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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up By Alan Towe

An away fixture against Cambridgeshire in the premier division of the BDO Inter County Championships saw Warwickshire slip up for the first time in four games as they finished on the wrong side of a 20-16 result.
Saturday’s games saw the ladies after two consecutive wins lose 4-2 with Donna Pinch (17.81) their top player. The men finished all square at six each, Rob Hawker making it two man of the match awards in a row with a 26.37 average.
Sunday saw the ladies suffer their worst defeat since the opening day of the season when they lost 5-1 to Yorkshire, Sue Gulliver (21.47) the sole winner against Cambridgeshire. The men’s ‘A’ provided the only highlight of the weekend as they won 7-5, Jamie Hughes with a 31.45 average taking their award for the fourth time in six games.
The defeat saw Cambridgeshire replace Warwickshire in fourth place in the table, Warwickshire with 115 points one point behind them now in fifth place.
Full Results:Cambridgeshire v Warwickshire (20-16):(Cambridgeshire names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Steve Carrett 0 Noel Grant 4, Dennis Harbour 4 William Naylor 3, Phil Carter 4 Richard Foster 0, Dan Whitlam 2 Antony Allen 4, Ian Withers 1 Jamie Hughes 4, Martin Adams 4 Dean Stewart 2, Will Harwood 2 Jamei Atkins 4, Matt David 0 Mark Carter 4, Pete Fuller 3 Bob Nixon 4, Martin Purell 4 Tom Aldridge 0, Tony Holland 4 Mark Strong 2, Paul Wenn 2 Mark Westgarth 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Matt David 4 Ian Shaw 2, Dan Whitlam 4 Tom Ryan 2, Jonathan Clifton 1 Luke Kennedy 4, Craig Venman 4 Tom McGlone 0, Terry Redhead 3 Mangal Singh 4, Darren Cotterell 4 Simon Fairbrother 1, Barry-John Paget 0 Rob Hawker 4, Adam Cousins 4 James Hykin 2, Andrew Hircock 1 Paul Deslandes 4, Andrew Jones 4 Simon Power 1, John Dye 3 Peter Hughes 4, Jamei Phillips 3 Carl Green 4, Women’s ‘A’:- Nadine Bentley 0 Sue Gulliver 3, Juliet Findley 3 Trina Gulliver 2, Jane Judges 3 Kerry Bambridge 0, Diane Nash 3 Natalie Gilbert 2, Sandra Greatbatch 3 Melanie Hill 2, Amanda Abbott 3 Wendy Adams 2, Women’s ‘B’:- Liz Humphries 3 Lisa Deslandes 1, Ronnie Johnson 2 Donna Pinch 3, Claire Brookin 3 Nina Bolt 0, Barbara Greatbatch 3 Marian Conway 1, Karen Stanhope 1 Denise Keyte 3, Casey Horspool 3 Angela Jones 2.
In division two of the BDO Inter County Championships West Midlands travelled to take on Suffolk and returned with a 22-14 victory. Both ladies teams and the men’s ‘B’ stretched their unbeaten runs to six games the ladies ‘B’ finishing 3-3 with Shellbie Simmons (18.89) taking their award and the ‘A’ team winning 4-2 Sarah Roberts getting her fourth award of the season with a 21.13 average.
The men’s ‘B’ had an 8-4 victory with Scott Baker (28.36) their top man, while Ian Jones (29.02) took the ‘A’ team’s award in their 7-5 win.
Full Results:Suffolk v West Midlands (14-22):(Suffolk names first):Men’s ‘A’:- Wayne Hammond 3 Mark Craddock 4, Stephen Burton 3 Ian Jones 4, Daren Wood 4 Ashe Khayat 0, Robert Morling 2 Michael Baker 4, Andrew Meikle 4 Keith Allman 2, Nick Bloom 4 Avtar Singh 0, Tony Lincoln 4 Gareth Watts 3, Lee Newson 0 Shaun Carroll 4, Arron Fairweather 2 Lewis Venes 4, Jason Elvin 3 Gavin Baker 4, Andrew Noy 4 Sam Guest 0, David Ballars-Flatt 3 Christopher Mason 4, Men’s ‘B’:- Ian Randles 3 Neil Pointon 1, Stuart Greenhalgh 2 John Morris 3, Keith Wright 0 Robert Smith 3, Martin Totman 2 Richard Platt 3, Phil Reeve 3 Mark Rollinson 0, Jamie Collins 0 Scott Baker 3, John Attwater 3 Mick Hoult 0, Duane Nessling 1 Danny Coyle 3, Jason Stalker 3 Paul Price 1, Shane Lee-Amies 1 John Mycock 3, Kim Buckingham 0 Jonathan Platt 3, Jonathon King 0 Daniel Nicholls 3, Women’s ‘A’:- Nicky Doidge 2 Lisa Astbury 3, Rossy Scriven 3 Sophie Singh 0, Chrissy Stubbings 1 Sarah Roberts 3, Sarah Ceska 1 Kath Jenkins 3, Jo Locke 3 Debbie Loon 1, Jean Prewitt 1 Gemma Barrett 3, Women’s ‘B’:- Laura Cooper 3 Kim Fellows 1, Leesa Woollard 1 Shellbie Simmons 3, Mandy Reeves 3 Claire Hobbs 2, Teresa Dale 0 Samantha Maiden 3, Barbara Chenery 3 Jacqueline Maiden 1, Rebecca Edmeades 1 Heather Wright 3.
