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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up by Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Round Up by Alan Towe

Warwickshire will play their second game of the season in the Premier Division of the BDO Inter County Championships this coming weekend, a home tie against Cornwall at the Bishopsgate Club, Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV1 4LF.

The home side will be looking to bounce back from their 20-16 defeat away to Yorkshire in the opening fixture. A win would lift them away from the foot of the table and restore their confidence for the games ahead.

Selected to play are, Men’s ‘A’:- Jamie Atkins, Richard Foster, Tom Aldridge, Mark Carter, Noel Grant, Ian McFarlane, Dean Stewart, Mark Strong, Jamie Hughes, Dave Harris, Rob Hawker, Mark Westgarth, Men’s ‘B’:- Antony Allen, Dane Vickers, Luke Kennedy, Paul Deslandes, Will Naylor, Tom McGlone, Simon Power, Mark Archer, Carl Green, Ted Evetts, Matt Edgar, Prakash Jiwa, Reserves:- Micael Spencer, Dan Green, Jimy Hill, Ashley Hykin, Kevin Dowling, Steve Hine, Nigel Heydon, Women’s ‘A’:- Trina Gulliver, Kat Spanswick, Sue Gulliver, Denise Keyte, Natalie Gilbert, Donna Pinch, Women’s ‘B’:- Nina Bolt, Lisa Whitmore, Wendy Adams, Caroline Pike, Marian Conway, Edwina Holdsworth, Reserves:- Angela Jones, Melanie Hill, Sue Sandher, Anne Rodgers.


After having to re-schedule their opening fixture at home to Nottinghamshire, West Midlands will get off the mark with an away tie with Merseyside at Mel Inn Social Club, Hawthorn Road, Bootle, L20 6JJ. Never an easy fixture West Midlands will have to be on form if they are to begin their season with a win.

On the oche for the West Midlands will be, Men’s ‘A’:- Gavin Baker, Micky Baker, Danny Coyle, Matthew Dicken, Nick Fullwell, Ian Jones, Chris Mason, John Platt, Neil Pointon, Paul Price, Mark Rollinson, Ian Stanton, Men’s ‘B’:- Martin Angell, Lee Ashe, Jamie Barrowman, Rushpal Bhogal, Mark Craddock, Karl Hughes, Adam Johnson, John Mycock, Avtar Singh, Robert Thompson, Mark Watkiss, Gary Watts, Reserves:- Jordan Singh, Justin Evans, Glen Cullen, Womens ‘A’:- Lisa Astbury, Gemma Barrett, Jackie Crew, Kath Jenkins, Sarah Roberts, Heather Wright, Womens’ ‘B’:- Kim Fellows, Chris Banks, Claire Hobbs, Debbie Loon, Jackie Maiden, Sam Maiden,Reserves:- Sophie Singh, Wendy Waine.


The Four Oaks and District League have got their new season underway and to kick off they staged the preliminary round of their Coronation Shield.

Three of the eight games went to the wire, Boldmere Sports and Pint Pot Arrows were each 3-0 up against respective opponents Bishop Vesey and Golden Hind Arrows. However, in both cases the opposition fought back to earn 8-7 wins. Old Oscott WMC were also 8-7 winners beating Erdington Arrows.

At the other end of the spectrum Plough and Arrows, who have moved from White Lion and may well have left their luck or even darts there, crashed 14-1 against Old Oscott Arrows. Another team to have changed venues is Erdington Stars, they didn’t fare much better as they lost 13-2 at home to Golden Hind.

Other results saw Brookvale Social win 10-5 at The Fox and Sutton Sports won 9-6 at The Beehive.

There were 180’s for A.Small ((Boldmere Oak), M.Kemble (Anvil Nomads), J.Mahon (Golden Hind Arrows) and L.Barberan (Boldmere Sports). With scores of 110b,7x100,140 and 118 Brookvale Social’s W.Naylor hit the most tons this week, just one behind him with nine was M.Wild from Sutton Sports.

