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Article: Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

Darts News – A West Midlands Report By Alan Towe

Warwickshire County Darts Organisation staged their Lakeside International Qualifiers play off at their headquarters Bishopsgate Club, Coventry, the event attracting 32 top class players all seeking a place in the finals to be held later in the year.

Simon-Power - Winner of Warwickshire Lakeside Play Off

Powering his way through the field of opponents was Simon Power, who began his journey with a 3-2 win over Lee Martin he then had 3-1 wins over Jamie Atkins and Dean Sanders before beating Noel Grant in a close 3-2 semi final. Simon’s final opposition came in the form of Ian McFarlane who had taken out Mark Ashton (3-1), Mark Strong (3-2), Ted Evetts (3-1) and Antony Allen (3-2) who earlier in the competition with scores of 177 and 180 had put himself in with a chance of a possible nine darts game but alas it was not to be.
The final similar to the two semis went to the wire with Power just getting the edge on his fellow county player Ian McFarlane.
Full Results:Last 32:- Paul Austin 3 Martin Whatmough 1, Matty Washbrooke 0 Mark Westgarth 3, Simon Fairbrother 0 Antony Allen 3, Mark Carter 3 Jack Wareing 2, Ken Hindle 0 Tom Martin 3, Steve Davis 1 Ted Evetts 3, Mark Strong 3 Ryan Hawkes 0, Ian McFarlane 3 Mark Ashton 1, Lee Martin 2 Simon Power 3, Jamie Atkins 3 Mark Sutton 2, Steve Paling 3 Michael Spencer 0, Daryl Jelley 0 Dean Sanders 3, Charlei Symons 2 Will Naylor 3, Adam Smith-Neale 3 Keith Wilson 1, Jimmy Hill 3 Gary Cullinan 2, Noel Grant 3 Marl Sidgwick 0, Last 16:- Paul Austin 0 Mark Westgarth 3, Antony Allen 3 Mark Carter 0, Tom Martin 2 Ted Evetts 3, Mark Strong 2 Ian McFarlane 3, Simon Power 3 Jamie Atkins 1, Steve Paling 1 Dean Sanders 3, Will Naylor 3 Adam Smith-Neale 1, Jimmy Hill 2 Noel Grant 3, Quarter Finals:- Mark Westgarth 1 Antony Allen 3, Ted Evetts 1 Ian McFarlane 3, Simon Power 3 Dean Sanders 1, Will Naylor 2 Noel Grant 3, Semi Finals:- Antony Allen 2 Ian McFarlane 3, Simon Power 3 Noel Grant 2, Final:- Ian McFarlane 2 Simon Power 3.
Riley’s Solihull was the setting for a UK Open Tournament Qualifier and winning his way through was Graham Hall who face up to Robbie Green in the first round of the finals at Butlins, Minehead on the 6th – 8th March.

Riley^s Solihull UK Open Qualifier - Sue Kingdon, Winner Graham Hall, Steve Brooke^s (Mmanger of Riley^s)

Hall had a straight 4-0 win over Neil Clark in the last eight and followed that with a 4-2 win against Ted Evetts before winning the final against Kevin Taylor 5-2.
Taylor had beaten Jimmy Hill 4-3 in the quarter finals and Matt Gallett 4-1 in the semis.
Full Results:Quarter Finals:- Neil Clark 0 Graham Hall 4, Ash Khyat 0 Ted Evetts 4, Mike Green 0 Matt Gallett 4, Kevin Taylor 4 Jim Hill 3, Semi Finals:- Kevin Taylor 4 Matt Gallett 1, Graham Hall 4 Ted Evetts 2, Final:- Graham Hall 5 Kevin Taylor 2.
The leaders of the three divisions in the Sheldon and District Winter League all have just a two point’s advantage. In the premier Crown at Olton are in pole position with 26 points from 14 games, Crown at Shard End and The Lyndon are both on 24 the former having played one game more than Olton and Lyndon.
Banbury Club lead the way in division one, however their lead looks very vulnerable as their nearest rivals Castle Vale Stadium have two games in hand and a superior average.
Crown-Forget-Me-Not are the division two leaders with Sheldon Marlborough Flights two points behind them and having played one game more.
