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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

The local county teams Warwickshire and West Midlands go into their penultimate fixture of the season in the BDO Inter County Championships this coming weekend, Warwickshire in their premier division game play against Essex and will be hoping to make it three wins in a row, and being as their hosts are directly above them a win would almost certainly see them replace them in third place.
Team selections are Men’s ‘A’:- Bob Nixon, Dean Stewart, Richard Foster, Jamie Atkins, Jamie Hughes, Mark Carter, Mark Strong, Mark Westgarth, Noel Grant, Rob Hawker, Tom Aldridge, William Naylor, Men’s ‘B’:- Antony Allen, Carl Green, Dave Harris, Jimmy Hill, Luke Kennedy, Matt Edgar, Michael Spencer, Paul Deslandes, Prakash Jiwa, Simon Power, Steve Ward, Tom McGlone, Reserves:- Dan Green, Dane Vickers, Dave Atkins, Kevin Dowling, Mark Archer, Nigel Heydon, Steve Hine, Ted Evetts, Women’s ‘A’:- Trina Gulliver, Angela Jones, Denise Keyte, Melanie Hill, Sue Gulliver, Wendy Adams, Women’s ‘B’:- Lisa Whitmore, Donna Pinch, Kat Spanswick, Kerry Bambridge, Kirsty Haw, Nina Bolt, Reserves:- Lucy Keyte, Caroline Pike, Marian Conway, Sue Sandher.
In division two West Midlands have a home tie with bottom of the table Wiltshire a game which if they win could finally secure their status in division two next season.
Lining up for the men’s teams will be Men’s ‘A’:- Avtar Singh, Chris Mason, Gavin Baker, Glen Cullen, Ian Jones, Jonathan Platt, Keith Allman, Mark Craddock, Mark Rollinson, Micky Baker, Richard Platt, Shaun Carroll, Men’s ‘B’:- Ashe Kyhatt, Chris Stanley, Danny Coyle, Gary Watts, John Mycock, Karl Hughes, Mark Watkiss, Neil Pointon, Paul Price, Rob Smith, Rob Thompson, Sam Guest, Reserves:- Chris Read, Martin Angell, John Morris.
The position at week nineteen in the Sheldon and District Winter League is such that in the premier division the top two teams are both locked together on 30 points, Crown at Olton lead the way on average their latest game seeing them win 8-1 at home to Willclare Sports and Social, while second placed The Lyndon defeated reigning champions and currently placed fifth in the table Saltley Amateur Gardeners 5-4.
Division two produced the shock of the week when Shirley RBL Misfits, who are two places off the bottom of the table won 6-3 at Crown-Forget-Me-Not who top the table, this being only their second defeat in seventeen games.

Crown-Forget-Me-Not - Division One Cup Winners (South Birmingham League)

Full Results:Week 20:Premier Division:- Sheldon Dukes 3 (Mark O’Donnell 100, P.Sunner 100, P.Pudge 156b,116b) The Raven 6 (A.Stainfield 140,105, S.Whatmore 112b, J.Whitehouse 118,100, A.Whitehouse 140, T.Whitehouse 140,134b,121), Crown at Shard End 8 (N.Parsonage 134,112b,100,9 darts game, K.Deeley 3x100, D.Cherry 140,137, M.Cooper 100,104f, P.Shipley 120b, J.Prince 125, K.Reynolds 140) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 1 (D.Tudor 100, R.Nixon 100, C.Round 100,140, L.Nixon 100), Saltley Amateur Gardeners 4 (P.Randell 100, N.Clarke 160b,100,8 darts game, S.Winters 100, T.White 180,2x100, T.Webster 120b,101b,180) The Lyndon 5 (S.Harding 105, J.Buckingham 100, T.Daly 100, D.Wright 100, P.Stephens 120b, A.Daly 140,100), Crown at Olton 8 (J.Sidwell 180, I.Spencer 