- Ashwood ‘B’ (A.Miller 160b, M.Harper 9 darts game) 7 Hollybush 0, Miners Welfare 5 Hare and Hounds 2, Brickmakers Arms 5 Ten Arches ‘B’ 2, Ten Arches ‘A’ 6 Crestwood 1, Portway 4 High Acres 3, Fox Inn (Lye) 6 Netherton Cricket Club 1, Gornal Conservative Club 4 Britannia (V.Mitchell 160b,7 darts game) 3, Wombourne Cricket Club 2 Ashwood ‘A’ (N.Fullwell 160b) 5. --------------------------------- The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League played their 3-A-Side knockout down to the last eight teams and winning through were Steve Plant, Martyn Jeavons, Arran Parsons (Penn Bowling), Lee Jordan, Jamie Daly, Allan Davies (Roebuck), Shane Yeomans, Mark Lowbridge, Cy Warrilow (Victoria), Reece Cook-Lucas, Justin Evans, Pete Taylor (Gilberts Bar), Paul Boddison, Michele Pritchard, Paul Walters (Riley’s ‘A’), Kec Jones, John McHale, Dougie Palmer (Ukrainian Club), John Newell, Richard Matton, Sarah Maybury (Boat), Lee Smart, Simon Ward, Steve Hillman (Wednesfield Legion ‘C’). Full Results:3-A-Side Knockout:Quarter Finalists:- Steve Plant, Martyn Jeavons, Arran Parsons (Penn Bowling), Lee Jordan, Jamie Daly, Allan Davies (Roebuck), Shane Yeomans, Mark Lowbridge, Cy Warrilow (Victoria), Reece Cook-Lucas, Justin Evans, Pete Taylor (Gilberts Bar), Paul Boddison, Michele Pritchard, Paul Walters (Riley’s ‘A’), Kec Jones, John McHale, Dougie Palmer (Ukrainian Club), John Newell, Richard Matton, Sarah Maybury (Boat), Lee Smart, Simon Ward, Steve Hillman (Wednesfield Legion ‘C’). --------------------------------- After completing 25 of a scheduled 30 games three teams Springfield Social Club, The Bell and Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ are all on 46 points at the top of the Rowley Monday Night League. Springfield are top on average after adding a 6-3 win over Haden Cross ‘A’ while second placed Bell had a close 5-4 verdict over Fairfield, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ reduced the average deficit on the top two with a 7-2 win over their ‘B’ team. Full Results:Week 24:- Whiteheath Tavern 6 Haden Cross ‘A’ 3, Fairfield 6 Bacaba 3, Yeltz Bar 1 The Bell 8, Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 8 Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 1, Ivy Bush ‘A’ 4 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 5, Haden Cross ‘Z’ 5 Beech Tree 4, Springfield Social Club 8 Roost 1, Week 25:- Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 7 Yeltz Bar 2, Britannia Inn 5 Ivy Bush ‘A’ 4, The Bell 5 Fairfield 4, Bacaba 5 Whiteheath Tavern 4, Springfield Social Club 6 Haden Cross ‘A’ 3, Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 7 Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ 2, Haden Cross ‘Z’ 7 The Roost 2, Beech Tree 5-4 win for the bye. --------------------------------- There were 6-1 wins for both The Nutan and Lanesfield RBL in the 301 League of the Bilston and District League, while in the 501 league The Nutan and Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ were 3-0 winners in turn against White Hart and Triangle. Full Results:301 League:- 44 Club 5 Orange Tree 2, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 5 Rocket Pool 2, Bilston Conservative Club ‘A’ 5 Red Lion 2, Darlaston Conservative Club 1 Lanesfield RBL 6, Travellers Rest 3 Bilston Conservative Club ‘C’ (Bryan Beasley 160b) 4, Triangle 3 Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 4, White Hart 1 The Nutan 6, 501 League:- 44 Club 1 Orange Tree 2, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 2 Rocket Pool 1, Bilston Conservative Club ‘A’ 2 Red Lion 1, Darlaston Conservative Club 1 Lanesfield RBL 2, Travellers Rest 1 Bilston Conservative Club ‘C’ 2, Triangle 0 Allens Sports Bar ‘B’ 3, White Hart 0 The Nutan 3. --------------------------------- Cleveland Arms extended their average lead over second placed Whitmore Reans WMC in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League when they beat Jones Road 6-1 while their rivals had a much closer 4-3 win away to Brewood British Legion. There were defeats for both third and fourth placed Riley’s ‘A’ and Riley’s ‘B’ as in turn they lost 5-2 and 4-3 to Moreton and Claregate. Full Results:Week 31:- Brewood British Legion 3 Whitmore Reans WMC 4, Bull 4 Jack’s Bar 3, Claregate 4 Riley’s ‘B’ 3, Dog and Partridge 3 ECC ‘B’ 4, Jones Road 1 Cleveland Arms 6, Otter and Vixen 1 ECC ‘A’ 6, Riley’s ‘A’ 2 Moreton 5. --------------------------------- There was a top of the table clash in the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League when leaders Staffordshire Knot beat second placed Horse and Jockey 5-4. Full Results:Match 25:- St Mary’s ‘B’ 2 St Mary’s ‘A’ 7, T and R Bar 7 Black Horse 2, Civil Defence 3 Windmill 6, Staffordshire Knot 5 Horse and Jockey 4. --------------------------------- The Royal, Albrighton will be staging knockout number six when on the 17th December they stage their Christmas Open, entry will cost £5 with a £200 top prize for the winner plus £100 for the runner up and £35 for the losing semi finalists based on 32 plus entries. Anyone requiring any further information should contact Simon Pritchard on 07933-246173. --------------------------------- I would like to thank the Directors of Holdens Brewery, George Street, Woodsetton, Dudley for agreeing to take up the sponsorship of the Birmingham Mail weekly darts column. Last year the brewery celebrated its centenary, one hundred years of brewery traditional Black Country real ales it’s a real privilege and pleasure to be associated with such a well established Black Country business.. ---------------------------------

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