Winners of round two of the Punchbowl are, Crown at Olton, The Pirates, Highwood Exiles, The Raven, The Lyndon, Saltley Amateur Gardeners, Banbury Club and Mackadown Social.
Full Results:Punchbowl:Round Two:- Crown at Olton 5 (P.Nunn 100, P.Yardley 117b,100f, B.Nixon 109b,100) Crown at Shard End 4 (K.Deeley 100, P.Shipley 110b, N.Parsonage 100, A.Hoey 100, J.Prince 130), The Pirates 8 (M.Turner 140, M.Naylor 112f) Shirley RBL Misfits 1 (A.McCracken 100, M.Hodgson 140, K.Bygrave 106b), Marston Green Tavern 3 (T,Randell 121, P.Parker 140, M.Murphy 135, S.Cresser 101b) Highwood Exiles 6 (A.Hoy 100, G.Thomas 140), The Raven 5 (D.Keatley 152b, R.Earl 100b,100, A.Whitehouse 110b, S.Kingdon 100, D.Mortiboys 100, T.Whitehouse 100) Castle Vale Stadium 4 (J.Frost 100,121), Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 1 The Lyndon 8 (R.Lucas 113, D.Wright 100,123, J.Buckingham 100, S.Harding 100b), Maggies 3 Saltley Amateur Gardeners 6 (N.Clarke 100b, T.White 123), The Banbury 5 (B.Evans 100, M.Morgan 113, P.Connolly 135, T.Frost 100) Yardley Ex Colts 4 (P.Knowles 105b,100, S.Whadlock 100, P.Wright 100, N.Davis 140), Mackadown Social 7 (A.Kavanagh 110f, M.Noonan 140) Langley Hall Sports and Social Arrows 2 (D.Tudor 121, L.Nixon 135, D.Jelley 100), Week 16:Premier Division:- The Lyndon 9 (S.Harding 2x100,121, A.Daly 100,180, J.Buckingham 140,111f, P.Henderson 2x100,108, P.Stephens 100, T.Daly 100) George V 0 (S.Palmer 100, S.Edwards 100,125, J.Hinson 100b, D.Adams 121, A.Savage 100), Willclare Sports and Social 4 (B.Dixon 180, M.Holt 2x106b, D.Reid 3x100, B.Moore 100), Sheldon Dukes 5 (L.Molyneux 112b, Mark O’Donnell 120b,121, P.Curry 100,120b, P.Pudge 100, M.Riley 2x100, Mitch O’Donnell 2x100,106b), Saltley Amateur Gardeners 3 (N.Clarke 120b,125, P.Randell 100b, J.Randell 101b,121, S.Caddick 108b, T.White 140, S.Winters 180,103,100, T.Webster 100) Crown at Shard End 6 (D.Cherry 135, N.Parsonage 100, K.Deeley 100,122, M.Cooper 152b, A.Hoey 112b,100, S.Hazlett 100,112b, P.Shipley 100b,2x100, J.Prince 140, K.Reynolds 2x100), Langley Hall Sports and Social 4 (D.Tudor 2x140,100b,100, L.Nixon 2x100,120, C.Round 101b,100, R.Nixon 140, D.Heath 125, S.Bromley 123, A.Barnfield 3x100, M.Barber 121) The Pirates 5 (S.Hughes 2x100, G.Green 140, K.Green 100b,107,180,10 darts game,100, D.Jackson 2x100,112b, J.Buttle 2x100, M.Turner 100, M.Naylor 100), The Raven 4 (J.Whitehouse 120, D.Keatley 140,100, S.Whatmore 112b,139,100, R.Earl 120b, D.Mortiboys 100,140, A.Whitehouse 100, D.Kingdon 140) Mackadown Social 5 (A.Kavanagh 2x100,109, D.Young 100,126f, J.Cabena 116, M.Heaven 100, G.James 100,129, A.Sheen 112f, B.Allen 100), Division One:- Yardley Ex Colts 3 (R.Collins 100, R.Mason 101, R.Holman 112b, P.Carey 100, M.Davis 2x100,115b, P.Welch 135) Baldwin Bears 6 (A.Thomas 140, R.Smith 