Results :Coronation Shield:Preliminary Round:- The Fox 5 (D.Perry 100b, 2x100,125, R.Stanton 120b,3x140,100, N.Napier 120b,2x100,121, D.Robinson 100, P.Bradley 120,140,100)Brookvale Social 10 (M.Naylor 4x100, J.Yates 2x120,100, J.Collins 148b,126,140, D. Munge 140, W. Naylor 110b,7x100,140,118), Boldmere Sports 7 (D.Savage 3x100,140, L.Barbaran 180,3x100, A.Gallett 117b,121, R.Tidmarsh 122,100,140, C.Morgan 121,100,140, J.Frost 3x100)Bishop Vesey 8 (S.Holmes 2x100,140, C.Sammons 100b,3x140,2x100, M.Hall 118,2x100, D.Quirk 100, T.Pringle 2x100, A.France 125), Anvil Nomads12 (D.Walton 140, K.Taylor 2x100,125,G.Gaughan 100, M.Norton 140, B.Godfray 100, M.Kemble 100,180, S.Alexander 140, L.Perks 100, N.Harley 2x100)Boldmere Oak 3 (P.Bromley 2x100, A.Small 180,100, R.Browne 125, A.Czaicki 125, C.Hagans 100), Erdington Stars 2 (D.A Jarvis 2x100,125,140, D.Murray 140,3x100, D.Shannon 100,132, K.Shorthouse 100,125, J.West 100)Golden Hind 13 (G.Kimberley 100,123. A.O’Kereke 125,4x100,140, D.Keatley 2x140,112b,100,125, J.Morris jnr 160b,125,100, T.Keatley 156b,100, D.Pickering 6x100,105,134), The Beehive 6 (K.Reynolds 2x100, N.Clarke 2x120b,3x100, J.Prince 2x100,125, M.Partridge 103f,3x100,140, K.Deeley 108b,3x100,145, S.Harvey 100,140)Sutton Sports 9 (A.Kimberley 100b,140, R.Hawker 3x100,122,121, M.Ashton 3x100,140, M.Wild 6x100,2x125,140, B.Linnecor 109b,2x140,100, J.Kavanagh 140), Old Oscott W.M.C. 8 (P.Burgess 2x100,121,140,139, J.Higgins 135,100, J.Tolley 149b,2x100, N.Hawkley 100, C.Hawkley 139,100,121, M.Bowles 100,120, D.Parsons 4x100,125)Erdington Arrows 7 (R.Bazeley 3x100, D.Viles 100, J.Cox 2x100,2x140, M.Edwards 100,135, A.Ashford 2x100, G.Holloway 100), Golden Hind Arrows 8 (J.Mahon 120b,2x100,180, C.Turnbull 110b,3x100, K.Lumby 6x100,106f,125, M.Pearce 3x100) Pint Pot Flights 7 (P.Wilkes 5x100, G.Cookson 100, M.Mills 2x100, W.Bailey 123,124,100,140, M.Bruin 110b,134, R.Mercer 3x100), Plough and Arrows 1 (I.Taylor 140,100, G.Dance 100,125, J.Vickers 100, G.Baxter 100,106,125, A.Humphriss 2x100. N.Robbins 100,115)Old Oscott Arrows 14 (M.Page 3x100,121,140, D.Page 2x100, E.Atkins 2x100,140, A.Mountford 100, A.Lea 100,135,103, M.Compton 101b,121,134).


It’s as you were at the top of the Stourbridge and District Wednesday Night League as the top four teams all chalked up wins. First and second placed Ten Arches ‘A’ and Ashwood ‘A’ each recorded 7-0 wins in turn against Gigmill and The Leopard, while third in the table Ashwood ‘B’ were not far behind with a 6-1 win over The Swan. Fourth placed Wombourne Cricket Club were another team to hand out a 7-0 whitewash and that was to their hosts Netherton Cricket Club. Dudley Sports were the only team in the top half of the table to lose, going down 5-2 to middle of the table The Bell.

Results :Week 11:- The Leopard 0 Ashwood ‘A’ 7, The Bell 5 Dudley Sports 2, Netherton Cricket Club 0 Wombourne Cricket Club 7, Ashwood ‘B’ 6 ( S.Skidmore 9 darts game) The Swan 1, Gigmill 0 (B.Watts 10 darts game, M.Roberts 153f) Ten Arches ‘A’ 7, Ten Arches ‘B’ 2 The Bridge 5, The Fox 1 Rose and Crown 6.


Britannia, despite winning 6-3 away to Stourbridge British Legion have been knocked off pole position in the Stourbridge Monday Night League due to the fact that Ashwood had a massive 9-0 win at Gigmill to take them top with the same 14 points as Britannia, but with a better average. Ten Arches also took their unbeaten run to seven games with a 7-2 win at Church Tavern and are placed third in the table. New Inns dropped from fourth to sixth following their 6-3 defeat at The Bird (Wordsley), both teams are now on 8 points as are Brickmakers and Corn Exchange.

Results :Week 7:- Brickmakers 8 Kingswinford Conservative Club 1, Church Tavern 2 Ten Arches 7, Bird (Wordsley) 6 New Inns 3, Shribbery Cottage 6 Crestwood 3, Stourbridge RBL 3 Britannia 6, Gigmill 0 Ashwood 9, Corn Exchange 7 Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 2, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 6 The Cat Inn 3, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 7 The Fox 2.


