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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

As a result of Euro 2016 being on television the preliminary round of the Sheldon and District Summer League’s Mrs F.Richman Cup suffered with no fewer than four of the twelve games having a walkover, Castle Vale Residents, The Pirates, The Harvester and Ridgemere Flights all going through to the next round without throwing a single dart.

The only shock of the round was the 5-2 win by division three team Willclare Sports and Social who beat their division one opponents East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association, the biggest win was provided by Maggies and Iron Horse Arrows who in turn defeated Shirley RBL Misfits and Greville Arms 7-0.

Other teams to win through to the next round were Meadway Sports and Social, Sheldon Dukes, Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows and Sheldon Marlborough Arrows.

Full Results:Mrs F.Richman Cup:Preliminary Round:- Maggies 7 (S.Hoccom 3x100,135, D.Tudor 125,100,107, N.Hall 180,125, B.Carter 125, S.Hall 100) Shilrey RBL Misfits 0 (T.Dixon 2x100, K.Murray 100, L.Clutterbuch 105,100, C.Blythe 140, A.Ogg 105), Willclare Sports and Social 5 (M.Tilley 2x100, M.Holt 140,100, D.Reid 100, F.Dixon 100) East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 2 (M.Forsyth 120, B.Skinner 100, S.Burke 124, D.Horley 133, R.Cooper 100,116), Highwood Exiles 3 (R.Harrison 122,100, A.Thurman 100, D.Walmsley 100, C.Harrison 120) Meadway Sports and Social 4 (S.Bennett 120,121,134, A.Byrad 100, J.Phipps 2x100), Sheldon Dukes 5 (C.Cotter 101,100,102, P.Sunner 100, G.Groves 140, A.Plows 140, P.Pudge 2x120,140,101f) Yardley Ex Colts 2 (P.Welch 2x100,115,121,140, J.Darby 105,100, R.Collins 100, R.Mason 104), Greville Arms 0 (J.Cocchi 135, C.Burns 100) Iron Horse Arrows 7 (T.Evans 2x100,140, J.Whitehouse 2x100, D.Mortiboys 100, M.Bown 2x100, P.Byrne 103,2x140), Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 4 (D.Nixon 2x100,140, R.Nixon 3x100, P.Connolly 2x100, L.Nixon 2x140, M.Cooper 100, A.Nixon 100, P.Nixon 2x100) Iron Horse Flights 3 (A.Mayell 140, N.Clarke 3x100,121, N.Parsonage 2x100, W.Mynard 118, J.Prince 2x100,121), Castle Vale Residents 7 Mackadown Social 0 (walkover), The Pirates 7 Marston Green Tavern 0 (walkover), The Harvester 7 Highwood Arrows 0 (walkover), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 1 (S.Miller 118, D.Burden 100, J.Brannigan 114, A.Sleath 100) Sheldon Marlborough Arrows 6 (A.Eden 100, B.Steptoe 105,100,101, P.Brown 2x100,111,125, D.Howlett 2x100,125,140, P.Jones 100, N.Rughani 100), Ridgemere Flights 7 Highwood KB’s 0 (walkover).


The South Birmingham League had a slow start to their new season as they were another league to be hit by the football and as a result only two of the scheduled six games were played. In group one Coleshill Social had a good start to their campaign beating their visitors The C’s 7-1 and by the same margin in group two Erdington Members Club won against Crown at Shard End.

Full Results:Group One:- Coleshill Social 7 (S.Parsons 2x100, P.Bryant 100, B.Jones 2x100, P.Williams 100, S.Sweetman 100) The C^s 1 (G.Meredith 125,140, D.Flores 2x100,118, K.Johns 100, L.Spink 113,132), Group Two:- Erdington Members Club 7 (W.Naylor 100,2x134,2x140, J.Frost 2x100,2x140, M.Birch 2x140, C.Millward jnr 3x100,140, C.Millward snr 100,140,180, C.Winters 100,134,135, B.Cadby 3x100, S.Bird 100) Crown at Shard End 1 (D.Kingdon 120,100, S.Whatmore 3x100,2x118, J.Norris 100, T.Evans 133, D.Clinton 100, S.Kingdon 2x100).


The Forest of Arden Summer League staged their men’s and women’s doubles knockouts and in the former with a final 2-1 result over Luis Barberan and Will Naylor it was Derek Duggan and Cliff Okey who took the title.