125,140, A.Hutchings 100, P.Yardley 2x100,100b, B.Nixon 120b,101b,100, K.Attwood 123, M.Wall 140,121) Willclare Sports and Social 1 (B.Dixon 100, C.Randle 100, F.Dixon 140, D.Reid 100, R.Allen 120), The Pirates 4 (A.Cooksey 100, M.Naylor 100, G.Green 2x100, D.Jackson 2x100, T.Booth 100, J.Buttle 137,2x100) Mackadown Social 5 (D.Young 100,140, M.Noonan 100, G.Tegg 121,125, M.Heaven 180,125, G.James 180, A.Sheen 134, B.Allen 120), Division One:- Marston Green Tavern 5 (L.Randell 100b, T.Randell 2x140, M.Murphy 134, T.Comerford 119,100) Crown Arrows 4 (P.Carter 100, R.Perkins 100), Holy Souls 7 (T.Evans 2x100, M.O’Sullivan 121,101,101b, D.Heighway 100b,115b, R.McConnell 100, C.Stokes112b,100, J.Rafter 118b, J.Lucas 113) Sheldon Heath Social 2 (M.Tilley 118, C.Cotter 108,135, L.Allwood 140, J.Phipps 100), Highwood KB’s 8 (T.Constable 140, N.Wykes 101b,140f, W Cooper 100, D.Memory 120, A.Cooke 120b,8 darts game, M.Gorman 140) Yardley Ex Colts 1 (B.Law 100, P.Welch 100b, N.Davis 100,116b), Banbury Club 8 (M.Morgan 100b,114f, J.Kearney 100b, T.Frost 100b,122b,139, G.Fleetwood 140, P.Connolly 180,133, J.Moss 121, L.Reece 100) Iron Horse 1 (J.Evans 101, P.Byrne 116b, J.Green 100,120b, T.Rainsford 140b), Division Two:- Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 (M.Slatecher 100, K.Nixon 140, S.Spencer 140,100, K.Barber 100, T.Heath 112) Highwood Exiles ‘A’ 6 (P.Roscoe 100, J.Phipps 100,100b, J.Sharpe 100, A.Payne 100,119, D.Carey 100, S.Payne 100,118), Crown-Forget-Me-Not 3 (C.Kettlewell jnr 2x100, B.Steptoe 100b, C.Kettlewell snr 129, J.Stokes 2x100, S.Gardiner 132) Shirley RBL Misfits 6 (A.Ogg 100, T.Dixon 100, M.Hodgson 100,100b), Meadway Sports and Social 2 (D.Delaney 100b, M.Herrod 135, M.Shellis 100) Sheldon Marlborough Flights 7 (A.Eden 100, R.Turner 140, M.Murren 100, M.Cox 121,100, N.Rughani 121), The Maggies 5 (W.Swaine 108b,180,8 darts game, E.Molloy 121,100, L.Wiggins 131,105, J.O’Connor 120b, S.Hall 129) Greville Arms 4 (C.Deegan 140, P.Thorley 100), The Emerald 9 Ridgemere Social 0 )walkover).
Simon Power and Steve Ward of Southam produced some great darts to progress to the National finals of the BDO Gold Cup Pairs in July at Lakeside Country Club when they won the Warwickshire play off. The pair had some tough encounters along the way with victories over Nuneaton’s Adam Paxton and Dean Sanders, the Brandon pairing of Dave Sanders and Dave Waring before beating Noel Grant and Paul Deslandes of Coventry Bishopsgate. Mark Carter and Ian McFarlane also of Coventry Bishopsgate made their route to the final defeating Antony Allen and Rob Hawker, then Mark Archer and Martin Partridge of Castle Vale before taking out another tough pairing of Mark Westgarth and Mark Strong. The Final was a tense affair with some brilliant darts mixed in with some nervous shots at finishing doubles, but finding the double was Simon Power who continues his great form and his partner Steve Ward who is on a decent run after winning his first County match earlier in the month.
To complete their season the Four Oaks and District League played off the finals of their Brian Goodman and Ken Rust Cups. There was consolation for Sutton Sports who after losing the division one title picked up the Brian Goodman Cup beating Golden Hind 7-2, Rob Hawker recording his fourth 180 of the season for Sutton.
