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Article: Play darts on TV with the World^s best Players

Play darts on TV with the World^s best Players

Sky 1 are set to launch a NEW TV Darts Program and they need your help.

ITV Studios (making the show for Sky 1) are looking for top amateur players to take part in the show.

We’re shouting out to anyone (and everyone!) who might be interested in taking part.

The chosen players will captain a team which will consist of them and a top professional / PDC darts player, with a small number of friends/family on the team to help them answer questions.

Filming starts in the first few weeks in September, so we^re looking to meet all applicants beforehand.

You’ll need to hold your nerve playing darts and have some fun with a darts Q & A.

The prizes are still to be confirmed, but playing alongside the World’s  best will be a priceless opportunity 

It’s going to be a great show, and we are really excited to bring a darts game show back to the TV...! 

So if you’re a decent amateur player who loves a crack, sign up and see if you can give it a go.

To ENTER Simply email your name and number to:

You must be aged over 18 years of age – Entries close 1st August 2015