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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

The Birmingham Friday Summer Singles League season culminated in a finals night at the Erdington Club, Sutton New Road. In the first semi final Paul Cummings, who finished fourth in the league was handed a 6-0 whitewash by John Burdett, who topped the table, while the second of the semi’s was a much closer affair with 15 years old Luis Barberan beating Barry Stephens 6-5 in an enthralling encounter which went to the final leg before a result was achieved.

Birmingham Friday Summer Singles League - Paul Cummings (Losing semi finalist), Dale Savage

Birmingham Friday Summer Singles League - Luis Barberan (Winner), Dale Savage

Birmingham Friday Summer Singles League - Barry Stephens (Losing semi finalist), Dale Savage

The final was another close game with the Castle Vale teenager running out the 7-5 winner against John Burdett to take the title and first prize of £200.

Birmingham Friday Summer Singles League - John Burdett (Runner Up), Dale Savage

There were no fewer than 41 scores of 100 or more in the final, Luis recording a 24.50 average to John’s 23.46.

Luis made it a tremendous double when he teamed up with Dale Savage to clinch the doubles title beating Dave Harrison and Brendan Lysaght in the final.


The Four Oaks and District League staged the preliminary round of their Brian Goodman Cup and it produced some surprising results. The Beehive, second in division one lost 5-4 away to Boldmere Sports, who top the division two table. Two more division one teams lost both to division three opponents, Golden Hind Arrows and Brookvale Social in turn losing 6-3 to Anvil Nomads and The Fox.

Red Lion won the all division one battle with Old Oscott Arrows 6-3, while Plough and Arrows got the better of the division two contest with Old Oscott WMC beating them by a close 5-4 scoreline. The all division three game between Bishop Vesey and Erdington Arrows saw the former win 6-3.

Division one leaders Sutton Sports were also 6-3 winners in their home game against Pint Pot Flights from division two and in the other game played Erdington Stars, bottom of division two won 5-4 against Boldmere Oak, who are bottom of division three.

Just one maximum was recorded and it was achieved by Brookvale Social’s W.Naylor.

Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Preliminary Round:- Anvil Nomads 6 (T.Taylor 124, D.Walton 112b, K.Taylor 100, G.Gaughan 2x100, T.Tyrie 105b) Golden Hind Arrows 3 (J.Mahon 100, M.Pearce 125, A.J.Lilley 108b, K.Lumby 112b,100, J.Clarke 100, C.Turnbull 2x100,106), Bishop Vesey 6 (S.Holmes 134, C.Sammons 2x100, M.Hall 108b,148b, D.Webber 120, A.France 2x100) Erdington Arrows 3 (J.Armstrong jnr 121, M.Edwards 2x100, J.Cronin 100, A.Gough 100b, R.Bazeley 123), Boldmere Sports 5 (C.Packer 100, L.Lloyd 140, P.A.Seadon 120b, L.Cooksey 100) The Beehive 4 (A.Hoey 152b,140, M.Partridge 100, N.Clarke 160b, K.Deeley 108b,100, J.Prince 152b,140, K.Reynolds 110b,120b, W.Mynard 160b,117), Brookvale Social 3 (D.Lowe 118b,140, W.Naylor 135,180, J.Yates 100, S.Lysaght 100, J.Collins 100,121) The Fox 5 (A.Jarvie 100,125, D.Perry 100b, N.Napier 101b, M.Willetts 140, M.Corfield 2x100), Erdington Stars 5 (E.D.Jarvis snr 2x100, K.Shorthouse 120b,100, D.A.Jarvis jnr 112,124, D.Murray 140, K.Jarvis 100) Boldmere Oak 4 (A.Czaicki 100, C.Hagans2x140, C.Marston 100, P.Bromley 100), Old Oscott WMC 4 (P.Burgess 2x100, D.Higgins 140) Plough and Arrows 5 (P.Smith 100b,100, W.Chinn 100, P.Robbins 100, M.Hawkins 100, G.Baxter 101b,121), Red Lion 6 (D.Vickers 137, S.Andrews 121,2x100, M.E.Gaughan 112b, B.Hughes 100) Old Oscott Arrows 3 (R.Hughes 103b, D.Page 140,104, A.Mountford 112b, M.Compton 121), Sutton Sports 6 (M.Ashton 140,100, R.Hawker 100, J.Kavanagh 2x100, A.Kimberley 120b,100,131,9 darts game, S.Paling 140, M.Wild 100) Pint Pot Flights 3 (P.Wilkes 100, M.Pearson-Bagnall 2x100, G.Cookson 120b,138), Golden Hind had a bye.