In the final of the Ken Rust Cup the league champions The Beehive were too strong for Old Oscott Arrows and ran out 8-1 winners. A.Mountford (Old Oscott Arrows) and J.Prince (The Beehive) both chalked up their third maximum of the season.
Full Results:Brian Goodman Cup:Final:- Golden Hind 2 (T.Keatley 116b, A.Stainfield 160b,105, A.O’Kereke 100, D.Keatley 140, J.Dunn 100, G.Kimberley 100) Sutton Sports 7 (S.Paling 120b,125, A.Kimberley 100,118f, N.Smallwood 123,2x100, A.T.Lewis 100, L.Harris 100, M.Ashton 140, B.Linnecor 100, R.Hawker 100b,180,121, M.Wild 105b,100), Ken Rust Cup:Final:- Old Oscott Arrows 1 (A.Mountford 152b,180, A.Lea 2x108b, M.Maher 140, E.Atkins 146b,100, M.Compton 100) The Beehive 8 (K.Reynolds 120b,121, A.Hoey 112b, J.Prince 180, N.Clarke 120b,131,2x100, K.Deeley 108b,125, T.Reynolds 120b, M.Partridge 140, S.Harvey 100, C.O’Neil 116b,125).
The second leg of the first round of their League Cup was on the fixture card for the Brierley Hill Friday Night League and with overall wins and going into the next round are Bridge, Brickmakers Arms, Netherton Cricket Club and Miners (Wollescote). Miners game saw them win 5-4 against Pensnett Welfare Club in the first leg then lose by the same margin in the second leg. Three players were then drawn for both teams for a playoff which saw Miners win 2-0.
Full Results:League Cup:First Round:Second Leg (first leg results in brackets)- Bulls Head, Netherton (4) 3 Bridge (5) 6, Dudley Sports ‘A (0) 0 Brickmakers Arms (9) 3, Mitre (0) 6 Netherton Cricket Club (9) 3, Miners, Wollescote (4) 5 Pensnett Welfare Club (5) 4 – Miners won 11-9 after play off.
The top three teams in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League all won in week 13, the top two Dudley Sports ‘C’ and Bridge ‘B’ both having 7-2 wins against respective opponents sixth placed Roebuck and Dudley Sports ‘A’ who drop one place to fifth, third in the table Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) won 6-3 at Liberal Club.
Full Results:Week 13:- Roebuck 2 Dudley Sports ‘C’ 7, High Acres 6 Griffin 3, Tenth Lock 5 Dog and Lamppost ‘A’ 4, Black Horse 5 Rose and Crown (Wordsley) 4, Portway 6 Old Star 3, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 7 Bridge ‘A’ 2, Bridge ‘B’ 7 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 2, Bulls Head (Netherton) 3 Blue Brick 6, Dog and Lamppost ‘B’ 4 The Swan 5, Liberal Club 3 Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 6.
The latest round of games in the Aston League saw leaders Sportsmans Rest have a 7-2 win away to Mitre to remain four points clear of their nearest rivals Red Lion who had a closer 5-4 win at Oscott Social, a further two points behind is third placed Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s who were 8-1 winners in their home tie with next to bottom of the table Aston Flights.
Full Results:Match 19:- Kingstanding Ex Serviceman’s Club 8 (D.Munge 140, J.Morris jnr 118,180, A.Mountford 112b,100, G.Masefield 100, A.Kimberley 100b,100, B.Lysaght 137,100, B.Stephens 100,160f, T.O’Kereke 180, C.Turnbull snr 140) Aston Flights 1 (G.Lynch 101b,100, C.Connelly 100), Mitre 2 (I.Jones 140, S.Hughes 100b, E.Jones 104b, L.Austin 100, C.Austin 100,103b) Sportsmans Rest 7 (A.Stainfield 140, P.Koyce 126,140, D.Keatley 100,122b, C.Packer 120, J.Frost 100,111f, T.Kelly 100,100b, A.Whitehouse 3x100,113), Aston Social 4 (M.Hall 106, A.Cridddle 180, D.Attrill 114) Cross Keys 5 (S.Spink 101b,116b, J.Gavin 107b), Oscott Social 4 (P.Willis 129, G.Bushall 100b, P.Graham 100,125, L.Shorthouse 100, S.Davey 121) Red Lion 5 (M.Wilde 120, D.G.Bond 120b, K.Neal 105,120, B.Hughes 180, C.Hawkley 100, S.Andrews 2x100,120, D.Rawlings 100b,120).