The South Birmingham League had the finals of their Rose Bowl on the fixture card. The first semi brought together Group ‘B’ runners up The Crown and Group ‘A’ winners Chelmsley Wood RBL.
South Birmingham League Group ^A^ Winners Chelmsley Wood RBL

The result was a very surprising 6-1 win for The Crown. The second semi final saw Group ‘C’ winners St John’s Flights face Group ‘B’ champions Riley’s Kings, the latter recording a convincing 7-0 win.

South Birmingham League Group ^C^ Winners St John^s Flights

In the all Group ‘B’ final, it was the runners up Crown who beat the group winners Riley’s Kings 5-2.

South Birmingham League The Crown Winners of the Rose Bowl and Rileys Kings Runners Up

Results :Rose Bowl:Semi Finals:- The Crown 6 (S.Hazlett 2x100,140, N.Parsonage 2x100, A.Mayell 100, P.Shipley 3x100, M.McFall 2x100,3x140, A.Hoey 3x100) Chelmsley Wod RBL 1 (D.Hasson 100,140, A.Cooksey 100, K.Green 100, S.Cain 121,140, N.Groves 3x100, M.Noonan 100), St John’s Flights 0 )M.Evans 140, B.Harris 100, D.Stone 123,140, S.Whatmore 2x100, L.Yates 124, I.Whitehead 121,100) Riley’s Kings 7 (W.Naylor 2x100,134,121, M.Birch 100, L.Barberan 2x100, R.Liggins 2x100, B.Cadby 121,100), Final:- The Crown 5 (T.Evans 2x100, N.Parsonage 2x100,125, A.Mayell 100,121, M.Mcfall 4x100,140, P.Shipley 3x100, A.Hoey 140,100, J.Prince 2x180) Riley’s Kings 2 (W.Naylor 2x100,138,121, L.Barberan 2x100,120,128, J.Frost 121, M.Birch 125,100, M.Naylor 100, R.Liggins 125,100, B.Cadby 140,100).

South Birmingham League Group ^B^ Winners Riley^s Kings


Three of the top five teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League lost in their latest outings. Leaders Blue Brick ‘C’ with a 7-2 home win over Brickmakers extended their lead to a huge 12 points after their nearest rivals Bulls Head (Netherton) lost 5-4 at Dudley Sports ‘A, who are nine places below them. There was no joy for Dudley Sports ‘B’ as they went down 5-4 at Dog and Lamppost, who are ninth in the table, but Sports ‘B’ hold on to their third place.

In the Rose and Crown battle it was the fourth placed Brierley Hill side that won 6-3 at the other Wordsley based Rose and Crown. Fifth in the table Roebuck went down 5-4 to eighth in the table Ivy House (Dudley).

Results :- Blue Brick ‘C’ 7 Brickmakers 2, Old Star ‘A’ 4 Griffin 5, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5 Bulls Head (Netherton) 4, Ivy House 5 Roebuck 4, Bridge ‘A’ 5 High Acres 4, Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 3 Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 6, The Swan 3 Bidge ‘B’ 6, Laurel 3 Blue Brick ‘B’ 6 Dog and Lamppost 5 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 4, Black Horse 4 Old Star ‘B’ 5, Tenth Lock 4 Summer House 5.


In the Brierley Hill Friday Night League leaders Netherton Cricket Club lost a vital game against second in the table Dudley Sports ‘B’ and had their lead reduced to just two points.

Third placed Pensnett Welfare Club also lost an important game, a 5-4 reversal away to fourth in the table Bridge ‘A’.

At the other end of the table bottom team Dudley Sports ‘A’ recorded only their second win in eighteen when they won 5-4 against the team just above them Bulls Head (Netherton), however, they remain rooted to the foot of the table still ten points behind Bulls Head.

Results :- Netherton Cricket Club 4 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 5, The Bell 4 Brickmakers 5, Bridge ‘A’ 5 Pensnett Welfare Club 4, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 5 Bulls Head (Netherton) 4,Roebuck 6 Bridge ‘B’ 3.


The Small Heath League got their winter season underway, but due to postponements only two fixtures were played. Wagon and Horses are the early leader after a 7-2 home win over Sheldon Marlborough Flights and Hay Mills are second following their last gasp 5-4 win at Mitre.

Results :Week 1:- Wagon and Horses 7 (M.Tilley 105b, J.O’Connor 105b,116b, S.Whitaker 112b, R.Ingram 140, A.Bailey 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 2 (A.Eden 100,140, K.Salisbury 100,121,160b, D.Humphries 2x100, N.Rughani 100b), Mitre 4 (L.Austin 110, I.Jones 120b,100, A.Wale 156, J.Frost 140, C.Austin 120b,100) Hay Mills Social 5 (T.Owens 120, A.Radbourne 106, R.Hogan 100).


With a 5-4 away defeat against The Gate (Colley Gate) two weeks ago and a bye last week, Crown ‘A’ got back to winning ways in the Cradley Tuesday Night League when they won 7-2 at home against Chainmakers ‘A’. Crown have a four points advantage over Chainmakers ‘B’, who are second and won 6-3 against Riddins Tavern.