Wins for the top two teams in the premier division of the Sheldon and District Winter League, leaders Crown at Shard End won 7-2 away to next to bottom of the table East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association and second in the table Crown at Olton won their home tie with The Lyndon 6-3 to leave them four points off the top with a game in hand, Lyndon dropping one place to fifth.
In division two top played next to bottom, leaders Crown Arrows winning 8-1 against Greville Arms. Second and third placed Highwood Arrows and Maggies squared up to each other on Highwood’s board, Highwood winning 8-1 to go two points clear of the opponents with two games in hand.
Full Results:Week 15:Premier Division:- Mackadown Social 2 (A.Kavanagh 106f,100b,140, G.Tegg 125, M.Heaven 100b, M.Anwar 100b, J.Cabena 120,121, A.Sheen 100) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 7 (A.Kavanagh 106f,100b,140, G.Tegg 125, M.Heaven 100b, M.Anwar 100b, J.Cabena 120,121, A.Sheen 100), Crown at Olton 6 (A.Hutchings 180,140, J.Jennings 160b,120b, T.Randell 2x100, J.Sidwell 105b,100,140, P.Nunn 112b,128,140, I.Spencer 121, D.Duncan 100) The Lyndon 3 (J.Buckingham 140, P.Collins 123, D.Wright 177), East Birmingham Allotment Holders Association 2 (Rich Cooper 100, D.Sudbury 100, Roy Cooper 140, N.Davis 104f, B.Skinner 100) Crown at Shard End 7 (A.Mayell 101b,2x140, K.Deeley 121, N.Parsonage 100, A.Hoey 100,120, P.Shipley 100, J.Prince 100,112, C.King 120b), The Pavillions 8 (M.Morgan 140, B.Evans 3x100, M.Tolliss 2x100, K.Richards 100, N.Jackson 134, N.Robinson 100.130, D.Whitehouse 100,140) Castle Vale Residents 1 (G.Taylor 100,140, R.Barritt 2x140, J.Burdett 112,2x100,140, B.Cadby 100, R.Vann 129, D.Phillips 100, R.Franks 100,135), Sheldon Dukes 3 (P.Pudge 112, G.Groves 100, L.Molyneux 100, P.Sunner 111b, M.O’Donnell 125) Saltley Amateur Gardeners 6 (A.Caddick 135,100, T.Webster 100, S.Winters 100, T.White 100,125, J.Phipps 114), Division One:- Marston Green Tavern 1 (H.Russell 2x100, B.Tranter 140, S.Cresser 140) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 8 (P.Seadon 105b,100, K.Salsbury 100b, P.Brown 111b,140,167f, D.Humphries 2x100), George V 5 (S.Palmer 2x100, B.Anderton 100, C.Grimes 148b) Sheldon Heath HSocail 4 (C.Cotter 2x100,120b, C.Roberts 112b, T.Roche 107), Solihull Moors 7 (S.Hicks 100, J.Palmer 108f,105b, N.Warner 125, I.Fellows 100, I.Evans 115b,100, R.Palmer 122,100b,180,140) Willclare Sports and Social 2 (C.Randell 2x140,100, M.Holt 100, D.Reid 2x100, G.Ferguson 114,104b, P.Wilcock 123), Yardley Ex Colts 5 (S.Whadlock 140, P.Hill 100, P.Knowles 120b, G.McDonnell 100,123, D.Wright 3x100,101b, P.Welch 140) Holy Souls 4 (D.Heighway 120b, C.Sharman 100, J.Lucas 135, J.Duffy 100), Iron Horse 4 (J.Evans 137,132, R.Earl 100b,180, J.Green 100,140, R.Parry 110b, D.Mortiboys 100,139) Crown-Forgert-Me-Not 5 (J.Lynch 2x100, C.Kettlewell jnr 100, T.Colley 2x100,140, D.Rawlings 100), Division Two:- Crown Arrows 8 (J.Gaskin 100, L.Vann 2x100, L.Swindale 120b,118, S.Moran 112b) Greville Arms 1 (T.Cox 104, C.Deegan 100, J.Cocchi 140), Highwood Arrows 8 (P.Roscoe 119, G.Thomas 100, T.Clinton 112B, G.Clinton 100, A.Payne 100B, M.Mitchell 100, D.Carey 118) Maggies 1 (S.Hoccom 100, N.Hall 100,105, R.Kirby 100, S.Hall 100, J.Storey 100, R.Molloy 100), Ridgemere Social 5 (Y.Walker 106b, L.Carter 140, D.Onley 100, A.Phipps 100, P.Fielding 102b,100) Meadway Sports and Social 4 (S.Collins 120b, M.Shellis 120b,100, D.Vanes 100, M.McArthur 108b,132), Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 (A.Hegney 101b, M.Mulryan 119, R.Brogan 100,100b, S.Barrett 100) Highwood Exiles 6 (R.Harrison snr 125, D.Cooper 125).