Week three in the Sheldon and District Winter League and Crown at Olton were knocked off pole position in the premier division when they lost 6-3 at Crown at Shard End, who move up two places to take over the number one spot. Saltley Amateur Gardeners had a 5-4 win at home to Sheldon Dukes and remain in second place level on points with Crown at Shard End.

Banbury Club recorded a vital win to stay top of division one when they won 5-4 at Highwood KB’s, knocking KB’s down one place in the table to third. Taking over the second place is Iron Horse Arrows, who won 6-3 against Marston Green Tavern to leave them, KB’s, Sheldon Social and Yardley Ex Colts all two points behind the leaders.

Crown-Forget-Me-Not made it three consecutive wins in division three with a 6-3 win over Maggies, this being Maggies first defeat of the new season. Sheldon Marlborough Flights won 7-2 at home against Emerald Flights to put them level at the top of the table on points and average with Forget-Me-Not.

In the preliminary round of the league’s League Cup Old Bill and Bull, Langley Arrows and Mackadown Riley’s won through in the premier division. Division one winners were Castle Vale Stadium and Iron Horse, while Crown-Forget-Me-Not and Maggies go through in division two.

Full Results:Week 3:Premier Division:- Willclare Sports and Social 4 (B.Dixon 2x100, G.Ferguson 100, D.Reid 3x100, J.Thomas 100) George V 5 (J.Savage 100, C.Horsley 105, D.Adams 140, D.Sutton 135), Saltley Amateur Gardeners 5 (N.Clarke 105b,151f, A.Caddick 140,120b, T.White 100, T.Webster 100,156b,121) Sheldon Dukes 4 (L.Molyneux 100, M.O’Donnell 100, S.O’Donnell 100), Crown at Shard End 6 (D.Cherry 100b, N.Parsonage 140, M.Cooper 100, A.Mayell 120b,115b, K.Reynolds 140, J.Prince 140, P.Cherry 100) Crown at Olton 3 (I.Spencer 120b,123, A.Hutchings 100,140, K.Attwood 105b,B.Nixon 2x100,105, J.Sidwell 132, M.Wall 100, P.Yardley 100, T.Steele 120b), Old Bill and Bull 6 (R.Lucas 100,116b, T.Daly 100, J.Buckingham 140,100, S.Darby 135,100, P.Stephens 125, J.Harris 140) The Pirates 3 (A.Cooksey jnr 125, R.Lawrence 140, M.Turner 120b, J.Buttle 140), Langley Arrows 4 (D.Tudor 100f, D.Heath 106f, B.Carter 125, P.Nevin 110f,100, A.Powell 100, C.Round 100, D.Jelley 100) Mackadown Social 5 (B.Allen 100, A.Kavanagh 100, M.Anwar 125,120b,100, M.Heaven 100,150b, G.James 100,106f, M.Noonan 100, A.McCrave 100,100b,119, A.Sheen 117), Division One:- Iron Horse 6 (J.Evans 137, D.Kilbey 100, J.Green 135, F.Ensell 123) Marston Green Tavern 3 (B.Tranter 120b, T.Comerford 118, L.Randall 100b, B.Biggs 2x100,100b, P.Lawrence 100), Highwood KB’s 4 (W.Cooper 120, T.Constable 100,108b, G.Paget 120b, D.Memory 100, A.Cook 115) Banbury Club 5 (K.O’Connor 116,125, P.Connolly 100, T.Frost 120b), Yardley Ex Colts 5 (P.Hill 100, B.Law 140, P.Knowles 140,101b, N.Davis 100, R.Holman 121, R.Mason 100, P.Welch 100) Castle Vale Stadium 4 (L.Barberan 100, J.Frost 120b,100, J.Burdett 2x110b, D.Savage 125, G.Taylor 100b, B.Charlton 100b, R.Barberan 100, R.Franks 100,120b), Sheldon