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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Despite the low turnout the Riley’s Solihull Last Sunday in the Month Open produced some top class darts none better than in the semi finals where Neil Parsonage hit two maximums against Steve Whatmore who also found the three treble twenties before bowing out 5-2. From the other half of the draw Graham Hall progressed to the final with a much more convincing 5-1 win against Martin Partridge.

2016-08-28 - Riley^s Last Sunday in the Month Open - Sue Kingdon (Organiser) and Graham Hall (Winner)

The final was again a darting feast with Hall hitting a maximum and Parsonage recoding a 128 finish in a twelve darts leg. The contest went to the tenth leg of a possible eleven format with Hall just getting the 6-4 verdict.

The first semi final of the Plate Competition which is for all first round losers saw Ed Sanders and Luis Barberan battle it out in a five legs affair with Barberan just getting the edge with a 3-2 result. Neil Clarke with a maximum accounted for Alan Caddick with a winning 3-1 margin, and that was the scoreline in the final where Clarke overcame the challenge of Barberan.

2016-08-28 - Riley^s Last Sunday in the Month Open - Sue Kingdon (Organiser) and Neil Clarke (Plate Winner)

Full Results :Semi Finals:- Martin Partridge 1 Graham Hall 5, Neil Parsonage (2x180) 5 Steve Whatmore (180) 2, Final:- Graham Hall (180) 6 Neil Parsonage (128f,12 darts game) 4, Plate Competition:Semi Finals:- Ed Sandars 2 Luis Barberan 3, Alan Caddick 1 Neil Clarke (180) 3, Final:- Luis Barberan 1 Neil Clarke 3.


With all of the domestic issues of the league done and dusted the Forest of Arden Summer League staged the final of their Knockout Cup in which division one champions Journeys End took on Ivy Leaf who ended the season in fourth place and some seven points short of Journeys.

The result went as one would expect with Journeys adding another title to their list for the season with a 5-2 result.

Full Results :Knockout Cup:Final:- Ivy Leaf 2 (P.Ashford-140,135,121,100, R.Lawrence 100, G.Clinton 5x100,2x121,140, R.Jelley 4x140, T.Clinton 100, D.Williams 140,138,120) Journeys End 5 (M.Tilley 4x100,121,140, J.Phipps 2x100,125, S.Kennedy 3x100,2x121,110,140, A.Edwards 100,114, S.Edwards 2x100,2x140.


Week two in the Sheldon Marlborough Cricket Club Singles League and Dave Howlett with 2-0 wins over Debbie Derbyshire and Pete Jones has edged Dave Humphries out of the number one spot in the premiership division by one leg of average after Humphries beat John Derbyshire 2-0 but then dropped a leg against Paul Brown when he won 2-1.

In the championship division Ray Turner with a 2-0 win over Neal Rughgani and two 2-1 victories against Dawn Duffy and Debbie Flynn tops the division with a perfect eight points from his opening four games Kevin Salsbury tops division one a 2-1 win over Ian Genge followed by a 2-0 success against Elisha Bevington taking his unbeaten run to four games but close on his heels is John Young who added his 2-0 wins over Steve McCarthy and Marie Jenkins to his tally to take his winning run to three games and six points, two short of Salsbury but he does have a game in hand.

In the overall league table it’s the top two premiership players Dave Howlett and Dave Humphries who have the top two positions, Howlett on 12 points from seven games and Humphries with ten from six. Kevin Salsbury and Ray Turner are hot on their heels both with eight points but from only four games.

Full Results :Week 2:Premiership Division:- Dave Howlett (102f) 2 Debbie Derbyshire 0, Paul Brown 1 Dave Humphries (101,100) 2, Pete Jones 1 Ken Salsbury (2x100) 2, John Derbyshire 2 Debbie Derbyshire 0, Dave Howlett (180) 2 Pete Jones (100,140) 0, Dave Humphries (100) 2 John Derbyshire 0, Debbie Derbyshire 0 Ken Salsbury 2, Paul Brown (100) 0 Debbie Derbyshire (121,114) 2, John Derbyshire 0 Dave Howlett 2, ChampionshipDivision:- Martin Cox 1 Jay Vaughan (105b,100) 2, Dawn Duffy 1 Ray Turner (100) 2, Alan Wale 0 Alan Eden snr (105b) 2, Neal Rughani 2 Debbie Flynn 1, Alan Eden snr (100,140) 1 Martin Cox (119) 2, Ray Turner (125) 2 Neal Rughani 0, Jay Vaughan 0 Alan Wale 2, Debbie Flynn 0 Nigel Ricketts 2, Alan Eden snr 2 Dawn Duffy 1, Debbie Flynn 1 Ray Turner 2, Alan Wale (100) 2 Debbie Flynn 0, Division One:- Elisha Bevington 1 Brian Farmer 2, Dave Brown 2 Nicola Brown 0, John Young 2 Steve McCarthy (100) 0, Ian Genge 1 Kevin Salsbury 2, Steve McCarthy 2 Dave Brown (101b) 1, Kevin Salsbury (100b,121) 2 Elisha Bevington 0, Brian Farmer 2 Ian Genge (109b) 1, Marie Jenkins 0 John Young 2.