The South Birmingham League played off the second round of their Roy Parry Cup and the biggest winners of the round were Mackadown Social with an 8-1 success over The Dog. Also winning through to the next round were Banbury Flights, Coleshill Social, and Erdington Members Club.
In the quarter finals of the Roy Parry Consolation Cup Family Tree had a 9-0 win over Toby Jug and The C’s won 6-3 against Smithswood Social, joining them in the last four are The Bell and The Gate who both had a bye.
Full Results:Roy Parry Cup:Round Two:- The Raven 4 (J.Green 100, J.Whitehouse 100, K.Hollis 100, A.Whitehouse 140, D.Mortiboys 140, T.Whitehouse 122,101b) Coleshill Social 5 (S.Sweetman 4x100, G.Jones 125,120, P.Bryant 140,100, N.Harris 114,138, B.Jones 140), Mackadown Social 8 (J.Savage 2x100, A.Savage 125, N.Parsonage 112b,135,10 darts game, A.Caddick 134, G.James 2x100,116, M.Noonan 118, T.McCrave 154f,120b,100,140,9 darts game) The Dog 1 (J.Ansell 100), Banbury Flights 5 (W.Cooper 140, P.Wilde 105b, D.Cooper 100, J.Spink 120b, P.Moran 140) St John’s 4 (P.Shipley 120b,100, D.Kingdon 100b), Kingfisher 3 (D.Clover 100, D.Green 106b,100) Erdington Members Club 6 (C.Millward snr 132,100,180, M.Birch 103,109b, S.Bird 127, B.Cadby 115, W.Naylor 112b, M.Cooper 132, S.Witherford 100), Roy Parry Consolation Cup:Quarter Finals:- The C^s 6 D.Evans 100,120b, M.Phillips 100, D.Whitehouse 100, D.Carter  100,140) Smithswood Social 3 (M.Winstanley 100,106b,101, A.Richards 2x100, N.Wilson 100, M.Bailey 137,140, K.Mann 100), Family Tree 9 Toby Jug 0.
The Forest of Arden Winter League staged the finals of their doubles and Secretary’s Shield, in the former the title went to Luis Barberan and Charlie Kingdon who won the final 2-0 against Julian Harris and Rhonda Edwards.
The Secretary’s Shield final was also 2-0 as Dave Duncan defeated Rob Jelly.

Forest of Arden Secretary^s Shield Sue Kingdon (Organiser), Dave Duncan (Winner), Trevor Edwards (Treasurer)

Forest of Arden Mixed Doubles Sue Kingdon (Organiser), Julian Harris  & Rhonda Moriarty (Runners Up), Trevor Edwards (Treasurer)

Full Results:Mixed Doubles:Semi Finals:- Mark Osbourne & Julie Green 1 Julian Harris & Rhonda Moriarty 2, Luis Barberan & Charlie Kingdon 2 Rob Jelly & M.Devoy 0, Final:- Luis Barberan & Charlie Kingdon 2 & Julian Harris & Rhonda Moriarty 0, Secretary^s  Shield:Semi Finals:- Norreen Harris 1 Dave Duncan 2, Rob Jelly 2 Simon Edwards 1, Final:- Dave Duncan 2 Rob Jelly 0.

Forest of Arden Mixed Doubles Sue Kingdon (Organiser), Luis Barberan & Charlie Kingdon (Winners), Trevor Edwards (Treasurer)

Forest of Arden Secretary^s Shield Sue Kingdon (Organiser), Rob Jelly (Runner Up), Trevor Edwards (Treasurer)

With only one fixture remaining in the Winmau Centre Monday Night League Misfits with a 36-12 win over Mad House have one hand on the winner’s trophy as they are six points ahead of second in the table What Are Thooose who had a massive 44- 4 win against Where’s My Team, but with 48 points available from each game six points can easily be overcome so it’s all down to the final fixture.