The South Birmingham League played off the final of their divisional cups and in the division one final league leaders Crown-Forget-Me-Not had a 5-4 win over third in the table Mackadown Social. The division two final was a middle of the table affair between Banbury Flights and The Dog with the former getting the 5-4 verdict.

Banbury Flights - Division Two Cup Winners (South Birmingham League)

Full Results:Division One Cup:Final:- Crown Forget-Me-Not 5 (W.Naylor 111b,133, J.Frost 100,160b, M.Gallett 140,100,10 darts game, M.Birch 100,104, C.Millward snr 115b) Mackadown Social 4 (A.Kavanagh 160b, D.Young 2x100, M.Heaven 100, T.Comerford 2x100b, A.Caddick 100, M.Noonan 128,140, G.James 2x100, A.Sheen 2x100), Division Two Cup:Final:- Banbury Flights 5 (W.Cooper 2x100,120b, L.Reece 140,100, P.Moran 100b,120,100) The Dog 4 (S.O^Brien 102b, P.Richards 2x100,112b, J.Ansell 100).
In the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League leaders Ashwood, who are four points ahead of the field had a close 5-4 win at Bird (Wordsley) while the chasing four teams all had big wins. Second and third placed Ten Arches and Britannia each had 8-1 wins in turn against Plough and Church Tavern, fourth and fifth in the table Brickmakers Arms and Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) were 7-2 winners against Crestwood and The Cat (Wordsley).
Full Results:Match 29:- Brickmakers Arms 7 Crestwood 2, Church Tavern 1 Britannia 8, Bird (Wordsley) 4 Ashwood 5, Shrubbery Cottage 6 The Fox (Lye) 3, Stourbridge RBL 8 Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 1, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 7 The Cat (Wordsley) 2, Corn Exchange 9 Kingswinford Conservative Club 0, Ten Arches 8 Plough 1, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 7 New Inns 2.
After completing twelve fixtures the Bully Boys top the Winmau Monday Night Central League with 412 points, their most recent fixture seeing them have a narrow 25-23 win over John’s Klan putting them eleven points ahead of second in the table Whats The Point who won their tie with Cupid Stunts by a massive 32-16.
The Pip Club League staged the semi finals of their Challenge Cup and in division one there were wins for Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) and Prince of Wales who in turn defeated Bull (Two Gates) and Tamworth Motor Spares.
Making the final in division two were Pip Club and J W Belgrave at the expense of Globe ‘A’ and Progressive Club.
Full Results:Challenge Cup:Semi Finals:Division One:- Tamworth Motor Spares lost to Prince of Wales, Bulls Head ‘A’ (Polesworth) beat Bull (Two Gates), Division Two:- Pip Club beat Globe ‘A’, J W Belgrave beat Progressive Club.
Dewdrop suffered their first defeat in eleven games in the Hilltop Friendly League when they lost 4-3 away to Sow and Pigs who are in the bottom half of the table. With 20 points Dewdrop hold on to pole position but second in the table Old Hop Pole, who won 4-3 at Ivy Bush are now four points off the top with two games in hand.
Full Results:- Hilltop Friendly League:- Horsley Tavern 0 Sportsman 7, Tipton Sports 4 Jolly Collier 3, The Vine 6 Hayes Social 1, Merry-Go-Round 2 Island Inn 5, Ivy Bush 3 Old Hop Pole 4, Sow and Pigs 4 Dewdrop 3.