Heath Social 5 (J.Phipps 116b, M.Tilley 100, J.Toney 100, C.Cotter 2x100) Crown Arrows 4 (J.Morrisey 100, S.Shepherd 100, S.Moran 100), Division Two:- Crown-Forget-Me-Not 6 (G.Lynch 108,116b,11 darts game, A.Hunter 2x100,117,10 darts game, B.Steptoe 100) Maggies 3 (N.Hill 100b, J.O’Connor 105,100, R.Molloy 100), Sheldon Marlborough Flights 7 (R.Turner 100, G.Holloway 100, D.Humphries 101,100, N.Rughani 100) Emerald Flights 2 (D.Dodd 100,140, P.Webster 140,121), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 5 (S.Miller 111b,112b, A.Wale 118,101b) Highwood Exiles ‘A’ 4 (R.Harrison 2x100, M.Mitchell 140,134,100, D.Carey 100,115b, R.Birch 126), Late Results:Week 2:Premier Division:- Crown at Shard End 8 (D.Cherry 100b,177,100, N.Parsonage 106f,152b, K.Deeley 100, S.Haslett 100, M.Cooper 140,9 darts game, A.Hoey 100) George V 1 (J.Savage 121, C.Horsley 100, C.Grimes 103b,120, D.Adams 100), League Cup:Preliminary Round:Premier Division:- Raven 2 (J.Whitehouse 100, D.Keatley 140, A.Whitehouse 125, R.Earl 140,100, D.Mortiboys 121,100, S.Kingdon 2x100) Old Bill and Bull 7 (R.Lucas 100, D.Wright 100, T.Daly 120b,100, J.Buckingham 180,124, S.Darby 100, P.Stevens 120b,2x125, S.Harding 140, P.Henderson 180,121), George V 3 (D.Adams 140, C.Horsley 103b,140,100, D.Sutton 121, 105, G.King 100,135, A.Dews 100,177) Langley Arrows 6 (J.Carter 100,125, D.Tudor 180,100, B.Carter 100, A.Powell 121, S.Bromley 100, M.Barber 2x100), Willclare Sports and Social 2 (D. Allen 125, C.Nicholls 121, D.Reid 100) Mackadown Riley’s 7 (D.Young 100, M.Noonan 100, M.Heaven 2x100, G.James 100), Division One:- Sheldon Heath Social 0 (C.Roberts 100, C.Cotter 104, T.Roche 135) Castle Vale Stadium 9 (L.Barberan 100,140, J.Burdett 140,100, D.Savage 140,127, G.Taylor 2x100, T.Pedley 100, R.Barberan 2x100, R.Franks 103), Marston Green Tavern 2 (B.Biggs 100b, S.Cresser 100, M.Murphy 128, P.Lawrence 101b,100) Iron Horse 6 (J.Evans 2x100, D.Kilbey 100), Division Two:- Langley Flights 3 (K.Nixon 100, S.Spencer 100,120, M.Slatcher 121) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 6 (W.Griffiths 100, L.Cooksey 100, C.Kettlewell jnr 100, G.Lynch 100, A.Hunter 140,100, C.Kettlewell snr 152b,100, B.Steptoe 100), Maggies 5 (R.Molloy 100, N.Hall 120, J.O’Connor 121, S.Hall 100, R.Kirby 100, B.Swaine 100) Meadway Sports and Social 4 (M.Shellis 100, M.Herrod 100, S.Davis 100,135).


Wins for the top five teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League, Blue Brick ‘C’ winning 7-2 at Black Horse to maintain their twelve points lead over Bulls Head (Netherton), who had a 6-3 home success against Brickmakers. Third and fourth placed Dudley Sports ‘B’ and Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) both had 7-2 wins over respective opponents Rose and Crown (Wordsley) and Dudley Sports ‘A’. High Acres made up the five

winners with their 6-3 defeat of Old Star ‘A’. Bridge ‘B’, who are placed sixth were the only losers in the top ten teams, losing their home game with Ivy House (Dudley) 5-4.

