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Article: Darts: Eglinton & District Darts League

Darts: Eglinton & District Darts League

Last week^s results in the Nicholl^s Supermarket sponsored Eglinton & District Darts League were - Donaghy^s A 10, Rising Sun B 4; Eglinton CC 10, The Well B 5; Gort Na Drum 4, The Well A 10; Longfield A 6, Donaghy^s B 9; Longfield B 10, Foyleview 3 and Rising Sun A 6, McKeever^s 9.

There were two maximum ‘180s’ last week and they were scored by Dominic Begley (The Well B) and Lorenzo Graham (Longfield A).

The highest checkout of the week was from Conrad Watson with an 118 finish. The least darts of the week were from Conrad Watson with 15 darts and he also had a 20 dart leg.

Other good darts were thrown by - Campbell Jackson (17 darts), Daryll Lougherty (17 darts), Kerry Nicholl (18 darts), Dermott McGuinness (18 darts), John Monteith (20 darts), Steven Doherty (20 darts), Seamus O^Hara (20 darts) and Brendan McGuinness (21 darts).

High scores - B McGuinness 135, 2x140 (21 darts); G McCormick 3x100; D McGuinness 3x100, 140 (18 darts); R O^Hara 3x100; R McKinney 3x100, 117; Ryan Wylie 2x100; J Kee 2x100, 120; C Thornton 3x100, 121; Richard Wylie 2x100; J Olphert 100, 116, 140; G Wylie 100, 106, 121; K McCann 2x100, 120; D Begley 100, 180 max; P O^Reilly 100, 125; S McLaughlin 100, 140; M O^Reilly 100, 140; A Moore 2x100; A Thompson 100, 133; M McGonigle 100, 140; T Murray 2x100, 2x140; S Murray 5x100; B Murray 2x100, 118, 120, 123; J Bonham 100, 121, 123; L Graham 100, 180 max; S Ferguson 2x100, 125; S O^Hara 100, 140,(20 darts); P McGinnis 100, 124; L Carlin 2x140; D Loughery 3x100, 140 (17 darts); C Watson 3x100, 140, 180 max. 118 finish,(15 and 20 darts); P McElhinney 2x100, 120, 125; S Doherty 135 (20 darts); K Nicholl 2x100, 121, 138, 140 (18 darts); J Monteith 2x100, 125 (20 darts);

B Harkin 2x100, 125; N Logue 2x100, 135; C Jackson 2x100, 122, 125, 134, 140 (17 darts).

This Thursday night’s action involves league fixtures - Donaghys A v. Eglinton CC; Foyleview v. Rising Sun A; McKeever’s v. Longfield A; Rising Sun B v. Gort Na Drum; The Well A v Longfield B and The Well B vs Donaghy’s B.

League table - McKeever’s 200 points; Rising Sun A, 186; The Well A, 176; Donaghy’s A 156; Longfield B 145; Longfield A 131; Rising Sun B 123; Gort Na Drum 119; Donaghys B 111; The Well B 111; Eglinton CC 95 and Foyleview 72.

Last Saturday night’s bonus ball winner was the Rising Sun A with No. 21

Charity Darts Competition

There will be a darts competition this Easter Saturday, April 11th, in Macon^s Bar, Claudy. Registration for the darts will be from 1.00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and the darts will commence at 3.00 p.m. sharp.

The entry fee for the singles competition is £5 per player and for the ‘blind pairs’ it will be £3 per player.

There will be prize money on the day and any other proceeds will go to the Marie Curie Charity.

A large crowd is expected so please arrive early for registration and all players from any area are more than welcome to come along to play or watch a good day of darts.


Story By: Derry Journal


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