With the league now drawing to an end plans are already in place for the next campaign and anyone interested in entering a team, which consists of five players in the league for the new season or for any further information regarding the league contact the Wolverhampton Indoor Community Sports Stadium on 01902-420827 or e-mail
Full Results:Week 19:- Misfits 36 (Neil Wild 2x180, Jay Hough 180,158f) Mad House 12 (Simon Ward 180, Reece Cook 180), Bulls Hitters 32 (James Owen 2x180) Here For The Beer 16 (John Bates 2x180), The Untouchables 24 (Dave Bentley 180) What’s The Point 24, Double Trouble 18 Keep It In The Family 30, What Are Thooose 44 (Owen Maiden 2x180, Euan McGovern 180, Mark Daniel 116f) Where’s My Team 4 (Andrew Croydon 180).
With just one exception in division two of the Four Oaks and District League every losing team outscored their opponents. Next to bottom of the table The Fox lost the first game to third placed The Lions but then won the next six to finish 6-3 winners and that was the result for all four of the division two games Bishop Vesey beating Brookvale Social, Golden Hind Arrows winning at Boldmere Tap and The Park losing to The Boot. With The Beehive having a bye in division one Boldmere St Mikes kept the pressure on in the title race winning 8-1 at Plough and Arrows to put them four points ahead of Beehive who have one game in hand. The top two play each other in two weeks time a match that could well decide who will pick up the silverware.
Two 180’s were hit this week M.Ashton his second for Boldmere St Mikes and D.Simpson his first for Boldmere Tap.
Full Results:Week 13:Division One:- Old Oscott Arrows 8 (A.Lea 103b,120, E.Atkins 140, M.Compton 120b,4x100,130,140, M.Page 2x100, D.Page 100,109) Pint Pot Flights 1 (G.Cookson 100b,3x100,121, M.P.Bagnall 100b,125, R.Mercer 105, M.Mills 100, P.Arnold 100), Red Lion 3 (D.Bayliss 115b,100, E.A.Birkett 100b,120, M.Gaughan 3x140, D.G.Bond 2x100,121,137) Old Oscott WMC 6 (J.Tolley 100,125, D.Parsons 2x100, M.Bowles 117, J.Higgins 100, P.Burgess 140), Golden Hind 7 (D.Keatley 3x100,140, D.Pickering 101b,135, S.Baker 100,140, J.Morris 101b,120f, T.Kelly 138,140, D.Fowler 120b,4x100) Boldmere Sports and Social 2 (D.Munge 148b,2x100, A.Mills 125, D.Savage 118, I.Lloyd 135,2x100f), Plough and Arrows 1 (N.Robbins 120b, M.O’Driscoll 100,140, P.Smith 135, P.Robbins 125) Boldmere St Mikes 8 (N.Smallwood 2x100,112, B.Linnecor 100, R.Hawker 2x100,122,140, M.Ashton 120b,180, A.Kimberley 125f, 9 darts game, C.Perry 140,100, M.Wild 2x100b,120b,2x100), Division Two:- The Park 3 (J.Boulstridge 2x140,100, D.Clarke 101, W.Harvey 2x100) The Boot 6 (G.Gaughan 121,100, L.Perks 100, M.Norton 125, N.Napier 100, D.Walton 121), Bishop Vesey 6 (M.Archer 100, M.Hall 143f, N.Sammons 2x100, J.Cronin 100, S.Holmes 100b,103, D.Sammons 140) Brookvale Social 3 (J.Yates 117, W.Naylor 103b,4x100, L.Buttle 2x107,105, M.Naylor 140,2x100, R.Kelly 140,113), Boldmere Tap 3 (A.Nicholls 100, P.Newman 100, D.Simpson 100,180, P.Bromley 2x100,140, A.Small 100) Golden Hind Arrows 6 (J.Clarke 125, J.Mahon 2x100, K.Lumby 100, M.Pearce 127,100, A.Day 123), The Fox 6 (R.Stanton 105b,140,127, A.Jarvie 121,140, D.Robinson 105b, S.Wilson 135, K.Smith 111b,,148b, M.Horacek 140,100,121, D.Perry 100b) The Lions 3 (D.Sargent 101b, J.Collins 2x100,137, S.Davey 100, K.Brown 100,125)
Grange Club drop from second to third in the Camp Hill League after a 5-2 defeat away to Holy Gulp who are second in the table and level on points with leaders Cotterills Lane Club who had a close 4-3 win at Lions, Lions having won just one of their three games so far.