Full Results:- Black Horse 2 Blue Brick ‘C’ 7, Tenth Lock 3 Dog and Lamppost 6, Portway 6 Laurel 3, Old Star ‘B’ 8 Swan 1, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 7 Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 2, Blue Brick ‘B’ 5 Bridge ‘A’ 4, Bridge ‘B’ 4 Ivy House (Dudley) 5, Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 7 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2, High Acres 6 Old Star ‘A’ 3, Roebuck 7 Liberal Club 2, Bulls Head (Netherton) 6 Brickmakers 3.


Four of the five results from the Brierley Hill Friday Night League finished with a 6-3 margin. Leaders Netherton Cricket Club won at the Brickmakers, third placed Pensnett Welfare Club had a home victory over the Bell, Bridge ‘A’, who are fourth won at Bulls Head (Netherton) and seventh placed Roebuck defeated Dudley Sports ‘A’, all by 6-3.

Second in the table Dudley Sports ‘B’ had a bye and are now four points behind the leaders with a game in hand.

Full Results:- Roebuck 6 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 3, Bulls Head (Netherton) 3 Bridge ‘A’ 6, Pensnett Welfare Club 6 Bell 3, Brickmakers 3 Netherton Cricket Club 6, Bridge ‘B’ 4 Miners (Wollescote) 5.


The Cradley Tuesday Night League were engaged in their doubles knockout in the first quarter final M.Roberts andN.Bradley beat D.Redding and I.Townsend in a high scoring match which set the standard for the rest of the night. The second game saw C.Wrench and S.Cox beat J.Dingley and G.Male 2 – 1 and in the last of the quarter final games (as one team failed to turn up) M.Tedstone and A.Ghaley beat J.Lowe and M.Bastable.

Both of the last four games were evenly matched, the result all down to finishing doubles in both games. The first semi final saw Bradley and Roberts lose 2 - 0 to Wrench and Cox, while the second of the semi’s was a much closer 2-1 affair going in favour of C.Davies and S.Hall at the expense of Tedstone and Ghaley.

The final was won by C.Wrench and S.Cox representing Chainmakers ‘B’ beating Brickmakers C.DaviesS.Hall 2 - 1 in another very close game, where once again it was doubles that decided the outcome.


After only two games just three of the eight teams in division two of the Forest of Arden Winter League remain undefeated. Iron Horse top the table with a far superior average followed up last week’s 9-0 win at Highwood Exiles with an 8-1 success over New Inns. Highwood ‘C’ and Highwood KB are the other two teams with a 100% win record and in turn they accounted for Sheldon Flights and Greville Arms, both games finishing 5-4.

Full Results: Division One :- Journeys End 6 (S.Kingdon 2x100, D.Kingdon 2x100, W.Yates 100, A.Howel 135, A.Savage 120b, S.Edwards 116b) Riley’s Red Arrows 3 (B.Twist 100, L.Hodges 100, N.Harris 100b, D.Duffy 100, A.Foulkes 156b), Greville Arrows 4 Olton Crown 5, Division Two:- Sheldon Flights 4 (J.Wanless 100, C.Roberts 100, M.Tilley 3x100, H.Hunt120) Highwood ‘C’ 5 (P.Roscoe 101b, T.Arrowsmith 100,180), Crown Arrows 5 (J.Morahan 102b, K.Depper 110, S.Shepherd 123,100b, A.Hill 123,100) Highwood Exiles 4 (R.Harrison 2x100, A.Payne 102, D.Carey 128, C.Harrison 114b), Iron Horse 8 (J.Evans 3x100, D.Kilbey 140,100, J.Green 2x100, T.Rainsford 120b,118b, R.Parry 110b,100) New Inns 1 (B.Scott 105b, G.Wilson 140,100, G.Chadwick 100), Highwood KB 5 Greville Arms 4), Highwood KB 5 Greville Arms 4.


The three top teams in the Netherton Thursday Night League made it three wins in a row when leaders Springfield Social Club won 7-2 at the White Horse, second placed Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club also won 7-2 away to Chainmakers and third in the table Riddins Tavern went one better with an 8-1 success at home to White Swan. Bulls Head replace The Bell in fourth place after beating them 7-2, The Bell dropping to fifth

Fairfield and Rose and Crown both chalked up their first win in four games, the former moving off the foot of the table with a 6-3 win at Pensnett and Bromley, while the latter won 7-2 at Brickmakers.