Leaders of the Cradley Tuesday Night League White Horse lost for the first time in twelve games when they were beaten 5-4 at home by Brickmakers Arms who move up the table one place to third. Crown ‘A’ with a 7-2 home win over Gate Hangs Well who drop one place to fourth, now join White Horse on 22 points and narrowly trail on average.
The two top teams are both on 22 points from 12 games Brickmakers and Gate Hangs Well have both played 13 and are on 18 points.
Full Results:- Crown ‘A’ 7 Gate Hangs Well 2, White Horse 4 Brickmakers Arms 5, Members Club ‘A’ 4 Roost ‘A’ 5, Bulls Head 5 Chop House 4, Netherton Sports and Social ‘A’ 3 Crown Netherton 6, Plough and Harrow 5 Wheatsheaf 4, The Vine 7 Members Club ‘B’ 2, Roost ‘B’ 1 crown ‘B’ 8.
Just two games played in the Camp Hill League which saw the top two teams play and win, leaders Cotterills Lane Club winning 5-2 at home against Horses while second placed Scruffy Ringers went one better with a 6-1 away win at Wagon to maintain the two points difference between the two teams.
Full Results:- Wagon 1 Scruffy Ringers 6, Cotterills Lane Club 5 Horses 2.
Rileys, Solihull staged their first variety of youth knockouts last weekend and winner of the Main Overall Singles Competition was Luis Barberan who had a final victory over Lewis Cracknell. The winner of the Under 14’s competition was Coby Jones with Matt Speakman runner up, while the under 17’s title went to Owen Maiden with a final win over Reece Colley. Luke Perry won the Under 21 event, Ryan Derbyshire losing out in the final.

Luis Barberan Winner of the Rileys Solihull Youth Overall Knockout and Organiser Sue Kingdon

Lewis Cracknell Runner Up in the Rileys Solihull Youth Overall Knockout and Organiser Sue Kingdon

Full Results:Under 14’s:Winner:- Coby Jones Swanson, Runner Up:- Matt Speakman, Losing Semi Finalists:- Ben Hamlett, Aaron Colley, Under 17’s:Winner:- Owen Maiden, Runner Up:- Reece Colley, Losing Semi Finalists:- Alex Edwards, Lewis Cracknell, Under 21’s:Winner:- Luke Perry, Runner Up:- Ryan Derbyshire, Blind Doubles:Winners:- Reece Colley & Matt Bedlow, Runners Up:- Mackenzie Evans & Lewis Cracknell, LosingSemi Finalists:- Alex Edwards & Harrison Sultana, Owen Maiden & Ryan Derbyshire, Main Overall Singles Competition:Winner:- Luis Barberan, Runner Up:- Lewis Cracknell,
The Netherton Thursday Night League have completed their domestic fixtures and Springfield Social Club finished on a high with a 5-4 win at Netherton Sports and Social Club to give them the title with a total of 60 points, for their hosts however it was a costly defeat as they dropped from second place to fourth. Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club were runners up ending the season with a 7-2 home win over White Horse.
Full Results:- Netherton Sports and Social Club 4 Springfield Social Club 5, The Widders 4 Bulls Head 5, White Swan 1 Fairfield 8, Brickmakers Arms 7 Pensnett Liberal Club 2, Rose and Crown 5 The Bell 4, Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 7White Horse 2.
In the penultimate fixtures of the season an 8-1 win for Gulp at Cobs Bar in the Small Heath League almost guarantees them the title as they have 26 points two more than second placed Emerald Club who won 5-4 over local rivals Emerald Flights. However Emerald Club are being pushed all the way for the runners up spot by Mitre who were awarded a 9-0 win this week as Clock Inn failed to turn up. It’s now all down to the final games.