Both of the last four games resulted in a 2-1 scoreline Duggan and Okey beating Simon Edwards and Alex Edwards while Barberan and Naylor accounted for Mark Osborne and Clarke Horsley.

The latter games in the ladies event were all also 2-1 results as in the semi’s Diane Hudson and Sheila Hawkins beat Ruth Gwilliam and Courtney Burns and from the pther half of the draw Dawn Duffy and Debbie Flynn won against Noreen Harris and Debbie Derbyshire.

Forest of Arden League - Women^s Doubles - Sue Kingdon (Organiser), Debbie Flynn and Dawn Duffy (Winners), Trevor Edwards (League Tresurer)

In the final Duffy and Flynn were crowned champions as they just got the edge on Hudson and Hawkins.

Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Men’s:Quarter Finals:- Tony Stainsfield / Andy.Hawkins 0 Derek Duggan / Cliff Okey 2, Simon Edwards / Alex Edwards 2 John Derbyshire / Neil .Warner 1, Luis Barberan / Will Naylor 2 Jason Jennings / Andy Howell 0, Mark Osborne / Clarke .Horsley 2  Steve Whatmore / Gordon Clinton (149f) 1, Semi Finals:- Derek Duggan / Cliff Okey 2 Simon Edwards / Alex Edwards 1, Luis Barberan / Will Naylor 2 Mark Osborne / Clarke Horsley 1, Final:- Luis Barberan / Will Naylor 1 Derek Duggan / Cliff Okey 2, Ladies:Semi Finals:- Diane Hudson / Sheila Hawkins 2 Ruth Gwilliam / Courtney Burns 1, Dawn Duffy / Debbie Flynn 2 Noreen Harris / Debbie Derbyshire 1, Final:- Dawn Duffy / Debbie Flynn 2 Diane Hudson / Sheila Hawkins 1.

Forest of Arden League - Men^s Doubles - Sue Kingdon (Organiser), Cliff Okey and Derek Duggan (Winners), Trevor Edwards (League Tresurer)


East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association had an emphatic 9-0 win over bottom of the table Emerald Flights in the Small Heath League to take their undefeated run to eleven games and keep them six points ahead of the rest of the field. Second placed Gulp Tribe were 7-2 winners away to fourth in the table Wagon and Horses and on the same 16 points as Gulp but with a game in hand third placed Mitre won their home tie with Moseley All Service 5-4.

Full Results:- Mitre 5 Moseley All Service 4, Wagon and Horses 2 Gulp Tribe 7, Cob’s Bar 3 Emerald Club 6, East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 9 Emerald Flights 0.


3 Yam Yams and A.Stokie have returned to the top of the table in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League following their huge 43-5 win over Here For The Beer giving them a total of 422 points fifteen more than their nearest rivals Is It In who held on to second place with a 26-22 win over former leaders What’s The Point who drop to fourth in the table on the same 404 points as third placed The Outcasts who won 32-16 against The Untouchables.

Full Results:- Is It In 26 (Gemma Barrett 2x180, James Owen 2x180) What’s The Point 22, Keep It In The Family 42 (Dave Lewwis 180) Where’s My Team 6 (Phil Hughes 180), Double Trouble 10 Full Montie 38, 3 Yam Yams and A.Stokie 43 Here For The Beer 5, The Outcasts 32 (J.Evans 180, K.Bates 180) The Untouchables 16 (Andy Busby 2x180).


It was cup week in the Sutton and District League and the results really all went to plan as in round two of the Prestidge Cup where all four teams came from division one, leaders Boldmere St Mike’s beat Bishop Vesey 5-4 and The Beehive won 6-3 against Plough and Arrows.

Round one of the Roy Bird Shield saw division two leaders The Boot with a 180 from G.Gaughan beat bottom of the second division The Park 8-1.

Other teams to win through to round two were Golden Hind, Old Oscott Arrows and St Thomas’s Club.

Full Results:Prestridge Shield:Round Two:- The Beehive 6 The Plough 3, Bishop Vesey 4 Boldmere St Mike’s 5, Roy Bird Shield:Round One:- Erdington Club 2 Golden Hind 7, Old Oscott Arrows 7 Oak Boys 2, Rosey Macs 2 St Thomas’s Club 7, The Park 1 The Boot (G.Gaughan 180) 8.


Week seven of the Winmau Centre Thursday Night Champions League saw leader Kevin Harris suffer a setback to his title aspirations as after beating Rhys Langford 7-0 he then lost 4-3 to reigning champion Mick Baker who despite being 26 points behind Harris in fourth place has won all twelve of his fixtures and has five games in hand on Harris which could net him a total of 35 points.