Full Results:- Riddins Tavern 8 White Swan 1, Bulls Head 7 The Bell 2, White Horse 2 Springfield Social Club 7, Pensnett and Bromley 3 Fairfield 6, Brickmakers 2 Rose and Crown 7, Chainmakers 2 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7.


It was the clash of the Ashwood’s in the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League, when the third placed ‘B’ team took on their ‘A’, who were second in the league. The result was a 5-2 win for the ‘B’ to put them level on the same 22 points as their local rivals, trailing slightly on average. The two teams are now six points behind leaders Ten Arches ‘A’, who beat their ‘B’ team 6-1.

There was a rare win for The Fox, a 5-2 home win over The Leopard, only their fourth win in fourteen games, which puts them top of the Shadow League.

Full Results:Week 14:-Ashwood ‘B’ 5 Ashwood ‘A’ 2 (N.Fullwell 160b, K.Harris 9 darts game,138f), Ten Arches ‘B’ 1 Ten Arches ‘A’ 6, Gigmill 3 Dudley Sports 4, Netherton Cricket Club 1 The Bell 6 (B.Watts 136f), Fox (Lye) 5 The Leopard 2, Rose and Crown 4 Wombourne Cricket Club 3, The Bridge 5 The Swan 2.


The Small Heath League staged their 501 Knockout and winning the event was Gulp Tribe player Chris Stokes, who had a final win over Emerald Club’s Neil Parsonage. Losing semi finalists were John O’Connor (Wagon and Horses) and Tom Hill (Gulp Tribe).


No change in the Camp Hill League table as the top three teams all won. Cotterills Lane Club stay two points ahead of Scruffy Ringers after a 5-2 win over Bordesley Labour Club, Ringers winning 6-1 against Wagonners. Third placed Holy Gulp, who are four behind Ringers won 4-3 against The Lions.

Full Results:- Holy Gulp 4 The Lions 3, Cotterills Lane Club 5 Bordesley Labour Club 2, Scruffy Ringers 6 Wagonners 1.


A convincing 7-1 win over Two Gates Club has taken Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) top of division one of the Pip Club League, but only on average as Birchmoor Club have also won their opening two games, the latest being a 5-3 win at Bulls Head (Two Gates).

Three teams are unbeaten in division two, just one leg of average separating them. A 10-6 home win for Pip Club over Gate (Amington) puts them top of the table, with Progressive Club and Sports Bar ‘180’ hot on their heels.

Full Results:Division One:- Tamworth Motor Spares 6 Wigginton 2, Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth, Billy Burdett 180, Phil Daulman 119f) 7 Two Gates Club 1, Bulls Head (Two Gates) 3 Birchmoor Club 5 (Sid Kirkham 180), Division Two:- J W Belgrave 10 Globe ‘B’ 6, Pip Club 10 Gate (Amington, Mark Potter 180) 6, Old Liberal 6 Progressive Club 10 (Sadie Young 140), Globe ‘A’ 7 Sports Bar ‘180’ 9, Royal Oak 11 Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 5.


With Riley’s ‘C’ having a bye this week in division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League there was just one positional change in the table, which saw Otter and Vixen move up one place into pole position with 42 points after a 6-1 win at the Bull. Riley’s ‘C’, with the better average are now two points adrift with a game in hand.

Wolverhampton Sports Arena were the only losers in the top four teams in division two, going down by a massive 7-0 playing away to leaders Chillington Club, who remain two points ahead of both Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ and Wednesfield Conservative Club.

Full Results:Division One:- Bird in Hand 2 Ashmore Inn 5, Bull 1 Otter and Vixen 6, Oxbarn 3 Penn Bowling 4, Pheasant 2 Victoria 5, Railway 2 Village ‘B’ 5, Riley’s ‘A’ 4 Bradmore 3, Division Two:- Boat ‘A’ 6 Riley’s ‘B’ 1, Chillington Club 7 Wolverhampton Sports Arena 0, Emerald 7 King Charles 0, Roebuck 6 Dog and Partridge 1, Ukrainian Club 2 Castle 5, Wednesfied Conservative Club 5 Yale Club 2, Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 4 Harrowby 3, Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 1 Boat ‘B’ 6.