121,100, A.Hoy 140, J.Phillips 103), Sheldon Heath Social 3 (J.Toney 120b,101b, C.Roberts 100, C.Cotter 140,100b,120b, L.Allwood 100b, T.Roche 120b) Castle Vale Stadium 6 (G.Taylor 100b,125, B.Charlton 100), Crown Arrows 4 (C.Vann 101, L.Vann 101, P.Carter 100, R.Vann 125, J.Morrisey 100, J.Masefield 140) Banbury Club 5 (G.Fleetwood 112b, T.Frost 101f,140, P.Connolly 100), Division Two:- Sheldon marlborough Flights 6 (A.Eden 132, G.Holloway 100, M.Cox 100) Langley Hall Sports and Social Flights 3 (M.Mulryan 104, S.Wasley 174, S.Spencer 2x100), Meadway Sports and Social 2 (D.Delaney 102b, D.Maguire 101f,100, M.Shellis 100, R.Fenton 120) Crown-Forget-Me-Not 7 (P.Seadon 140, W.Griffiths 2x100, J.Lynch 100, G.Lynch 2x100, C.Kettlewell snr 120b(, Shirley RBL Misfits 5 (C.Deery 180, F.Cotsford 116, K.Bygrave 100,180, J.Boyle 134) Emerald Flights 4 (A.Fisher 122, S.Sampson 100, S.Facey 100), Small Heath Amateur Gardeners 5 (N.Ricketts 100, A.Sleath 121) Ridgemere Social 4 (M.Baker 100, C.Smith 117, C.Matthews 112b,100, D.Davies 100, M.Charlton 121,112b), Late Results:Week 7 (:Division Two:- Meadway Sports and Social 2 Greville Arms 7 (T.Jones 180, M.Stainfield 2x100, K.Hull 2x140), Week 15:- The Lyndon 6 (R.Lucas 125,100,116b,123, J.Buckingham 110b,180, S.Darby 100,134, T.Daly 3x100, P.Henderson 125) George V 3 (M.Noonan 100, D.Young 100, G.Tegg 100, R.South 100,137, A.Kavanagh 160b,101,8 darts game, M.Heaven 101), Division Two:- Sheldon Marlborough Flights 6 (A.Eden 101b,105b,103, R.Turner 100b,125, P.Brown 100, G.Holloway 125,100) Ridgemere Social 3 (M.Barber 100, C.Matthews 100, A.Phipps 100, D.Hipkiss 100).

South Birmingham League Doubles Knckout (1) -  Sue Kingdon Alan Caddick Dean Young Mick Noonan Ask Kavanagh

In division one of the Four Oaks and District League top side The Beehive maintained their push for the title with a 7-2 win at Brookvale Social and with only two games to go and a four point’s lead on reigning champions and second placed Sutton Sports, look odds on to win the division. Sutton Sports lost the first two games in their home tie with bottom of the table Golden Hind Arrows but won the next six and went on to win 6-3.
After beating Golden Hind the previous week to draw level at the top of the second division Boldmere Sports lost the final two doubles and the match at Old Oscott WMC 6-3, D. Parsons and N. Hawkley hitting maximums for the home team. Meanwhile Golden Hind won the last two doubles to beat Erdington Stars by the same 6-3 to restore their two points lead at the top.
In division three Anvil Nomads stay top with a 7-2 victory at Erdington Arrows The Fox are second trailing by two points with a game in hand after a 6-3 win at Bishop Vesey. W. Naylor (Brookvale Social) recorded his fifth 180 of the season, R. Stanton (The Fox) his second.