Louis Burley is in second place and he opened up with a 5-2 win over Mark Bayliss but then went down 4-3 to third in the table Robert Pierce, this was Burley’s first defeat in fourteen games and his position now is that he is ten points behind Harris with three games in hand and four ahead of Pierce who has played 16 games as opposed to Burley’s 14.

Full Results:Week 7:- Chris Fox 6 Tam Singh 1, Devinder Singh 4 Martin East 3, Mick O’Neill 1 Robert Pierce 6, Louis Burley 5 Mark Bayliss 2, Kevin Harris 7 Rhys Langford 0, Craig Capewell 1 Paul Boddison 6, Chris Manoila 3 Jay Hough 4, Tam Singh 0 Kenny West 7, Paul Boddison 5 Liam Baker 2, Rhys Langford 1 Craig Capewell 6, Mick Baker 4 Kevin Harris 3, Robert Pierce 4 Louis Burley 3, Andy Whale 4 Mick O’Neill 3, Martin East 2 Rob Harris 5, Chris Fox 5 Devinder Singh 2.


The Pip Club League staged the semi finals of their Shadow League Cups and in the division one games Pip Club beat Wigginton Arms and Belgrave Club won against Two Gates Club.

In the second division games, as in the division one result’s there were no major upsets as Royal Oak won against Globe (Wilnecote) and Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) lost to Old Liberal Club.

Full Results:Shadow League Cup:Semi Finals:Division One:- Pip Club beat Wigginton Arms, Belgrave Club beat Two Gates Club, Division Two:- Royal Oak beat Globe (Wilnecote), Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) lost to Old Liberal Club.


With two thirds of the season completed in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League leaders Dudley Sports ‘C’ have extended their lead to eight points after their own 8-1 win over High Acres who drop from third in the table to fifth and the defeat of second placed The Bridge by sixth in the table Pensnett Liberal Club who won the home tie 5-4.

After the leading dup comes Bulls Head (Netherton) and The Bell both on 26 points, twelve off the top of the table, Bulls Head winning 6-3 at home to The Swan and The Bell having a 5-4 win away to Roebuck.

Full Results:Week 20:- Old Star 2 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 7, Dudley Sports ‘C’ 8 High Acres 1, Pensnett Liberal Club 5 The Bridge 4, New Talbot 6 Griffin 3, Roebuck 4 The Bell 5, Bulls Head (Netherton) 6 The Swan 3, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6 Queens Head (Wordsley) 3, Blue Brick 4 Brickmakers Arms 5.


The Brierley Hill Friday Night League played off the first leg of the semi finals of their two leg League Cup in which league runners up Miners (Wollescote) finished on the wrong side of a 5-4 scoreline away to Pensnett Welfare Club who ended the season in fourth place. The second of the semi’s saw third placed Netherton Cricket Club hand out a convincing 8-1 defeat to fifth in the table Pensnett Liberal Club

Miners with home advantage in the second leg of the semi’s will have the opportunity to bounce back and still book their place in the final but it will be a tough task for the Liberal Club as they will be playing away.

Full Results:League Cup:Semi Finals:- Pensnett Welfare Club 5 Miners (Wollescote) 4, Pensnett Liberal Club 1 Netherton Cricket Club 8.


A 6-1 home win over second in the table West Heath has seen Court Oak double their lead at the top of division one in the Kings Norton League to four points and take their winning run to six games. Toby Jug ‘A’ moved up three places in the table to third following their 5-2 win at The Coppice but are six short of Court Oak.

In the second division with no results in for Grant Arms they have been ousted from the number one spot by Rubery RBL who won 4-3 away to Cotteridge Social, Grant dropping to second with a maximum eight points from four games, Rubery are the only other team to have won all of their fixtures so far.

It was a good week for the Billesley team as they chalked up their first win of the season, after losing the opening five games they recorded a 4-3 home win over Kings Heath.