The Shirley Red Lion Premier League have got their 2016 – 2017 season underway and the man to top the table in the opening week is Steve Sidwell who began the campaign with a straight 3-0 win over Mark Cater and then added a 3-1 success against Brian Lawton to put him on six points. Second in the table Chris Thomas is also on six points after he won both of his games against Mick Bown and Paul Higgins 3-1 but trails Sidwell by one leg of average. Third placed Andy Hoy is one point adrift of the top two as he opened his account with a 2-2 draw with Tom Bent and then won 3-1 against Tony Daly.

Full Results :Week 1:- Andy Hoy 2 Tom Bent 2, Mark Cater 0 Steve Sidwell 3, Mark Gwalchmai 2 Brian Lawton 0, Tony Daly (16 darts game) 3 Adam Stuart 1, Paul Higgins (15 darta game) 3 Ken Hopton 1, Mick Bown 1 Chris Thomas (16 darts game) 1, Dave Hesketh 1 Steve Heeks 3, Dave Fisher 0 Anthony Daly 3, Tom Bent 2 Mark Cater 2, Brian Lawton 1 Steve Sidwell 3, Dave Fisher 3 Mark Gwalchmai 1, Andy Hoy 3 Tony Daly 1, Chris Thomas 3 Paul Higgins 1, Dave Hesketh 2 Mick Bown (2x180) 2, Adam Stuart 3 Steve Heeks 1, Anthony Daly 1 Ken Hopton 3.


The Bilston and District League have began their new season and in the opening games in the 301 league no fewer than six of the seven fixtures finished with a 5-2 scoreline. Reigning champions The Nutan were one of the six as they beat Bilston Conservative Club ‘B’ but the team to move into pole position is Triangle Snooker Club who handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their visitors Red Lion. Other teams to win 5-2 were 44 Club, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’, Lanesfield RBL, Tilted Barrel and Travellers Rest.

In the 5-1 league Lanesfield RBL, The Nutan and Tilted Barrel all won 3-0 in turn against White Hart, Bilston Conservative Club ‘B’ and Orange Tree to share the number one spot.

Full Results :301 League:- 44 Club 5 Darlaston Conservative Club 2, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 5 Bilston Conservative Club ‘A’ 2, Bilston Conservative Club ‘B’ 2 The Nutan 5, Tilted Barrel 5 Orange Tree 2, Travellers Rest 5 Rocket Pool 2, Triangle Snooker Club 7 Red Lion 0, White Hart 2 Lanesfield RBL 5, 501 League:- 44 Club 1 Darlaston Conservative Club 2, Allens Sports Bar ‘A’ 2 Bilston Conservative Club ‘A’ 1, Bilston Conservative Club ‘B’ 0 The Nutan 3, Tilted Barrel 3 Orange Tree 0, Travellers Rest 2 Rocket Pool 1, Triangle Snooker Club 2 Red Lion 1, White Hart 0 Lanesfield RBL 3.


With four more fixtures still to play Court Oak have already virtually won the division one title in the Kings Norton League, they took their undefeated run to ten games when they won 4-3 away to next to bottom of the table Stirchley United to give them 20 points eight more than second placed E57 who were beaten 4-3 at home to fourth placed The Coppice who take over third place from West Heath as they lost 4-3 away to Hillyfields.

The race for the division two title is very close with three teams all level on 16 points. Kings Norton Ex Serviceman’s Club are top on average from Rubery RBL who drew level with on points with the leaders when they beat Kings Heath 6-1 and in third place is Grant Arms who have not only played one game more than the two teams above them but lost ground as they were beaten 6-1 away to Cotteridge Social who are fourth.