Full Results: Station Flights 2 New Inn 5, Holy Gulp 6 Grange Club 2, Wagon and Horses 4 Devil’s Club 3, Lions 3 Cotterills Lane Club 4.
Plume Misfits recorded their first win in five games in week five of the Shirley and District Monday Night League when they won 6-3 at The Bell who are now level on the same two points but just above them in the table on average.
Leaders Highwood took their unbeaten run to five with a 7-2 home win over Blue Bell to keep them two points ahead of Shirley Red Lion, Solihull Sports and Social Club and Shirley Legionnaires.
Full Results:Week4:- Shirley Red Lion 9 (Andy Hoy 180) Cider House 6, Shirley Spartac 1 Solihull Sports Club 8, Blue Bell Bears 6 Sharmans Cross 3, Shirley Legionnaires 5 (Roger Williams 180) Legion Royals 4, Highwood 7 Blue Bell 2, Plume Misfits 3 Crown Jewells 6 (Andy Hutchings 180,13 darts leg, Karl Attwood 180), Week 5:- Crown Jewells 3 Shirley Red Lion  6, Blue Bell 3 Plume Misfits 6, Legion Royals 2 Highwood 7 (Dave Cherry 180), Sharmans Cross 2 Shirley Legionnaires 7, Solihull Sports Club 5 Blue Bell Bears 4, Cider House 8 Shirley Spartac 1.
Week four of the Shirley Red Lion Premier League and leader Mick Bown suffered his first defeat in eight games when he lost 3-0 to Adam Stuart. Bown recovered to win his next game against Jack Sidwell but was taken to a fifth and deciding leg before his 3-2 win. Julian Harris also had mixed fortunes as after he won 3- 1 against Steve Sidwell he lost by the same margin to Ken Hopton missing his chance to go clear at the top of the table and leaving him in second place level on points with Bown but trailing on average.
Full Results:Week 3:- Stuart Dixon 0 Tony Daly 3, Steve Thomas 1 Andy Hoy 3, Steve Sidwell 3 Dave Fisher 1, Mick Gorst 3 Trevor Carter 0, Tom Bent 3 Jack Sidwell 1, Andy Hoy 3 Steve Heeks 1, Dave Hesketh 3 Julian Harris 2, Mick Gorst 0 Mick Bown 3, Brian Lawton 3 Stuart Dixon 0, Mark Cater 0 Jack Sidwell 3, Chris Thomas 1, Mick Gorst 3, Dave Fisher 1 Chris John 3, Ken Hopton 3 Steve Thomas 1, Tony Daly 0 Mick Gorst 3, Ken Hopton 0 Mick Bown 3, Tom Bent 0 Steve Sidwell 3, Brian Lawton 3 Dave Hesketh 0, Tony Daly 2 Julian Harris 3, Week 4:- Mark Gwalchmai 2 Steve Sidwell 3, Steve Heeks 1 Dave Hesketh 3, Stuart Dixon 3 Trevor Carter 1, Brian Lawton 2 Chris John 3, Mark Gwalchmai 3 Andy Hoy 0, Adam Stuart 3 Mick Bown 0, Dave Fisher 1 Ken Hopton 3, Chris Thomas 3 Mark Cater 2, Jack Sidwell 2 Mick Bown 3, Steve Thomas 0 Trevor Carter 3, Tony Daly 3 Chris Thomas 1, Julian Harris 3 Steve Sidwell 1, Chris John 3 Stuart Dixon 1, Adam Stuart 3 Steve Heeks 1, Andy Hoy 3 Dave Fisher 1, Dave Hesketh 3 Jack Sidwell 2, Steve Sidwell 3 Brian Lawton 2, Mark Cater 1 Tony Daly 3, Ken Hopton 3 Julian Harris 1.
Time is now running out so a final reminder to all players who have not already entered the UK Open Amateur Qualifier at Riley’s Solihulll this coming Sunday in which a place in the PDC UK Open finals in Minehead is part of the top prize.
Entry to the open is just £6 and players can enter by pre-registration only, on-line entries close 48 hours before the event, in club entries close 24 hours before the event. No entries will be taken on the day of the qualifier.
For further information contact the Solihull club on 0121-742-6068 or e-mail
Court Oak have taken their unbeaten run in the Harborne and District League to eleven games and their latest 6-3 win away to their nearest rivals Highwood ‘A’ has increased their lead at the top of the table to four points, the question now is will anyone beat the title chasers?
