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Article: Darts: Dreamboy joins PDC

Darts: Dreamboy joins PDC

Former BDO world number one Gary Anderson has finally taken the plunge and joined the ranks of the PDC.

Scottish star Anderson has scaled the heights of both the BDO and WDF, but after a few years of being tempted he has finally decided to move across to the PDC circuit.

^Dreamboy^ Anderson has made it to the semi-finals of both Grand Slam of Darts events, involving the top players from both codes of the game, and he will now go head-to-head with the likes of Phil Taylor on a regular basis.

Following former Lakeside world champion Mark Webster^s move to the PDC last week, Anderson is another top BDO star to switch allegiances.

Anderson was in Edinburgh at the second week of Premier League darts when he officially signed up with the PDC.

"It has been a long time coming," Anderson said on Sky Sports during the Premier League darts in Edinburgh.

Business move

"I^ve thought about it and I^ve come to the stage now when I^m thinking that darts is a business now more than a sport, so I think this is the right time for me to come across.

"With the Phil Taylors and Raymond Barnevelds around of course it^s a challenge. It^s also a challenge for me as well coming across and trying to carry on where I left off in the BDO."

Anderson admits that watching the likes of Mervyn King and Robert Thornton doing well after making the move encouraged him to follow suit.

King is making his Premier League debut this season after just a couple of years, and as he sampled the Edinburgh atmosphere Anderson admitted that is where he wanted to be.

"I^m here tonight and I wish I was playing, but I^m not unfortunately," he added.

"Mervyn King^s done well and Rob Thornton has done well too so hopefully I can follow in their footsteps."


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