Full Results:Division One:- The Coppice 2 (M.Harper 140, D.Hill 140, J.Chapman 100) Toby Jug ‘A’ 5 (S.Knowles 100,100b, M.Bennet 100, B.Heath 2x100,102b, R.Higgins 140, S.Hodges 100,100b,140, A.Deeley 125, D.Kent 2x100, J.Grainger 100), Stirchley United 6 (M.Welsh 105b, T.Jeffs 100f, K.Mason 100,121,137, B.Thomas 146b, T.Bathurst 100, A.Wright 101,109f, C.Price 2x140) Reds 1 (L.Law 140b, C.Burke 125, A.Underwood 122, D.Singleton 100), Court Oak 6 (E.Simpson 120b,111f,9 darts game, D.Bourne 137, K.Bedder 100, V.Gould 100, G.Dews 121, J.Hykin 100,135, S.Hykin 2x100, P.Blades 2x100, R.Mann 121) West Heath 1 (P.Hughes 100b, A.Sutton 140, T.Atkins 120b, T.Corbett 100, S.Deeley 120b), Division Two:- Billesley 4 (J.Sadler 100, S.Sadler 3x100, J.Eades 104, T.Elscey 103, S.Wright 101) Kings Heath 3 (D.Parish 100, R.Morris 100, P.Morris 120), Cotteridge Social 3 (J.O^Neill 112, Matt Ivory 120, S.Hale 100, T.Young 100) Rubery RBL 4 (R.Packer 100,115, D.Lowndes 121, P.Medlicott 105b, J.Ford 130, I.Medlicott 2x100, S.Jacques 125).


The Winmau Darts Centre in the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Stadium is to stage two major events over July and August the first of which is the BDO Festival of Youth Darts over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July which will be followed in August with the prestigious Winmau BDO Wolverhampton Open which will carry a prize fund of £3,000.

For more information regarding these two events either contact the centre on 01902-420827 or e-mail 


With the domestic fixtures and league all done and dusted the Bilston and District League have only cup finals remaining in their season, the final of the Main Cup brought together the league’s top two teams champions The Nutan and runners up Tilted Barrel. The outcome was always going to be close and despite Nutan having beaten their rivals to the league title by a massive ten points the 4-3 cup result went in favour of Tilted Barrel who amazingly retained the title for a fourth consecutive season.

The semi finals of the Challenge Cup saw defending champions Great Western go out of the competition as they lost to White Hart ‘B’. Joining White Hart ‘B’ in the final was Lanesfield RBL who after taking out Red Lion in the last four playoff then went on to lift the trophy by beating White Hart ‘B’.

Full Results:Main Cup:Semi Finals:- Tilted Barrel beat Bilston Conservative Club ‘A’, The Nutan beat Rocket Pool, Final:- Tilted Barrel 4 The Nutan 3, Challenge Cup:Semi Finals:- Lanesfield RBL beat Red Lion, White Hart ‘B’ beat Great Western, Final:- Lanesfield beat White Hart ‘B’.


White Horse with seventeen wins in as many games in the Cradley Tuesday Night League lost their unbeaten record and were the only losers in the top five when in their home fixture against their nearest rivals Crown (Station Road) they went down 5-4 reducing their advantage to four points.

Full Results:- Wheatsheaf 9 Roost ‘B’ 0, Roost ‘A’ 5 Hawne Lane Tavern 4, Members Club 8 Gate Hangs Well 1, Crown ‘Z’ (Netherton) 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, White Horse 4 Crown (Station Road) 5, Rose and Crown 4 Crown ‘A’ (Netherton) 5, White Swan 7 Bulls Head 2, Chop House 4 Netherton Sports and Social 5.


The Rowley Monday Night League were involved with their Bill Bishop Cup and in the local derby between Ivy Bush ‘A’ and Ivy Bush ‘Z’ it was the ‘A’ team who are two places below their rivals that came through as winners.

League leaders Ex Serviceman’s Club went through to the next round as their opponents Bacaba didn’t turn up and second in the league table Springfield Social were winners at home against Haden Cross ‘Z’. Third placed The Bell won their game against Fairfield who despite being fourth in the league table have a deficit of eight points on their victors.

Full Results:Bill Bishop Cup:- Springfield Social beat Haden Cross ‘Z’, The Bell beat Fairfield, Ivy Bush ‘A’ beat Ivy Bush ‘Z’, Ex Serviceman’s beat Bacaba (Walkover).


The Vine lost second place in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League when they lost 5-2 away to third in the table Old Hop Pole, as a result of their defeat Vine drop down to fourth on 26 points two adrift of Old Hop Pole and second placed Island Inn who won their home game with bottom of the table Horseley Tavern 7-0.

Leaders Dewdrop had a 6-1 win at Albion to maintain their two points lead at the top of the table.