The defeat for Hillyfields ‘A’ sees Crazy Horses draw level on the same 12 points after their 7-2 win at Bartley Green FC although they do trail in a big way on average.
Full Results:- Avenue Flights 9 (Mark Hopkins 180) Weoley Castle WMC 0, Sportsman 2 Hillyfields ‘B’ 7, Hillyfields ‘A’ 3 (T.Hamilton 141f) Court Oak 6 (A.Hykin 180, J.Hyjin 180, R.Hosey 180) Bartley Green FC 2 Crazy Horses 7.
In the Brierley Hill Monday Night League The Bridge have lost for the first time in four games and also lost pole position as they went down 7-2 away to reigning champions Dudley Sports ‘C’ who have replaced Bridge at the top of the table and have a two points lead over a chasing pack of six teams.
Full Results:Week 4:- Roebuck 4 The Swan 5, New Talbot 3 The Bell 6, Pensnett Liberal Club 7 Griffin 2, Dudley Sports ‘C’ 7 Bridge 2, Old Star 3 High Acres 6, Blue Brick 8 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 1, Queens Head 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4 Bulls Head (Netherton) 5.
In the battle of the Pensnett clubs in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League it was the Liberal Club who got the 5-4 verdict over the Welfare Club. The win sees Liberal Club move up two places to fourth while the Welfare Club drop two places to fifth. Leaders Miners (Wollescote) won their home tie with The Bell 6-3, second placed Brickmakers Arms had a bye this week and are now two points behind Miners with a game in hand.
Full Results:Week 15:- The Cross (Oldswinford) 8 Roebuck 1, Netherton Cricket Club 7 Bulls Head (Netherton) 2, Miners (Wollescote) 6 The Bell 3, Pensnett Liberal Club 5 Pensnett Welfare Club 4.
The Stourbridge and District Monday Night League played their League Cup down to the quarter finals and winning through were Britannia, Bird (Wordsley), Plough, Ten Arches ‘A’, Ten Arches ‘B’, Stourbridge RBL, Ashwood and Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge).
Full Results:League Cup:Last 16:- Britannia 8 Queens 1, Bird (Wordsley) 7 The Swan 2, Plough 7 Crestwood 2, Ten Arches ‘A’ 8 New Inns 1, Church Tavern 4 Ten Arches ‘B’ 5, Kingswinford Conservative Club 1 Stourbridge RBL 8, Garibaldi 2 Ashwood 7, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 7 Quarry Bank Conservative Club 2.
ON the agenda for the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League was their Star Player Knockout and winning the event was Wombourne Cricket Club representative R.Pitt who had a final win over M.Flatman from Ashwood ‘A’.
Losing semi finalists were C.Hipkiss (Fox, Lye) who lost to Pitt and M.Harper (Ashwood ‘B’).
Full Results:Star Players Knockout:Preliminary Round:- D.Simpson (Ten Arches ‘B’) beat M.Hadley (Netherton Cricket Club), M.Flatman (Ashwood ‘A’) beat D.Clark (Wombourne Cricket Club), C.Hipkiss (Fox, Lye) beat P.Chandler (Leopard), Quarter Finals:- M.Flatman beat N.Donaldson (Gornal Conservative Club), M.Harper (Ashwood ‘B’) beat C.Nichols (High Acres), R.Pitt (Wombourne Cricket Club) beat D.Simpson, C.Hipkiss beat B.Padmore (Wombourne Cricket Club), Semi Finals:- M.Flatman beat M.Harper, R.Pitt beat C.Hipkiss, Final:- R.Pitt beat M.Flatman.
Members Club suffered their first defeat in four in the Cradley Tuesday Night League when they were beaten 5-4 at home by middle of the table Brickmakers Arms, Members together with five other teams are now two points behind leaders White Horse who had a 5-4 home win over Crown ‘A’ (Netherton).
Netherton Sports and Social were 5-4 losers at White Swan and as a result drop a huge five places to eighth, White Swan hold fifth place.
Full Results:Week 4:- White Swan 5 Netherton Sports and Social 4, Rose and Crown 6 Bulls Head 3, White Horse 5 Crown ‘A’ (Netherton) 4, Crown ‘Z’ (Netherton) 1 Crown (Station Road) 8, Members Club 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Roost ‘A’ 5 Gate Hangs Well 4, Wheatsheaf 7 Hawne Lane Tavern 2, Chop House 7 Roost ‘B’ 2.
After only three games into the new season in the Hilltop Friendly Tuesday Night League just two of the twelve teams remain unbeaten, The Vine continue to lead the way by one point of average after their 6-1 win over Hayes Social while second placed Dewdrop had a similar 6-1 win at sixth placed New Talbot.