Full Results:Match 13:Division One:- Red Lion 5 (S.Cain 100, M.E.Gaughan 100,100f, D.Bayliss 2x140,120, B.Hughes 140,3x100,118f, D.Vickers 4x100, D.G.Bond 121, D.Rawlings 120b) Old Oscott Arrows 4 (A.Lea 140,108f, M.Maher 100, L.Jones 100,121, E.Atkins 100, M.Compton 100,140, M.Page 100, A.Mountford 2x152b,100), Sutton Sports 6 (J.Kavanagh 120b, R.Hawker 100,140, A.Kimberley 2x100, M.Wild 100b,121,135, M.Ashton 100b,3x100, A.T.Lewis 137) Golden Hind Arrows 3 (J.Clarke 133,121,100, J.Mahon 140,100, K.Lumby 129,100,120, R.Hasluck 114b), Brookvale Social 2 (W.Naylor 2x140,180, D.Lowe 100, M.Naylor 112b, S.Lysaght 105b,121,100, R.Kelly 105) The Beehive 7 (K.Reynolds 104,100, N.Clarke 100, J.Prince 140, K.Deeley 112b,121,3x100, W.Mynard 100,104f, M.Partridge 120b,100,133,140, A.Hoey 140), Division Two:- Old Oscott WMC 6 (J.Tolley 111b, N.Hawkley 180,140,125, D.Parsons 100,140,180, J.Higgins 105b, C.Hawkley 139,123,100) Boldmere Sports 3 (J.Frost 2x100,140, D.Savage 110f, P.A.Seadon 140,125, C.Packer 120b,3x100,117f, A.Gallett 160b,2x121,123), Golden Hind 6 (A.O’Kereke 102b,120,3x100,140, A.Stainfield 123,100, G.Kimberley 100, T.Kelly 100b,100,128, D.Keatley 101b,2x100, J.Morris jnr 115b) Erdington Stars 3 (K.Shorthouse 105b,3x100, D.A.Jarvis jnr 3x100, D.Murray 100b,100), Plough and Arrows 4 (M.Hawkins 2x100, J.Vickers 100, G.Baxter 140, N.Robbins 2x100b,135,101,100,140, A.Humphriss 100, I.Taylor 112b,121,100) Pint Pot Flights 5 (G.Cookson 140, R.Mercer 2x100,105, M.Pearson-Bagnall 101b,100b,4x100, M.Bruin 100, J.Moon 121, J.Mutch 125,113), Division Three:- Erdington Arrows 2 (J.Cox 112b,121,2x135,140,108f, J.Cronin 125,100,120, J.Stokes 121,122,140) Anvil Nomads 7 (D.Walton 112b, K.Taylor 100, G.Gaughan 2x100, S.Alexander 100, T.Tyrie 100), Bishop Vesey 3 (M.Hall 120, T.Pringle 121, C.Sammons 140, J.Dempsey 140,100) The Fox 6 (K.Smith 3x100,140, A.Jarvie 140,114f, P.Bradley 120b,100, R.Stanton 180, M.Corfield 100b,120b,100f,9 darts game, M.Willetts 120,140, D.Willetts 100, D.Perry 100), Boldmere Oak had a bye.
J W Belgrave, leaders in division two of the Pip Club League had a close 9-7 win away to third in the table Pip Club to hold on to their four points lead over their nearest rivals Sports Bar ‘180’ who won 11-5 at Royal Oak.
At the other end of the table the two bottom teams played each other the outcome was an 8-8 draw leaving Globe ‘B’ at the foot of the table on 4 points and Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) next to bottom with 8 points.
Full Results:Division One:- Wigginton Arms 3 Birchmoor Club 5, Bulls Head (Two Gates) 5 Prince of Wales 3, Two Gates Club 3 (Matt White 100f) Tamworth Motor Spares 5, Division Two:- Bulls Head ‘B’ (Polesworth) 8 Globe ‘B’ 8, Royal Oak 5 Sports Bar ‘180’ 11, Globe ‘A’ 11 (S.Gadsby 160) Progressive Club 5, Old Liberal 7 Gate (Amington) 9, Pip Club 7 J W Belgrave 9.
The top four teams won this week in the Cradley Tuesday Night League, Chop House who were fifth drop down to eighth after losing 6-3 at Crown ‘B and now together with Brickmakers Arms, Members Club ‘A’, Crown ‘A’ and Crown ‘B’ are all on eight points four behind top of the table The Gate. White Horse and Wheatsheaf are second and third respectively both having ten points.
Full Results:- The Vine 3 Crown ‘A’ 6, Roost ‘B’ 0 White Horse 9, Members Club ‘B’ 1 Members Club ‘A’ 8, Wheatsheaf 7 Roost ‘A’ 2, Hawne Lane Tavern 3 Brickmakers Arms 6, Netherton Sports and Social ‘B’ 4 The Gate 5, Crown ‘B’ 6 Chop House 3, Plough and Harrow 6 Bulls Head 3.
