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Article: Amberjack 14 23g Dart Review by Nathan Owen for Red Dragon

Amberjack 14 23g Dart Review by Nathan Owen for Red Dragon

23g Red Dragon Amberjack 14


Weight: 23g (also available in 25g)

Barrel length: 50.8mm

Diameter: 4.2-7mm

Thread: 2BA

Weight distribution: Central

Nose: Tapered 


Supplied with:

3 barrels

3x sets of RD hardcore flights

1x set of RD aluminium shafts

1x RD leather look wallet

Guarantee card


Grip rating: 3.5  (1=smooth 5=aggressive)

Price: £13.90     


I was excited to try out these darts as this barrel shape seems to be becoming more and more popular, initial reactions when I saw them in person for the first time was that they are a very nice looking dart, the orange and black rings complement them nicely. Grip wise, there isn^t too much but there is enough to hold and throw them comfortably, in hand they actually feel rather nice!


Being honest (that^s what I^m here to do) it took me a good hour to get used to throwing where I was aiming at, however I do usually use straight barrelled darts so this is the reason. After that time had elapsed though I really did see the benefit of this barrel shape and really enjoyed it, if grouping is a strong element of your game then these darts will certainly benefit you as the long tapered nose allow them to make contact with each-other with no trouble at all! 


The paint I must say was excellent, I^ve used these darts pretty regularly for the last two weeks and there isn^t any paintwork damage at all, much better than a lot of the more expensive pro-player darts I^ve tried in the past, I^ll probably say this on every review but the black points are fantastic and grip the board superbly, they deserve a mention...


Overall views: there aren^t any negative comments at all on the amberjack 14^s, very well made, paintwork is excellent, the amberjack hardcore flights stood the test of time, the set-up looks very smart if you look at vanity when choosing your set-up. The thing that surprised me the most was the price, wether you are a county hero, a super league veteran, a casual pub thrower or you just like a throw at home in your bedroom, for what you are getting here for £13.90 these darts can^t be denied! 100% worth trying out. If you fancy a set of these click here and as always, team Red Dragon will sort you out:

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