Merry-Go-Round drop one place in the table to fourth following their 6-1 demise away to Island Inn, Island Inn replacing their visitors in third place.
Full Results:- Old Hop Pole 3 Jolly Collier 4, The Vine 6 Hayes Social 1, Sportsman 3 Albion 4, New Talbot 1 Dewdrop 6, Island Inn 6 Merry-Go-Round 1, Horsley Tavern 2 Ivy Bush 5.
The Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League have got their new season underway and getting the season off to a good start are reigning champions Spring Meadow who kicked off with a 6-1 win over Townsend ‘B’. The Widders are not far behind as they opened up with a 5-2 win at White Horse.
Full Results:Week 1:- Townsend ‘A’ 3 The Bell 4,  Round of Beef 4 Hare and Hounds 3, White Horse 2 The Widders 5, Spring Meadow 6 (L.Howard 106b, C.White 130f) Townsend ‘B’ 1 (L.Cheslin 114), Captains Cup:- Townsend ‘A’ beat The Bell, Round of Beef beat Hare and Hounds, White Horse lost to The Widders, Spring Meadow beat Townsend ‘B’.
Springfield Social Club have taken over the number one spot in the Rowley Monday Night League after handing out a 9-0 whitewash to their visitors Yeltz Bar. The Bell are the only other team in the sixteen starters to have won all four of their games, a 7-2 win away to Roost putting them on the same eight points as Springfield and trailing by just two legs of average.
Fourth placed Haden Cross ‘Z’ suffered their first defeat despite a 160 break and score of 170 from K.Bambrick they still went down 5-4 at home to Bacaba whose J.Tart also broke with 160.
Full Results:Week 4:- Ivy Bush ‘A’ 6 Whiteheath Tavern 3, Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘A’ 6 Fairfield 3 (M.Muston 180,9 darts game), Britannia 6 Ex Serviceman’s Club ‘B’ 3, Beech Tree 5 Ivy Bush ‘Z’ 4, Roost 2 Bell 7, Haden Cross ‘Z’ 4 (K.Bambrick 160b,170) Bacaba 5 (J.Tart 160b), Springfield Social Club 9 Yeltz Bar 0.
Week two in the Pensnett and Bromley Tuesday Night League and there were first defeats for both Pensnett Welfare Club and Sedgley Golf Club both losing 4-3 in turn to High Acres and Samson and Lion leaving just two teams with a 100% record Bridge and Dudley Sports both teams level on points and average at the top of the table after Bridge won 4-3 against Saracens Head and Dudley beat Pensnett Liberal Club 5-2.
Full Results:Week 2:- High Acres 4 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘A’ 3 S.Quarry 180, D.Marshall 160b), Bridge 4 Saracens Head 3, Moor Centre Snooker Club 6 Pensnett Welfare Club ‘B’ 1, Dudley Sports Club 5 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, Samson and Lion 4 Sedgley Golf Club 3.
St Mary’s ‘A’ got their new season in the Wednesbury and Darlaston Wednesday Night League off to a flyer when they beat their hosts The Vine 9-0 to set the early pace in the league. Horse and Jockey and T & R Bar are both close behind the leaders after they each won 8-1 against respective opponents St Mary’s ‘B’ and Civil Defence.
Full Results:Week 1:- The Vine 0 St Mary’s ^A^ 9, Staffordshire Knot 7 Red Lion 2, T & R Bar 8 Civil Defence 1, St Mary’s ^B^ 1  Horse and Jockey 8.
Prince of Wales made it seven wins in as many games in division one of the Pip Club League when they beat Two gates Club 8-1, Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) are just two points off the top their latest win being 9-0 away to Pip Club.
In division two Globe (Tamworth) lead the way with 12 points two more than Globe Trotters after winning 10-8 at Progressive Club, Trotters won 16-2 at Globe (Wilnecote).
Full Results:Division One:- Wigginton Arms 6 Belgrave Club 3 (Sarah Ingram 135), Sports Bar ‘180’ 1 Birchmoor Club 8, Two Gates Club 1 Prince of Wales 8, Pip Club 0 Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) 9, Division Two:- Progressive Club 8 Globe Tamworth) 10 (Darren Massey 180), Globe (Wilnecote) 2 Globe Trotters 16, Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 3 Old Liberal 15 (Derek Hornet 180).
The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League 3-A-Side Knockout was won by the Wednesfield FC trio of Martin Angell, John Morris and Rob Thompson who beat their final opponents Whitmore Reans WMC side of Paul Walters, Paul Boddison and Les Marson 3-1.
The league’s 21 and Under Knockout was won by Reece Cook (Riley’s ‘A’), a 3-0 result in the final against Tom Fletcher (Roebuck).