Bulls Head suffered a massive 8-1 home defeat in the Netherton Thursday Night League with Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club their victors. The result sees Bulls Head drop two places to fifth in the table Ex Serviceman’s remain in fourth place level on 36 points with second and third in the table Brickmakers Arms ‘A’ and Netherton Sports and Social Club who in turn won 7-2 at home to White Swan and 5-4 away to White Horse, leaders Springfield Social Club were also 7-2 winners against Fairfield and stay twelve points ahead of the field.
Full Results:- Pensnett and Bromley 3 The Bell 6, White Horse 4 Netherton Sports and Social Club 5, Springfield Social Club 7 Fairfield 2, Brickmakers Arms 7 White Swan 2, The Widders 3 Rose and Crown 6, Bulls Head 1 Dudley Ex Serviceman’s Club 8.
It’s as you were at the top of the Black Country Premier League with all five of the top teams winning. Hasbury Monks hold on to pole position with a 10-3 win over Wynall Lane Warriors, they are one point ahead of Blackheath Beechers who had a convincing 12-2 win at Round Oak Rebels, the same scoreline by which third placed Black Country Belters beat Team Bathams.
Fourth placed Lyde Green Flights had something of a scare when they trailed 6-1 to Gate R&R but fought back to secure a very close 7-6 victory. Britannia Bulldogs make up the top five they won 12-2 away to Park Lane Taverners.
Full Results:- Round Oak Rebels 2 Blackheath Beechers 12, Park Lane Taverners 2 Britannia Bulldogs 12, Black Country Belters 12 Team Bathams 2, Lyde Green Flights 7 Gate R&R 6, Hasbury Monks 10 Wynall Warriors 3.
It was cup week in the Hilltop Friendly League, the Rickuss Cup which saw three of the four games finish with a 4-3 result. There were wins for Old Hop Pole, The Vine and Dewdrop against respective opponents Tipton Sports and Social, The Sportsman and Island Inn, Hayes Social had a more impressive 6-1 win against Horseley Tavern.
Full Results:Rickuss Cup:- Old Hop Pole 4 Tipton Sports and Social 3, Horseley Tavern 1 Hayes Social 6, The Vine 4 The Sportsman 3, Dewdrop 4 Island Inn 3.
It was doubles week in the South Birmingham League and the winners of the knockout were A.Caddick and M.Noonan who beat G.James and M.Heaven 2-1 in the final.
In the last four games the winners beat D.Young and A.Kavanagh, while James and Heaven won against R.Earl and J.Evans.

South Birmingham League Doubles Knockout - Jason Evans Sue Kingdon Robbie Earl

On the individual front there were maximums for W.Naylor, A.Aston, S.Whatmore and G.James, while M.Noonan recorded a 151 checkout.
Full Results:Doubles Knockout:Quarter Finals:- G.James & M.Heaven beat J.Prince & S.Hazlett, J.Evans & R.Earl beat S.Kingdon & A.Aston, D.Young & A.Kavanagh beat N.Parsonage & M.Cooper, A.Caddick & M.Noonan beat S.Whatmore & B.Harris, Semi Finals:- G.James & M.Heaven beat R.Earl & J.Evans, A.Caddick & M.Noonan beat D.Young & A.Kavanagh, Final:- A.Caddick & M.Noonan 2 G.James & M.Heaven 1.
Dudley Sports ‘A’ dropped four places to sixth in the Brierley Hill Monday Night League following their 5-4 defeat at Roebuck who move up one place to second. Although sixth in the table Dudley Sports ‘A’ are level on points with their victors as are Dudley Sports ‘C’, High Acres, Blue Brick and Bridge ‘B’, all of them having 10 points four fewer than leaders Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill), whose latest fixture at The Portway saw them win 8-1.
Full Results:Week 7:- Rose and Crown 2 Dudley Sports ‘C’ 7, Dog and Lampost ‘A’ 7 Old Star 2, Griffin 4 Bridge ‘A’ 5, Roebuck 5 Dudley Sports ‘A’ 4, High Acres 6 Brickmakers Arms 3, Tenth Lock 1 Blue Brick 8, Black Horse 4 The Swan 5, Portway 1 Rose and Crown (Brierley Hill) 8, Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6 Liberal Club 3, Bridge ‘B’ 6 Dog and Lampost ‘B’ 3.