Full Results :Division One:- E57 3 (B.Bonas 100,101b, B.Morgan 123, T.Roberts 2x100, N.Porter 100,119, A.Rickard 100,126, J.Good 140) The Coppice 4 (M.Jones 100,121, M.Harper 100, D.Hill 100,112b,139,140, C.Heath 3x100, A.Chidley 2x100,112b, M.Mooney 100), Hillyfields 4 (A.Vaughan 126,118b,2x120b,10 darts game, A.Harvey 100, L.Caven 138, M.Varley 100, L.Fox 180) West Heath 3 (T.Corbett 100,140,101b,121, T.Shipley 100,118, W.Webb 100, T.Atkins 100, P.Hughes 100, K.Hall 100, S.Deeley 2x100), Stirchley United 3 (T.Jeffs 100, C.Price 100, K.Mason 103b,125, D.Collins 100, C.Ryan 116) Court Oak 4 (S.Hykin 100,102b, E.Simpson 121, D.Bourne 2x100, 118, V.Gould 2x100, 100b, J.Best 100,112f, G.Dews 2x100, J.Hykin 134, S.Pasetti 2x100, R.Mann 2x100, P.Blades 100), Division Two:- Toby Jug Flights 2 (G.Smith 121) Coldstream 5 (S.Nolan 140, P.McCormack 135), Cotteridge Social 6 (J.O^Neill 100,112b,133, S.Hale 120b, A.Faulkner 120b,105f,140, B.Faulkner 106) Grant Arms 1 (G.Purnell 100,100b, N.Kelly 100,123, M.Davies 121, S.Campbell 100, D.Campbell 100), Kings Heath 1 (D.Parish 140,103b, N.Pearse 100, R.Morris 100) Rubery RBL 6 (D.Lowndes 100, M.Pierce 2x100, R.Packer 128, I.Medlicott 100,130).


Week sixteen in the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League and leader Louis Burley did his title aspirations no harm at all as he added a 4-3 win over Jay Hough to his total making it 26 wins in 27 games and giving him a total points of 151 six more than second placed Kevin Harris who after his 5-2 win over Ken West and 7-0 success against Phil Summers has now played one game more than Burley.

Third in the table and reigning champion Mick Baker is still in the hunt, 5-2 and 6-1 wins against respective opponents Chris Fox and Devinder Singh puts him on 140 points and although some twelve behind Burley and five adrift of Harris has a game in hand on Burley and two on Harris.

Full Results :Week 15:- Louis Burley 5 Ken West 2, Mick O’Neill 7 Phil Summers 0, Rob Harris 1 Jay Hough 6, Chris Fox 4 Paul Boddison 3, Robert Pierce 4 Mark Bayliss 3, Rhys Langford 1 Chris Fox 6, Paul Boddison 1 Devinder Singh 6, Phil Summers 0 Louis Burley 7, Ken West 4 Les Marson 3, Week 16:- Kevin Harris 5 Ken West 2, Louis Burley 4 Jay Hough 3, Rob Harris 3 Paul Boddison 4, Devinder Singh 7 Rhys Langford 0, Chris Fox 2 Mick Baker 5, Mark Bayliss 3 Chris Fox 4, Mick Baker 6 Devinder Singh 1, Rhys Langford 1 Rob Harris 6, Paul Boddison 4 Mick O’Neill 3, Phil Summers 0 Kevin Harris 7, Ken West 5 Craig Capewell 2.


Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ kicked off the new season in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League with a table topping 6-1 win at The Fox (Lye), four of the trailing teams won 5-2 Brickmakers Arms, Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ and Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ in turn beating The Bell, The Gate (Colley Gate), Ten Arches and Lenches Bridge.

Full Results :Week 1:- Netherton Cricket Club ‘A’ 5 The Gate (Colley Gate) 2, Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 5 Ten Arches 2, Dudley Sports 3 Samson and Lion 4, The Bell 2 Brickmakers Arms 5, Miners (Woolescote) 3 Britannia 4, Lenches Bridge 2 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 5, The Fox (Lye) 1 Netherton Cricket Club ‘B’ 6.


The Camp Hill League were involved in their League Cup and Cotterills Lane Club after beating Eagle and Ball in the league last week followed up by knocking them out of the cup. Also winning through to the next round were Wagon and Horses, Holy Gulp, Emerald Club and Tyseley WMC who in turn accounted for Station Wagon, Hay Mills Social, New Inns and Devil’s Club.

Full Results :League Cup:- Station Wagon lost to Wagon and Horses, Cotterills Lane Club beat Eagle and Ball, Holy Gulp beat Hay Mills Social, Emerald Club beat New Inns, Devil’s Club lost to Tyseley WMC.


The division one Challenge Cup was the order of the day for the Pip Club League and Prince of Wales who narrowly lost the league title on average to Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) got sweet revenge as they defeated them in the final.

Full Results :Division One:Challenge Cup:Final:- Prince of Wales beat Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth


Bulls Head have been ousted from their top spot in the Netherton Thursday Night League after suffering a 4-3 defeat away to White Swan who are third in the table with the same 24 points as Bulls Head but with a game in hand on them.