Full Results:3-A-Side Knockout:Final:- Wednesfield FC 3 (Martin Angell, John Morris, Rob  Thompson) Whitmore Reans WMC 1 (Paul Walters, Paul Boddison, Les Marson), 21 and Under Knockout:Final:- Reece Cook (Riley’s ‘A’) 3 Tom Fletcher (Roebuck) 0.
The Black Country Premier League played off the early round of their Pairs Knockout at four venues and winning through to finals night in March were M.Rollinson / J.Rollinson, D.Redding / L.Eaves, M.Greenwood / L.Jones, C.Snellus / N.Ashmore, D.Briney / B.Watts, J.Lock / A.Turley, H.Richards / M.Smith,.S.Hill / S.Crump.
Full Results:Pairs Knockout:Venue: Hasbury:Round One:- N.Cooper / C.Penzer (Brickmaker Big Dogs) beat K.Chambers / A.Spittle (Springfield Rifles), M.Rollinson / J.Rollinson (Woodside Poachers) beat T.Collier / A.Wakeman (Hasbury Hunters), A.Duncan / R.Duncan (Hasbury Hunters) beat P.Chandler / P.Jenkins (Mighty Mitre), Semi Finals:- M.Rollinson / J.Rollinson beat N.Cooper / C.Penzer, D.Redding / L.Eaves (Blackheath Beechers) beat A.Duncan / R.Duncan, Venue:Brickmakers Arms:Round One:- D.Edwards / I.Mathers (Britannia Bulldogs) beat G.Jackson / N.Walters (Black Country Belters), M.Greenwood / L.Jones (Hasbury Hunters) beat M.Hall / T.Stockton (Black Country Belters), Semi Finals:- M.Greenwood / L.Jones beat D.Edwards / I.Mathers, C.Snellus / N.Ashmore (Big Dogs) beat R.Tipper / C.Hart (Brickmaker Big Dogs), Venue:Mitre:Round One:- D.Simpson / A.Edgar (Britannia Bulldogs) beat P.O^Brien / S.Siviter (Springfield Rifles), J.Lock / A.Turley (Black Country Belters) beat M.Roberts / N.Bradley (Railway Buffers), S.Roberts / D.Haden (Wynall Warriors) beat J.Lowe / R.Smith (Blackheath Beechers), Semi Finals:- D.Briney / B.Watts (Britannia Bulldogs) beat D.Simpson / A.Edgar, J.Lock / A.Turley beat S.Roberts / D.Haden, Venue:Railway:Semi Finals:- H.Richards / M.Smith (Mighty Mitre) beat J.Currien / M.Pearce (Mighty Mitre), S.Hill / S.Crump (Railway Buffers) beat C.Newton / A.Smith (Wynall Warriors).
The Bridge Inn, Moss Grove, Kingswinford will be hosting an open knockout this coming Saturday and for just a £5 entry fee there is £100 donated by the Bridge plus all fees will be paid out as prize money.
For more information contact either Ben on 07914-480553 or Dean on 07725-940762.
After the first two fixtures Claregate lead the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League, their 4-3 win over Dog and Partridge just giving them the edge on average from Bull and Whitmore Reans WMC who in turn also win 4-3 against Pheasant and Riley’s ‘A’.
Full Results:Week 2:- Brewood British Legion 7 Jones Road 0, Claregate 4 Dog and Partridge 3, Moreton 4 Otter and Vixen 3, Pheasant 3 Bull 4, Riley’s ‘B’ 4 ECC 3, Whitmore Reans WMC 4 Riley’s ‘A’ 3.
As the second half of the Tamworth League’s season gets underway Prince of Wales ‘A’ lead the field with 86 points their ‘B’ team in second place with 79 points. Fox and Dogs are third with 76 points and reigning champions Belgrave Club fourth on 60 points.
Full Results:- Wigginton ‘B’ 4 Belgrave Club 3, Progressive Club 4 Three Tuns (Fazeley) 3, Sports Bar ‘180’ 4 Mile Oak Rovers 3, Dolphin Inn 2 Prince of Wales ‘B’ 5, Globe Inn 6 Wigginton ‘A’ 1, Players League:- Donna Whitmore (Wigginton ‘B’) beat Adam Williams (Belgrave Club), Martyn Richards (Progressive Club) beat Martin Young (Three Tuns, Fazeley), Steve Taft (Sports Bar ‘180’) beat Debbie Tallis (Mile Oak Rovers), Mark Tomlinson jnr. (Prince of Wales ‘B’) beat Tracey Parris (Dolphin Inn), Ian Grylls (Globe Inn) beat Paul Smallwood (Wigginton ‘A’).

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