Full Results:- Ivy Bush 3 Merry-Go-Round 4, Hayes Social 3 Jolly Collier 4, Albion 1 Dewdrop 6, Old Hop Pole 5 The Vine 2, Sportsman 3 New Talbot 4, Island Inn 7 Horseley Tavern 0.


There were big wins for the top three teams in the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League as leaders Staffordshire Knot beat Red Lion 7-2, second placed T & R Bar handed out a 9-0 whitewash to Civil Defence and third in the table Horse and Jockey won 8-1 away to St Mary’s ‘B’.

Full Results:- Cottage Spring  4 St Mary’s ^A^ 5, Staffordshire Knot 7 Red Lion 2, T & R Bar 9 Civil Defence 0, St Mary’s ^B^ 1 Horse and Jockey 8.


The Netherton Thursday Night League had their League Cup on the agenda which matched together the top two teams Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club and Dudley Sports, both unbeaten in the league. The result was a 5-2 win for Dudley Sports. Third in the table Bulls Head also have a 100% win record in the league and they continued that form in the cup as they accounted for Fairfield with a 4-3 result.

In the local derby between the two Delph Bell teams it was the ‘B’ side who got the 6-1 verdict, the same scoreline in which the "White’s” were involved, White Swan beating White Horse.

Full Results:League Cup:- Delph Bell ‘B’ 6 Delph Bell ‘A’ 1, Bulls Head 4 Fairfield 3, White Swan 6 White Horse 1, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 2 Dudley Sports 5.


In the Warwickshire County and Super League meeting last weekend’s it was decided that after the resignation of Margaret Fish as Ladies Team Manager Sue Gulliver would be her replacement, and replacing Gill Poole after her resignation as Ladies Super League Secretary was Maria Collins.

The county and super league would like to thank Gill and Margaret for their services and wish Sue and Maria every success in their new roles.


In division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League Riley’s ‘C’ have an eight points lead over Victoria, Gilberts Bar and Ashmore Inn all three teams on 12 points from 9 games, Riley’s ‘C’ have played ten.

In division two leaders Dog and Partridge suffered a massive 6-1 defeat away to fifth in the table Bird in Hand and are now joined on 18 points by Sunbeam who replace Pavilion in second place after beating them 6-1, Pavilion are also on 18 points.

Full Results:Division One:- Cabin 7 Bradmore ‘A’ 0, Penn Bowling 1 Gilberts Bar 6, Victoria 6 Wednesfield Conservative Club 1, Wednesfield FC 4 Roebuck 3, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 6 Dog and Partridge 1, Bull 5 Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 2, Pendulum 4 Red Lion 3, Riley’s ‘A’ 3 Woodfield Social 4, Sunbeam 6 Pavilion 1, Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 2 Boat 5.


No change at the top of the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League as all of the top five teams won in week 19. Top team Whitmore Reans WMC had a 5-2 win at Moreton to put them on 32 points two ahead of Riley’s ‘A’ and Cleveland Arms, Riley’s having a 4-3 win against ECC’B’ while Cleveland handed out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Dog and Partridge.

Full Results:Week 19:- Brewood British Legion 4 Claregate 3, Bull 2 Riley’s ‘B’ 5, Dog and Partridge 0 Cleveland Arms 7, Jones Road 2 ECC ‘A’ 5, Moreton 2 Whitmore Reans WMC 5, Otter and Vixen 7 Jack’s Bar 0, Riley’s ‘A’ 4 ECC ‘B’ 3,


Prince of Wales ‘A’ won 6-1 away to Mile Oak Rovers to keep them in pole position in the Tamworth League on 176 points from 21 games with one away game remaining against Wigginton ‘A’, Fox and Dogs are second on 165 points and had a bye this week but they do have two still to play both at home against Belgrave Club and Wigginton ‘B’, should be quite a tense run in.

Full Results:- Wigginton ‘B’ 4 Three Tuns (Fazeley) 3, Mile Oak Rovers 1 Prince of Wales ‘A’ 6, Prince of Wales ‘B’ 5 Belgrave Club 2, Globe Inn 4 Sports Bar ‘180’ 3, Dolphin Inn 2 Wigginton ‘A’ 5, Players League:- Donna Whitmore (Wigginton ‘B’) beat Martin Young (Three Tuns, Fazeley), Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers) beat Mick Chater (Prince of Wales ‘A’), Adam Williams (Belgrave Club) beat Mark Tomlinson jnr. (Prince of Wales ‘B’), Steve Taft (Sports Bar ‘180’) beat Ian Grylls (Globe Inn).



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