Dudley Sport move up into the number one spot their 6-1 win against bottom team The Widders taking their points to a perfect 27 from nine games and gives them a three points advantage over both Bulls Head and White Swan.

Full Results :- White Swan 4 Bulls Head 3, Fairfield 3 Delph Bell ^B^ 4, Dudley Sports 6 The Widders 1, Delph Bell ^A^ 3 The Crown 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 5 White Horse 2.


Staffordshire Knot leaders of the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League were in top form in week 23 as they won their home tie with St Mary’s ‘A’ 8-1. Horse and Jockey lost ground on the leaders as they suffered a 5-4 reversal away to Black Horse. At the other end of the table bottom side St Mary’s ‘B’ fell further behind the rest of the teams as they lost 5-4 to the team just above them Civil Defence.

Full Results :Week 23:- Staffordshire Knot 8 St Mary’s ^A^ 1, St Mary’s ^B^ 4 Civil Defence 5, T and R Bar 6 Windmill 3, Black Horse 5 Horse and Jockey 4.


As early as week three in the Black Country Premier League and only three of the sixteen teams remain with a 100% win record, Blackheath Beechers with a 10-3 win over Springfield Rifles lead the way on average from both Windy Millers and Black Country Belters, Millers beating Windmill Hill Warriors 8-6 and Belters winning 9-6 against Colley Gators. Woodside Poachers are only one point off the top and they were 10-4 winners in their tie with bottom of the table Mighty Mitre.

Full Results :Week 2:- Mighty Mitre 4 Black Country Belters 11, Colley Gators 9 Britannia Bulldogs 7, Hounds of Wynall 7 Enville Street Renegades 9, HBD 4 Windy Millers 11, Windmill Hill Warriors 12 Vintage Gamers 3, Hasbury Hunters 3 Blackheath Beechers 10, Springfield Rifles 8 Woodside Poachers 8, Brickmaker Big Dogs 11 Old Bush 3, Week 3:- Black Country Belters 9 Colley Gators 6, Britannia Bulldogs 12 Hounds of Wynall 1, Ebville Street Renegades 7 HBD 8, Windy Millers 8 Windmill Hill Warriors 6, Vintage Gamers 4 Hasbury Hunters 11, Blackheath Beechers 10 Springfield Rifles 3, Woodside Poachers 10 Old Bush 4 Mighty Mitre 5 Brickmaker Big Dogs 10.


.It doesn’t look as though Gornal Conservative Club will be retaining their Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League title as their latest fixture saw them lose 5-2 away to Ashwood ‘A’ who lost last years title on average to Gornal and currently lead the table with an unbeaten 32 points at the halfway stage of the season and Gornal who have now dropped to fifth are eight points adrift of Ashwood ‘A’.

The battle at present is for the second place as three teams Britannia, Brickmakers Arms and Miners Welfare are all on 26 points.

Full Results :Week 17:- Brickmakers Arms 5 Wombourne Cricket Club 2, Ten Arches ‘A’ 2 Britannia (R.Cooley 160b) 5, Portway 4 Hare and Hounds 3, Fox (Lye) 2 Ten Arches ‘B’ 5, Netherton Cricket Club 1 Dudley Sports 6, High Acres 1 Crestwood 6, Miners Welfare Club 5 Ashwood ‘B’ 5, Ashwood ‘A’ (C.Williams 8 darts game) 5 Gornal Conservative Club 2.


By virtue of their 5-2 win at home to Wednesfield FC and Victoria’s 4-3 defeat away to Penn Bowling Riley’s ‘C’ have opened up a huge ten points lead at the top of division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League. Victoria in second place are on 18 points and are being closely followed by Wednesfield Conservative Club and Ashmore Inn who are both on 16 points and have two games in hand on Victoria.

It’s close at the top of division two with Sunbeam and Pavilion both on 26 points, the former winning 6-1 at home against Lanesfield RBL and the latter winning 5-2 at Wednesfield Legion ‘C’.

A 5-2 win at Red Lion saw Riley’s ‘A’ move up two places in the table to fourth leaving them just two points behind third placed Dog and Partridge while Bird in Hand’s 4-3 home defeat by Bull saw them drop one place to fifth.

Full Results :Division One:- Bradmore ‘A’ 1 Wednesfield Conservative Club 6, Penn Bowling 4 Victoria 3, Riley’s ‘C’ 5 Wednesfield FC 2, Roebuck 2 Riley’s ‘D’ 5, Royal 2 Cabin 5, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 3 Bull 4, Boat 5 Pendulum 2, Dog and Partridge 4 Woodfield Social 3, Red Lion 2 Riley’s ‘A’ 5, Sunbeam 6 Lanesfield RBL 1, Ukrainian Club 1 Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 6, Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 2 Pavilion 5.


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