With just one fixture remaining in division one of the Forest of Arden Winter League Olton Crown’s 5-4 win at Journeys End has almost assured them of the title as their final game is a home tie against Chelmsley Town who are some 16 points behind them, however as seen time and time again nothing is guaranteed until the curtain comes down on the final game as second placed Highwood ‘A’ are just two points adrift of the leaders and have a superior average, but their final fixture is a tougher home game against third placed Journeys End.
In division two Iron Horse secured the title with a 7-2 win at Highwood KB and although they play second placed Highwood ‘C’ in their last game a 9-0 win would still leave their rivals draw level on points but still leave them trailing on average plus Iron Horse will be all out to complete the fourteen games season undefeated.
Full Results:Division One:- Chemsley Town 2 Greville Arrows 7, Journeys End 4 (S.Kingdon 127,140, S.Whatmore 121, W.Yates 2x100, P.Shipley 100,121f,9darts game, A.Howell 100,112b,106f, J.Jennings 100,180, S.Edwards 100) Olton Crown 5 (John.Sidwell 100b,100,101f,138,120b,9 darts game, K.Attwood 100b,100, B.Nixon 135,2x100, Jack.Sidwell 125, T.Steele 100, P.Nunn 100, P.Nunn 100, C.John 112b,140,107b,100,101,8 darts game), Riley’s Red Arrows 5 L.Hodges 180,100b,112f, D.Howlett 140,112,139, N.Warner 100,103f) Highwood ‘A’ 4 (A.Daly 140,112b, D.Cherry 100, D.Wright 180, T.Constable 137), Division Two:- Crown Arrows 7 (K.White 104f, L.Vann 105, D.White 142b, K.Depper 100) Sheldon Flights 2 (T.Roche 100, 113,100b, C.Cotter 100), Highwood KB 2 (N.Wykes 121,100, T.Hobbis 108f,140, S.Dixon 100, M.Gorman 106b) Iron Horse 7 (J.Evans 100,125, D.Kilbey 116b, R.Earl 120b,100b,110, J.Green 120b,100, T.Rainsford 105b,111,140, F.Ensell 112b), New Inns 2 (B.Scott 2x100) Highwood ‘C’ 7 (T.Arrowsmith 100, J.King 140), Greville Arms 3 Highwood Exiles 6.
Brickmakers Arms lost for the first time in six games in the Brierley Hill Friday Night League when they went down 5-4 at Netherton Cricket Club and as a result lose pole position. Taking over at the top of the table is Pensnett Welfare Club who had a convincing 8-1 win at Dudley Sports ‘A’ to give them ten points the same number as Brickmakers Arms, Miners (Wollescote) and Netherton Cricket Club.
Bulls Head (Netherton) chalked up their first win in five, a 6-3 home success against Pensnett Liberal Club who are two places off the bottom of the table.
Full Results:Week 6:- The Bell 3 Miners (Wollescote) 6, Dudley Sports ‘A’ 1 Pensnett Welfare Club 8, Netherton Cricket Club 5 Brickmakers Arms 4, The Bridge 3 Dudley Sports ‘B’ 6, Mitre 2 Roebuck 7, Bulls Head (Netherton) 6 Pensnett Liberal Club 3.
With the top five teams winning in the Stourbridge and District Monday Night League and sixth placed Church Tavern having a bye there was no change this week leaders Ashwood making it 22 consecutive wins with a 6-3 success away to Plough, second placed Ten Arches kept the pressure on the top team with a massive 8-1 win at Stourbridge RBL.
Full Results:Week 23:- Brickmakers Arms 7 Bird ‘B’ (Stourbridge) 2, Bird (Wordsley) 2 The Cat Inn (Wordsley) 7, Shrubbery Cottage 5 Kingswinford Conservative Club 4, Stourbridge RBL 1 Ten Arches 8, Gigmill 1 New Inns 8, Bird ‘A’ (Stourbridge) 7 Crestwood 2, Corn Exchange 4 Britannia 5, Plough 3 Ashwood 6, Quarry Bank Conservative Club 6 The Fox (Lye) 3.