Third in the table and six points behind Chainmakers ‘B’ comes Brickmakers, who won their game at Jay’s Bar 5-4, while fourth placed Members Club handed out a 9-0 whitewash to their visitors Yeltz Bar.

Results :- Chainmakers ‘B’ 6 Riddins Tavern 3, Roost ‘B’ 2 Hasbury Inn 7, Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 6 Bulls Head 3, Members Club 9 Yeltz Bar 0, Hawne Lane Tavern 5 Gate (Darby End) 4, Crown ‘A’ 7 Chainmakers ‘A’ 2, Gate (Colley Gate) 3 Roost ‘A’ 6, Wheatsheaf 6 Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 3, Jay’s Bar 4 Brickmakers 5.


The Camp Hill League played their Singles Knockout down to the last eight and making their way through to the quarter finals were, Alan Humpage (Scruffy Ringers), Chris Stokes (Gulp Tribe), Colin Wyatt, Matthew Cooper, Neil Parsonage (Cotterills Lane Club), Linsey Chant, Dave Kingdon (Bordesley Labour Club), Peter Yardley (Hay Mills Social Club).


The Rowley Monday Night League were engaged with the second leg of round one of their Challenge Cup and winning through to the next round were, Fairfield, Haden Cross, Springfield Social Club and Plough and Harrow.

Results:Challenge Cup:Round One:Second Leg (first round results in brackets):- Fairfield 6 (4) Allens Sports Bar 3 (5), Haden Cross 5 (5) Britannia Inn 5 (4), Springfield Social Club 9 (6) Crown ‘B’ 0 (3), Victoria Inn 3 (3) Plough and Harrow 6 (6).


With the Hasbury Monks versus Black Country Belters match postponed it was an idean opportunity for leaders Lyde Green Flights to capitalise and improve on their lead and that is exactly what they did as they romped to a 12-1 win over Team Bathams to give them a perfect 12 points from their opening six games.

Bottom placed Hounds of Wynall took on Park Lane Taverners, but came up short as they lost 9-4. The Round Oak Rebels and Britannia Bulldogs finished all square at 8-8, while Blackheath Beechers accounted for their visitors with a convincing 12-1 scoreline, Dave Redding and Robbie Smith hitting maximums for the home side, while Daniel Haden notched his third maximum of the season for the away side, plus a 160 break.

Results:- Blackheath Beechers 12 (R.Smith 180, D.Redding 180) Wynall Lane Warriors 1 (D.Haden 180,160b), Lyde Green Flights 12 Team Bathams 1, Hounds of Wynall 4 Park Lane Taverners 9, Round Oak Rebels 8 Britannia Bulldogs 8.


It’s still neck and neck at the top of division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League as leaders Riley’s ‘C’ won their home tie with Merry Boys 7-0 and second placed Otter and Vixen had a 6-1 win at Ashmore Inn to keep both teams level on 36 points, Riley’s ahead on average only.

In division two, Wednesfield Conservative Club lost pole position after a surprising 4-3 defeat away to ninth in the table Dog and Partridge. Taking over the number one spot is Chillington Club, their 4-3 home win over Harrowby putting them two points ahead of both Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ and Wednesfield Conservative Club, Legion ‘A’ moving up one place to second with a better average than the Conservative Club after a 5-2 win at Boat ‘A’.

Results :Division One:- Ashmore Inn 1 Otter and Vixen 6, Bradmore 3 Village ‘B’ 4, Penn Bowling 7 Bird in Hand 0, Railway 4 Bull 3, Riley’s ‘A’ 3 Oxbarn 4, Riley’s ‘C’ 7 Merry Boys 0, Division Two:- Boat ‘A’ 2 Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 5, Chillington Club 4 Harrowby 3, Dog and partridge 4 Wednesfield Conservative Club 3, Emerald 3 Roebuck 4, King Charles 7 Boat ‘B’ 0, Wolverhampton Sports Arena 5 Riley’s ‘B’ 2, Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 6 Ukrainian Club 1, Yale Club 4 Castle 3.


There are just two weeks remaining in the Red Lion Erdington Friday Individual League culminating in the play off finals night which will be held on Friday 10th of October,


Played 20 won 20, that’s Whitmore Reans WMC record in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League after their 6-1 home win over Claregate. Whitmore have a ten points lead over second in the table Otter and Vixen ‘B’, who also won 6-1 at home to Brewood British Legion.

Results :- Bull 7 Otter and Vixen ‘A’ 0, Otter and Vixen ‘B’ 6 Brewood British Legion 1, Riley’s 4 Moreton 3, Village Inn 5 Pendulum 2, Whitmore Reans WMC 6 Claregate 1.


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