Full Results:- Mitre 9 Clock Inn 0 (Walkover), Cobs Bar 1 (D.Shakespeare 125, R.Pikey 100, G.Haveron 131) Gulp 8 (C.Stokes 140, M.Cooper 112b, M.O’Sullivan 2x100, D.Heighway 105b,100, J.Phipps 120), Wagon and Horses 7 Sheldon Marlborough Flights 2, Emerald Flights 4 (I.McLean 120b,112b, P.Webster 121, K.Corfield 140) Emerald Club 5 (R.Cridge 120b,2x140,100b, C.Rigby 140, N.Parsonage 112b,2x100, P.Hopkins 100, P.Yardley 139).
After the opening three weeks fixtures Chris Packer leads the way in the Kingstanding Double Top League with 10 points from 6 games but Chris only leads on average from Barry Stephens who has the same 10 points with a slightly inferior average.
The leading duo are closely followed by Will Naylor and Pat Koyce who both have nine points and have only played five games.
Full Results:Week 3:- Pat Koyce 4 Brendan Lysaght 2,Matt Gallett 4 Dale Savage 1, Barry Stephens 4 Dave Harrison 2, Will Naylor 4 Adam Gallett 1, Jim Frost 3 Pat Koyce 3, Chris Packer 4 Paul Cummins 0.
The Forest of Arden Winter League played off the final of their Pairs Cup and taking the honours were division one champions Olton Crown with a 7-2 success over division two outfit Highwood ‘C’.
The Consolation Cup title went to Journeys End (div one) with a final result of 5-2 over division two champions Iron Horse.
Full Results:Pairs Cup:Final:- Highwood ‘C’ 2 (P.Rosco 125, C.Thomas 100) Olton Crown 7 (J.Sidwell 2x100b, B.Nixon 2x100 100b, T.Steele 2x100, D.Duncan 116, C.John 140), Consolation Cup:Final:- Iron Horse 2 (J.Evans 2x100, P.Byrne 100, D.Kilbey 123, F.Ensell 121) Journeys End 5 (S.Edwards 105, J.Jennings 160b, A.Howell 100,110f, A.Savage 100).
Wednesfield FC strengthened their position at the top of division one of the Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League by handing out a 7-0 whitewash to their hosts Chillington Club. Former leaders ECC won 5-2 against Wednesfield Conservative Club to put them level on ten points with the leaders but trail on average plus they have played one game more.
In division two Fordhouses CC lead the way a 5-2 win at Old Stags Head keeping them just one leg of average ahead of Pheasant who had a bye this week, third placed Roebuck are also on the same 12 points as the two teams above them after their 6-1 win at Wednesfield Legion ‘C’.
Full Results:Division One:- Bradmore ‘A’ 2 Penn Bowling 5, Cabin 3 Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 4, Chillington Club 0 Wednesfield FC 7, Corpus 4 Bradmore ‘B’ 3, Dog and Partridge 6 Rileys ‘C’ 1, ECC 5 Wednesfield Conservative Club 2, Otter and Vixen 3 Victoria 4, Railway 4 Village 3, Rileys ‘D’ 4 Ashmore Inn 3, Division Two:- Bird in Hand 1 Boat ‘B’ 6, Bull 3 Three Crowns 4, Emerald 3 Ukrainian Club 4, Old Stags Head 2 Fordhouses CC 5, Red Lion 2 Rileys ‘A’ 5, Rileys ‘B’ 6 Castle 1, Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 1 Roebuck 6, Whitmore Reans WMC 3 Pendulum 4, Woodfield Social 4 Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 3.
As the end of season draws ever closer Brandon with 147 points from 19 games lead the way in the Warwickshire Men’s Super League, second placed and reigning champions Coventry Bishopsgate despite having a game in hand are some 19 points behind the leaders.
Rileys ‘A’ stay two points ahead of Otter and Vixen in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League after a close 4-3 win at home against Woodfield Social, while Otter and Vixen had a more comfortable 5-2 win at Claregate, who drop one place to fifth.
Full Results:Week 10:- Bull 2 Whitmore Reans WMC 5, Claregate 2 Otter and Vixen 5, Jones Road 2 Dog and Partridge 5, Moreton 6 Brewood British Legion 1, Rileys ‘A’ 4 Woodfield Social 3, Village Inn 3 Rileys ‘B’ 4.

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