Spring Meadow took their unbeaten run to four games in the Halesowen Monday Night Ladies League with a 4-3 win against Hare and Hounds, second placed Black Horse lost ground as they lost 4-3 at Park Lane Tavern who join Black Horse and Townsend on four points, Townsend beating Very Widders 4-3.
Black Horse also lost for the first time in the Captains Cup but hang on to the top spot with a two point’s advantage.
Full Results:- Townsend 4 Very Widders 3, Spring Meadow 4 Hare and Hounds 3, Park Lane Tavern 4 Black Horse 3, Captains Cup:- Townsend lost to Very Widders, Spring Meadow lost to Hare and Hounds, Park Lane Tavern beat Black Horse.
Just two games played in the Small Heath League this week a rearranged league fixture which saw Wagon and Horses beat Warwick Arms 5-4 and the other game being a preliminary round game in the Upside Down Cup which saw top of the table Mitre beat bottom of the table Clock Inn 5-2.
Full Results:- Wagon and Horses 5 (M.Tilley 119f,105b,115,100, J.Sayers 140, J.O’Connor 100, D.Rivitt 2x100, B.Bailey 116) Warwick Arms 4 (M.Hadley 100, M.Tracey 110b,100, C.Harris 128,140), Upside Down Cup:Preliminary Round:- Mitre 5 (A.Downes 100, L.Austin 100, J.Frost 107) Clock Inn 2 (B.Swaine 100, J.Dooley 100).
The Wolverhampton Tuesday Night League are two games into their new season and setting the pace in division one is Wednesfield FC who top the division on average from ECC, Dog and Partridge, Otter and Vixen and Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ all of whom have won their opening two fixtures.
Similarly in division two there are five teams at the top of the division having won both of their games and they are Whitmore Reans WMC, Fordhouses CC, Pheasant, Bull and Riley’s ‘A’.
Full Results:Week 1:Division One:- Wednesfield Conservative Club 2 Riley’s ‘C’ 5, Ashmore Inn 0 ECC 7, Bradmore ‘B’ 6 Bradmore ‘A’ 1, Corpus 2 Dog and Partridge 5, Otter and Vixen 5 Cabin 2, Railway 3 Chillington Club 4, Riley’s ‘C’ 3 Riley’s ‘D’ 4, Village 5 Merry Boys 2, Wednesfield FC 7 Penn Bowling 0, Division Two:- Boat ‘B’ 4 Three Crowns 3, Bull 4 Ukrainian Club 3, Castle 1 Whitmore Reans WMC 6, Emerald 5 Old Stags Head 2, Fordhouses CC 7 Pendulum 0, Pheasant 5 Roebuck 2, Riley’s ‘A’ 4 Riley’s ‘B’ 3, Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 3 Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 4, Week 2:Division One:- Ashmore Inn 1 Dog and Partridge 6, Bradmore ‘A’ 1 Victoria 6, Cabin 3 Corpus 4, Chillington Club 3 Otter and Vixen 4, ECC 5 Bradmore ‘B’ 2, Merry Boys 1 Wednesfield FC 6, Penn Bowling 3 Wednesfield Legion ‘A’ 4, Riley’s ‘D’ 3 Railway 4, division Two:- Bull 4 Boat ‘B’ 3, Fordhouses CC 4 Roebuck 3, Old Stags Head 4 Woodfield Social Club 3, Pendulum 3 Riley’s ‘A’ 4, Red Lion 4 Castle 3, Riley’s ‘B’ 4 Bird in Hand 3, Three Crowns 3 Pheasant 4, Wednesfield Legion ‘C’ 3 Ukrainian Club 4, Whitmore Reans WMC 6 Wednesfield Legion ‘B’ 1.
Just two teams remain undefeated in the Tettenhall Wednesday Night League after only four games, Village Inn head the table following their 6-1 win at home against Dog and Partridge and in second place is Riley’s ‘B’ who had a closer 4-3 home win over Claregate.
Full Results:Week 4:- Riley’s ‘A’ 5 Otter and Vixen 2, Riley’s ‘B’ 4 Claregate 3, Village Inn 6 Dogg and Partridge 1, Woodfield Social Club 5 Brewood RBL 2.

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