Due to the Crown at Shard End having their fixture with The Crown put off till a later date, Punch Bowl’s 5-4 win at St John’s has taken them clear leaders of division one of the South Birmingham League with four points from their opening two games. Crown at Shard End and Mackadown Social are both two points behind with a game in hand.

Wins for the top three teams in division two, Trident leading the way on average from Coleshill Social and Smithswood Social, all three having won the first two games of the new season.

Full Results:Division One:- St John’s 4 (A.Aston 2x100, W.Yates 100b,111,118, D.Clinton 100,100b, S.Whatmore 120) Punch Bowl 5 (M.Tollis 100, B.Evans 105,100,180, K.White 112b, R.Evans 100, K.Richards 120, A.Willis 100, M.Turner100), The Toby Jug 2 (T.Adams 100, D.Revitt 100, T.Chick 100) The Raven 7 (R.Earl 100,140, D.Mortiboys 100,100,137, K.Hollis 100, B.Hemming 140, J.Green 100), Division Two:- The Dog 4 (P.Thompson 100,104b,122, J.Ansell 100, K.Whittingham 107, S.O^Brien 108b, P.Richards 140,100, M.Wheat100) Coleshill Social 5 (P.Bryant 112b, S.Harvey 108b,100, P.Williams 113, B.Jones 140), Smithswood Social 6 (L.Hughes 114, P.Cobley 3x100, N.Wilson 132) Kingfisher 3 (D.Green 105), Trident 7 (K.Green 115, A.Cookey 100,140, J.Buttle 123, N.Groves 100b,125) The Gate 2 (P.Jones 121, T.Molinuex 100, M.Watts 133).


Although Lyde Green Flights won the first six games of the Black Country Premier League’s inaugural season, they have lost the last two and as a result also lost pole position. Their latest 9-4 defeat at Black Country Belters has seen them drop to fourth in the table with 12 points, their victors taking over at the top with 15 points.

Hasbury Monks, who have a game in hand on the "Belters”, go second with 14 points following their 12-1 home win over Park Lane Taverners and in third place is Blackheath Beechers, whose 12-0 win over Team Bathams leaves them just two points off the leaders.

Full Results:Week 8:- Hasbury Monks 10 (N.Fullwell 14 and 16 darts games) Lyde Green Flights 3, Park Lane Taverners 2 Round Oak Rebels 12, Wynall Lane Warriors 4 (D.Haden 180,117b) Black Country Belters 9 (T.Stockton 180,120b,14darts game), Blackheath Beechers 12 (R.Smith 180, L.Eaves 130f) Hounds of Wynall 0, Gate R&R 12 (M.Roberts 180) Team Bathams 3 (D.Harwood 120b), Week 9:- Blackheath Beechers 12 (R.Smith 180,15 darts game) Team Bathams 0, Black Country Belters 9 Lyde Green Flights 4 (T.Wrench 180), Gate R&R 7 (M.Roberts 112b,104f) Britannia Bulldogs 8 (D.Simpson 180), Hasbury Monks 12 (N.Donaldson 180) Park Lane Taverners 1.


Crown had a 5-4 win against Britannia Inn in the Rowley Monday Night League to stretch their unbeaten run to 28 games. Despite their prolific winning run Crown are only four points to the good on second in the table Springfield Social Club, whose latest fixture saw them win 7-2 at Allens Sports Bar.

Third in the table Ivy Bush ‘Z’ lost ground in the race for honours as they lost to their local rivals Ivy Bush ‘A’, who are ten places below them in the table and a massive 26 points behind them.

Full Results:- Allens Sports Bar 2 Springfield Social Club 7, Crown 5 Britannia Inn 4, Crown ‘B’ 3 Little Beech 5, Ex Serviceman’s Club 5 Whiteheath Tavern 4, Fairfield 3 Bell 6, Gate Hangs Well 4 Haden Cross 5, Hunting Tree 6 Victoria Inn 3, Ivy Bush ‘A’ 5 Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 4, Plough and Harrow 4 Leones 5, White Swan 7 Riddins Tavern 2.



By courtesy of the Birmingham Evening Mail

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