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Article: Darts: Adams bites back at the other half

Darts: Adams bites back at the other half

Darts: MARKET Deeping legend Martin Adams has again found himself on a collision course with the other half of the darts world.

^Wolfie^ Adams, who is one of the biggest stars and staunchest supporters of the British Darts Organisation (BDO), has whipped up a darting storm by shunning the chance to play in the Grand Slam of Darts for the third successive year.

That tournament is run by the rival Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) but brings together players from both sides of the darts divide.

Adams, who qualified for the Grand Slam in the past two years by virtue of his 2007 Lakeside World Championship triumph, was eligible for this year^s competition to be held in November after lifting the Winmau World Masters crown late last year.

As a result, PDC bosses have decided not to consider Adams for any future years, but ^Wolfie^ couldn^t care less.

He told The Evening Telegraph: "What other players do is up to them, but I am a BDO man and that is where I am staying.

"The Grand Slam is a PDC tournament with PDC rules and it would be really hypocritical of me to go and play in a PDC tournament when everyone knows my views about them.

"I really don^t understand why they make such a big issue out of my decision not to play in a tournament.

"The fact they have decided I am not eligible for future tournaments will save me the job of having to decline invitations.

"They even put in the letter this year that I didn^t have to bother replying if I was going to decline . . . so I didn^t!

"And quite why they would want the acceptance for a tournament in November already is beyond me. I don^t have my schedule for so far in advance.

"This tournament has clashed with the Winmau World Masters before and who is to say it won^t again."

Adams^ decision not to compete in the Grand Slam has drawn plenty of criticism on internet forums, but the man beginning his 16th year as England captain fired a broadside at his knockers.

He added: "People who have nothing constructive to say should keep their comments to themselves and their noses out of my business.

"I don^t have to justify myself to anyone and I am not about to start either.

"The PDC do not have a system that creates players and what they are doing is sports entertainment.

"The World Darts Federation is made up of 66 governing bodies worldwide and the PDC are not part of it."

Adams^ place in the Grand Slam has now gone to the man he beat in the World Masters showpiece - Scott Waites.

A PDC statement confirmed: "Following a meeting of the PDC^s Board of Directors, the PDC has ruled that Martin Adams will not be eligible for invitations to the tournament in the future.

"As a result of Adams declining his invitation, the PDC has invited World masters runner-up Scott Waites to compete in the Grand Slam of Darts."


Story By: The Evening Telegraph

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